Skirmishes Over The Last 500 Years

Despite the general peace in the Haven System since the Second System War, there have still been chances for people to experience combat. Although Paramount Houses stay at peace with one another, their vassals have come into conflict with one another many times over the centuries.

These conflicts spark up over land, trade agreements, sabotage, insults, and other issues, and while many of them are solved through diplomacy, some come to blows. When this happens to houses with adjacent territories, armies will often march directly into the lands of the opposing house, fighting a battle against the defending forces. The outcome of the battle will determine the outcome of the disagreement.

If the opposing houses' territories are not adjacent, the Heads of House will contact one another through an intermediary, arranging a location for a battle. One house marches their troops through the nearest Waygate, and the two forces meet at the appointed location, fighting a battle to determine the outcome of the disagreement.

This method makes sure that the soldiers of Haven are blooded and ready for actual combat when the Hostiles arrive. In order to ensure that members of the Paramount Houses and House Sauveur gain combat experience too, they are often "loaned" out to vassal houses to show the Paramount House's support for that particular vassal.

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