Young Lord Sir Solon Cindravale
Finn Jones
Finn Jones as Young Lord Sir Solon Cindravale
Full Name: Young Lord Sir Solon Cindravale
Byname: (None)
Age: 25
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Cindravale
House: Cindravale
Title/Profession: Young Lord
Position: Knight
Spouse: Betrothed to Lady Eirene Volen Height: 6'
Father: Lord Sir Theo Sauveur Weight: 165
Mother: High Lady Sir Kallista Cindravale Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Lord Sir Ariston Cindravale
Lord Mykal Cindravale
Lady Sir Mirana Cindravale
Lady Xenona Cindravale
Eye Color: Blue
Children: (None)


Solon Cindravale was born on September 15th, 2988 to High Lady Sir Kallista Cindravale and Lord Sir Theo Sauveur. The second of four children, Solon is the heir of House Cindravale, and not his older brother, Ariston. At 18, Solon was named the heir due to the abilities he has displayed on and off the field of battle, even impressing his older brother enough to seemingly cause the man to agree that Solon was the better choice for heir. Perhaps it is his drive to be worthy of the position that he has been placed in that causes him to be the zealous knight that he is, trying to live life as any 'True Knight' would, following the desires of the Six, and attempts to encourage others to do the same.



The figure of Sir Solon Cindravale is impressive, not in a physical sense, but rather he seems to carry a presence about him of purpose. He stands at an even six feet tall, his build lean and athletic. His face is youthful and smooth, sporting a well-defined brow, and a chiseled jawline. His light blue eyes burn with the energies of youthful resolve. There is a mop of brown curls that seems out of control, yet he seems to be able to pull off a style that could be called dashing.


Paragon of Knightly Virtues - Solon is a strict follower of the more classic forms of chivalry. He believes in things such as courtly love, honour, being courteous at all times, and defending the honour of family, friends and the fairer sex.

Devoutly Faithful - Solon believes firmly in the charges placed upon him at his Knighting Ceremony, as he believes that these are holy charges that any knight should view as a sacred duty. Bravery, Honesty, Justice, Compassion, Wisdom, Scholarship. These are things that the six exemplify, and as a knight, it is his duty to do his best to live his life serving these tenets, and encouraging other knights (and squires) to do so as well.

Gallant Beyond Measure - Cowardice is one thing that Solon has never, and will never be accused of. Sometimes his bravery borders stupidity, but if he needs to put his life into jeopardy to save a fellow comrade-in-arms, he will do so. When it comes to charging at the enemy, especially leading that charge, no hesitation will occur.

Fond of Tourneys - A Cindravale being interested in tournaments should come to no surprise to anyone. Solon is quite fond of The Joust and The Melee on Foot, and will endeavor to enter these competitions whenever one is being held.

Uncompromising Beliefs - Perhaps his greatest flaw, Solon is often so caught up in what it means to him to be a knight, that he will hold others to the same standards that he holds himself. This can sometimes create conflict when other knights engage in actions or activities that he sees are completely out of the boundaries of knightly behavior.

Aspiring Artist - While combat may have been Solon's center of training for most of his youth and adolescence, he has a great love of painting, and makes it a habit to take trips into the wild to paint various landscape paintings. He is far from a master painter, but his skill is slowly improving, and it provides him with a creative outlet.

Almost Annoyingly Formal – Sir, Lord, Lady and Mr. or Mrs., these words are enough to address anyone that Solon has day to day dealings with. Even close friends and family are given the same treatment (most likely to their constant annoyance). There are occasions where this isn’t the case, but those are few and far between and are usually enough to cause people to glance at him to see if something is wrong.

As Dry as the Desert – Solon doesn’t drink, not even socially, save for the very occasional heavily-watered down glass at meal time. Perhaps it has something to do with his desire to live his life to a very high standard, but practically speaking, he’s not someone who appreciates losing control of his actions in any situation. This policy has consequences on others too. Solon is highly against knight’s drinking to excess, especially in public. Knights who are drunk in public, or commit acts while drunk in public are people he will endeavor to have private conversations with when at all possible, but also people he will do everything in his power to remove from public to prevent further embarrassment. It’s also safe to assume that Solon has a strong distaste for other mind-altering substances, and those who use such substances.

Musical Inspiration

Track Artist Song
01 Hans Zimmer Knight's March
02 Harry Gregson-Williams The Battle of Kerak
03 Hans Zimmer Woad to Ruin
04 Trevor Jones Fort Battle
05 Hans Zimmer The Battle
05 Marc Streitenfeld Charge
06 Marc Streitenfeld Fate Has Smiled Upon Us
07 Hans Zimmer Journey to the Line
08 Marc Streitenfeld Siege
10 James Horner Charging Fort Wagner
11 Brian Tyler Battle Adagio

On the Grid

Known Associates

Kallista High Lady Sir Kallista Cindravale : My mother.
Ariston Lord Sir Ariston Cindravale : My older brother, and originally the heir of House Cindravale. I am still not fully certain of his views of me being named the heir.
Mykal Lord Mykal Cindravale : My younger brother.
Anabelle Lady Anabelle Cindravale nee Courcelle : The wife of my younger brother, Mykal.
Lucretia Lady Lucretia Cindravale : My aunt.
Alexandros Lord Sir Alexandros Cindravale : My uncle and the man who trained me during my time as a squire. He will forever have my faith, my trust and my loyalty.
Nikomachos Lord Sir Nikomachos 'Niko' Sauveur of Cindravale : Niko may have a different name, but he will forever be a Cindravale. He is as close to a brother to me, and I think the day I hear him shout anything other than 'For Glory' will be quite a sad one for me.
Kassandra Lady Sir Kassandra Cindravale : My cousin.
Sammel Lord Sir Sammel Cindravale : Sir Sammel is my cousin and a valiant fighter. I am quite impressed with his wife, Lady Elodie, and believe that Sir Sammel is serving the House quite nicely by bringing her into the fold.
Elodie Lady Elodie Cindravale nee Iah : Lady Elodie is now married to my cousin, Sammel. She is a quite talented physician and the Vale prospers by having her here.

House Leonnida

Garus Lord Sir Garus Leonnida : Sir Garus is a distinguished knight, and a man that I find myself holding a great deal of respect for. The man could almost be a Cindravale instead of a Leonnida.

House Ligonier

Canis Lord Sir Canis Ligonier : I have not had many dealings with Sir Canis, but so far I have found him to be a capable knight. I look forward to going into battle with him at my side in the future.

House Rovehn

Talynne Lady Sir Talynne Rovehn : A lady knight of House Rovehn, and a skilled archer.
Eiris Lady Eiristra 'Eiris' Rovehn : She seems to think that she owes me a debt of gratitude because I came to her aide. I am not sure how I can communicate to her that such actions are what a knight is honorbound to do. She is rather fiery, and perhaps a little more forward than a Lady should be, but her skill with a bow cannot be questioned, and she wishes to learn the sword. Such determination will be needed in our fight against the Hostiles.

Citizens of the Vale

Glenna Glenna Blair : Senator Hartcliffe's intern. She seems to be quite an enterprising young woman. If the Senator is not careful, I may try to see about having her take on employment for House Cindravale when her internship ends.
Alistair The Honorable Senator Alistair Hartcliffe : The Senator seems to be an honorable man who has honorable goals. Should he continue down this path, I will continue to offer him my full support. I believe that it is important that the other Houses in Haven take their responsibility to those who serve them as strongrly as House Cindravale does.
Ioan Sergeant Ioan Mordain : His skill with a bow is quite noteworthy. House Rovehn is fortunate to have a man such as this in their service.
Rebecca Sergeant Rebecca Mordain : I have seen her in action, she is quite an archer.
Morrigan Morrigan Wolf : Lady Elodie's personal bodyguard, he proved that he is resourceful during the rescue mission to save Niko and Ellinor. I am glad that someone of his talents stands guard over Sammel's wife.
Jane Jane Wyre : She seems to be a very close personal friend of Sir Garus. Perhaps there is something going on there, perhaps not. There were comments made that alluded to such a thing, but I would rather not judge two people based on hastily spoken words.

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