Lady Sophie Alexandra Sauveur
Cris Ortega's "Agustina"
Cris Ortega's "Agustina" as Sophie Alexandra Sauveur
Full Name: Sophie Alexandra Sauveur
Byname: -
Age: 18
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Sauveur
House: Sauveur
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Lady
Spouse: - Height: 5'3"
Father: Lord Sir Marus Khournas Weight: 113 pounds
Mother: Princess Evony Sauveur Hair Color: Golden brown
Siblings: Lord Sir Advent Sauveur
Lady Lyrienne Orelle
Lady Sir Ellinor Sauveur
Lady Drucilla Sauveur
Lady Kiara Sauveur
Eye Color: Amber
Children: -


Sophie, the last child born to Lady Evony Sauveur and Lord Sir Marus Khournas, always seemed to bear the brunt of her mother's overprotective nature. Born with a weak immune system, she was all but locked up in the Matthias Towers for most of her young childhood. She was known for hating her tutoring sessions and acting completely against propriety. She was a stubborn Royal, and did everything she possibly could to escape. Any given day that her parents were too busy to watch over her, she was known to make deals with the servants so that they might help plot out an escape route. If ever there was a guard or nurse that needed a favor, she was infamous for helping them out in return for a means of flight from the palace walls. In the end, her royal guard Sir Caedmon Barrow was constantly protecting her anyway, so there was little to truly worry about. Every foray outside the palace was soon followed by a new drawing to decorate her bedroom walls. She loved drawing, especially when capturing the untamed beauty of the Arborenin woods. Anyone that has visited her bedroom would have been audience to an overflowing multitude of drawings crafted with a slowly rising level of skill.

Around the time she was thirteen years old, rumors multiplied about a frightening attack in the Arborenin woods. Afterward, horrible scars decorated Caedmon's face, and the Knight parted from his ward to slowly recover. For Sophie's part, she spent even less time in her room, always out drawing a lame drake in a Landing city zoo. Eventually, talk of Awakening was murmured throughout the palace, and the young Sauveur Royal disappeared for the next half a decade. Surely, she was seen visiting the Matthias Towers very infrequently, but not until the Hostiles attacked did she finally return. Now, she appears much more healthy, happy, and beautiful than ever before. Reunited with her Knight and living in her palace bedroom once again, there are more rumors than stars in the sky for what she intends to do next.



An impeccable beauty blesses this young woman's figure, immaculate porcelain pale flesh untarnished by a single blemish or wrinkle. Her short and lithe form complements a youthful visage and a silvery voice. Opulent golden brown hair streams enchantingly across a graceful back, arresting precisely along her shoulder blades. Beneath the fringe of her tresses, long lashes veil large eyes and the gentle amber tone of either mesmerizing iris.

A wide-necked green and blue silk shirt adorns her slender frame, every edge bedecked in lace frills and every surface crafted with fancy flowery designs. The garment rests serenely and luxuriously upon her, with short yet puffy sleeves and an asymmetrical hem. Thin emerald-tinted gloves wrap about her dainty hands, while a segmented blue and green skirt extends towards her knees, each just as richly crafted as her shirt. Finely made black leather pants peek out from beneath her skirt, before hiding within the darkness of a pair of black hiking boots.


Nature Lover
Careless Impropriety
Insatiably Curious            
Late Onset Awakening
Soft Hearted

NPC Allies

Sir Caedmon Auberon Barrow

Sir Caedmon Barrow, Knight and bodyguard to the youngest daughter of Princess Evony Sauveur and Lord Sir Marus Khournas. He has protected his ward since nearly the moment she was born, guarding Sophie with life and limb. Indeed, he has the scars to show for it, bite marks on either cheek and numerous blemishes disfiguring his left arm. He favors the sword and is highly proficient in the weapon's use, enough to give most champions a hard time in a duel. He values chivalry and propriety, the perfect representative of Valen Citizens. He was born and raised on a farm out upon The Fields of Ares, helping his family to breed thoroughbreds while his retired soldier of a father taught him how to fight. Eventually, he squired to his uncle, a previous bodyguard to Lord Sir Marus Khournas himself. Through his talents and connections, he was Knighted at the age of nineteen for bravely fighting alongside Marus in a brawl. Swiftly, he was given the responsibility of guarding his youngest daughter. He watched her grow up and at times assisted in raising her, saving her life from a pack of starving wolves when Sophie was only thirteen. They parted ways while Caedmon recuperated, his ward studying her newly found Awakened powers under one Eadric Peake. For a little over half a decade, Caedmon trained hard and taught his skills to a number of aspiring squires, most particularly to a young woman named Cassandra Froste. When the Hostiles landed in the Arborenin Woods, Sophie was called back home, just when Caedmon was offered the position of Knight Lieutenant. He turned the prospect down however in light of hearing the return of his ward, who he views much like a dearly adored daughter where he never had one himself.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Symion King Regnant Symion Sauveur : Uncle
Advent Lord Sir Advent Sauveur : Brother
Lyrienne Lady Lyrienne Sauveur nee Orelle : Sister
Ellinor Lady Sir Ellinor Sauveur : Sister
Soleil Lady Soleil Sauveur : First Cousin


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