05.17.2013: Sir Black Eye
Summary: Random run-ins in the Esplanade, with Niko sporting a battle scar.
Date: 17 May 2013
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Grand Esplanade
Although the Grand Esplanade is centered on a double lane for ground vehicles and carriages, the majority of the broad street is held for pedestrian use. Smooth pavement extends out around planters that keep vehicle traffic away from people on foot, exposing a broad expanse to the feet of passers by.

The Esplanade leads past scores of little hole-in-the-wall shops and kiosks selling everything from daggers to scarves to jewelry. Light posts are interspersed with the planters, casting a warm glow over the Esplanade at night, while electrostatic shields blur the skies but keep off any rain from above, leaving the Esplanade crowded day or night, rain or shine.

Towering over the Esplanade to the west is the shimmering steel spire of the Citadel, while the Gardens of Erkwin and the Landing Stadium lie to the east. Directly north is the magnificent Palace Towers, seat of House Sauveur.


It is a perfect spring day - the air just cool enough as a breeze flows through the Esplanade. There are many out and about, doing shopping while the weather remains nice. One woman traveling through the crowds is Raisa. She is happily taking in the sights and doing a little shopping, based on the few parcels that she carries with her. At present, the young woman has stopped in front of a jewelry kiosk, admiring the pieces of shiny.

Stepping over from the direction of the Palace Towers, Tristan looks around for a few moments before he starts heading further down the Esplanade. His steps take him over in the direction near that jewelry kiosk, without really paying too much attention to that place yet.

Striding through the Esplanade, Lucretia is in her standard witchy attire, accessorized by a tall, dark stave topped with a large aquamarine held in a carved claw. Idly making her way around the crowd, Lu is a Cindravale, which means she is all too fond of pretty things herself, in any shape and form. She finds herself drawn to the jewelry kiosk, peeking a bit, and then glancing sidelong at the dark-haired woman nearby. A smile curves her lips, "Ah, Miss Raisa, isn't it? What a pleasure to run into you again."

Raisa looks up from her silent sparkly-squeeing as Lucretia speaks and a smile appears. "Lady Lucretia," she greets with a smile. "It is a pleasure to see you again. I am honored that you remembered me. It is a beautiful day out, don't you think?" She looks upward, beaming happily to the clear skies. "You couldn't have asked for a better day."

Tristan pauses for a few moments now, looking up and spotting both Raisa and Lucretia now. Since the only one he's met so far was Lucretia, he offers her a polite nod, along with a smile. "Lady Lucretia," he greets her, before he offers another nod to Raisa. "Miss…" he offers to her now.

"Of course, Miss. I'm a Cindravale, I always remember a lovely piece of art," Lucretia comments with a small grin, "And it is indeed lovely out." Her gaze sweeps to Tristan, "Ah, Lord Tristan, another pretty face. Tristan, this is Miss Raisa. I met her the other day, she seems to be fond of the rain." Laughing, she looks between the pair, "And how are we all doing today?"

Raisa dips down into a polite bow to Tristan, smiling up at him. "Raisa Lorellio, My Lord," she introduces. "It is a pleasure." And then she looks back to Lucretia. "Have the same interests brought you to the Esplanade today?" she queries. "I felt the call of a bit of shopping and I just couldn't resist it."

"A pleasure to meet you, Miss Lorellio. I'm Tristan, Sir Tristan Arboren," Tristan offers with a smile. "Fond of the rain? That's always a good thing," he offers, before he smiles a little as he looks between the two of them now. "I hope you are both well today."

"Shopping, yes. I was finishing some business here in Landing, and thought it couldn't hurt to take a look around. Well, couldn't hurt much more than my account, anyways." Lucretia answers, taking another peek at the jewelry kiosk's display before she asks of Raisa, "Did anything catch your eye? And I'm doing quite well, Sir Tristan. Despite the troubling news of late. I am looking forward to the upcoming tourney, as a brief respite to get our minds off of what we all know is coming."

Nikomachos rides a rather gigantic destrier through the center of the street, singing softly — and not particularly well — under his breath, "There was a lady on the Plains, on the Plains, on the Plains…" For all the cheerful tone(deaftness) of his quiet tune(lessness), he has a burgeoning black eye swelling up the left side of his face, and his hair is slicked down as if recently washed. As he sings, he leans forward against the pommel of his saddle, his forearms crossed over it and one hand bounces slightly to the lack of tune.

The Sauveur Knight is stepping out of the Citadel admist a cluster of lady knights who are all chattering like girls do — even if their ages seem to span from late thirties to early twenties. Ellinor has her hand resting on the drake-head of her sword, laughing brightly at a joke that one of the ladies have put forth. One of them jabs Ellinor sharply in the ribs as the black-eyed knight comes into view, and immediately one of the other raises her voice to say quite loudly, "Looks like Sir Ellinor is putting her Cindravale in place. Look at that shiner."

As Raisa looks back to the assortment of jewels and sparklies on the kiosk's display, her fingers trail ever so lightly over a delicate silver piece with gold inlay as they cradle emeralds. "A lovely piece," she muses. But to Tristan she nods. "There is nothing more wondrous than rain, Sir Tristan," she replies.

"Quite true. One of the best things there is, walking through a forest on a rainy night," Tristan replies, before he turns to look around again. Spotting, and hearing, Sir Nikomachos, he shakes his head a little bit now. "I guess someone could have needed to take lessons," he remarks, a bit lightly.

"That is a lovely piece, Raisa," Lucretia muses before her attention is drawn to her cousin by Tristan's remark. "Oh, my. Looking a bit rough, isn't he? Poor, poor Niko." The brunette, in her witchy attire and carrying a tall staff topped with a giant aquamarine turns to wander towards her mounted cousin, calling out loudly, "Cousin Niko! What did you do, earn the ire of some poor maiden's father?"

A familiar name lifts to his ears, and his singing (mercifully) trails off, a thoughtful frown touching his lips as he turns to find the source. A much more familiar name comes close on its heels, however, and he looks over to where his cousin stands with another pair of people, smiling down from his perch a good six and a half feet off the cobbles, "Cousin Lulu." The others get polite glances, a bit of recognition sparking in his eyes a moment as he looks at Tristan, then his head turning slightly as his bracer AI prompts him through his earbud, "Sir Tristan." The third person gets a polite, "Miss." Reaching up to gingerly touch the bruise spreading around his eye, he grins, "Oh no. No angry fathers." He pauses, thinking, "Well, Sir Erskin is technically a father, but he wasn't angry. Just a little spill on the practice ground." When you get a lance to the face, even through a helmet, it leaves a mark.

Ellinor exchanges a few comments with the cluster of knights, giving one of the older woman a warning look before she steps away to join the other cluster now emphasized by the enormous destrier. She gives the lapels of her greatcoat a firm tug as she closes the distance. She does narrow her eyes on the Cindravale Knight. "Did you already ask him if he vexed a woman's father?" The Sauveur asks of Lucretia with a bit of an amused smirk threatening the corner of her mouth.

"Sir," Raisa greets of Niko as his gaze passes over her, a cheerful smile appearing. "I thought it was lovely too, Lady Lucretia," she adds to the woman. "So very tempting to buy, but I fear I should probably hold off for the time being at least." She look over at Tristan and shakes her head regretfully. "I've never actually had the chance to do that. I grew up on the Ring and we never quite had the same thing as a natural environment."

"Ah…" A brief pause as Tristan glances around at the others, before he looks to Nikomachos again. "You know, not that I'm much of a jouster, but even I have been told that you're not supposed to get the lance to the face." It's said quite lightly, before he adds, "But I hope that aside from that, you are doing well, Sir Nikomachos? And you, Sir Ellinor?" A brief pause, and another smile offered to Raisa. "Really? Perhaps you should visit the woods at some point, so you can get the full experience?" Another brief pause, before he adds, "I'll be happy to guide you, should you want."

"A lance to the face, I can indeed imagine that leaving a mark. I suppose you're lucky all it left you was a black eye, cousin," Lucretia shakes her head slowly, expression amused, and even more so as Ellinor approaches. Laughing, the brunette inclines her head, "I did indeed, Sir Ellinor. I think perhaps he is trying to hide the truth of the matter. What do you think?" Grinning, she lets the others exchange greetings.

Nikomachos looks over to Ellinor as she approaches, a smile quirking one corner of his lips, "Indeed they have, Sir Ellinor. Although no one has asked if it was a woman herself. I'm taking that as a compliment." Standing out of the saddle, he sweeps his leg over the destrier's back and slips easily down to stand amidst the others, letting the big black horse's reins hang. "No, Sir Tristan, taking a lance to the face is rarely wise, and often far more painful than this, but my armor was made by the best." Or at least the best outside of Khournas, for his armor is anything but boringly functional. "But Sir Erskin does have the most amazing point control, and he slipped the point of his lance just past my shield."

"You are far too kind, Sir Tristan," Raisa beams at the Arboren knight. "I believe I will take you up on that offer one day, before everything changes." She shakes her head and then looks at the next approaching knight. "It was a pleasure to have spoken with all of you, but you'll have to excuse me. I should be returning to my walk before I get called back to work." She dips down into another bow for everyone present and then continues on her way.

"I'm doing quite well," Ellinor admits as she tucks her hands into the pockets of her greatcoat, keeping her frame soft and loose — relaxed. She then regards Lucretia and she offers a grin. "I think he got bit by a swan." She looks over the Valen's face curiously before she offers him a bit of a sympathetic smile. "Shall I find you a coy young girl to offer to nurse you to health, Sir Nikomachos?" She does look after the departing woman with a curious quirk of her brows, though she will have to learn her name later.

"Better make it two of them, Sir Ellinor, so we can be sure he'll heal well," Tristan remarks, before he nods a little at Nikomachos. "Ah, I see," he offers, nodding now. Raisa's departure earns her a smile now. "Take care," he offers.

Lucretia laughs a touch more as she listens to her cousin. She nods to the departing Raisa and then grins at Ellinor, "I am certain he would love it if we arranged that, Sir Ellinor. I imagine he'd love it even more if we replaced the coy girl with a delightful knight such as yourself. Have you ever played nurse? I doubt you need to actually know how to tend to anything." Amused, she watches Niko and the Sauveur, fingers drumming against her staff.

Nikomachos nods idly to Raisa as she departs, already shooting back to Ellinor, "I don't know, Ellie, do you know any?" And then he points over to Tristan, "Or any two?" He starts to nod at Lucretia's words, only for her to turn them around, causing him to laugh softly and throw up his hands, "It's just a black eye." He pauses, and a tiny little smirk comes across his features, and he turns the bruised orbit toward Ellinor, leaning forward a bit and pointing to the bruising, "What do you think, Doctor Sauveur? Do you know anything to make a boo-boo feel better?"

Ellinor casts a narrowed look between Tristan and Nikomachos as they start to negotiate various possibilities for nurses for the latter, but when Lucretia offers up her own suggestion, she starts to laugh. It continues even as she glances toward Nikomachos, and takes her a few moments to sober as she inspects the bruise carefully. She even leans forward a bit to give it a careful examination. Then she straightens up again. "In the words of my Uncle Byron… suck it up, be happy you didn't lose a limb." And then she beams with a smile, giving the knight a firm pat on the cheek.

Tristan shakes his head a bit lightly now, but keeps silent for the moment, as he looks between Ellinor and Nikomachos for a few moments, then looks over at Lucretia again now, offering her a brief grin.

"Just a black eye? It looks rather like someone stepped on your face. A few times. It's awful," Lucretia claims before offering a dramatic sigh. Watching Ellinor, she comments, "What a tender young blossom she is, so sweet, isn't she?" The older brunette smiles innocently and then asks of Nikomachos, "I hope you aren't planning to show up to the tourney like that, cousin

Nikomachos snorts softly at Ellinor's 'examination,' shaking his head and cracking a grin that causes him to wince just a little. He nods to Lucretia, "Perfect bedside manner." He waves off his cousin's concern, however, "My helmet spread out the impact. I'll find myself someone who is willing to lay out a little concern," he smirks over at Ellinor at that, then looks back to Lucretia, "and it'll be gone in a day or two." Ahh, the benefits of modern medicine.
. It's rather…embarassing."

"I think what Lady Lucretia is saying is that if it doesn't fade, make sure to get one for the other eye as well," Tristan remarks, a bit lightly now.

"Thank you, Sir Nikomachos… it is something I excel in." And she grins toward Lucretia with a wink before one of the ladies she had been lingering around with comes up behind her and gives her elbow a tug, gesturing toward the cluster that is still waiting around for her. "Alright, alright… " She looks back to the trio, bowing her head a bit. "I promised the ladies a drink, so… Sir Tristan, Nikomachos… Lady Lucretia… always a pleasure." She winks as she starts to step away.

"Of course, Sir Ellinor. Have a good time with your companions," Lucretia offers with an easy smile. To the others, she shakes her head a bit before commenting, "Anyways..I hadn't really intended to linger this long myself. I've some business to go take care of in the Fortress, if you will excuse me? Cousin, do try to protect your face. I don't know what we'll do with you if you stop being pretty. Sir Tristant have a good evening."

Nikomachos bows his head to the lady knights dragging Ellinor away, "Enjoy yourself, Ellie, Sirs." And then he looks back to Tristan and Lucretia, giving his cousin a look of mock horror, "Don't say such a thing. Then I would have to survive on my courtesy and skill alone." He pauses, flashes a grin, and then adds, "No… wait… I think I'll be fine. Have a good evening, Lulu." Shifting his attention back to Tristan, he frowns in thought, "So better the full raccoon than an unbalanced one, Sir Tristan?"

"Take care, Sir Ellinor," Tristan replies to the departing knight, before he offers another smile to Lucretia, "Of course, Ldy Lucretia. It was a pleasure to meet you, as always." He then nods a little at Nikomachos. "It adds a little more symmetry, Sir Nikomachos," he replies.

Lucretia laughs once more at her cousin's response and then wanders off, shaking her head as she lifts a hand to tap at her ear, and one assumes start a call.

Nikomachos stands at the edge of the central lanes of traffic, a short distance from the entrance to The Citadel, speaking with Tristan. His giant destrier stands placidly behind him, the beast of a horse's reins simply dangling. Niko nods his head at Tristan's words, "I would ask if you were planning to join any portion of the tourney, Sir Tristan, but I think you and most of your family have rather more concerning things to worry about, no?"

"I might actually join the archery, but I haven't really decided yet," Tristan replies, before he adds, "But yes, there's a few things a bit more concerning to deal with, that's true."

Nikomachos presses his right hand to his chest, smiling a little sadly despite the giant black eye he's currently sporting, "I would have added my own assistance to both the previous search and to the one that I'm sure is currently ongoing, but I'm afraid that my own skills in the woods would be more of a hinderance than a help." Giving a self-depricating little laugh, he adds, "So my own assistance to the cause is, in fact, not burdening the searchers with my presence."

Tristan nods a little as he listens. "I'm sure we'll get a chance to face trouble together at some other point, Sir Nikomachos," he replies, offering the man a bit of a grin. "I should, however, get going. Need to get back home and see if there's any news."

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