07.08.3013: Spirits for Spirits II
Summary: Kaedin and Nithya find a Darker Dive to tak abit more.
Date: July 9th 2013
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Nithya Kaedin 

Random bottom of the social ladder Dive
TP Room
July 8th 3013 Late Night

The two find themselves in a dark Dive, even the common citizen wouldent step foot in here, so a Knight and some media photographer in here is normal right? The only good thing is that kaedin doesn;t look like a Noble, but a complete thug with his hood drawn up. Moving twoards a dark dorner, asking for a bottle of whiskey and two shot glasses, before he finds a chair and settles down into it, he even turns off his earpeice, no calls. "Good luck being found here." he says with a smirk.

The alcohol from the previous bar seems to have kicked in between there and here. Nithya even managed along the way to fumble the chip she used to pay for the drinks and then step on it, hard, breaking it beyond any point of usability. This didn't seem to upset her, just got her giggling exactly like the schoolgirl she so obviously isn't.

By the time the two reach the darker dive Nithya seems more relaxed and close to actually being happy … provided you don't look at her eyes which are still flickering with misery, just a few millimetres away from welling up with tears, seemingly.

"I found you here," she says simply. "And I'm not even a snoop reporter. We need to keep our eyes open and be ready to move."

Kaedin smiles. "No you found me out there, now, about why we are here?" he asks, well, he led her here, though, their reasons for being here are actualy up to her. he does keep a sharp eye on the Dive, noticing that most people here are probibly on some form of drugs, and wasted, so any real fight might come from someone who really wouldent be a challenge for the huge Noble.

Nithya puts on a show of thinking long and hard. "We were going to talk about philosophy, right?" she asks. She closes her eyes a brief period and lurches slightly forward in her seat. "I don't think I'm in any condition to do that, though. I'm too drunk. The painkillers finally took effect. We may have to settle for religion. No brains needed for that."

Kaedin chuckles as he leans forward and shrugs. "I don't have any real thought on religion, they tried to beat it into my head during my training, but it never settled." he says with a simple shrug. "So talk about religion might end up dull on my part."

"I think," Nithya says slowly, with a bit of a languid grin, "that you might be better at talking religion than you're letting on. But if you'd rather talk about something else, what about Family? What's it like being in the Two-Bit family?" No, she's not letting go of that joke.

Kaedin chuckles. "Mostly boring for a person like me, I have to go out and find my own fun." he says, like war, hunting, and anything action oriented. "What about you, you hardly said anything about yourself." He says, a slight interested tone in his voice.

"Well, I did say, Sir Two-Bit, that I wasn't the kind of person you'd want to get caught with. I was serious about that." Nithya looks pensive, adding, "I'm not sure I'd want to be involved in a scandal with a Family myself. People have a tendency to disappear when that happens." She continues, "I don't have much to say, though. I'm a freelancer. I do odd jobs and I get paid well enough for these that I can afford an "efficiency" that's probably smaller than one of the bathrooms in your home."

Kaedin nods and looks around abit. "Scandal? How would it be a scandal? I'm not married, so if I wanted, lets say, a companion, there is nothing wrong with that, unless you have a criminal record…"

"Oh, relax, Sir Two-Bit!" Nithya says chidingly. "I don't have a criminal record and I'm pretty sure you checked that while we were talking. You only just unplugged after all." She gets a little more serious. "I'm just not noble material, is all. Lowborn, lowbred, low-living. People would question your taste."

Kaedin tilts his head. "Even the lowest born citizen can become a knight, so how is that any differant from a companion or consort? All citizens are created equal, and aside from that, You obviously know who I am, so you obviously know how not surpiseing it would be." He says, keeping his voice down, and he is right, he is almost an unheard of within the Orelle house.

"Some are more equal than others, however, Sir Kaedin," Nithya replies. "At any rate, it doesn't much matter. We're not likely to be seen here. Most people here are drunk or stoned or worse and the ones who aren't are trying to be." She giggles a little again. "Indeed I think I'm falling into the drunk camp myself." She tries, and fails, to lock gazes. "So what did you want to say … or do … here in something that approaches privacy?"

Kaedin smiles as he moves a hand to gently lift her chin in his direction. "I want what most people want, to forget my trouble, and to help you forget your troubles." he says as he tilts his head. "Be it in a dimly lit place where our lips press together." he adds, trying to be all suave, though it comes out more matter of fact, if on a polite slant given the soft tone of his deep voice.

"And here I was thinking you wanted to hire my services," Nithya says with an odd twinkle in her eye. "Instead you just want to add me to your undoubtedly light years-long list of conquests." She pretends to try and fail to suppress a grin. "I'm so disappointed!" she exclaims, irony dripping.
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Kaedin chuckles. "Do you find me so callous? There are maybe three women in the whole system who I would 'conquest' as you put it, and you are one of them." The other two, well, lets just say that this Low born citizen, as she refered to herself, is on part with top tier nobility in that reguard.

Nithya laughs delightedly. "I have to say, Sir Kaedin" … she seems to have dropped the Two-Bit gag for now … "that I underestimated you. You give off an image of just being a fighting man with the graces of a bull. You are actually a charmer under all that muscle, aren't you?" She leans toward him to impulsively kiss him, resting one hand coquetishly on his chest (coincidentally suitable for pushing away should the need arise).

Kaedin tilts his head. "Nope, just a bull here, nothing under the muscles." he says wit ha playful wink. When she kisses him, he kisses back, tilting his head slightly to accept the kiss as he moves his hand to the one places at his chest, holding it to his chest lightly as he continues the kiss.

"So, what motivates you?" Nithya asks as she comes up for air. "You go and face danger and death. You're 'a statistic' to use your own words. Why do you do it? What gets you moving?" She moves over closer to better hear a murmured answer; even in a dive of junkies and drunks it's best to keep your voice down.

Kaedin smiles and looks at her. "Survival, balance, and a means to oppose chaos." he says as he holds her hand, his thumb running over her thumb. "Survival in that if I can motivate, and fight, against a monstrous enemy, motivate our leaders into a strong push against our enemy, then we can survive. Balance in that there are people out there who can;t fight, and need people like me to protect them, or do their muscle work, in some cases. and chaos, well, not as much the concept of chaos, but the actual application of it, there are alot of chances for things to go wrong should chaos have it's way, a means for people who would do much more harm then good, if they ever got control." he says as he looks at her.

Nithya shows her claws a bit - literally in that she's using her strong fingernails to scratch through the fabric at Kaedin's chest in a sequential, rhythmic motion. "How far does this loyalty to the fight and to balance go? If someone in your family was a source of this chaos, what would you do? If, say, a lover or a wife were the source of chaos, what would you do?" She murmurs her questions distractingly in Kaedin's ears, calculatingly causing her warm breath to puff gently and sensually over them.

Kaedin tilts his head at the question, before speaking in an equaly low tone of voice. "I would give them a decent funeral." is said, simply and easly, though, the kind of chaos that he is thinking of would probibly be the cause for system wide ruin, a reversion to an anarchy state of mind for the whole populous.

Nithya nips playfully (and a bit painfully) at Kaedin's earlobe before withdrawing. "Interesting answer, Sir Kaedin," she says, settling on the seat and leaning her head against Kaedin's shoulder and closing her eyes. "My head's spinning a bit, but even through that it sounds like you value ideals more than the people in your life. Is that true?"

Kaedin smiles. "I value the people in my life, it's… a simple, yet complicated thing. I velue them enough to stop them from making a pact with the devil, or spirialing onto an evil path that could bring down everyone around them. I wouldent enjoy it, and no one would mourn for them more then I would." he says softly as he shifts slightly so that she is resting comfortably against his shoulder.

"It must be nice to have people like that in your life," Nithya opines quietly, thoughtfully. "Or maybe it isn't." She smoothly, and far more quickly - perhaps alarmingly so from the perspective of a warrior caught off his guard - moves to straddle Kaedin, facing him and holding his cheek in one hand, resting lightly on the other against his chest still. "You see," she says, her eyes flicking from Kaedin's eyes to his hair to his ears to his neck to his mouth to his … "I live for me. Do you understand that? I have no family that I care for. I have no lover or husband that I have to look out for. I certainly have no child." She leans in close, very close, almost, but not quite, pressing against Kaedin's torso. Her eyes magnified by the close distance as they flick all around her field of vision. "Which means I have fewer consequences to worry about. My life is simpler."

Kaedin smiles as he looks at he,r and is slightly caught off guard by the enticing woman straddeling him. He looks back at her, and leans his head forward to press his forehead against hers, in an attempt to lock his deep blue eyes onto her's. "You wont let anyone in because it get's complicated, but being alone, and trust me, I know it abit too well, you miss a whole other side of yourself. Marriage is the last thing on my mind, and I woulden't need looking after." he says as both his arms come to snake around her waist, holding her between those powerful arms, probibly the safest place in the system, outside of a fortifyed based.

"Au contraire, Sir Two-Bit, you would need more caring for than would, say, a plain old factory worker." Nithya grins and almost feral grin. "What would happen, do you think, if a photo of us like this and in this place were to leak? You have a reputation that needs protecting, and that takes more work to protect than does a mere body." She tilts her head enough that her lips can reach … Kaedin's nose, which she lightly kisses. Then nips. "The tabloids would have a field day rummaging through my life to pain you in black and red."

Kaedin smiles and lifts his head abit to brush his lips over her's. "Then you obviously arent paying attention to my family." he says with a smile, he knows two off the top of his head who could get hot press just from sneezing in public, faster then if Kaedin commited a grave sin. "Like I said, I haven't had enough media exposure to warrent any kind of paparazzi boom." he says as he looks at her with a smile. "Besides, you can't tell me the idea hasen't crossed you mind more then once while we were here?"

"The idea of selling you out to the media?" Nithya asks. "Of course it's crossed my mind! But I'm going to get more money from my photo essay than I'll ever get from selling out a two-bit knight out sowing some wild oats, so I rejected it." She presses herself against Kaedin a bit distractingly as she says in a deeper, huskier voice. "I have better uses for that knight."


"So would you like to buy some insurance?" That last part spoken in such perky salesgirl-style speech that the transition is a bit jarring.

Kaedin smiles as he looks at her titling his head after the insurance question, but he does have her right where he wants her, physicaly anyway, so as she comes closer, his arms move to hold her against him as he tilts his head. "Then by all mean,s use this knight." he says as he presses his lips to hers in a soft brush.

"So you want to be used then, do you?" Nithya drawls slowly. "What about using? Is there anybody or anything that you'd like to use?" She nibbles on Kaedin's lower lip, then upper. "And how much work would you be willing to put in for the uses … in both directions?"

She rests her cheek against Kaedin's and almost whispers into his (non-traumatized) ear. "Willing to play a little game of 'catch me if you can'?"

Kaedin chuckles softly. "But I already have you, unless you like being caught?" he says softly, he is a hunter, and has hunting trophies to prove it. "Though, if I catch you, do I get to do whatever I want?" he asks, with a preaditory growl in his voice.

"If you manage to catch me on my own home ground, you may do with me as you will." Nithya's face goes very serious. "We might have to find somewhere more private for some of what I suspect you have in mind." Then coquettish. "Not that you stand a chance of ever actually catching me!"

Kaedin smiles. "And if I don't catch you? Do you vanish forever, or do you become the huntress and catch me?" he asks as he looks into her eyes. "Though, a hunt at this point could kill the mood for me." That and he will be hunting and dueling tomorrow anyway, first Jor will catch a beatdown, and then he has sharks to get on mare maris.

"Oh, sweet knight," Nithya laughs. "If I TELL you what I have planned for you it would spoil the surprise!" She purses her lips in an attempt to conceal a grin. "But I'm pretty certain I don't want to be spoiling your mood. I think your mood right now is perfect for dealing with my mood. How about we do the hunting later? That will give me some time to lay traps for you anwyay!"

Kaedin smiles and leans in to kiss herlips. "Then where oh where shall we go?" he says softly with a small hint of a primal growl, His eyes meeting hers as he pulls her against him, not in a protective or possesive way, but in a 'promise' of the toned and muscled body she will get to have.

"My place is small and cramped a bit, but it's closer-by. I imagine your place is opulent and huge, but it's farther away. Also there's probably paparazzi camping out near your place whereas I guarantee you nobody on my floor of the tower is interesting enough for that."

Kaedin smirks. "My place isnt that big." he says, granted, it's an apartment in the Orellle compound, but space on the ring is limited. "That and there are more ways then one to get into the compound." he says. "But, lets follow you." he says as he stands up and sets her down, pressing another full kiss to her lips.

… fade to black …

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