Lady Soleil Foxxe Saveur
Ginta Lapina
Ginta Lapina as Soleil Foxxe Saveur
Full Name: Soleil Foxxe Saveur
Byname: Prince Rennik's kid
Age: d. 3013 aged 19
Planet: Landing
Paramount: Saveur
House: Saveur
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Lady in Waiting to Princess Janelle
Spouse: none Height: 5'6"
Father: Prince Rennik Saveur Weight: 115
Mother: Lady Calliope Orelle Hair Color: platinum
Siblings: none Eye Color: Blue
Children: none

Farewell - An OOC Note

As painful as it is to leave a character I put so much into, I had to make the decision about what would be best for me. I want to thank everyone who gave what seemed like an elitist bitch the chance to show there was a lot more to her. To the rest, I wish I'd gotten the chance. There was a lot more that could have been done with her, and a part of me is deeply pained that I had to let go, and I am full of regret. But I also know it was something I had to do. Sometimes holding on to a character entails facing emotions that just aren't good for a person. That's what happens when you put so much into one. It makes for such brilliant RP, but like a damn good book, it can be painful too. I hope to rp with some of you elsewhere when I find a new home on which to tell stories.


Born to a prince and a High Lord's daughter, Soleil can be said to be one of the lucky ones. Her ties to the rich, famous and powerful would be sure to gain her whatever she could want in life, after all. Unfortunately, when her mother died in her eighth year, a troubled future began to form, and rumours of an unhappy adolescence have only been made all the more interesting since now the youth has reemerged into Haven Society as a Lady in Waiting to her cousin, Princess Janelle. What sort of public figure she will prove to be remains to be seen, however.


Somewhere between sultry and austere is the peculiar balance that makes Soleil. 'Foxxe' to her intimate acquaintance, she seems to have an edge that's been finely honed and sheathed, kept in check by the restraints of her position and family. She's rarely seen out of makeup, and seems to utilize a wide array of techniques and materials to hone a variety of looks, most giving her a far edgier appearance than the pristine complexioned blonde would otherwise possess. She's usually dressed very fashionably but seems to prefer the cutting edge or the absolute classics, rarely settling in the middle of what's currently in style.


Platinum locks as fine as strands of hair can be flow from the head of this young woman, straight like skeins of silk and feather light in appearance. This is typically what one first notices. Her figure is slim with curves that suggest a teen's suppleness rather than a woman's voluptuousness, and a long-legged grace despite only five and a half feet in height. The shape of her face labours a tired clich, heart-shaped with a little bit of oval by way of the chin. Her skin stops just short of flawless and inhumanly pale, but the hue, in concert with her hair and eyes, truly works for her. Lips are pink and shapely when unmade up, though right now they sport a pale shade of blue. Around one eye, an opal shade shifts color, different from that around the other eye. She has a sort of chaste beauty, an innocent thing until one gets to her eyes. Blue, and yet one might question that assertion a moment later, and find it hard to really settle on so simple a color. More intriguing, however, is how steady they seem, how they fix upon a thing and just gaze. The austere nature of her beauty stops short of severe thanks to the softness of youth. She moves with perfect poise nature grace.


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Known Associates

Ariana Lady Ariana Larent : A friend from the old days, Ariana knows what Soleil was like /before/. Sol was a little wary when she first ran into her again, but Ariana has taken the change in her friend in stride, and actually seems quite pleased by it. But of course she would be, she always was so full of judgment about Soleil's approach to life.
Keanen Lord Keanen Arboren : An old friend from her slightly off-kilter days. On Nubilus, she and Keanen used to delight in shocking and horrifying their more responsible friend, Ariana. Sol also knew how to torment Keanen, though he always took it in stride. Now things are a little tense between them at times, with the changes the past year has wrought in the young Saveur. She wants Keanen to understand, but isn't sure he will learn to embrace the changes she has had to make.
Nitrim Lord Nitrim Khournas : The thing Soleil can never forgive is that she forgave this man once. Once was enough to give him the power to eviscerate her. She has never known such a fickle person. Passionately loves her, then a week later, he'd manged to break two or three other hearts. She took him back, and after many professions of love, he apparently got his father to arrange a marriage to her. Things were getting better, they were getting closer, and then business with Janelle kept her busy for a while and…that was apparently enough for him to decide he didn't want her any more. He didn't even tell her, she learned through Emund that the betrothal was off, that the reason given was Nitrim didn't love her anymore. She was baffled, stupefied. Soleil can't even begin to name the feelings going through her. Pure hatred isn't quite adequate.
Holy shit. It gets weirder. Soleil heard through the grapevine that Nitrim is telling people she was trying to alienate him from his family, didn't respect him, and is a whiny child who constantly said bad things about people he loved. Stupefied doesn't adequately describe how she feels. So not only does the guy pressure her BACK into a relationship, go behind her back to arrange a marriage she had no say in while she was saying she wanted to take things slow— he THEN breaks it off without even having the balls to face her, and starts trashing her? She never ever said a bad thing about anyone he loved, except his father whom he was always whining about, or did anything to alienate him. The one demand— NO, REQUEST— she made of him was separate beds at first,because she needed her space. OMG Separate beds? WHAT A BITCH! She even gave him his own outrageous request to make— any request at all— in return for being obliging. He's the douchebag that arranged the marriage to her, arranged it would be HIM taking HER name, and everything else. She even did her best to get along with his weird sister, was attacked physically by one of his flings, and made a special effort to get to know his family by staying at his house for several days. She bent over backwards, and the repayment has been humiliation, hurt, deceit, and him trying to trash her. Nice.
She wonders what it takes, with this guy. maybe he needs a woman constantly wrapped around his dick— she's heard he has one now, some floozy he's been with the whole time. Well, petting his puny ego was getting old for her anyway. Jevon was right about his son.

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