Speech Text - All Hands on Deck
Summary: Excerpts from the Senator's latest stump speeches
Date: 12 September.2013
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22.09.3013 — The Roar

"We are indeed in a struggle for the survival of Haven itself. Every Havenite is called to service. From the highest to the lowest, we are in need of able-bodied recruits to fight on the frontlines, of talented smiths to make their armor, of advanced medics to heal their wounds. We are in need of innovative farmers to feed us all. How can you serve Haven? How can you fight the Hostile threat? How can you aid your neighbor? Every hand on deck!…"

"This shadow that covers our lands can only be met with the force of our resolve, united together! We seek not to lose ourselves in a blood rage, but we seek to defend our homes from the slaughter of this threat. Let us hold fast to the Reversion, to our culture, to our souls. Let us remember the Six who guide us! Have charity towards our fellows, and naught but strength against our foes. We must unite, we must seek a better tomorrow…"

"We are Haven. Together and together alone shall we stand. From the square of the Roar to the depths of the Wilds, we must look to see what unites us in these dark times. We shall fight with ferocity, serve with fidelity, and rebuild with tenacity. For the sacrifices of this generation shall be the rock on which the next builds its survival. Hope prevails when we serve united…"

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