07.08.3013: Spirits for Spirits
Summary: Nithya and Kaedin drink and talk about war.
Date: 8th July 2013
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Nithya Kaedin 

The Public House: Volkan, The Crescent
Tucked into a corner of the commercial district, this dive bar has low ceilings clouded with smoke, a collection of round tables, square booths, and a bar with stools along one wall. It can do greasy pub food, and has a fine selection of beers, whiskeys, and scotches, but not much more than that. The bar stools are the swiveling type that are bolted to the ground so they cannot be used as clubs in the event of a brawl, and the chairs are flimsy things that make poor clubs in their own right. At the back is a shuffleboard table and a couple of dartboards, often with a good deal of side betting going one.
July 8th, 3013

It was a rough battle. Casualties unknown, but injuries high. The mood of the regulars in the bar is already dangerous and unfocused in its aggression. Add to this the flood of people coming to seek chemical anaesthesia for a variety of reasons related to the war and you've got a powderkeg with a fuse dangerously close to a lit lantern.

Nithya is sitting in the bar radiating a "leave me the FUCK alone" aura as she concentrates on the line of shot glasses before her. The seats next to her are mysteriously open in this otherwise crowded bar. (Some people present -apparently those who know her- are staying away. Others might not be so wise.) She's staring at the display of a 3D imager in between shots, obsessively cycling through pictures and occasionally doing some other kinds of manipulation. The imager is in privacy mode, however, so only someone enterprising and daring would be able to see what she's looking at with such raw, seething anger.

A tall man, and by tall, six foot five inches, enters the Dive and walks over to the bar. "Whiskey and beer, keep 'em comming." He says in a deep voice turning to look at Nithya, wearing a hooded tunic, though the eyes under the dark hood could literaly scare the holiness from a priest, moving from the bar to a darkend corner, his gait much like a predator, whoever this man is, a good mood he is not in, as the long dagger at his belt promises a quick end to anyone causing trouble.

Nithya looks up briefly as Kaedin takes his order. "'is tab's on me," she says, voice slurring a bit. "If 'e argues, tell 'im t' take it up wit' me." She goes back to her work, her face getting pale even though by the volume of booze she must have already drunk it should be cherry red by now.
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When someone whispers to Kaedin, he frowns and moves over to the bar, placing a very strong hand on the counter top. "I'm taking it up with you." he says simply, looking at her with a wild set to his eyes, an almost bottomless gaze that reflects the expanse of space, though, his reason for being here in this shady place is to fix that problem, more actuarly, drink the killer away.

Nithya looks up from her work to look briefly at Kaedin. Then past his shoulder. Then his knife. Then … well, pretty much the whole view in front of her. "What's to take up? Your money's no good here. Drink and enjoy." She engages his eyes with hers … for a second before they slide off again looking at things all over the room.

Kaedin looks at her, and as a shot is brought to him, he downs that shot, and then drinks almost half a mug of his beer. 'if someone is paying for my drink, then they get my company, if you were looking to be alone, well, this is your fault." he says, not the kind of person to take hand outs, though, aside from a noble look to his face, he does come off as a soldier molded into an unyeilding peice of metal.

Nithya gestures to one of the stools next to her. "Be my guest, Sir Knight," she says. A faint smile flickers briefly across her lipsit's a pretty humourless onebefore vanishing. "You won't like it." She turns the display of her imager Kaedin's direction, showing him one of the bloodier incidents on the battlefield today. "For some reason nobody likes sitting next to me today. I can't figure out why."

"Spine ripped out, then shoved through an eye socket, always a classic." he says, the image doesn't effect him, and he does take a seat. "You must have me confused with someone." he says while pulling out a small vid device as he shows her a first person view of someone getting chocked to death, the gorey way. "He was standing between me and my sword." Kaedin says softly as he looks at her. "

"Yeah, well, I guess if you've trained your life for this shit you're not going to be shocked. I haven't. Today was the first time I saw this stuff unsanitized." Another shot of transparent liquid pours down Nithya's throat. "Not just saw. I had to keep my eyes open and watch. 'Cause I was takin' the f'in pictures. I couldn't throw up or curl up on the ground and black out like I wanted." More transparent anaesthetic. "Then I hit the chantry. And the worst of it all is I'm gonna make a bunch of money off this. Off THIS." She gestures almost violently at the image hanging in space between them. "It's fucking dishonest, and if you had ANY idea who was sayin' this to you you'd be laughing."

Kaedin looks at her and turns his own vid device off. "Look at it this way, people see that, and it might scare the shit outta them, better that they question themselves looking at a pic, then on a battlefield." he says simply. "It's not like we have a choice, this isn't a squabble over land, or beleifs, it's a fight for survival, the armorers make money, the soldier's get hazzard pay, and you went on a battlefield to take thease, you deserve to be paid for it." he says simply, a very simple way of looking at it. h then takes another shot of whiskey, and finishes his beer before another one is placed infront of him.

A bitter laugh escapes Nithya's throat. "You think I went out to the battlefield for these? Man, do I look stupid?" She glances down at herself theatrically. "I mean I know I'm not up to date on the latest in fashion up in the towers, but did I wear a dunce cap today? I was hiding a nice long distance away with this baby." She pulls a massive telephoto lens out of her bag. "I was safe and snug -well, as safe and snug as I could be- while watching these guys die!" That last word chokes off a bit as her throat catches. In a fury she grabs another one of the shot glasses. Her voice thick, she adds, "No use getting money if you're too dead to spend it!"

Kaedin looks at her. "Bartender, two novas." he says, ordering a pair of drinks that are like Everclear on acid. "The images are to freash in your mind, and if you are drinking to numb or forget about it, then do it right." He says, of course, he doesnt know her from the next drunk in this bar, but Kaedin never does anything half assed.

"Would you believe I'm working?" Nithya says. "I'm trying to make a good spread of these images to get a narrative set up." She presses a few buttons to show troops mustering. "The merry band of brothers and sisters before the battle starts, playing it up because they know what's coming down." More button presses and red becomes the dominant colour of the images. "Then the blood, the gore, the horror." More buttons, still red. "Then the service of the medics and doctors. I got a real sweet set here of a doctor working on her own sister." She closes down the display and gets as close to looking at Kaedin in the eye as she's managed so far. "After that I was figuring book-ending this with shots of the factory workers making the equipment and stuff. That'll go down well with we commoners. 'They also serve those who press buttons on machines.'" I got it all worked out. And I feel filthy for it.

Kaedin chuckles as he pushes the drink twoards her. "Nice, I could get you onto ingis if you want some actual photos." he says simply. "Drink it before it gets warm." he says as he himself downs the shot, his eyes widening att the taste, and followed by a nice drink of beer. "Now I remember, you were helping out Lady Reena.": he says, his memory as good as ever, and he himself looks alot differant without his apex predator armor on, though, the menancing look is slowly starting to fade into somthing more workable.

"Yes, I was helping her. Well, taking pictures of her. I'm sure it'll help her public relations." Nithya lowers her head into her hands for a moment's rest as dizziness starts finally catching up with her. "It's so much easier without a conscience. Know anybody who's willing to surgically remove mine?"

Kaedin smiles. "I could help with that, though it's not pretty, and I dont usualy teach this little trick to anyone." he says as he leans with his back against the bar, holding his beer mug. "How to detatch yourself from all that horrid crap, well, it's not for everyone, and the nightmares are a real bitch."

Nithya shakes her head. "Getting rid of the nightmares is the whole point. I don't mean detaching. I mean actually not caring." She looks askance at Kaedin. "You've trained in this stuff, right? And you still get nightmares? What hope is there for me, then?"

Kaedin looks at her. "It's not what I saw, it's what I could become." He says as he sighs and takes another driunk. "I offered, If you are looking for some deeper meaning, you asking the wrong person, I'm better suited for action, not words." he says simply.

"I thought I was too," Nithya says with a shuddering sigh. "I also thought this would be an easy gig: sit back out of danger, shoot a couple of snaps, get a few coins, then get back to my real work. I wasn't supposed to get hurt."

Kaedin shakes his head and takes another shot, before lighting up a cigarette. "No one is suposed to get hurt, but 80 percent of the soldiers on the battlefield are a statistic, and expendable." he says as he looks twoards a vid screen. "fourty years of hell, then the system will go back to a more peacefull mindset, and the next half a century, people will forget what happens during our war, but, people like you help us remember."

"You have NO idea what kind of a person I am!" Nithya hisses with sudden, surprising venom. "People like me don't help you remember. People like me are unknown or forgotten if we're lucky!" She downs the drink Kaedin ordered earlier and then struggles a moment not to choke. "Wow!" she gasps, the venomous rant kicked out of her by the drink. "What did you say these were called?"

Kaedin looks at her with one eye. "Nova, made with the strongest distilled alchohal, almost illegal, but not." He says as he continues to look at her. "I don't know you, and I'm not vain enough to think that I'm the one person that could try and get into your head." he says simply. "All I know is that you are here and drinking, and unless you wanna tell me more, then I'm content wit hthat."

"There's nothing really else to tell. I'm a freelancer. I do stuff for money when I need money. I spend the rest of my time playing." She gestures at Kaedin. "You're the kind of guy that has a shot at being in the history books. You get lucky. You get a chance to do something that gets noticed by the right people. A hundred years from now you're …" She pauses and stares at Kaedin's face a few seconds, wracking her memory. "You're … Whatever-your-name-is the Great. Saviour of the Lady Whosit. Hero of the Chasms of Sar. Me, the only way I wind up in history books is if I die in a spectactular and gory fashion. Then I'm held up as a warning to others."

Kaedin looks at her and tilts his head. "Savior, yeah right." He says with a snort as he takes a drag on his cigarette. "With a stupid looking statue with my arms raised up with a look like My shit don;t stink." he says as he even does the pose, one hand raised higher then the other, like he could take on the world.

For the first time Nithya laughs genuinely, without bitterness, without sadness, without anger. It's a transformational thing. It's almost like an entirely different person is in the bar. "To do it right, the higher hand has to have a hammer like it's about to smite the shit out of something vague. Maybe the lower one has to be pointing off into the distance at nothing. You've got the expression a bit wrong too. You're too down-to-earth. You need to look more cosmic! She reaches up to position his head and mouth.

Kaedin looks at her as he reaches to take her hand, looking at her. "Cosmic, really?" he asks as he looks doww at her. "And probably the star on the next action Holo to come out… the shit-hammerer." He says with a smile, not more genuine, there is still a worldly look to his eye, though, a much more calm demeanor to him, as if his previous outward rage is now kept in check, barely.

"The first holos will be more accurate," Nithya says with a smirk. "They'll want to keep it 'gritty' and 'real'. They probably won't even hire a pretty-boy to play you." A wicked glint reflects from her eyes. "But come into my time machine. The Shit-Hammerer will become the work of legend. You'll be sanitized and sainted for the masses. Suddenly you'll become the Hammerer of Manure (can't have profanity in an icon!) and they'll make operas about you where you spend most of your time played by pretty boys or by fat opera singers."

Kaedin chuckles. "Until some history buff goes on a serch for the real deal, and finds out that most of it was made up." He says, a story about his life, it might just be a box office smash. "I doubt a pretty boy and pull off my moodswings very well, without sounding like a little bitch that I could crush between my thumb and forefinger." he says as he tilts his head at her. "You wanna get outta this place?"

"Little bitch? You haven't seen any operas, have you? The 'heroes' are more whiny than I am." Nithya starts packing her equipment away, handing a chip over to the bartender. "It's all on me." She puts a finger ober Kaedin's mouth before he can countermand. "No, really. It's on me." She stands up. "When I remove my finger, I just want to hear where we're going. I hear anything else, your mouth gets covered again."

Kaedin blinks as she covers his mouth with a finger, and once she does remove her finger, only because he can be a bull-headed man. "… But I drank half the bottle…" hge starts to say as he puts out his cigarette, his eyes don;t move from looking at her, and the hood of his tunic that he was wearing has fallen about his shoulders.

The finger is replaced. "Just where we're going. I've got the drinks." The finger is removed.

Kaedin takes her hand, and holds it. "I think your not listening to reason…" he says, still arguing.

"You fought and risked death today to protect people like me. I'm buying the fucking drinks!" She turns to the bartender. "Just rack it up on my chip. Add 20% for yourself for putting up with me being such a bitch today. If he tries to pay anything, tell him it's on the house."

Kaedin frowns. "Okay fine, I wont argue… if you kiss me." he says with a smir,, he is both jokeing, and dareing her, apparently his black mood now completely gone, in favor for a much more lighthearted one.

"You're being remarkably forward for someone who's having drinks bought for him," Nithya says, reversing the logic to keep Kaedin off-balance. "Still…" She leans forward and up on her toes to plant a solid kiss on Kaedin's lips. "My name's Nithya, by the way…" she murmurs.

Kaedin accepts the kiss, kissing back just abit before the woman breaks the kiss. 'Kaedin, though I figured you already knew that." He says with a soft smile.

Nithya smirks, again a wicked glint in her eyes. "I can't keep track of every two-bit knight who comes into chantries to scare the living daylights out of me," she says. "There's so many of you I lose track. Thanks for telling me which one." She shakes her head. "Anyway, where are we going?" Left unspoken is the question "what are we going to do when we get there?"

Kaedin smiles, two bit knight. "Well, there is eather a walk in a not so public garden, or a dark corner where we wont be seen…" he says as he trails off, still being =humourus, yet there is truth behinde the words, reguardless if it's the drinks, or maybe he is interested in her somewhat, he wont say.

Nithya laughs at the "joking" innuendo. "Trust me, Sir Two-Bit, when I say you won't want to be seen with me in public. Dark corner it is!" She picks up her heavy satchel and hooks her arm around Kaedin's elbow. "Let us discuss philosophy and the higher orders of humanity together in the dark. We may even talk religion."

Kaedin smiles as he leads her off, out int othe world, probibly to an even darker dive then this one. "Hell I was going for making out, but okay…" he says, as if the making out part is clearly a better idea, mostly because they are here (Alive) now and could be not here (Dead) tomorrow.

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