08.19.3013: Smithing and Such
Summary: Sean runs into Rivea at the Smith's tower in Landing… they chat a bit, then have a moment, before Sean walks her home again.
Date: 19 August 2013
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Rivea Sean 

Smith's tower
Smithing work areas, Smith's tower off the Foundry plaza
19 August 3013

The Smith's Tower, along with the Citadel, one of her new 'homes away from home' during squire-hood. For now though, whatever she is doing is completed and by the look of things, she was un-denting armor pieces, as evidenced by the simple suit of armor hanging on a form. Nearby, on able, rests a long, polished wood case. She stands back a moment eyeing the armor, as if by staring at it, if there are any other defects, they'll just surrender themselves to her eyesight.

Escort service sucks balls, Sean knows… he's done that before. But, anyways, Sean takes the time to go to the foundry for a couple reasons. First, is to attempt to catch Riv there cause he's not seen her in a while and misses her. Second, to catch Riv there and perhaps… nah, never mind about that. So, here he is walking down into the smithing area to perhaps work on something and act all nonchalant about it. He sees Riv, but walks to the far workspace without even a wave hello. Not because he's ignoring her, but she's staring intently at that armor so he'll not bother her for now. He takes out some tech he's working on, and set himself up to continue making whatever it is he's making.

Rivea hmmphs to herself, "Well I'm damned if I can see anything else wrong with it. So I'll just assume that I got everything." She stretches a moment, only a faint hint of stiffness at standing still too long in one spot. She takes a look around, tilting her head to one side, and peering at a friendly face who didn't even bother to say hello. Sure she was busy but that doesn't mean he couldn't have said hello. "Do you think I'm deaf or something, Sean?" but she has a grin on her face as she calls that out to him.

"I figured you were avoiding me after our date last week… so, I just didn't want to intrude if you were." Sean continues to work on his super tiny doodad. He straightens for a moment, frowning deeply and hoists a bag to his workbench before digging around in it intently.

Rivea says, "I haven't been avoiding you intentionally. And why would you think that would have made me avoid you? I will never understand people in my life, no matter how old I get.' She tips her head, to peer around his shoulder just like this. "What are you doing?""

<FS3> Sean rolls Electronics: Success.
<FS3> Sean rolls Electronics: Good Success.
<FS3> Sean rolls Electronics: Success.
<FS3> Sean rolls Electronics: Great Success.
<FS3> Sean rolls Electronics: Great Success.

As he finds several items in his bag, all containers of even more unimaginably small parts. Sean uses a pair of maglense contacts he has on his eyes to enhance their vision to see what he's doing. The first piece goes on after a little bit of work, then the second, then the third takes some positioning and a couple tries, the last two slip into place without much effort. "What's been eating up your time then?" he asks after a moment, inspecting his work, "And… it just seemed like you weren't really into the whole, date thing, so I figured calling it one scared you off." He straightens again with a confident smile, "Almost done with this. I'll tell you what it is when it's finished."

Rivea's been so busy she's sure Sean knew she's been squired to Lord Advent; but then again, may be not. Oh who the hell knows. And, date? She's oblivious when it comes to relationship things so calling it a date wouldn't have bugged her or scared her. She wouldn't have thought of it as a date, just two friends getting together. "You are being very grumpy today…and I've had enough of grumpy, jerkfaced, depressed people in the last day two to last me …well for a while!

"Sorry… just, haven't been feeling myself lately. Works dwindling right now at the Siren. Sales onSphere are down. Bills need to be paid, and I have school… just stressed is all. I've been having to work odd jobs, like last night I was an escort for some shipping heiress who totally forgot I was there." Sean moves over and leans against the wall, "So what's with the armor and box?" he asks.

Rivea frowns at him, "I did tell you I was squired right? I'm pretty sure I did. At least I think I did" She looks over at it, her smile wide and soft, "It's my armor…and my grandmother's sword in the box. We all got a little dinged last night so I was fixing it. I didn't realize you'd been having problems at work…why didn't you call or say something, you dolt?

Sean hms softly at the armor, "Does the armor have electronic parts to it? Any monomag lines, moving components, onboard HUD, instruments… that sort of stuff? Do you have a hard light shield, would you use one?" He takes a moment, "As for not calling… I didn't want to bug you by asking you out on more dates if you were busy. And no, you didn't tell me you were squired. I haven't seen you since I walked you home from FUNtasia that one time."

Rivea shakes her head, "No, nothing really. I mean, I could have tried I suppose. But my electronic skills aren't that great, you know? I have this shield that someone gave me and…" she turns and stares at him, "You sure about that? Really? I could have sworn we'd talked or done something not that long ago.

"Not sure who you've been chatting with… but wasn't me. That's alright, it's good you're making friends. And congrats on your squiring, that's pretty awesome. You'll get all knight like and badass, just don't forget we little folk when you become a noble." Sean rocks a little to push off and move to the armor, "I could make and install all kinds of electronics for you, Riv. I'll need to work up a schematic for the way you'll have to cut the plate, but then your helm can collapse away from your face or head instead of being pulled off. Can hook you up with some sensors, for damage indicators, periphery scanners, a HUD, even build you an AI like Trix. Though, the onboard computers won't really be sophisticated enough for one, unless I tie in something wireless and work up pretty complex securities for it." His eyes shine as he starts to walk around the armor, then he gets out a small device and flips it open. "Trix, begin four dimensional scan. Object, Riv Armor, new project. Dimensions, height, width, depth, thicknesses. Overlay Orion Co. Combat Class battle suit schematics. Remove extraneous weapons links, synch up new AI project Unnamed."

Rivea says, "Sean, I really am sorry, really. I honestly thought I'd talked to you since then. Now, you've made me feel bad. And I don't have that many friends that I can afford to upset anyone."

After his scanner finishes and Trix alerts that the build is proceeding, Sean turns his attention to Rivea again. "Riv, seriously, you haven't upset me. Honest. You've been busy, and hearing that you got squired sounds like a great thing for you." he moves over and offers a hug, "Come now, my friend, and rest thy self on my gods sculpted chest and abs." He says in his usual teasing tone, before it alters to his more normal friendly way, "Or just hug me, then agree to go with me on another date or three." with a smile of course.

Rivea hugs him back, thumping him on the chest for a moment, actually almost content enough to lay her head on his chest for a time. "Well, we could go on another 'date' I suppose. I have been told I'm too serious all the time and I need to relax more" rolling her eyes.

"Good, then it's settled. We'll go have fun at the zoo one of these next couple of days. You'll get to relax, I'll get to relax, and we both have some fun. In the off hours, when everything's closed we could always come here and work on something together." Sean smiles at the chest thump then gives her a moment's squeeze before releasing her. "Friends go on dates, you know, doesn't mean we're dating… that would be something else entirely. I'm probably not your type." his eyes and smile tease at her, "And, it's more fun without any pressure of having to make a relationship work. Right?"

Rivea nods, "Yeah. I'm not good at those. Well mostly because I've never really been in one. Always had my mind on other things I wanted to do. We could even have a picnic at the Zoo! I haven't been on one of those since I was small!"

Sean chuckles, "I haven't ever been on a picnic." then he hms softly at Rivea, "Really Riv? You've never had a boyfriend? That sucks, I'm sorry to hear that actually. You're an awesome person, I didn't peg you for single."

Rivea shrugs, "Yeah. I'm usually, all recent evidence to the contrary, really good at being everyone's friend or like a sister. it'll happen someday, probably be the death of me, but it will."

Sean pats Rivea's shoulder, "I don't think of you like my sister… mostly because I've showered with my sister and washed her back. I doubt I'll know your body as well as I know hers. So, certainly not like my sister, but you will always be my friend… best friend, actually. You're the only person aside from Peny who knows Sean first, then Schizoid." He smiles at her, "I hope it does, really. Cause you're too awesome to not be swept off your feet and fall in love."

Rivea sighs, "I wish I could agree with you, Sean. I mean, deep down I know it will happen. it's not like I haven't thought I loved someone, or wouldn't be willing to get swept off my feet.

Sean smiles, "You just have a lot on your mind and plate right now. I get how that is. I think Roxy and I broke up before we really started again… she's been spending all her time not with me, and I think it's this guy Demos. I mentioned them I think." he shrugs, and swings an arm around her shoulder, "So tell me about your first big crush, I have to know now."

Rivea hmms, "Well, he was taller than me, which doesn't always happen, He had these wonderful green eyes. he used to help Grandmother, towards the end care for her house along with me, towards the end, when she couldn't. But, I never said anything because he had a girl friend already. I always seem to like the impossible.

"Interesting, so if a guy wants to date you… he should seem like he can't be yours?" Sean smirks slightly, " And that's a cute story. Mine is rather lame. Met a girl at school, said hi. Three days later as she was clawing into my bed purring, "Fuck me now, fuck my brains out Sean." I realized I didn't really like her all that much. Just wanted to sleep with her." he shrugs, "Not once have I really been in love… thought I was with Roxy, but clearly anything and everything was one sided." another shrug.

Rivea says, "I told you, I always seem to like the impossible. Maybe it's human nature, maybe its something else, I don't know. It could just have been that I admired him because he was such a good friend and help to my grandmother. I don't know. But a lot of times, we always seem to want what we can't or shouldn't have."

Sean smirks at Riv, "Then you'll never, ever, on your life, get me." his tone once more teasing her, then he shrugs, "Yeah, I know how that is. I've always sort of wanted a family some day… I know I won't get one, but I kinda want one." Sean turns back to his thingamajig on the workbench. "So, aside from becoming a knight, what's something you've dreamed doing?"

Rivea laughs, thumping him in the chest. "You brat!" And then she thinks about that for a few long moments, "Well, just some big romantic surprise, totally and utterly out of the blue. Or to have my Grandmotehr back again"

Rivea says, "But doing…I can't think of anything in particular to do""

Sean hms, "Well, I'm screwed then." he comments with a chuckle, brohugging her before turning himself fully back to his work, "Not a damn romantic bone in my body, I'm not feet sweep off-er. Just one of them guys who sees a girl like you, thinks hey she's pretty cool. Hear's the whole romance me bit, and self-friendzones." picking up a tool, Sean examines the device carefully for a long moment, "As for the second one… nothing I can say to that really. I kinda wish there was something I could say." a few more moments of him working before he stops and bags the whatchamacallit. Then he sacks everything he's brought with him before pulling out a small box and offering it to Rivea. "I made it for you."

Rivea eyes him warily for a moment, then eyes the box he's holding out to her. "You did? That's so sweet." And she actually, for Rivea, sparkles a bit. A surprise? Really? "I can look at it now right, it isn't one of those things I'm supposed to open later because a snake is going to pop out of it or something?"

Sean rolls his eyes and sets the box down for a moment, "Close your eyes and turn around." He says, and when she's done so, he'll open the box.

Rivea eyes him warily, but turns around closing her eyes.

Sean opens the box, and steps close. She'll feel his arms slide past her shoulders and something soft and metal brush along her clavicle coming to rest against the small of her neck. When her eyes open and look down, she'll see a radiant sword and shield pendant made from platinum. It glows with an inner light of the softest purple-while, and ethereal gold. The thing feels almost weightless to the tough, and the small device she'd been using for her personal energy field suddenly flickers and dies. Replaced by a stronger one. "It'll protect you, since I'm not able to."

Rivea says, "Oh…wow…..that's so….wonderful of you, Sean. Thank you!" turning to rest her head on his chest. "Protect me, huh? You goofball. I know you're going to say I don't need to but I'm going to have to think of something just as nice to make for you.""

"Well… I don't have any combat skills like you do. I can brawl like a pro, but after that… I less than useless. Computers don't really have any tactical uses outside of armor. I doubt I could dance hostiles to death." he teases, "And as for thinking of something just as nice… I think always coming back from the war is a good return." Moments like these, are Sean's weakness. Where some might say, ask for a kiss, or something along those lines. Sean's brain says, dude… I'm going to kick your ass if you don't check your emails right now. Of course, Sean can ignore the latter, and he's never heard the first spoken in his head. So, he turns away with a light chuckle, "I don't think I'd want to lose you, Riv. You're my best friend… almost my only real friend. You're important to me."

Rivea grins and pats his chest, even the quickest peck on the cheek. "And like you told me, you'll find someone someday." Well, I need to get some sleep…."

"I'm finished here, I'll walk you home." And Sean lifts his bag and heads out with her to take her home, before heading off to home himself.

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