Sorry Seems The Hardest
Summary: After the Fashion Gala, a still kilted Michael returns to Obsidia and his bunk room to vidcomm with Nimara at her home in Phylon. Things start out bad, get worse, then get better… sort of.
Date: 25 August 2013
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Michael Nimara 

24 August 3013 — Michael's Bunk Room, Obsidia

Michael, still in his Kira Graves outfit, made his way as quickly as he could back to Obsidia. He enters his bunk room and moves to the vidcom on the small desk against the back wall. He turns it on and dials Nimara, there's a long minute's wait before the screen changes to show her face with a concerned but loving smile to him. After a warm greeting Michael answers, "Hey Nimara, yeah… this is the outfit I wore in that fashion gala I mentioned being asked to be a part of. Sucks you missed it, I looked great."
Her response comes through and makes him smile softly for a moment before he lowers his eyes. "I'm sure you'll see it in the tabloids tomorrow morning if they aren't already all over it… Nimara, that woman I've told you about… Avalyn, she." He chokes slightly, guilt eating at his words, "She pulled me into a kiss, and… I didn't push her away." There, he's admitted his guilt, he wanted to kiss her he just can't figure out why. The gasp from the other side, followed by the long uncomfortable silence is hard for Michael to take and his head hangs even lower.
The honest and calm question that comes through breaks Michael's heart, "No, we didn't sleep together. Only the one kiss then she walked away… I think she wanted me to follow after her, thinking she'd tagged me. I took the group photo with the other models then left. I swear to you Nimara, I've been faithful, all this time I swear it." That, of course, gets the usual skepticism. Michael just shakes his head at the responses that come streaming through, "No." sporadically, then "Yes." once now and then, before finally. "Nimara I love you! You say you understand all this, but why do I feel like I'll be getting the cold shouldered political you for the next date? I was wrong to not push her away, but she's my friend and I was caught off guard. You've been too busy for there to be an us aside from a date here and there and these vidcoms. Each morning I wake and feel like an ass because I've fallen asleep in this chair halfway through you telling me about your day. I'm so exhausted when I finally come to talk to you that I can't keep my eyes open… I miss out on your life, and I just feel like shit for it."
There's a long pause on the other side, then another calm question that makes Michael wince like a blow to the groin. "No, I'm not saying we should break up. I'm asking for you to clear your schedule for a week, take a vacation or something, come spend time with me. I'll ask for leave, we'll go to Terran or Mare Maris, spend some real quality time together."
The answer, however, has Michael hanging his head such that it almost hits the screen. "Fine. There's nothing I can really say to that… I love you, Nimara, and I'm sorry." he chokes up at the last word, and the screen goes blank as she hangs up on him. Michael doesn't undress, doesn't really do anything except flop onto his bunk and lay there.

When the morning alarm sounds, Michael isn't exactly sure when he fell asleep but he slept. He wakes groggily and realizes he'd slept in the coat and kilt ensemble from the show. He moves slowly, removing his coat, vest, then the kilt and shirt. He sits and takes off the boots, then folds up the outfit and places it carefully away. He moves to lay on his bed again, completely naked and just feeling incredibly unclean. No, they'd not slept together… but he'd thought about it, and the guilt of that alone is enough to crush his chest and the failing heart within it. He isn't sure how they'll make up after this, Avalyn's done a number on their relationship and Michael isn't sure he wants to keep trying at this point. Sorry just seems to be the hardest thing to say… and now that he's said it, he doesn't know if he means it.

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