07.29.3013: Speaking of Rox
Summary: Balius visits the Ring to meet with Demos to discuss rock internships, Sean and Roxy interlude with their own sort of Rock
Date: 29th July 2013
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The Bazaar
Stepping off the lift and into the Blue District is almost like stepping into another world. The senses are assaulted with a complexity of scents, sights, and sounds. Light that abscribes to the same hours as the rest of the Ring glows from insets in the dark metal ceilings. The Bazaar is one of the central hubs of the Blue District — also known as the Entertainment District. There are dozens of shops and emporiums that clutter around the outer edge of the bazaar with stands and kiosks making organized chaos of its center. There are some shops that have been there for generations, including the famous — if not a little infamous — Gregor's Strange Meats. This is the place to find the weird and the bizarre. It is known that the Blue District hosts the impoverish and underworldly inhabitants of the Ring, making it not only the most mystifying but also the most dangerous district on the space station. There are several corridor-like thoroughfares that branch off from the Bazaar, leading deeper into the District.

A typical morning at the Bazaar, the bustling crowds have not yet hit their peak but have started streaming in steadily. Various sounds and dialects are heard in the central nexus that provides the pathways to all the oddities Haven has to offer. Sounds, smells, colors - a tapestry of the unique and the unknown. Balius, in his "good" green tunic and brown leather vest, is walking, barefoot, thru the Bazaar. His satchel is full, his boots sticking out the top of it. His green eyes will scan the distance, while he seems to be lost in thought all the while searching for someone.

Making his own way through the Bazaar, Demos will withdraw a palm tablet. Not paying much attention, he'll flip it on, enter a quick message. It would tell the intended, that he is off from the main lift of the 3rd spoke/arm of the Ring, turning in the direction of Gregor's but halfway between lift and strange meat shop. There will be indication that there is a cafe in the area that offers various warm caffeine style drinks as well as some pastries. He will wait there, in case they would both like something to eat/drink.

That done, Demos looks up and actually, as the message zips off, he realizes the intended is closer than he had realized. Lifting a hand to wave, the geologist grins, calling over the regular din of the Bazaar, "Hello Mr. Balius, this way." Whether his voice makes it, he hopes the waving of his arm gets the attention of the other.

He's gotten ready for school, with work afterwards. Right now, he puts on some music and starts for a walk through the Bazaar to kill some time. He walks in a leisurely stroll bobbing his head to the heavy beat of his morning wake up set. Then, without seeming to care, he breaks into a complex seeming series of well practiced arm and hand movemets. (ooc: Techtonik for those who know it) In his hands appear glowing sticks of Orelle blue and several of the passersby stop and watch him as he dances in the 'street'.

"That's Schizoid!" a younger girl of about eighteen, though it's argueable, calls to her friends. They all rush over to watch him and oooh and giggle as the man moves to an unheard beat. Then, Sean notices the attention, and the smirks. The music suddenly booms out and lets everyone know what he's dancing too.

Balius will look up at hearing Demos' voice faintly in the distance. He waves back to then notice the glow of blue sticks out the corner of his eye. Entranced for a moment by the figure, he then hears some foreign music that seems interesting but unusual to the stablehand's ears. He'll nod at Demos as to say "Do you see this?"

With a smile of his own, Demos eyes alight, more at the interest of Balius in the impromptu performance, as well as the young man enjoying the moment. Perhaps started himself, but now shared with denizens of the ring. With a nod of his own, the scholar will cross towards were Balius is, so that they may meet and watch to afford the younger man a good view of what is presently occuring. As he gets close enough, he says, "Perhaps you have found something else you'll wish to share with Imperius?" The spread of culture from the Ring. He lets the other enjoy the moment, watching the other man dancing with the sticks.

Sean knows he's starting to draw a crowd. As much as that would normally make him go all out and really show off. Sean is tired… he'd had an interesting night and he's just killing time. So when the music ends, a few moments later. He stops dancing and bows to the crowd before starting to walk away. Which just so happens to be in Balius and Demos' direction. The young girl who'd called out pouts and rushes to his side to try and hang off Sean's arm. "You're soo good at that Schizoid… and your music is amazing! Do you… um… want to maybe get a drink?" she tries too hard, Sean thinks. "Naah… not today. Besides, Peny would get jealous and you wouldn't do that to me would you?" he asks her, turning the tables a bit as they say. Oh, she did not want to hear that and lets go of him quick. He pouts big time and just nods before turning back to her friends who all giggle at her and make slight at her embarrassment. He nods to the two men, "Morning gents. Enjoy the show?" he chuckles.

Seeming to let himself get lost in the performance, he barely notices Demos until his friend speaks up. He'll ponder the statement a moment before laughing, a huge smile crossing his face. "In the forests of Arboren?" And then with a mock pious voice, "But whatever would the Six think?" He'll remain silent and then seem surprised when the person performing acknowledges them. His posture will stiffen and his face will become serious all of a sudden. "Yes, it was…" and after pausing a beat to find the appropriate phrase "skillfully done. And looked awesome!" He'll nod and smile, seeming partially satisfied with his description.

"Secretly," grins Demos, "I imagine a demonstration of joy would be welcomed into the Light of the Six." There he lets it ride, a shrug, not wholly pious enough himself to even imagine what someone conservative of faith might thing. When the other approaches, Demos gives a nod post performance. "Yes, quite the show, you are in the regular habit of making the girls blush?" Perhaps indicating the double show, the dance, then the girl tapering on his arm briefly. His grin wider still, "Perhaps there is a name for this style of dance?"

Sean grins at the first man, then at the second man to whom he speaks. "Ah, well when you look like this, " his hands motion to his bare chest under his black hooded slit down the center jacket. "Girls tend to fall all over you. Plus, being a decently known DJ for the Siren helps with the lady folk." he chuckles, and looks at his wrist controller. "I need to get going. Name's Sean, or Schizoid if I DJ. Drop by the Academ or the Violet Siren sometime." then he darts off through the crowd.

Bey will probably eye the bare chest a few seconds too long and then seems disappointed at the abrupt end to the conversation as he watches the DJ go away. Realizing he's been staring, his internal monologue is one of momentary self-loathing. He shakes it off and turns back to Demos. "Well, learn new things all the time, huh?" He'll smile, trying to appear casual.

At best, Demos might give the hands a once over, working amongst the stone-masons, if he wanted to look at stacks, he has ample opportunity to do so. His own, while shirted and not on display, is more barrelled than normal. Instead he turns to Balius as the other leaves, "Indeed, you sure you won't pick up some of that style of dance to take home." Still with a teasing edge, he also admits, "Then again, knowing ones taste and limits, its as prized as aptitude. I will say, I am impressed by what I've read young Mr. Balius. If you're serious about the internship, there may be a few biologists we can network with. In fact, there is a certain metal-organic mystery of late, I'll be sure to include you on that project. The forefront of science I would imagine."

The bazaar is a popular place! Having grown up spending a lot of time here, Roxy appears right at home as she leaves out of one of the side stores that boasts the weird and bizarre. She's wearing a neon green top with a short tulled skirt worn over black leggings and neon yellow skate shoes on her feet. Tucked under her arm is a skateboard with different graphics and a Hell If I Know sticker plastered to the underside. She doesn't appear to be in a hurry as she meanders in and around other people, her pace slow.

Sean is seemingly in a hurry, until he spots a sticker, a skateboard, and then the rest of the person. Suddenly, all his day is forgotten as he slows. He gets an idea, and pulls out a small music device from his bag. He programs it in a second and then tosses it to land on the ground just in front of her. A beat and a light begin to pulse, and like bread crumbs he makes a trail of these things leading to him. If she follows he'll be leaning against this well placed bench, acting all nonchalant and such.

Balius has /completely/ re-directed his mind on the matter at hand. Focus. Internship. Academ. Academ…Abs? Academ. Wait, didn't Sean or Schizoid or whoever mention the Academ? Nevermind. He'll smile at the suggestion. "It seems I have much to learn about my tastes while here." Attempting to understand what his friend is saying. Bey will nod in agreement, becoming excited at the opportunities. "That would be more than amazing, my friend! I've discussed it over with my family and can certainly make the necessary time commitment. And you have my word that I will be a help and not a hindrance."

If there is any indication of the fog or redirection of Bey's mind, either in his manners or in trailing eyes, Demos takes no note of it, or simply doesn't ponder it eitehr way. Instead he is smiling at the news presented to him by the young Quellton. "That is good news, and here I thought it was I giving it to you. But, the help is much needed, not a hindrance at all actually. Perhaps I may learn a thing or two of biology through this just the same. I am glad your family is in agreement with this." He looks around a moment, seeing what is going on around them, checking the relative location of a few mainstay shops and the ground where he stands. "And the offer stands as before, we'll work this such that the times you need to be home for the stables are yours to be home."

Of course Roxy notices the music device, since it had been such a brief time since she'd crossed paths with Sean he's the first person that pops into her mind. Bending down, she scoops it up and like the puppet she always is when she's in the 'on again' stage, she follows the trail, gathering his devices until she comes face to face with him. A smile tugs at her lips as she holds her hands out, offering them to him with a knowing smile. "Hey Skitz, lose something?" The conversation from the others hasn't really reached her yet.

Sean grins at Roxy and takes the devices from her. All of then falling quiet instantly. "That where they went?" he smirks, "What's going Ontherocks?" he says, combining the nickname and question in one. "Come here often?" Sean teases with a lame pickup line to make her laugh.

Noticing that the DJ hasn't wandered too far off, Balius will offer an occasional glance in the direction but tries to keep it subtle. The young stablehand will nod at Demos. "That is phenomenal! I must confess my knowledge of geology stuck at an elementary level, but I picked up some books at the Spine the other day. Mainly just introductory stuff, but I'm sure I'll learn much more." He'll run thru a mental check-list of the stables at their mentioning, bound and determined to achieve the necessary balance of duty and dreams. "And the numbers at home should be stable, we just sold several horses to Lord Tristan Arboren the other day."

Listening, Demos waves towards a nearby cafe, it is as outside as one can get on the Station, but the view would be the same from there. Only a hand wave to see if Balius enjoys the view from here or would like a seat just the same. The scholar is focused more on Bey at the moment, "That is good, some geology, but I don't think you'll need to focus on that. We'll look at basic science and math in general, something you can apply to your own pursuits without choosing to learn something else all together." Then he finally follows Balius' gaze a moment, noting where the dancer/musician has gone and giving a curious pause, looking at Roxy a moment. "Small world …" he says curiously, maybe the cafe forgotten a moment, unless Balius moves in that direction.

The play on her name 'Rox' by Sean brings the usual playful eyeroll. "Not much, taking a break in between practice, gigs and public appearances." A glance around at his pickup line has Roxy's gaze falling on the other two, brows shooting up when she notices Demos. "Wow.." The word is whispered lightly, not saying anything else to him, but she does lift a hand in a very deliberate wave, letting him know she noticed him there. Only then does she look back at Sean and smirk. "This is my favorite place to shop, I come here all the time. So what's up?"

Sean follows her wave back to the other two and decides to tease the one who keeps looking his way. He waits just long enough to make eye contact and flash a charming smile at the 'boy'. Then turns back to Roxy, "Well… I don't know, just killing time here." he pauses, "So, I was thinking after last night… we still look good together on the dance floor. I know, what went down the last time… but I'm cool now. Let's stike up the band again, what do you say?" he offers, still maintaining that air of nonchalant, even as he asks her out.

Balius begins to look towards the cafe and then looks confused as Demos seems to be staring in the same direction to which he was glancing. He notices the waves of exchange between the female and Demos. What an odd day. "Small world indeed." He'll note aloud. He involuntarily blushes at the smile, which is just a rush of confusing emotions. He gives a quick grin in response and turns back to Demos, hoping his face isn't still read. His posture is an awkward attempt to relax, perhaps lean on something nearby. Just try to act natural…look cool, look cool.

Returning the wave, Demos grins pleasantly enough. Whether at the greeting or seeing the girl talk to the other musician, or simply just the state of being. Turning to catch the look from Balius, he grins, "More reason to visit the Ring?" As if the offer he had made wasn't quite enough, though already accepted really. "As much suited to raising stallions as you are, I am thinking more an more that becoming fully trained and finding your own potential will suit you better Balius." Then he affords, "New rule though, cotting in the lab is welcome, but no more than three nights in a row." Some may use it to stay close to the work, but who knows when one might fancy a trip away from home and an extended stay for personal interests.

The looks between Sean and the other guy bring on an amused smile. "Something going on there, Skitz?" Either way, Roxy seems cool with it. She winks at Demos when he acknowledges her wave, though the next offer from Sean has her looking back in stunned surprise. "Yeah, we did look good on the dance floor, but mostly because you had all those flashing lights. So you wanna strike up the band?" Leaning her skateboard against her legging covered thigh, she crosses her arms. Of course she was already in a band, so maybe he meant.. "You want us to be on again?" As they are currently in the off again stage. "So what's the difference from before?" Referencing that he said he was cool now.

Sean grins slightly, "I think he likes me… or well, this me." he motions to his bare chest and abs beneath his black cotton hooded jacket split open. "And yeah… I mean." he takes a breath, "I get it, Roxy… Peny explained… and I get it. No more douchey love mush… just together, like the first time." sure, he's said this before… or something to this effect, since the last time they went on again didn't exactly involve coherent sentences for the first twenty-four hours. He looks over again to where the boy was, "Come on, lets go over and give 'em hell for a bit." he says, not exactly waiting for what he already thinks is a no.

Balius looks confused at Demos' statement for half-a-beat and then blushes a crimson red. "That's, that's more than fair. I wouldn't - I never -" He's overwhelmed and embarrassed, not even having the vocabulary to describe what he's attempting to communicate. He releases a huge, pent-up breath and just says. "Three nights is great, thanks." He weakly nods.

Shaking his head, Demos offers, "A relaxed mind is a healthy mind Balius. What is it they say, mind, body, and spirit. I suppose the mentor thing would be to say, don't forget any part of yourself. There will be plenty to do, we'll figure out your pace, but we don't want to overload you." Even his own cheeks blush slightly at the week, but he seems in even better spirits, half a mirthful grin afforded to Roxy. His attention mostly on Balius for the now however. "More time to worry about that later, I was planning a serious talk, looking over what you wrote, giving advice. But lets assume your accepted. Let you enjoy some time on the Ring without worry?"

"Does he?" Roxy quirks a brow and looks between them again. Lifting a shoulder, she smiles, "He's not bad to look at you know. But then again neither are you." Gently she nudges him with her shoulder, hearing out his explanation and the mention of his sister. When he doesn't give her time to answer, Roxy scoops up her skateboard and approaches the others with him, figuring he was letting her think about it. As they arrive beside the others, she returns the grin that Demos offered. "I think this is the first time I've seen you outside of the

"Does he?" Roxy quirks a brow and looks between them again. Lifting a shoulder, she smiles, "He's not bad to look at you know. But then again neither are you." Gently she nudges him with her shoulder, hearing out his explanation and the mention of his sister. When he doesn't give her time to answer, Roxy scoops up her skateboard and approaches the others with him, figuring he was letting her think about it. As they arrive beside the others, she returns the grin that Demos offered. "I think this is the first time I've seen you outside of the

"Does he?" Roxy quirks a brow and looks between them again. Lifting a shoulder, she smiles, "He's not bad to look at you know. But then again neither are you." Gently she nudges him with her shoulder, hearing out his explanation and the mention of his sister. When he doesn't give her time to answer, Roxy scoops up her skateboard and approaches the others with him, figuring he was letting her think about it. As they arrive beside the others, she returns the grin that Demos offered. "I think this is the first time I've seen you outside of the Bistro. How are you?" (repose with it all)

Sean looks at the boy who'd been eyeing him a little. He smiles at him with a charm. "Hey there.. I didn't catch your name." his hand goes out to the guy, causing his jacket to flair a little almost just for him, giving a nice view for a moment only. He looks over at Roxy, a silent 'Yes, please think on it.' before he looks to Demos, "That reminds me, I didn't answer your question. My dance style is known as Cyberntik, the hands part. The foot movements you haven't seen yet are known as Glyding."

Balius will give his hand a hearty shake, offering a brief smile, as he know consciously is aware of his previous actions. "The name's Balius Quellton. I'm from Imperium. Demos here has graciously offered me an opportunity to study under his mentoring." He'll turn towards Demos. "I think you may be right. I find trees are better for thinking about such things. Perhaps I shall come tomorrow and discuss projects with you in greater detail?" He'll nod almost formally to Sean. "Good to meet you, Sean." He can't resist offering thr most genuine smile he's had all day, green eyes sparkling. s

"It would be, more to my natural element. Much closer to my lab," grins Demos to Roxy. "Cyberntik and Glyding, something new perhaps, it was good form Sean." Then to the larger group he nods, "Yes, more cause for Balius to visit the Ring and enjoy the ecclectic, comfortable culture. There is something I have in mind for his talents on Niveus, but one step at a time. Arranging the course, determining outcomes, boring bits really." Back to Roxy, "And you, good to see you outside the Bistro as well, perhaps your band will be perfomrming?"

When Sean puts on the display for the other man, Roxy grins, nodding that she would think about it. Looking back at Demos, she smiles. "And what rock is there today?" Perhaps it's something they've shared about in the past. "I look for the day there is a neon pink or green, then I would try and talk you out of it. I wonder if I could get a necklace made out of bright pink and green stones," she muses mostly to herself. As the other introductions are made, she offers her own name. "Roxy.." But the intro is brief before she's back to Demos. "Soon we should be, Drake Danger has something in the works, but our bass player is iffy, so we're debating on a replacement."

Sean looks from Roxy to Demos for a moment, then he smiles again at Balius at the introduction. "Academ brat hm? We might see a lot of each other then… I'm starting up classes for a Master's in Computer Science." he looks to Demos now, "Rocks?" before giving Roxy a slight nudge, "Didn't I make you a necklace that glows neon pinks and greens?"

"Perhaps you two will run into each other," says Demos of Sean and Balius bumping into each other at the Academ, but leaves it at that as Balius has wandered off a bit distracted perhaps (or left for business). Then he nods, "Not quite glowing, but there are natural bright pink and green stones, most notably agates. A few vendors have such necklaces. There is a rare find, some agates contain both pink and green." Then a grin, "But today, it is simply pyrite." He reaches out and pulls out a natural cuboid shapped piece of silver pyrite from a pouch.

"Sounds like you two have a lot in common," Roxy observes about Balius and Sean. Feeling the nudge, she looks at Sean with an inquisitive expression. "Hmm? A necklace?" She nudges him back. "Wasn't that for Peny?" Looking back at Demos, she grins, switching her skateboard to her other hand, tucking it under her arm as he pulls out the silver one. "Can I see?"

Sean nods to Roxy with a grin, "We certainly do it would seem." he looks at the thing Demos gets out to show and just watches for now. "Pyrite correct?" he asks softly.

"Certainly," says Demos handing over the specimen (http://s3.amazonaws.com/bureau-of-trade/p/2012/11/20/cubic-pyrite-crystal-cluster-by-nature-640.jpg), "It is pyrite. Some work it over and over until something more colorful, and to some eyes, more beautiful. Yet I like it in its natural, wild form. No need to change anything and its as marvelous to behold just the way it is." A shurg, then, "I've a few, take it if you like."

Sean gets a curious look. "Yeah he said it was Pyrite.." Reaching out for it, she holds the silver specimen in her hand, running her thumb over the shiny object. "It's gorgeous. I bet it would make great jewelry, but you're right, in this form it's best. I like when things are allowed to be as they're supposed to be and not altered to fit another's whim."

"Yeah, I know he did… it was rhetorical. I use the stuff in some of my tech. Good stuff that for various things. Where'd you get so much natural pyrite like that? It isn't exactly sparce, but also not the most abundant… typically I get some from titanium traders." he pauses for a moment, "No, I did make you necklace once… right about the time I…" he drops off, no need to bring up that mess all over again. Especially when she says something like that.

"Yes, titanium traders, I suppose in part, its best they don't speak of its abundance," says Demos, "But a byproduct of the mining on Nubilus. I use larger samples in oxidization experiments. Its perfectly sustainble below the thick louds, but higher on the peaks and after mining, it can produce sulfiric acid. It is a byproduct of being a geologist, I am given specimens to conduct research."

"Thank you," Roxy tells Demos as she closes her hand around the silver 'rock.' When Sean insists that he had made her a necklace once, she gives him an odd look, not exactly remembering. "I suppose that we weren't getting along so well and when that happens, I just tune it out. It's a talent I learned." As Demos and Sean fall into conversation Roxy slips the gift into a pocket.

"Right, sulphiric acid is what I use it for. Along with a few other things. They having an issue on Nubilus?" Sean asks, before looking to Roxy, "Well, it makes sense if I was being a gush… and right then I think I was being an elite gush… funny enough, I made that ring from titanium." he says this lightly, almost as if it's trivial to him now.

Shaking his head, Demos offers, "Think nothing of it." As regards the giving of the rock. Not commenting on tuning each other out or in as goes between Roxy and Sean. Instead he nods as to Sean's use of pyrite but shakes his head. "An issue, not quite, unless you count mining an abundance of Titanium as an issue. The curiousity I suppose it in keeping up the price of refined pyrite enough to sustain its effectiveness while not retaining a surplus on the moon itself. It is not my place to discuss economics with those houses of interest in the concern so much as to recommend good techniques to maintain the storage, continue to dig after titanium and maintain a healthy system for the populace." A shrug.

So, yeah.. Roxy doesn't really go for the whole public scene of hashing out the past and she gives Sean a look before swapping hands with her skateboard again. "I'm not really smart enough for all this shop talk, I think I'll go to my favorite cafe and find something to eat. Thanks for the gift, Demos." Looking to Sean, she smirks. "You know my number Skitz." Dropping her board, she prepares to head out on it, one skate shoe covered foot in place.

Sean looks at Roxy as she makes to leave, "I was headed to school right now to sign up… we could grab something on the way?" he too isn't for the hashing of the past, at all. It makes him look, like a blubbering idiot or an ass depending on what side of the on again off again they are. He looks to Demos, "I don't know how to help you with economics, ask me about computers any day… or music." he smiles at the man, before looking to Roxy for her answer.

"Why don't you go ahead and get to the school first so you've got the rest of the day to do.. whatever, do you work again tonight?" Roxy looks between then and shrugs. "Or we could hang here and all find something to eat together."

"I could grab a bite to eat," says Demos, already ready to move, as Balius and he intended to talk intership over food that was forgotten a while ago. "Present company would be splendid," eyes favoring Roxy more than Sean, perhaps unlike the intern earlier. "I have a good hour before I need to return to the lab. But I don't want to keep either of you from anything on your schedules." At least favoring the student, Roxy said she might have a show later here on the Ring.

Sean glances at Roxy, then at Demos, then kind of makes a small oh with his mouth. He shrugs slightly at Roxy, "I don't work tonight, no. I was just going to hang around my place, watch a movie or something." he smiles to them both, "Don't let me be the third wheel." and snaps his jacket together.

Definitely not a show today, since nothing was exactly rehearsed yet, but Roxy grins when Demos agrees, stomping her foot on the back of her board and catching it. "Food is good." Looking to Sean, she awaits his answer.. until he gives it. "Third wheel?" Releasing her breath in a sigh, she lifts her shoulder, her expression turning somewhat stoic. "Right. Well the invite was for you both, so whatever you want, Sean." Oops. No nickname there.

Demos cannot comment on the other being a third wheel or not, he does not know their histories. But he is perceptive to the stoic turn in Roxy's demeanor. "Food perhaps, or a search through some of the jewelers around the Bizaar, I imagine we could find one of the agate merchants who have a necklace that you might be interested in. If not, one of each of bright pink and green could easily be found, then reworked, so you have two such necklaces." A simple offer, there is that lingering thought of food that was offered just the same."

Sean shrugs again at Roxy, "I could eat, Peny cooked this morning… but that was before she had to leave for work… so like five? six.. I don't remember, I was still up." Roxy should know though, Sean's a night owl always has been. He looks at Demos, "I think I know a place that has nice slivers polished up, and I can set them into metals if they don't already do that."

Demos faded out …

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