01.22.3014: Somewhere in Limbo
Summary: Reena and Kieran run into each other for the first time in years.
Date: 11 November 2013
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The Public House — Volkan, The Crescent
Tucked into a corner of the commercial district, this dive bar has low ceilings clouded with smoke, a collection of round tables, square booths, and a bar with stools along one wall. It can do greasy pub food, and has a fine selection of beers, whiskeys, and scotches, but not much more than that. The bar stools are the swiveling type that are bolted to the ground so they cannot be used as clubs in the event of a brawl, and the chairs are flimsy things that make poor clubs in their own right. At the back is a shuffleboard table, two pool tables, and a couple of dartboards, often with a good deal of side betting going on.
22 January 3014

Lady Reena Khournas is back in Volkan again, after a week in New Atlantis spending time with the family of her still-comatose fiance. She has business here in a few days time, with another major Notice Project Workday, and tonight she's sipping wine as she goes over some paperwork in a small booth in the Public House. Sure, she could do this back in the Blackspyre, but some days she just wants to avoid all the meaningful well wishes of her family over Kadmus' state and her marriage in limbo. Her hair is blonde, having been recently dyed, but she's still recognizable to those who know her more than in passing. She's in a black dress with a feathered silvery grey vest over it, and her cloak thrown over the back of the booth.

Kieran has finally gotten away from his father's ever-watchful eye once again. Lately he's been finding refuge in areas of Volken, and there probably have been a few whispers of sightings of the Young Lord. He has on a black leather jacket with a nice silk blue shirt underneath. He casually walks into the bar, scanning the area quickly. His gaze stops at a familiar looking woman. "Well, well, well." He mutters under his breath, heading to the bar to order a drink. After he makes his way to the familiar looking woman in the black dress and takes a seat next to her. "Lady Reena." He says, smiling at her politely. "Fancy meeting you here, it's been quite a while."

Reena looks up and blinks a few times. The last time she saw Kieran he was a teenager with a reputation as a ladies man. It's no doubt Jevon kept her away from him at that time, in an effort to preserve his daughter's reputation. That, and she was at the Academ for many years. "Young Lord Valta, here all alone? I never thought I'd see you in public without a girl of the week on your arm," she teases with a smile. "Sit, join me."

Kieran smiles, "Oh, my father put a stop to that rather quickly." He takes a drink before continuing. "Something about grooming, head of house, lordly conduct. Boring stuff really. Whatcha working on?" He asks, noticing the paperwork. "And to follow that up, why work on that here? You might miss something good…" He says as his attention is clearly drawn away from the conversation to an attractive woman that happened to pass the booth. After a few seconds he snaps back to the conversation. "So uh… sorry about your fiance." He adds, his voice sounds sincere.

"That is precisely why I'm working on this here, Kieran," Reena deadpans. "I'm sick to death of hearing I'm sorries. They don't help anything. I suspect my father is considering breaking the engagement if his condition doesn't improve soon," and with it her hopes of marrying an heir. She gestures at the paperwork. "The Notice Project. We have another workday here soon, getting everything in order for it. I'm not just a pretty face heading it for show, you know," she quips.

"I didn't realize it bothered you so, I won't mention it again." Kieran says, giving her a single nod and a slight frown. He takes another drink to let some of the awkwardness dissipate before talking again. "I am sure you are many things, my Lady. The Notice Project is quite lucky to have such a talented, ambitious… and pretty young woman to head the project up." He smiles and gives her a teasing wink. "What's the next workday? Maybe I'll come. I know my father would be pleased."

"Monday," Reena replies, giving Kieran a glance up and down for a moment. "I think I understand why my father kept me far away from you when I was a teenager," she notes with a lopsided grin. "When did your shoulders get that broad?" She arches a brow, mischief in her eyes. They don't call her Trouble for nothing.

Kieran raises an eyebrow. "Oh really? And what might that reason be?" He gives the Lady a mischievous grin. "My shoulders? I think I just woke up one morning and they were like this." He laughs, now clearly checking Reena out. "How much longer do you have on this paperwork?"

Reena sets the papers down and props her elbows on the table, resting her pointed chin in the mesh of her entwined fingers. "My father is aware that I have a taste for muscular men," she quips. He had to deal with all her crushes on Thalo growing up. Her smile curves into a faint smirk. "But, alas, I am betrothed to someone in a coma. I doubt father would be happy to see me spending social time with you, dear Kieran, as it could wound my reputation. And we can't have that."

Kieran isn't sure how to take Reena's casual attitude about her finance. If she's making jokes about it, she probably wasn't that upset to begin with. "Nor mine, he's trying his hardest to hook me up with someone, that wouldn't go too well if there as a perceived scandal…" He looks a little frustrated, the life of nobility can be so constraining at times. "Surely there is some way to make everyone happy…"

Reena ponders for a moment. "That is up to you, of course. If a bug were to fall into my father's ear, from your father, that perhaps the marriage to the Volen Heir is not as strong a match as one with the Valta heir, close to home, with people who appreciate me…" as Kadmus has generally not. She lets her words trail off as she rises and gathers her things, leaning down to whisper into his ear, "Then who knows what could happen, hm?" She flashes him a slow smile and sashays her way out.

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