07.10.3013: Speaking Terms II
Summary: Following the lead in his previous meeting, Jor speaks to Lord Sir Erik Cindravale.
Date: 10 July 2013
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Erik Jor 

Phylon — Imperius
Somewhere awesome with food, in Phylon.
July 9, 3013

A communication had come in, a voice-recorded message. The contents of it had been terse and to the point: greeting you by name, introducing himself, and indicating that 'your brother, Lord Sir Nikomachos, referred me to you about this'. Jor's missive had indicated that the matter pertained to the Hostiles, that he was 'looking into oddities', but he had not specified over communication. It was a quick message, as if he had been hurried or in the middle of something, but the imperatives in his bass voice had been conveyed all the same, despite the request to meet you 'as soon as possible, preferably'.

With the Valen being 'ordered' off the front by a particular doctor who was tending to his wounds, the young knight was resting in his room when he received the message. This gives him a good excuse to stretch his legs and get out of his room so a message was sent back that they could meet somewhere in Phylon, one of the cafes or taverns for a drink and a quiet place to talk. A time was also sent as well, Erik expecting the other knight to be there promptly.

Jor arrived about five minutes before-hand, as it turns out. He'd been restless, spending time sifting through the sparse data he'd collected until he was able to recite nearly half of it verbatim, including expressions and tone. It should therefore be no surprise that he has a datapad in one hand, absently going through the facts one more time, brows and lips set in a partial frown. It was a means of passing time both in the fact he had come a couple of moments sooner than arranged, not to mention the trip out here. Soon enough, though, his eyes glanced at the time on that pad in his hands - it's an older model by far, but serviceable - and then he's making soft inquiries in his bass tone about where he might find "Sir Erik Cindravale". And when he finally comes up to you, it's that time on the dot, unless one counts twenty seconds as 'late' anyway. "Sir Erik?" he asks you, standing there in a getup that would be considered suitable for something "casual formal", if out of style for at least a decade.

The Valen Knight arrives more or less on time, at least according to his time he is on time and once his eyes sweep the area, he takes notice of the knight that had requested a meeting with him. There is some recognition, from the night when that cultist procession walked through the main avenue of the Landing and into the waygate. When Jor greets him first, the Valen nods back in turn, "You requested a meeting with me and it sounded urgent, what is it?" The question is asked as Erik takes a seat across from where Jor was sitting at the table.

"I'm told you were witness to …" Jor pauses, gesturing faintly as if the word will appear in his open palm "…communications developments originating from the Hostiles. Given that history's very clear about the lack thereof, I'd consider the sudden onset of them important, indirect as they apparently were." All this he says as he, too, seats himself, glancing at the datapad where several segments display various accumulated annotations, window after window of text, some in outline format. "Your brother told me you had a more direct experience than he did. I'd appreciate getting everything you can provide me on the subject."

Hearing what Jor had to ask of him, Erik's brows draw up in a slight frown, as if juggling the words that the other knight had spoken, making an assumption on communication developments. "Are you asking about the cultists and how they are worshipping the Hostiles as some sort of returned Gods? I'm not sure if you can call that… communications developments. May just be an insane group of people who prefer to be traitors to the realm in a war they believe, incorrectly, that we will lose."

You get a sour grunt when you mention that little mess, but the face of Jor Aeldan doesn't change beyond a brief thinning of the lips. "No, I'm not. I'm talking about the Hostiles themselves, and not people as you describe them. I refer to the Hostiles themselves… communicating. You're not the first incident, and I doubt you'll be the last, which begs the question of why, and the answers might be buried or assembled from anything you can share."

Now Erik looks more puzzled at Jor's question when it isn't about the question, "If you mean when we struck the Hostile encampment after they attacked the Rovehn Convoy, then it was just in the heat of battle. One of those… things, did growl at me, with some taunting words." At the time in the heat of battle, the Valen did not think anything out of the ordinary as that is what combatants do in a fight to goad the opponent into making a mistake, "Are you saying that a Hostile talking is an anomaly?"

"Have you ever heard of it happening before? I haven't." It's the question that comes back to you, this man sitting back with his arms folded. Silence commences, then, Jor's eyes fixated upon you, save for the occasional glance here and there. There's a lift of one of his brows, but aside from his question and the following comment, he doesn't speak further.

It wasn't something that Erik had given any thought in the past, growing up he had been more focused on training in how to kill the Hostiles, not talk to them. "They just invaded us not too long ago, Sir, I am sure that they speak, now and the last time the Fifth World drew close enough for another engagement. I am not sure what the purpose of your questions are. Whether they talk or not in battle, you still cut them down."

"Perhaps so," Jor replies, to the comment about now and the last time. "But like any engagement in war, Hostile or otherwise, understanding your enemy is as important as emerging the victor. The first can be the only reason the second ever happens. /That/ is the purpose of my questions, to be certain we aren't underestimating them. For example: the energy fields. Imagine the First Contact War, over that subject."

A smirk appears on the Valen, half amused, half arrogant, "Well, if you are here to confirm whether the Hostiles are capable of speech or not, then I can assure you that they are and not just random utterings. But if you're afraid that they may talk us to death? I think we have other more pressing things to worry about." It seems like Erik isn't taking the whole 'Hostiles talk' subject that seriously, at least when it comes to how dangerous they can be.

Very droll, Jor's face says, eyes narrowing faintly and a humorless smirk briefly appearing on his lips. "Staying alive /is/ a pressing matter," he replies, suggestive of agreement in his deep voice, "but not all conflict is simply a matter of endurance, though admittedly this one is more of one than most, at least until the Fifth World again passes. All the same, though, it doesn't change the fact you collect intel. Will it be useful when the swords and bows start to sing? Of course not; sooner or later it will come down to fighting, and there's little to say for that aside from skill and survival. But anything we can discover to let us choose the terms of those skirmishes, no matter how minor, is a point in our favor, and we could use as many of those as we can get, Sir."

"Very well, if you wish to research this even deeper, I wish you luck but it appears that they will only use our languae to… 'communicate' with us, and what they have to say, I assure you, is of no importance, barbaric even." Erik says as Jor does indeed to be very serious about this issue, and not wishing to mock the other man more than he already has with his arrogance. "And when we show the Hostiles that this generation of warriors are much more than they bargained for, this war will end before the Fifth World passes. We will be taking the war to /their/ planet and erradicating them, so that the passing of that planet is nothing more than just another event."

There's a faint shrug to the comments about it being of no importance. Any other time, there might be an argument; not now, when he's trying to get research material. "Well spoken, Sir," he says, a faint emphasis on the last word, though his expression remains fairly neutral despite the words and inflection. "The dream we all hold, for those that will come after us on these worlds. All the more reason for each of us to ensure it happens, isn't it?"

"Indeed, Sir," Finally addressing the other knight appropriately with the title that he deserves as Erik leans back in his seat, "It is an accomplishment that I am sure all generations that had to face the Hostiles strive for and we shall be the last. Now, is there any other questions you wish to ask me to help… further this research of yours on our enemy?"

"Your brother told me he would be able to provide recordings he took of his own incident. If you were able to do the same, that would be enough for me, I think. Easier to reference videos than memories," he explains, a brief gesture to the datapad. "As I told him, I did some work for the Watch, so looking into matters is a skill I've accrued in my days, and as I get older, it's easier to have hard data than conversation to work with." A brief, hard smile.

Now when the actual more worthwhile request is made by Jor, Erik remains silent for a few moments as he studies the other man. It's almost as if the Valen is about to say no to the request until a brief release of breath is made, "Very well, no one can say that House Cindravale isn't accomodating. I will have my people review the recordings of that battle and send to you portions where I was engaged with the Hostile where it spoke."

"Thank you," Jor replies. His response is that simple, to go with an inclination of his head. The once-Sir Aeldan's eyes flicker to the datapad he had brought with him, but he makes no moves or gestures for it, simply eyeing it for a time as though imagination what else will add to the tangle. "I have nothing further, business wise. Care for a drink, or do you need to go?"

Usually Erik would agree to a drink or two if it were another noble he was speaking with, or someone he knew well and wearing Cindravale colors, but with Jor, there is a shake of his head. "Thank you but no, I should be returning to the Fortress before my doctor discovers my escape. I am still recovering from some… light wounds due to the fighting on the Field of Ares when we decimated the Hostile infestation there. I will need to rest up for the planned assault at the Crescent. I will make sure you get your data. Good day."

If Jor feels any discomfort or insult over the declining of his offer, it doesn't show. (In truth, he couldn't be /paid/ to care.) So when you offer that assurance, he nods again, and offers his own cordial farewell to you, as you make your departure, also seeming slightly amused at the idea of your doctor taking issue with your 'escape'. For himself, though, Jor will stay put, frowning at the pad he brought with him. Soon enough, he'll be having that drink and a bite to eat, back to work on this project much as he was before and during his arrival.

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