Speech Text - A Stronger Society
Summary: Excerpts from Senator Hartcliffe's Latest Stump Speech
Date: 08.07.2013
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Leonnida — Cindravale

You know, I'm often asked to speak. At fundraisers, at political rallies, at charity balls, and, don't get me wrong, I obviously am obsessed with the sound of my own voice - I'm a Senator! But, the truth is that there's nothing profound or moving for me to say that you don't already know deep within each and every one of you. The divine spark of hope, the gift of compassion - it is within us all. The Citizens of Leonnida stand strong in our communities; we partner with our neighbor in times of trouble. We serve where it is needed most, and we do so with honor and distinction. Of this there can be no doubt, let us remember to trust in each other, to reach into our hearts and devote of ourselves the time and efforts that remain. Though we toil all the day long, are there still not those who labor in vain? Though we struggle through darkness, are there still not the mourning and the weary who need our comfort…

And believe me when I tell you that I am working endlessly in the Senate and throughout Haven for you. We must maintain a society that cares for all its citizens, one that not only makes necessary sacrifice but more importantly understands which sacrifices are necessary. A government that abandons its poor, that trades its bread for swords, that loses its soul in pursuit of destruction, is one that is voiding the duty to which it has been called….

I'm often reminded of a story that was told to me by my father on a camping trip. It was late at night, and this was obviously a story he'd told before many times. It's a common tale, perhaps some of you here have heard it as well.

"Son, within all of us are two wolves,
Each seeking to control,
One represents all that is good,
Compassion, Love, Selflessness, Humility.
And the other represents our darker passions,
Greed, Pride, Wrath, Selfishness.
They are always fighting, always sparring, seeking to devour the other."
"But Papa," the son would ask, "who will win?"
And the Papa looks at his son and simply says "The one you feed."

Quite simply, I ask you to join me in bettering ourselves, to give in not to our flighting passions or passing fears, but to strive towards virtue, towards greatness. We are strong, as citizens of Haven, we remain talented, passionate, hard-working souls that know our cause is just and true. We know that our efforts shall never be in vain, as long as we are continuing down the path of truth, the path of peace. Let us fight for the Haven we all believe, a place of beauty, a place of prosperity, a place of opportunity for all.

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