08.19.3013: Song of the Siren
Summary: Antaeus goes looking for Kadmus on Mare Maris, but finds his sister instead and is graced with a lovely performance.
Date: Aug 19, 2013
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Antaeus Eirene 

Mare Maris
Eirene's music room on Mare Maris.
19 August 3013

It's a sad fact that Antaeus hasn't spent very much time on Mare Maris at all. Given the atmosphere of the place, it is something that he believes that this is something he will need to rectify in the future. Unfortunately, for now, his current business takes him directly to the seat of House Volen and leaves no room for further exploration of New Atlantis. Upon arriving at House Volen, he makes himself known and inquires about the whereabouts of Young Lord Kadmus. The servant informs him that the Young Lord is not in residence, but that his sister is. Figuring that speaking with Eirene would be better than leaving without speaking to anyone, Antaeus agrees to be escorted to her music room. Entering the room nearly takes his breath away, especially the windows, which seem to catch his attention utterly, drawing him to them, to watch the sea creatures swim past in a mesmerizing display.

Eirene is sitting at her piano lightly fingering the ivories and jotting down notes when Antaeus is presented. Dressed in a sumptuous sea-green gown with touches of gold threads, the young noblewoman rises from her bench and glides towards the Larent. "Lord Antaeus, what a pleasant surprise." Her voice is a touch hoarse, but nothing to truly worry about. "Please, come in and make yourself comfortable. Celeste, could you please bring us some refreshments? I will take a tea with some lemon and honey, thank you." The servant excuses herself to make preparations for the guest and her mistress.

The room is breathtaking to behold. It often doubles as a space to entertain guests given the ample amount of room. Eirene joins Antaeus on the couch and comfortably curls one of her legs beneath her. "How are you, Lord Antaeus? I have been worried about you and your sister during these past few days. Battle ensues and I am sure Lady Ariana is extremely busy. You've not been hurt, have you?" As her head gently cants, a wisp of champagne blonde hair escapes her styling. Her often wild locks are gently pinned up with a few wayward strands breaking the mold.

How rude of him to just gawk at the sights as if he were some child going to see something for the first time. Pleased that the Lady doesn't seem to be put off by it, he offers her a slight bow and a warm smile, sure to take in her form with his eyes. "My Lady, I do apologize for any inconvenience that my visit has caused. " He takes a seat at the couch and glances over to… Celeste, was it? "Ah yes, I will have what the Lady is having please." Tea sounds fine enough right now.

Turning his attention to Eirene, he offers her a rather sheepish grin as he shakes his head. "I'm afraid that I recently took part in the capture of the Hostile over in the mountains of the Spire. I took a few minor wounds that have since healed up quite nicely thanks to the ministrations of my sister. Sadly, the same cannot be said for all who participated." He pauses at this, thinking about the discussions he's had regarding the Hostiles recently. "I'm sorry, My Lady. I don't mean to upset you with talk of battles, I'm sure you've heard more than enough stories from your brother about that." Again he offers her a smile which he hopes will offer reassurance.

There is shock and awe written all over Eirene's face. Her warm eyes widen while Antaeus speaks and retells the tale. She carefully looks him over for any signs of trauma, but as he said, Ariana has done a fantastic job. "Blessed Six, your lady sister is a miracle worker. Truly, she is. My heart is heavy over the news of Young Lady Yolanda Peake. My mother is a Peake and is currently offering her condolences to her family members on their loss. I will be traveling to meet her there in the next few days." Celeste returns with a pot of tea on a silver tray, two tea cups with saucers, scones, a small plate of lemon wedges and a small honey pot. The tray is placed upon the smooth surface of the wooden coffee table. She inquires if there will be anything else from Eirene or Antaeus before she takes her leave. Eirene is quite content at this moment and looks to her guest if he has any other requests before dismissing the maid.

Eirene leans forward to pour two cups of tea. "How do you take it, my lord? Oh and the orange cranberry scones are delicious. They are moist and just the right amount of tartness to compliment your tea." When the Larent mentions stories from Kadmus, Eirene shakes her head. "I've not seen my brother in quite some time to be honest. He's been busy and I am sure he's making his own preparations for war. Mare Maris has also been on alert and our citizens have been working diligently on reinforcements. Also, he is to be married. His betrothed, Lady Reena Khournas is quite nice. I think she is hoping he will fall madly in love with her." There, with those words, Eirene displays a hint of mischief in her tone and the glint in her eyes.

Almost without realizing it, Antaeus' hand is scratching at his chest to the location of his healed wounds, at the same time shaking his head and assuring Eirene that, "Yes, my sister is quite skilled with healing. She takes after our mother in that regard. I find myself more and more proud of her each time she puts her talents to use." He smiles at this, knowing that in the future Ariana may become quite a well known doctor, and that can't help but be good for the family. She'll never truly be an Arboren after all.

"Yes, the death of Yolanda Peake took us all by surprise. I was with her brother and sister, Aidan and Viannea Peake, and both are devestated by the loss. Events such as this tend to harden my heart further against the Hostiles." What is he doing? He doesn't need to have this conversation with a woman like Eirene. Just then the door opens and Celeste has returned with the tea and some scones. A slight shake of his head towards Celeste indicates that he needs nothing further. "Ah, a dab of sugar should be fine, My Lady. The scones do indeed sound delicious, I think I will have one with my tea."

Making good on his word, Antaeus does pick up a scone, and readies himself to take a bite before discussion of marriage arises. Raising an eyebrow at Eirene, he has to shake his head at her words. "I knew Kadmus was betrothed, but I was unaware of those other… details." He laughs then, wry amusement dancing in his eyes. "How does he feel about this? I'm not sure what I would be doing if my own father set me up with someone I barely knew who wanted us to suddenly be madly in love."

Bringing the cup of tea to her lips, Eirene gently blows on the light amber surface and watches the plume of smoke rise and dissipate into thin air. She has already sweetened both cups added lemon and honey to hers. "Your guess would be as good as mine. Kadmus is a stubborn mule. Lady Devon and I agree on this. Blood is thicker than water and while she's not been here in a very long time, one cannot deny genetics." That will most likely be as far as Eirene will go on the science front. There is a soft look in her eyes when she thinks about those suffering over the loss of loved ones. "Please send my condolences to Lord Aiden and Lady Viannea. What a terrible time this must be for them. Were either of them hurt badly? I am planning on visiting the ill, perhaps offer them some soothing and comforting songs to help heal their souls. Does that sound silly, Lord Antaeus? You can tell me, I wont take offense."

Taking his tea, Antaeus thanks Eirene before taking his own sip, then a bit of the scone. Nodding to both he comments, "The tea is excellent, and the scones are as delicious as you promised, Lady Eirene, you have my sincerest thanks." It would appear that Antaeus is none to keen to discuss genetics either because his contribution is a simple, "Family is family."

The talk of the battle directs his mind back to the ambush, a slightly troubled look coming over his face. "Lord Aidan took a head wound, and while I believe he will be okay, one can never be to careful when it comes to such things. Lady Viannea was wounded quite badly though. She took several wounds to the chest and neck and is expected to take some time to recover." That terrible news out of the way, his mood seems to lighten up, and with another sip of the tea to foritfy him, he gives Eirene the honest truth. "My dear Lady, it would be a fool who couldn't take some measure of comfort in your song. I am no expert in music or song, but it doesn't take a genius to know what beauty is when you hear it. I think that a visit by you will do much to bolster hearts and morale."

Eirene certainly brightens to the compliment. Her cheeks warm with the faint touch of red and her head bows slightly with sincere thanks. "Far too kind, Lord Antaeus. Your words touch my heart and I am grateful for such acclaim. I can only do my best and hope it brings those who are ill and recovering some solace. Oh!" She remembers something and nearly spills her drink. The tea is set down and Eirene turns towards her guest. "Do you know of any preparations regarding Lady Ariana's wedding? I can only assume you've eavesdropped on things here and there, but, I've been known to make faulty assumptions!"

Antaeus has finished his scone, indeed rather delicious, his eyes glancing to the pile. There's that temptation to grab a second but not yet. Not yet. He waves a hand at Eirene, his head shaking slightly. "My Lady, I simply speak the truth. You've earned your reputation many times over, and that little performance I was privvy to recently with that Orelle gentleman, Lord Hadrian?" He thinks that's the name, but perhaps he had slightly too much to drink for names to be of that much consequence. "It was outstanding." He takes another sip of his tea to quickly run through answers in his mind about Ariana's wedding, but he can't delay for too long. After a few moments, he sighs and shakes his head. "I'm afraid that I don't know much. I hate to be such a disappointment, but I admit my own preperations have consisted of obtaining her several gifts."

Again, Eirene turns a bright shade of pink and is put on the spot. "You are, far too kind for words, Lord Antaeus. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart." When he mentions being a disappointment, she shakes her head sharply. "Nonsense! Do not say such things about yourself, Lord Antaeus. I will have no choice but to call your mother and tell her." She teases the young man with a trickle of melodic laughter. "May I play something for you? Something I've been working on. The sound is very different for me; it's very cathartic though."

Smiling at the blushing Eirene, Antaeus waves off the compliment. "You are quite welcome, My Lady. Should you ever find yourself in need of truthful admiration, simply seek me and I shall lavish your ears with words of praise that are both flowery, yet truthful." It could be taken as something of a flirt, but there's a tone of firmness and resolve in his voice that proudly dictates to all the truth of his words. The mention of his mother causes him to laugh though. "My Mother would probably ask you why the two of us were alone in a room together." His own voice, and the quirk of his lips as he finishes saying this hint at his own teasing right back at her. Her offer sobers his mood though, "I would be quite honored to hear your piece, Lady Eirene."

Eirene holds up her hands in surrender. "Very well. My mother might wonder the same." The young woman chuckles as she rises from her seat and smoothes down the front of her dress. Her slippered feet pad across the room towards the baby grand piano which is parallel to the window wall. Before her hands even reach the keys, she stretches her hands out fives times and looks to be saying something to herself quietly in repetition. There are a few more odd behaviors Eirene performs before she actually gets to her performance. Her eyes close and suddenly there is a transformation. Fingers move and hold down the first few chords of the song which has a deep and heavy sound. Her mouth opens and her voice is luscious and sultry. Her whole body starts to move with the music as the sound of the lyrics draws out the very passion from deep inside of her: (lyrics and link)

You moved like honey in my dream last night
Yeah, some old fires were burning
You came near to me and you endeared to me
But you couldn't quite discern me

Does that scare you? I'll let you run away
But your heart will not oblige you
You'll remember me like a melody
Yeah, I'll haunt the world inside you

And my big secret - Gonna win you over
Slow like honey, heavy with mood

I'll let you see me, I'll covet your regard
I'll invade your demeanor
And you'll yield to me like a scent in the breeze
And you'll wonder what it is about me
It's my big secret - Keeping you coming
Slow like honey, heavy with mood

Though dreams can be deceiving
Like faces are to hearts
They serve for sweet relieving
When fantasy and reality lie too far apart

So I stretch myself across, like a bridge
And I pull you to the edge
And stand there waiting
Trying to attain
The end to satisfy the story
Shall I release you?
Must I release you?
As I rise to meet my glory

But my big secret
Gonna hover over your life
Gonna keep you reaching
When I'm gone like yesterday
When I'm high like heaven
When I'm strong like music
''cause I'm slow like honey, and
Heavy with mood

Throwing her a grin, Antaeus takes another sip of the tea, watching her with some interest as she gets up and moves to her piano. No, he's absolutely not watching her walk away. At all. The rituals she conducts to put herself into a state of mind are odd, but he suspects that all artists have such things, and it's not for him to pass judgment on such things. The song begins, and he leans his head back and closes his eyes, allowing his ears to capture the sounds to their fullest. The combination of her playing and her voice are quite enticing, there's a rather exhilirating feeling listening to her. Once the song winds down, he puts his cup down on the table before him and claps his hands firmly over and over. "That… well, there are ways I could describe that experience that might not be proper in this setting. Let me just say that it was phenomenal."

Eirene turns ever so slightly in her seat and blushes at the compliment. "Lord Antaeus, are you flirting with me?" And perhaps she may be flirting back, but it is subtle and certainly more modest in nature. Rising from the seat, Eirene crosses the room again and rejoins her company on the couch. The cup of tea is procured once more and drank from before continuing to speak. "I'm trying to be more open with sharing my songs. It takes quite a bit for me to perform. I'm so very happy you enjoyed it, my lord. It is a personal joy to evoke feelings in others." There is a pause for another dainty sip. "I do wonder how your lady sister will like the new sound. It isn't quite the classics she prefers. Do you have a favorite genre of music, Lord Antaeus?"

An eyebrow arches at the Lady's response, and he offers her the barest of shrugs, "Lady Eirene, I merely tell you that your signing is beyond compare. Too often now, I hear music that is passed off as 'modern art' or whatever nonsense term they want to use for it. What it comes down to is loud thumps, booms, and screaming in what is supposed to be harmony. I admit, perhaps I am an elderly man at heart, but for music, I prefer something with meaning, with heart, and something that is not someone tearing apart their vocal chords in order to try to be heard on other planets."

That was quite a speech, and so he will take a sip of his tea once more and consider on what he just ranted about, before returning to the conversation on hand. "My sister will love it, I have no doubts about that at all. As to my favorite genres? It's quite simple, I prefer music with a more classical bend, or even some opera, depending on the singers involved."

Eirene places a hand to her heart then gently reaches out to touch Antaeus' forearm. "That means so much to me, my lord. I do not know how to thank you for your kind words, but I am humbled and deeply touched." Her warm gaze drops towards her lap, still embarrassed for some reason. "You may be an old soul, my lord, but surely do not look it. You are quite young and sprightly." Her lower lip is caught up into a nibble before quelling her tender smile with the rim of her tea cup. "So, um, what news then of the navy, Lord Antaeus?" Yes, a change of topic into something more neutral or manly will do that trick to wane the soft fluttering of her heart.

He offers her a smile, not really meant in a flirtatious way, but rather it's there for her to know that he's glad she accepts his old crotchety soul. "Thank you, my Lady. The Navy, hmm?" The shift in subject does not seem to bother him much, he actually has to think on this for a second or two before he can respond. "I admit to being a little out of the loop after the events in The Spire, but we are preventing any further Hostiles from making landings right now, it's about all the Navy can really do until the groundforces clear up the Hostiles remaining on the ground."

"That is good news then. I will be off to spend some time with my sister, Lady Devon in a day or so. Have you ever been to Volkan before? I admit, I've only really seen the Spyre when I was invited to dinner not too long ago. It's so very, very different from Mare Maris and Nubilus. I am sure if you have been busy with your nautical duties, Kadmus has also been busy. Is there a specific message I can relay to him for you, Lord Antaeus?"

Antaeus shakes his head, "I'm afraid that I have not been to Volkan before, Lady Eirene. I imagine that not very many places can truly compare to Mare Maris or Nubilus. Even Nubilus can't really compare to this…" And he gestures to the windows and the fish and other sea life swimming about outside. Yeah, cloud ocean isn't as cool as that. "If you can, please let him know that I would like to speak with him when it's convenient. It's not a matter of urgency, so you needn't worry him over it."

Eirene smiles as she rises from her seat and places her cup down on the wooden table. "I will certainly do so, Lord Antaeus. This was a pleasant surprise and I am very happy you stopped by. You and your family are always welcomed to Mare Maris and House Volen. I will have to make plans with Lady Ariana soon to host a party here. I do hope you will come."

Rising from his own chair, Antaeus offers the woman a courteous bow. More than what's required, but still, courtesy never hurt anyone. "Thank you for your hospitality this day, Lady Eirene. I shall pass along to my sister that she should contact you in the future. I will most certainly attend any such gathering the two of you devise." Smiling at her, he nods to her once more and then offers, "Have a pleasant evening, My Lady." And with that, he departs.

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