06.04.3013: Sparring Advice
Summary: Asher and Johana have a spar while advice is tossed in from the sidelines.
Date: Tuesday, June 04, 2013
Related: None but there is a reference to the Hostile event, in the Ring.
Anabethe Asher Johana Victor 

Controlled environment, sparring mat, weight benches, treadmills, a pool and several other exercise gear.
Tuesday, June 04, 3013

Inside the Gym, the controlled environment gives no indication at all of the warm drizzle of the weather outside. Wearing black leggings underneath a red tunic style shirt, Johana's hands are covered with sparring gloves, and protective wear on her feet as she routinely beats on one of the bags, alternately punching then kicking, practicing her hand to hand combat… something she's not so experienced in. The rest of the gym is fairly busy, but the sparring mats are mostly empty at the moment.

Sir Asher Khournas is in the gym as well, wearing a pair of athletic pants, a pair of gym shoes, and little else. He has just completed a warm-up circuit on the weights before he notices the Ibrahm heiress near the punching bag and he crosses over towards where she stands, offering a slight nod, "Johana." He greets

The Orelles have wussy, shiny gyms. They're all resistance machines and grav-generator-powered exercises. That's not cool with Victor Khournas, and so he's taken his leave to come down to where real gyms with free weights and barbells are still available. He's taken a bit more time than his younger brother to get to the gym, and he's just leaving the dressing rooms in his a-shirt and baggy exercise shoes. Spotting his brother, he moves in that direction, nodding to Johana as well as he approaches.

She'd been concentrating so hard on her workout, Johana hadn't noticed anyone else in the gym. Hearing her name though has her pausing in the middle of what was going to be a roundhouse kick to face Asher. "Hi Asher." Following his lead with the whole name thing. She reaches for a towel and drapes it around her neck and offers a tentative smile. "I'm sorry for cutting it short at the beach the other day. Something came up. How are you?" Tilting her head to the side as she asks the question. Catching sight of Victor when he approaches, she offers a return nod, "Good evening."

"I'm certain that we can find a place, and excuse to swim with one another, Johana." Asher replies with a nod of his head to the woman, and a smile of his own before he turns to the approaching Victor, "Victor. It's good to see you again brother."

Victor's gravelly voice lifts with a smirk, "Evening." That smirk lifts into a resonant laugh at Asher's words, "Really, Asher?" Looking over to the Young Lady as he stops beside the hanging punching bag in the midst of the Khourni gym, he inquires of her, "Please tell me he didn't suggest going swimming as a first date. Please, please, please tell me, 'cause we were raised better than that."

"I'm sure we can, Asher." Johana replies, removing one of her gloves to wipe her face with her towel. The three are standing near sparring mats and a hanging punching bag, Asher just finished with weights and Victor just entered. It's drizzling outside, and warm, but the controlled environment of the gym keeps it comfortable and dry inside. Hearing the question, she looks between the brothers and laughs.. "Date? He's never asked me on a date, actually." Lifting her brows as she focuses on Asher. "Have you?"

"And here I thought that hunting down a rogue Hostile on the Ring was our first Date!" Asher replies to Johana's question with a grin, "But the Young Lady and I were at the beach and had made plans to go swimming and walk the boardwalk before circumstances interrupted our plans, Vic."

The meaty sound of a body hitting the mat can be heard off to one side, and Anabethe dances back from her opponent with a grin. "Gotta be faster than that," she tells the Drake who spars with her, reaching up to drag her forearm across her brow as she bounces from one foot to another. There's little enough to differentiate her from anyone else here, in sweats and tank top, aside from the intricate tattoos that can be seen around them both. After a moment, she leans down to offer a hand and pull the man up, but he begs off another round, leaving her searching the gym.

Victor shrugs helplessly at Johana's complaint and Asher's response, gesturing over his brother. He's silent for a long moment, then points out, "See? Date." Waving it off, he shakes his bald head, "Lord Carron," that would be his and Asher's father, "forced us to develop an extensive sense of humor." Once more, he leaves the words hanging for a moment, then gravels, "'Cause he didn't have any." The thwack of body on mat draws his attention, and Victor raises up his voice, "You mean there's still someone dumb enough to take you on, Beth?"

"Oh right! The Hostile. What a date it was too, we ended up being the only ones unharmed." Gently Johana nudges his arm with her own. "Thanks for escorting me to the ring that day. You managed to save us all." Seeing the look between Victor and Asher brings a laugh from the Ibrahm. "I think he's not getting your hint. Or deliberately ignoring it…" Offering a brief but confident smile accompanied by a wink. Hearing the sounds of the spar, she also turns her attention towards it. "Either of you interested in a spar?" The question is directed at Asher and Victor, but her focus is on Anabethe and the Drake.

Asher cracks another little grin at Johana, "But, I suppose if you want a proper date we can do that as well. I know a few real nice resturaunts." he says, glancing a little towards Victor, then towards Anabethe and finally back to Johana, "I wouldn't mind sparring with you."

"Every now and then I find someone," Anabethe grins to Victor, picking up a water bottle on her way toward the others and squirting a long stream into her mouth. "Have to stay sharp somehow, after all. Asha, Johana," she nods to the others, grin spreading as they talk of sparring. "You two should give it a go," she says, pointing between them. "Victor and I'll sit here and critique. Gently," she winks.

Victor reaches up to try to punch Asher's shoulder lightly, "Little bastard never listens to me." He nods to Anabethe, "Don't worry 'bout me. I'll," and he gestures over to Anabethe, "critique." He snorts at the words that follows that, however, and he complains dryly, "If I have to do it Valen-style, where's the fun?" Still, he moves over toward the sparring mats, settling down atop a weight rack nearby.

The way it's worded.. Johana regards him in silence until after the spar is offered. "I'll make a deal with you. I'll go out on a date with you with that request, if you win the spar. If not and I win, I'm not going out unless you ask me properly." Though her lips quirk in amusement, it seems she really means it. When Anabethe joins, she bows her head respectfully, her smile widening. "I was just agreeing to that very thing, my lady." Removing the towel from around her neck, she places it on her bag and replaces the glove on her hand, opting for the protective gear. "A critique would be good. I'd definitely like the pointers." Already she is headed for the mats, already warmed up.

Asher glances aside towards Victor, "Well.. Not never.." he says as he moves to fetch some protective gear himself, strapping on a pair of shin pads, then some padded gloves before he moves to the sparring mat as well, "That seems fair, Young Lady Ibrahm." he says with a little smile.

"I didn't say Valen style," Anabethe smirks, straddling a weight bench and leaning back against a bar left in the stands. "They won't be able to tell if we're giving them advice or blowing smoke up their asses that way." She takes another drink, getting comfortable. "Remember, Ana, the bigger they are, the harder they fall," she calls to the other woman.

Victor shakes his head at the bet between Asher and Johana, "Really?" He looks over to Anabethe, "Shit… I can't believe she's gonna let him off that easy." And then he looks back, "Just punch him in the throat. Then he won't be able to ask and you can get out of it." That's his advice. Really. Easing up a bit, he rests his hands on the weights of the rack, "Use your reach, Asher. Don't let her get in close."

Once on the mat, Johana watches Asher as he dons his protective gear, grateful for it. As soon as he steps on the mat, she motions towards him with her gloved hand. "You get first attack." Bending her knees, she shifts her weight to the balls of her feet so that she can dodge easier, putting her hands up so that she can move them to easier guard her face or whatever he chooses to attack first. Hearing the words from Anabethe, she laughs. "Oh no, my lady. I don't want him to fall… it gets messy when they fall." Of course she's teasing, but she's having fun with the play on words. Watching now, she pays attention to the longer appendages of her opponent, waiting for one to swing at her. "The throat hmm? I'll consider it."

"And what if I want to let her in close, Brother?" Asher replies to Victor's advice as well and he adopts a similar fighting stance, his a little looser perhaps and he gives a slight nod towards Johana before he steps in a bit for a quick punch towards the woman.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Asher=Unarmed Vs Johana=Unarmed
< Asher: Success Johana: Failure
< Net Result: Asher wins - Marginal Victory

"Throat, bah," Anabethe scoffs at Victor. "Throat's good if you can get to it, sure, but you've got control points all over a body. You want joints, Ana. Get a good hold on one and you can lead a man wherever you want him." She laughs broadly, propping one elbow on the barbell. "Granted, there are other things you can lead a man around by, but if it's falling you're worried about, I'd stick with a finger-hold. Not much different with some men."

Victor nods to Asher, "Well, if you want to get your nuts knocked up into your rib-cage, go ahead and get close. I don't think she means to kiss you with anything but her knuckles." Anabethe's words cause him to laugh, "Yeah, but Asher's a Khourni. She'll have to go for an elbow-lock if she wants a comparison." While he watches, he reaches down, hefting up a barbell and starting to curl it in a slow, steady motion.

When he speaks to his brother about letting her in closer, Johana laughs, trying to stay out of arms reach. She distracts herself and misses the block, accidentally allowing him in for the punch. "Oomph.." The sound is made as his protective gear covered fist connects, knocking her back a few steps. Well, her legs are longer than her arms, so instead, she goes for a roundhouse kick towards his legs, hoping to connect as well, so she can stay even in points at least. Already he'd scored one on her. The advice directed to her brings a chuckle. "I'll remember that."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Johana=Unarmed Vs Asher=Unarmed
< Johana: Good Success Asher: Success
< Net Result: Johana wins - Marginal Victory

Asher does his best to not pay attention to the peanut gallery ring-side, his focus on Johana opposite him as the two spar. As the leg lashes out at him, he attempts to step back a little to avoid the kick, still taking a smack towards his thigh from the woman, "Nice strike.." He says, moving to lash out with a quick snap kick from the leg that wasn't just hit.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Asher=Unarmed Vs Johana=Unarmed
< Asher: Success Johana: Good Success
< Net Result: Johana wins - Solid Victory

Anabethe whistles approvingly as Johana scores a hit, watching the match with a sharp eye. "Careful, he gets one good hit and you're going to feel it," she warns the other woman, turning to look at Victor as he pumps iron. "Because you can still find shirts that fit your biceps?" she asks, arching a brow.

Victor looks over to Anabethe, "I think he's ignoring me now. Little shit." It's a fond sort of curse, however, and he smirks, shifting his barbell over to his other arm and continuing to work on arm curls. "If she slips into your reach, you're going to wish you'd listened." He chuckles heavily as she lands a kick, "Then again, maybe you'll just get your ass literally kicked." Looking back to Anabethe he shrugs slightly, "Because I plan on shoving my axe right through whatever armor the Hosses are packing."

Almost like she was expecting a return kick, Johana reacts instinctively, reaching out to capture his leg and turn as she keeps it tucked underneath her arm, trying to bend it uncomfortably and get him to submit, just waiting on the call… or a counter strike, either one to end the spar with her the victor.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Johana=Unarmed Vs Asher=Unarmed
< Johana: Success Asher: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Asher's leg is grabbed, but he's able to mantain his balance and keep his leg from getting twerked on too much by his sparring partner. His leg is caught still, however, so he makes an attempt to unbalance Johana, hoping to take her to the mat, though it will likely end up with him going down with her in this current state.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Asher=Unarmed Vs Johana=Unarmed
< Asher: Success Johana: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

"You aren't careful, you might not be able to reach one unless it's standing directly beside you," Anabethe grins back at Victor, puffing up her chest and miming having arms too big to be able to reach in front of herself. "Balance!" she calls toward the mat, though it's hard to tell which combatant it's targeted toward.

Victor snorts softly at Anabethe's warning, looking up to the sparring pair again, "Fall down!" That's definitely directed at both of them, and then he looks back to the Young Lady of his own house, "If she doesn't nut him, he'll tear her apart ground-fighting. If she nuts him, I'm going to have his voice squeaking in my ear for days."

Now that she has him, what is she going to do with him? Johana finds his strength too much to unbalance him, but then when he tries the same with her, she manages to keep her balance. Hurriedly she runs a few scenarios through her head before she smiles slowly and turns back, eyes briefly graze over the two at the weight bench before she tries to go for an elbow to the back of his leg, leaving it apparent she could have gone for the sneaker hit between the legs, but chose not to.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Johana=Unarmed Vs Asher=Unarmed
< Johana: Success Asher: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Asher is able to bring in a hand to block the strike from Johana's elbow, deflecting it from his vulnerable leg and he tries to step into the woman suddenly, trying to at least free his leg, at best manage a strike on her.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Asher=Unarmed Vs Johana=Unarmed
< Asher: Success Johana: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

"Look at them," Anabethe sighs, drawing one knee up toward her chest and resting her chin on it. "Ought to throw them both in a mud pit. Make it more entertaining, at least."

Victor scoffs at the positioning and shifting. He sets down the barbell with a light clatter, nodding to Anabethe and then calling out, "Just let go and try to hit each other again." He looks over to the Young Lady, "Two chickens pecking at each other is more entertaining than this."

So, nothing is working! Johana goes for one more last ditch effort only after managing to keep hold of his leg. Since he's on one foot, she goes for the sacrifice and drops to the floor, going for a scissor move on his free leg, the only one touching the floor, trying to trap it between hers and take him down that way.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Johana=Unarmed Vs Asher=Unarmed
< Johana: Failure Asher: Failure
< Net Result: Both Fail.

Asher doesn't manage to keep his footing, though not through the expertise of his opponent, more he just lost balance! However, he's on the ground now, and has a little more leverage to attempt and sweep Johana's feet from beneath her!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Asher=Unarmed Vs Johana=Unarmed
< Asher: Failure Johana: Success
< Net Result: Johana wins - Marginal Victory

"There's more blood, too," Anabethe nods sagely to Victor, taking another drink. "Best get up, Ana!" she calls to the other woman. "This point, he might just sit on you."

Victor groans softly at the continued flailing around by his brother, running his hand over his face slowly, "I don't even know that I can watch this. Come on, Asher, set her on fire or something." He's joking, right? He's got to be joking.

Yeah so her move fails badly and Johana falls with him, landing in a mess on the mat. When she manages to get back to her knees to get back up, and he tries to take her down again, she jumps to her feet, just barely managing to avoid the sweep. Moving in near, she jumps! It's an attempt to land with her knees on his shoulders and pin him….

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Johana=Unarmed Vs Asher=Unarmed
< Johana: Failure Asher: Good Success
< Net Result: Asher wins - Solid Victory

Asher is lept on, most certainly, though he is quick to roll, taking the Ishram heiress with him to try and switch positions so she is on her back, and he is on top, his hands moving to grab at her hands in an attempt to overpower her!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Asher=Unarmed Vs Johana=Unarmed
> < Asher: Good Success Johana: Failure
> < Net Result: Asher wins - Solid Victory

"Really needs mud," Anabethe muses. "Or gelatin." She tilts her head as they get to the point of rolling around on the ground, arching a brow.

Victor shrugs, sitting forward, "I don't know, it's getting better. Almost like a third date." He points out the roll, "That's one of my moves. Not bad in a fight, but much better somewhere quieter."

When her plan completely backfires and Johana finds herself pinned to the mat instead with a rather large specimen of male holding her down, she concedes with laughter in her eyes. "So, I suppose this means we have a date." Her lips quirk in a smile now and she doesn't bother trying to overpower the obviously stronger man, nor does she go for the obvious kick between his legs. Just looking up at him she finally says the words. "You win."

Asher laughs a little, "You were a good opponent, Johana." he says, remaining atop the woman for just a moment longer before he stands up, offering his hand to her, "I think my Brother, and the Young Lady might have been bored with our flailings.. perhaps we should let them show us how a real fight is supposed to be like?" he suggests to Johana, a little twinkle in his eyes.

"Right?" Anabethe mutters to Victor, picking up her water bottle again and pushing up from the bench. "Should probably hit the showers myself. Have to meet with some engineers about production numbers soon, and I'm sure Da'll hear about it if I'm late." She grins over at Asher, shaking her head. "Another time I'll show you kids how it's done," she promises.

Victor throws up his hands as the spar comes to a close, "Finally. And no, I think I'll stick to working out, and avoid Beth breaking my nose right before the Hosties arrive." Standing up from atop the weight rack, he nods to Anabethe, "If I don't see you before they show up, kill Hosties good." He reaches out to clap the Young Lady Khournas on one shoulder, then nods to Johana and Asher, "I'll be heading back up to The Ring in an hour if either of you is headed that way."

When he stays over her a little longer than necessary, Johana arches her brows speculatively, but makes no protests. Instead, she considers what he says, removing a glove and slipping her hand into his when he offers to assist her in standing. "Thank you, Asher. It was a lot of fun." If her smile is any indication, she truly did have fun. Once she's standing, she removes the other glove also and looks towards the others. "Oh definitely. I'd like to watch you two sometime, but I agree, tonight I should also shower." Offering a nod to Victor, "I am going back as soon as I clean up. He is certainly not a pushover as an opponent." With continued amusement, she looks back to Asher. "Don't think the next date will be so easy to get." With a confident smile and a teasing wink, she walks off towards the showers.

Asher is tugging off his gloves as well, "I'll probably be back to the Ring later tonight as well." He says with a nod to his brother, "But a shower does sound like a good idea." He then gives a little grin at Johana, "Well, then I shall have to try to impress you on our first one, Young Lady Ibrahm." He says with a bow of his head.

"Break your nose? Please, Vic," Anabethe grins over her shoulder. "I've got more control than that." And with those words, she's headed for the lockers and the showers.

Victor nods to Johana, "See you up on the Intent then." Moving over to his brother, he slaps the taller man on the shoulder, "Don't worry, the showers get really fucking cold here, little brother." He nods again to Anabethe, and then heads over to the nearest rack of weights.

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