07.16.3013: Spirit Quest
Summary: Loree follows Aidan's instructions for her spirit quests to further her education on becoming a Druid. With mixed results
Date: 7/16/3013
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Arborenin Woods
Tall, monstrous trees dominant the forests that take up most of the southern half of the Spine. Their trunks are like the legs of giants, and their dark bark is home to brightly colored moss and the broad steps of mushrooms. Natural light must filter down through broad leaves, casting much of the forest in a cool green glow. The forest floor is covered mostly in soft peat and rotting debris, creating a fertile bed for lush flora, which in turn become the habitats of diverse fauna. Nurse logs, hollowed snags, sink holes, and small forest caves adds layers of detail to the broad stretch of Arborenin woods. Toward the outer edges of the forest, the giant trees transition to smaller evergreens and firs, transitioning into mountain forests to the west and rocky beaches to the east.

Lorelei leads them into the woods. She's dressed in her riding/hiking outfit. A simple fitted tunic and pants. No fancy dresses now! She has a staff and her metal club tucked into her belt as she takes them deeper into the forest than they went for Taryn's animal walk about. She's making Chiron carry a basket of food and supplies. Finally they come upon a clearing, Chiron knows the place, it's the Kissing Tree. To Taryn it's a clearing with a big ass old tree. There's a small fire pit that's already been cleared out, and wood stacked up.

Taryn is not dressed in his usually casual dress. He is dressed in a suit of fairly high quality combat armor. The sword is hung at his hip. While Taryn may act like he has worn the sword all of his life, it is apparent that he is not nearly as accustomed to wearing the armor. He follows the two through the woods, and as they go deeper into it, he becomes more and more watchful, even if the majority of the horde was already dealt with.

As quite possibly the loudest of the three, Chiron treks though the forest with his two companions carrying a large basket of food, camping equipment, and other necessities one needs to survive in the wilderness. Camping isn't something Chiron and his sister are unaccustomed too. Chiron has on his armor, which seems to be much lower quality then Taryn's, but a also a little lighter. His sword hangs on his right side, however, at first glance what you would see is Chiron's green hooded cloak covering most of this. On top of that is a bow and quiver of arrows slung over his back, as well as a backpack full of more supplies. He says little as they walk, but will answer if they have questions. He seems to be on the lookout.

Lorelei steps into the clearing and will smile lightly. She's not said much, preoccupied with nerves about everything. She'll move over to the clear out area and set down her staff, turning to help Chiron. "I didn't gather enough wood for the whole, night, but it's supposed to rain, so I wasn't sure what you'd want." She'll take the basket of food first , when this is all over, it will be the most precious of things she packed. She'll set it down glancing around as well, "I think I'm going to be over there.."she'll point to a pretty open space, further away from the shelter of the tree. "If I set up not facing you, you both should be able to watch me without distracting me."

Taryn looks more to Chiron, "Can we even risk a fire? I know that most of the hostiles were cleared out of the woods, but still… there could still be some of them out there." He moves to set down the bag that he brought with him. He starts walking around the clearing taking it in. He looks over at Lorelei, "And you still don't known what we should expect?"

Chiron gives Taryn a slightly confused look. "I talked to Sir Agnes, and Sir Aelewen, they've taken care of most, if not all of them." His tone sounds like he's almost trying to convince himself. He doesn't stop putting away the camping supplies as he continues talking to Taryn, "Can you not put your mind inside another bird or something? See if there are any hostiles in the area? It would give us an idea of what to expect, anyway." His tone is mostly calm, but there are subtle hints of worry in his eyes. However it's difficult to tell if he's worried about hostiles or his sister at this point. He begins to unzip the the backpack and pull out the tools needed to assemble the tent that was brought.

Lorelei sighs softly, maybe she should have done this else where. "No Taryn, I really have no idea what to expect. I could sit here for 4 hours and nothing happens, or for all I know I could get swallowed up by the ground as part of some elaborate initiation rite." She'll give him an apologetic look as she starts walking towards the place she pointed at, "I really don't know. Lord Aidan was …vague beyond a few instructions." She'll frown looking at Chiron, "Hey…are you ok with this?"

Taryn can't help but to take a subconscious step backwards away from where Lorelei is standing, once she makes the remark about being swallowed up by the ground. His "spirit quest" thing is completely alien to Taryn. He looks over at Chiron, "I could try… but I don't know if my entering an Awakened state might interfer with Lorelei doing this thing…"

Chiron stops setting up the tent and just sighs. "Us being here could also affect this quest, Taryn. I don't believe Lord Aidan said anything about only Sparrow being the only one who can use her Awakened powers. But, you're the expert on awakened right now, do what you think is best. I just thought having an aerial sweep might be helpful before it gets dark." He resumes working on the tent, waiting a few seconds before replying to Lorelei. "Honestly? No. I have no idea what you're going to be doing, I know very little about what it means to be an awakened. For all I know you could do this spirit quest and die. I can't save you from that. I can't punch a ghost!" He says as he hammers in a stake, his hands slightly trembling. Dropping the hammer on the ground softly he stands up and looks at his sister. "I'm… I'm sorry. I'm just worried about you, that's all. This is all very new and different. I thought I had lost you when I got the call from Lady Una… I promise I'll behave myself."

Lorelei gives another apologetic smile to Taryn, before turning to Chiron and wincing slightly, "I'm sorry…I know you're not ok with all of this…."She'll sigh,"I don't think Lord Aidan would have sent me here to die,"At least she hopes.
Taryn looks to Chiron, "I don't know any thing about any of this… I didn't speak with Lord Aidan.. I never went through anything like this… My learning was pretty much the same as learning to use a sword… it was lessons, repeated and practiced… I never had to commune with nature or anything of the like…" He pauses, "But if you like I can try… " He looks for a place to sit, "Just remember… while I'm borrowing… I'll be completely out of it… "
Chiron nods to his sister. "I don't think he would do that as well, but that doesn't stop me from worrying." He gives Lorelei a forced smile, and he seems to have calmed down some. He kneels back down to pick up the hammer and grabs another stake. "Taryn, don't do it if you think we'll be worse off. I just thought it might be useful. I'm not anyone's boss here…" Chiron says, hammering in the stake. Uncharacteristically of him, Chiron is not trying to make a joke.
Lorelei looks between the two, biting her lower lip, "I think we should be ok. Lord Tristan didn't think this would be a problem. If he had, he would have insisted on sending guards." Huffing softly she'll rub her neck, "I guess…I'll just set up here?" She'll give them both a smile, then walk over to the little space she indicated earlier.She sits cross legged , looking over her shoulder at both of them before turning away.
Okay sitting down in armor when you aren't used to it is more of a chore than you'd think. He practically collides with the ground more than sitting down. Not the most dignified of jobs, he offers a slight lopsided smirk. Luckily, even the medium armor that he is wearing allows for enough movement to enter an awakened state. "Just give me about ten to fifteen minutes…" His eyes fade to white as he is engulfed in a nimbus of purples, greens, and blues.
Chiron cannot help but chuckle as Taryn almost falls down. His mood seems to have improved slightly, but it's still very obvious he's not completely comfortable yet. He looks over to Lorelei to see what her reaction might be, but doesn't say anything. When Taryn finally merges, Chiron will continue setting up the campsite.
Lorelei frowns, ok…she'll wait then? she does reach into her pocket and pulls out a small rolled cigarette looking roll and her father's lighter. she'll set them in front of her, and wait for Taryn to come back.
About ten minutes past before, Taryn's still form once again comes to life. He gasps for breath as his mind returns to his body. Still glowing in irridescent light, he looks to Chiron, "I didn't see or sense anything… " He starts to stand up, then slumps back down. "I'm just going to sit here for a few minutes… Sorry, Lorelei… you can get your thing started now… " The aura fades until it is once again invisible, and the grey green color returns to his eyes. Yeah, that takes a lot out of him.
As Taryn reports what he's seen Chiron sighs in relief. "Thank you, Taryn. I know that was difficult. Did need me to get you something while you lay there?" He says, a smile on his face as he quickly begins to become more like his old self. During the ten minutes Chiron has finished the tent and had begun building setting up wood for a fire. He turns to Lorelei and says, "Are you raedy? Do you need anything else before you start?"
Lorelei watches worried and will nod to the basket of food for Chiron to get food into Taryn. In a soft voice, "Thank you Taryn." She'll reach over and pick up the rolled cigarette, and swallow agin, nervously, " Here goes nothin'…" And she'll light it, taking a quick, clearly unskilled drag. And then coughs.
Taryn shrugs slightly, "It's getting easier…" Not really, but he doesn't want Lore to worry anymore than she already is. He shakes his head and reaches into his bag and pulls out a canteen of water. "I'm good." He then cocks his head as he looks at the cigarette. That is so unlike her, then she coughs. "You think smoking is going to help you concentrate, Lorelei?"
Chiron gives Lorelei and /very/ confused look as she pulls out the cigarette. As she exhales, Chiron catches a whiff of exactly /what/ she's smoking. His eyes go wide and he cocks his head to the side looking /extremely/ confused. "Where did you get that? Did Lord Aidan give that to you? Is this part of the process?" Chiron says, not giving her a chance to answer any particular question. He seems worried now.
Lorelei makes a face, trying to not cough too much, she'll nod to Taryn and Chiron. She'll put the blunt to her lips again and two more puffs, scrunching her eyes closed, trying to hold he breath a moment, before coughing again…maybe she should have chosen Hermeticism…She'll turn away from the two, hoping that's enough and readjusting how she's sitting. Her left hand laying flat onto the ground.
Taryn falls silent as he watches Lorelei. His brow furrows as he watches her, liking this less and less with each passing moment. You know being a sorcerer has its down points. But Taryn doesn't think he is smart enough to be a hermetic, and after watching just this, he is pretty sure that he has even less desire to be a druid. As he is starting to recover, he stands up, very slowly, with all the grace of a young fawn still learning his legs under him.
when Lorelei doesn't respond to Chiron, he suddenly becomes quite. This must be part of the ritual, so he'll ask about it when Lorelei is finished. He watches Taryn flail around on the ground and extends his hand, offering to help him up.
Lorelei just focuses on her breathing, unsure what else to do. After a few minutes, it evens outs ands slowly, with her back turned to the two. Slowly, her aura starts forming, thunderclouds slowly swirl around her, the lightning flashing pinks and purples. Her back stays ridge, but her left hand moves across the dirt, running it between her fingers.
Taryn accepts the hand up. He is a little drained from the borrowing and combined with being so unaccustomed to this armor he feels rather foolish not to. He watches with some intense interest in what Lorelei is doing, even if he has no clue.
After helping Taryn up, chiron will sit down. He is more graceful then Taryn, but he's also used to wearing armor. He sit and watches Lorelei, hoping that she finds what she needs.
Lorelei stays rather still, for a long time. Her breathing goes shallow, not dangerous, but shallow. most of the light has faded from the sky, and storm clouds are actually forming in the sky. Loree slowly lets her other hand sink down to the ground as well, her fingers digging into the dirt. After a few minutes, the rain drops start. Loree's set up so that the rain is hitting her, immediately soaking into her hair. She tilts her head to look to the right.
There are many things that is to like about Landing, for some people the protective field that keeps the rain from falling onto the city might be one, but for Taryn it is one of the most undesirable parts. He has missed the rain, so when the drops start falling down, he relishes in their cool touch. But after a couple of minutes, he reluctantly puts on the helm that comes with the suit so that it's electronic visual enhancements can help him scan the area more effectively.
Chiron moves closer to the base of a tree as he huddles up to try his best and keep himself sheltered from the rain. "Nobody said it was going to rain…" He says, mumbling. "I hate being wet."

Lorelei keeps her head turned to the right. Her eyes are whited out, so it's hard to tell what she's focusing on. She stays like this for almost half an hour, just staring, before she takes a deep breath. Her hands dig into the dirt again, but there's tension now to her body. Her lips move, like she's talking, but not sounds come out.
Taryn watches quietly. He keeps a watchful eye to Lorelei's right, not sure what might be drawn to her like this. His hand stays on his sword, ready to draw it if he might need to. "She didn't warn you that it might rain? She told me." From behind the helm he grins, "Guess she must like me better than you." While his expression might be hidden, but his joking tone is not. Well, joking about her liking him better, not about the rain.
Chiron looks up at Taryn, obviously not amused. "We can have that conversation later if you want." He says quiet enough to not disturb Lorelei. "And no, she did not tell me about the rain. We've not really had more then small bits of time here and there to actually sit down and talk. When she's free, I'm busy, when I'm free, she's busy."
Lorelei turns her torso to the right as well now. the storm clouds around her thickening some. She's still mouthing words, but not saying anything out loud. She'll stay like this for another half an hour, until she jerks back, almost like she's trying to dodge something, and lands on her butt. A small gasp can be heard as she hits.
Taryn starts to move towards Lorelei when she jerks back. He stops himself after two steps, realizing that this could be whatever "this" is. He lets out a sigh, which the internal mic picks up and lets out with a slight digital inflex. He looks over at Chiron, almost to see what he is going to do.
Chiron still looks uncomfortable and worried. As far as he knows she's fighting imaginary hostiles or talking with dead relatives. When she falls down in one motion he stands up and takes a step as if he's about ready to sprint. He waits to see what else happens, however. As he doesn't want to end the ritual prematurely.
Lorelei stays down, in fact she tries to scoot away from the direction she's facing, the rain making her hands slip some in the now mud. The clouds int he sky is starting to match Loree's aura, throwing lightning around, colored purples. a small strangled cry escapes her and she's actually able to say a soft, "They're going to be everywhere…" Her head swivels and she looks at Chiron with her white eyes, "He was buried alive!" her head swings back and she drys out again at something unseen, "Stay back!" Her hand flies up and electricity can be seen jumping in-between her fingers, purple, just like in the sky.
Taryn watches where he stands. He is now absolutely positive he doesn't like this thing at all.
As Lorelei turns to Chiron, he freezes. The all-white eyes were creepy enough on other people, but on his sister it's something on the next level. He pales, frozen where he stands. He has no idea if Lorelei actually sees something coming, or if she is just hallucinating. Regardless, just to be safe he draws his sword and gets in a defensive stance.
Lorelei keeps her hand out stretched,sparking, trying to scoot away from the direction she's been staring at, "Please don't make us hurt you!" She's actually trying to scoot towards the men, trying to get her feet underneath her, when a loud growling yell noise can be heard. It's loud, and there's a flash of green eyes.

Taryn draws the sword at the growling yell sound. Almost as quickly he activates the energy shield. He moves into a defensive posture, angling his body so that the shield side is more forward, sword arm pulled back, so that the point of the blade is held near the edge of the shield. He steps between Lorelei and whatever it is.
Chiron maneuvers himself to flank whatever made that noise, he is quiet, but mostly because the sound of the rain muffles his footsteps.
Lorelei lets out a soft groan, "please!" it hard to tell who's she's begging, but there's definite tone to her voice. She'll finally get to her feet, her clothes soaked from the rain. Again there's flash of green eyes and then steps out of the tree line a large mountain panther. He looks very worked up, his fur puffed to make him look even bigger, not that he needed the help. It's growling and eyeing both Taryn and Lorelei. On his left back leg is a long deep slash that looks as if it's infected. His lips curl , and it's clear the cat is rabid.
Taryn yells at the panther, hoping it might turn the creature away. "This is Lorelei's quest-thing… If we kill this thing, is it going to mess things up?" He answers himself, "Screw it… she can do it again if it does… maybe commune with nature in a park or something…" He hunches down a little bit readying himself for the cat should it venture nearer.
Chiron continues to slowly sidestep continuously facing the panther. He seems calm, but also in a hurry. As he attempts to get past the panther's gaze he steps on a twig and it makes a loud cracking sound. Chiron freezes and prepares himself for an attack.
Lorelei 's eyes widen at the cat, she didn't know….She seems torn, the realization slowly coming to her, but she's not wanting to have to admit it. When Chiron snaps the twig, her heart drops. the cat swivels its head towards her brother and Loree cries out, again. She attempts to do something, her aura darkening, the lighting goes brighter, but nothing //happens
. A spilt second decision, and she cries out, "Kill it!"
As Chiron was moving to flank the creature, there is no chance that if the panther started charging him that Taryn would be able to reach the cat before hand. Tossing the sword to the ground, he starts moving his arms in a swaying pattern. The armor is encased in his aura, almost as if it was glowing itself. A sigil is traced in the air with a glowing trace of his aura, as he casts a major electrify spell. He thrusts his right hand in the direction of the cat as an arc of electricity lurches from his fingertips striking the panther square in the side.
Chiron knew that he was in trouble. He had the panther's attention, and there was nothing he could do about it. Suddenly, Chiron forgot all about the rain, Taryn, his sister. Now, it was just him verses the panther. He tightens his grip on his sword and places his other hand on the pommel. He could probably make it out alive, but at the very least he could make sure it won't hurt Lorelei or Taryn. The Panther growls as it begins to charge, even with a hurt leg it's moving incredibly fast. Chiron places one foot behind him and points his sword at the charging cat. Chiron blinks, and when he opens his eyes the panther jumps, in an attempt to pounce Chiron. Chiron shoots his swords out, hoping to impale the creature before it can land on him, but before the cat could even touch the blade there is a loud crackling sound as the big cat shoots off to Chiron's right. Looking over, Chiron can see Taryn and his bright hollow eyes staring in his direction, his aura clashing with Lorelei's. He looks over to the beast who is just laying there at the moment.
Lorelei lets out a strangled scream as the electricity bolt hits. It's exactly what she asked for, but she can't help begin mortified by what's happening, or what she knows she has to do. Shaking, bends down and grabs Taryn's disgarded sword. The storm cloud around her hand whipping over the hilt. She's practically sobbing as she stumbles over to the hurt creature. The sword held very incorrectly as she raises it, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry…."

Taryn moves to Lorelei's side. He reaches up and grabs her hands to stop her from striking the cat. "You don't have to do that, Lorelei. We can tie it up and send someone to see if it can be treated… " Normally, he would be all about just putting the thing down, but he knows that Lorelei isn't made from the same matter as he or Chiron. "It's still alive… if the vets can treat it, you would be responsible for saving its life… if not, then you did everything you could, and it will be put down mercifully."
"Taryn… all three of us grew up around horses. We're not strangers to the harsh realities of death. There's nothing we can do for this majestic creature." Chiron says, walking up. He still seems a little shaken. "Sparrow, it's your call. Is this something you need to do, or do you need either Taryn or I to finish the job?"
Lorelei's shaking pretty bad,Tarn would be able to feel that as soon as he grabbed her to stop the sword. but it could be from any number of things at this point. Fear, not having ate in 3 days, the crumbling of her morals. It's hard to tell, but she's crying, her tears mixing with the rain drops. "I…I think I have to…" Her voice is quiet, almost a whisper. Her blank eyes seem fixed on the unconscious creature in front of her.
Taryn nods slightly and releases her hand from his grip. He takes a step back. "Alright, if you feel that this is what you need to do." His aura is still gleaming and glowing brightly. "Take a deep breath, steady yourself and your hands, so that the blow can be clean and quick."
Chiron takes a step back, giving Lorelei some room. He just nods to her and stays in silence, passively looking out for any more creatures that might be lurking nearby.
Lorelei gives each of them a quick look, her expression to mixed to read. She'll look back to the cat and swallow, letting out quiet sob . Her hands are shaking, she can't stop that, but she'll hold the sword by the hilt. After a long moment she plunges it down into the cats chest. the panther lets out a soft groan and then a gurgle noise. Loree lets out a louder cry and stumbles backwards, hands going up to block the image.

Taryn figures that Chiron will take care of his sister. He kneels down next to the creature. His hands form the sigil in the air over the cat, before he applies the electrical charge to finish off the cat's pain and suffering. It draws the blade from the panther's body. For the moment he does not sheath the blade so that he can clean it thoroughly before he does so.

Chiron walks behind his sister, taking off his cloak and putting it around her. It's still mostly dry on the inside, as it /is/ a nice cloak. "Come here." He says, embracing his sister. "It's over now, you're good. You passed." He's not sure if that's the case, but she seems to be more coherent now.
Lorelei turns into Chiron's shoulder, luckily not seeing that she didn't actually finish off the poor cat. She mumble softly into he brother, "I… think I understand, Six help me." He can feel her shaking pretty hard, but she doesn't seem to react to the nice cloak being put around her, one way or the other.
Taryn stands up slowly and turns to watch the siblings. He pushes his voice into Chiron's head. «Get her to the other side of the clearing. She may understand death, but she doesn't need to see it lying here right now. I know she brought her medical kit. She if there are any sedatives or something in there, maybe.»
Lorelei can feel Chiron suddenly tense up, but he says nothing. He looks over to Taryn with his eyes wide open in shock. This is obviously not something he's used to. He thinks to himself. "she doesn't need more drugs." hoping that will work and leads Lorelei over to the food. "Are you feeling up to eating? I imagine you're probably pretty hungry."
Lorelei doesn't seem to notice any conversation that she's not a part of. She's easy to steer over to the unused fire pit and will sit down on the ground, immediately pulling her knees up to her chest. She just shakes her head no, she's not hungry.
Taryn cleans the blood off the blade before walking over to the fire pit. He removes the helm, as he looks at the two. "Lorelei, when are you allowed to leave? Are you done with your spirit quest? Cause we can head back as soon as you think you're ready for it."

Chiron shoots Taryn a look. "Leave her be, she'll let us know when she's ready. That didn't look like something you can just check off your list of things to do and go to the next one." He says as he grabs a lighter and attempts to start the fire pit. After a few tries, and despite the rain he is successful. He looks pleased with himself, and he looks at Lorelei, both slightly worried and relieved.
Lorelei starts to answer Taryn, looking up to him with white eyes but then Chiron steps in. After a moment, the storm clouds around her start to dissipate, and her hazel eyes come back. She'll just blink at the took, looking slightly exhausted, "I can move, but I'd like to warm up first." She'll hold out a shaky hand to the fire that's starting. Giving a nervous sigh, She'll whisper again, "I'm sorry." It's not clear if she's apologizing to them, or the cat, or about something else.
Taryn looks at Chiron. "I was just thinking about her… I figured she should get to a place where she felt safe and secure…" His gaze turns to Lorelei, concern heavy in his eyes. "We can stay as long as you need… whatever you want to do."

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