Speech Text - War and Peace
Summary: Excerpts from Senator Hartcliffe's Latest Stump Speech
Date: 08.03.2013
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My fellow citizens, we stand in a time of war, a time of conflict, a time of strife. This cycle has plagued us in Haven well beyond the memories of any still living. I wish I could tell you that there was some cure for the plague, some simple solution to our persistent problem. But let me tell it to you truly and plainly, our struggle is one that, by its nature, requires us to take the long view….

Anyone who sells you a cure-all is simply taking advantage of our fear and our fight. This is not to say we must accept stasis; it is to say that we musn't chase the impossible and lose sight of the practical. Those in the Senate who would abandon the neediest in our society for a shiny bow are committing a grave act that targets the fabric of our great system….

Having said this, I am pushing for a Bill that would set the budgetary limits and protect the funding for those programs that feed the hungry, house the vagabond, and teach the ignorant. We must train our citizens to grow crops as well as to fight. There are factions that would slash these programs as supposedly frivolous, but I say if we lose our humanity, what have we turned ourselves into? Even the cockroach fights for its own survival, but I say we must remind ourselves for what it is that we fight. We fight for peace, for justice, for truth. We fight for beauty, for prosperity, for love. We fight for creation, for innovation, for tomorrow. Let us not drop the safety net to raise a glass shield….

My fellow citizens, we trust in the great leaders of our system to govern with wisdom and compassion. Bloodlust will get us nowhere, and we must temper our fears with our morality. By the Six, we shall preserve ourselves for today, tomorrow, and generations to come. Join me in praying for the fighters, caring for the wounded, and supporting their families. Six watch over us all.

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