06.23.3013: Singing For Soldiers 2
Summary: The final concert in the benefit tour of 'Singing for Soldiers'.
Date: 23 June 2013
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The Grand Theatre, Phylon - The Vale
The Grand Theatre is just that… grand. There are three primary entrances accented by swooping archways that can be closed off by a pair of tall, heavy doors. The exterior lobby the building forms a ring surrounding the theatre-in-the-round; it is tall, allowing light to filter in from the large windows that stretch from floor to ceiling. It is carpeted in dense red carpet framed in pale marble. Along the interior wall of the lobby are a series of concession stands, separated by doors that lead into the main stage. There are lifts staggered throughout the lobby that allow patrons to access the upper balconies.

The Main Stage itself is large, round space with a large, circular stage at its center. Dozens of rows of seats surround it in a complete 360-degrees. The walls are dressed in dark red fabric and accented with narrow gold pillars. There are balconies staggered around the outer wall of the Stage, and each of these have couches and chaise lounges instead of the more traditional theatre seating. The stage itself is quite flexible, allowing for movies and live performances. Additional space can be added when necessary by closing off a quarter of the seats and extending the stage backwards. For daytime shows that do not require special lighting, the dome above opens up and allows natural light to pass through the stained glass and create a beautiful kaleidoscope effect from above.

23 June 3013

The theater is flooded with people ready to enjoy the final concert of the Singing for Soldiers benefit. The dome overhead is open, and Phylon sunlight filters in through the stained glass casting specks of colors over across an already colorful crowd. On stage, the opening band that hails from the Vale - Wyld Horses - is already assembled and ready to begin.

The mic squeals once before sound adjustments are made and the lead singer, a young blonde man, hollers the crowd into a frenzy, welcomes them to the concert, and launches immediately into their popular song 'Love Rocket'. "I got a condom in my pocket, I'm gonna meet me a pretty girl! I got a condom in my pocket, I'm gonna meet me a pretty girl! I'm a hoochie-koochie papa - I'm in love with the whole world!"

Since the concert has been moving from place to place, keeping the party going for the full twenty four hours, Roxy has traveled with the concert. Going where the party goes. Even now, she's watching the stage, this time from the audience side of things, the wistful expression crossing her features indicates she wishes she was on the stage right about now.

Wearing his long, dark coat to conceal the bandages that have been wrapped around his wounded torso, Nitrim weaves through the crowd gingerly in the direction where he can get a drink. The one benefit of so many eyes on the stage means that fewer eyes are to be left to spot the lordling in the audience. The trail of cigarette smoke above his head allows a dark, bodyguard-like shadow to follow him as Nitrim slips into line at one of the drink stands, trying to blend in.

Wearing a gown that may be entirely inappropriate for a concert, Jane is leaning over the balustrade of the balcony and watching intently as the band begins its performance. The words are familiar for her, and she sings long to them with glee even as her hand rises to her earpiece. Her attention is split between music and conversation for just a moment before she abandons her post in the loftier arena and disappears, only to reappear below minutes later to mingle with the much larger crowd.

Standing where he can watch the crowd for a little while before getting ready to hit the stage, Matt smiles a little to himself as he glances behind him to one of the other members of Opportunity Nox, offering a grin at the moment. They might have broken up nine years ago, but it's clear they're all still friends, after all.

Lyrienne watches the concert from the wings, catching updates from her own band and background through an earpiece as she watches. She's cheerful, and despite the fact that she may be the outlier in the genre of bands scheduled for the day, she looks excited for the concert to come. It's been a few years since she toured, after all. Kids interfere with that sort of thing.

Zani is in the audience, having been partying most of the night. She did take a bit of a break to hide away and sleep, safely. But she's been back and partying since. HIIK is still going strong, it seems, as she spies Roxy, and heads over her way. "Gods, wouldn't it be nice to get back up there right now?" she asks, as she finally ends up by the drummer.

Drake missed the Arboren and Volkan concerts, but he's back for the closer, and he's got a collection of new cigars with him. He's picked a spot well outside any chance of mosh pit, close to the backstage door. He spots his bandmates, approaching and holding them out, "From a noble admirer. Dude though, so I've got no problem sharin' them out." His grin flashes bright, dimpling one cheek, and then he adds, "Might be a chance. Doubt it, but I had 'em send our stuff out here in case they want an encore."

The crowd begins to rise up out of their seats, or at least those who are familiar with the rockabilly tune. When the chorus arises for the second time, the people respond in a yell in unison to each line. The blonde singer's gravelly voice begins the chant with: "We're gonna rock this joint! We're gonna roll this joint! We're gonna rock this joint! We're gonna roll this joint! We're gonna smoke this jooooint—"

Suddenly the music cuts out, the singer leans in close to the mic and half-sings, half-yells, "Until we sound like Drake Danger, because I know you're out there in the crowd somewhere! Thank you, Phylon!" The guitarist riffs one more time, and then the song is over. The band begins to take their leave to the sound of cheering and screaming.

No sidelines for Roxy Rebel, she's right in the thick of things. A drink in one hand and a dazzling smile plastered across her face, she's definitely there for the music, for the party and for the people. Hearing a familiar voice, she tiptoes and suddenly there's Zany Zani. "Heyyy!" Greeting her exuberantly, throwing an arm around the keyboardists shoulders. "Don't you know it? A sea of faces watching you on stage. Can't think of a better way to spend time." Lifting her cup she takes a long drink of whatever alcoholic beverage she'd bought last. Catching sight of Drake, she grins. "Hey Double D." Reaching for a cigar, she lifts it to her nose and smells it. Isn't that what people did? Tucking it behind her ear, she smirks. "Thanks. Don't you just love the music?" Her voice rises as the band plays. "We might play?" Awwhellyeah! Her whole demeanor seems to perk at that. When Drake's name is mentioned, Roxy throws a fist in the air, pumping it a few times.

Letha is not on the clock for this section of the concert. She is following after Drake, pausing just once to engage in a quick conversation with the journalist who is covering the Phylon concert. They chat easily, though it is short so she can catch up with Drake. She slaps his ass as she comes up beside him, offering a grin to the pair of HIIK girls. "You guys managed to get some sleep yet?" She says over the din of cheers.

The drink line shambles forward slowly, like a line of inmates waiting to be admitted into a correctional facility. Nitrim ignores the murmurs of a young, romantic couple behind him, asking questions like is that him?. Instead, he slips up to the bar and orders a drink, rum with a splash of soda in it. Taking the plastic cup in an overhand grip, he makes his away from the stand, lining the crowd to where he can find a comfortable, somewhat visible perch near the security zone. His bodyguard slides into place, keeping an eye on him.

Zani grins at Roxy, her own expression pretty thrilled. In the audience, on the stage, the music is still bitchin' and she's enjoying it. Her hands are empty at the moment, making it easier to take the cigar that Drake is passing out. She grins, sniffs it, and then tucks it behind an ear as well, since she might as well. "Really? Well, believe that when I see it. But it would be ace." And then as Letha arrives, she laughs, shaking her head. "Sleep? What's that? Sleep is for the undead. The living - we got better shoes to fry."

It isn't hard for Jane to follow Nitrim's movements, having spotted him initially from her perch in the balcony. So it is fairly easy for her to pick her way through the crowd, pausing on occasion for others to cross her path, before she draws nearer to the Khourni. The sight of his bodyguard, however, is an unfamiliar one for her, and rather than move any closer toward Nitrim, Jane stops as if uncertain. Her gaze flickers up to the stoic face of the guard before over toward the noble who is the cause of more gossip than even she. "Heya," she calls out over the crowd, taking advantage of the lack of music during band changes.

Drake blinks up at the stage when he hears his name, shouting back — completely inaudible to anyone but those close by him, "Where's he? Hell If I Know!" Whistling and cheering for the band, doesn't even jump at the slap on his ass, just glancing back to see that it's Letha and offering out yet another cigar to her, "Came with clippers and a badass lighter." Those are shown in turn, the lighter particularly impressive with its drake-head nozzle and platinum plating. "Have to admit, I've never really been into the cigar thing…" He offers them around for use, although he doesn't have a cigar going himself. One arm reaches out to grab at Letha's ass — turnabout being fair play and all that — and then rise to sling around her shoulders, "Sleep or somethin' like that. Gotta get away from the dancin' and the screamin' for a little bit for some other dancin' and screamin'."

As the other band's gotten off the stage, five men, looking to be in their forties or so take to the stage. There's also someone introducing them now. "They may have been gone for nine years, but tonight, just for you, here's Opportunity Nox!"

Right after they're introduced, there's a bit of a random playing sound from one guitar, the bass and the extra guy brought in to play the keyboards on stage for this little gig, as Matt is on his guitar today. Speaking of Matt, he makes his way to the front now, readying his microphone as the others quiet down a little bit. "Hello, Phylon! As you can see, I brought some old friends with me tonight." A brief pause as he grins to the crowd. "And I would also like to thank all the supporting acts that's played for you, all over the System. I've been in this music game for twenty years now, but this is the first time I've been where they have that many of them. Anyway, the question at the moment would be Where can I 'Find A Woman Like That'?" Lifting his hand in the air, he holds it ready for a few moments, before he lets it fall again.

And that's when the other guitar, and the bass, starts playing the opening few bars of the song, before Matt joins in on the vocals. "Jessie is a friend, yeah I know he's been a good friend of mine. But lately something's changed, that ain't hard to define, Jessie's got himself a girl, and I wanna make her mine" Continuing onwards with the song, there's dual guitar playing every now and then.

Tapping his foot to the music softly, the emergence of a red-headed shape out of the corner of his eyes is met with a momentary, suspicious look on the man's face. His lips crack open to speak, already raising his hand as if to ward her off, but then he sees that it's none other than Jane Mars. The hesitation slips away and his lips curl into a grin. "Well well…Jane Mars herself." He beckons her closer, one arm held out for one of those quick, old-friend embraces. "Are you taking on a new career path or are you here to support the efforts?"

Lyrienne is singing along in the wings, grin broad and foot tapping as the older band takes the stage. Her arms crossed loosely over her chest, she hardly even seems to notice when a member of the crew stops by to touch her up makeup.

Grinning, Jane hops forward a couple of steps and slips an arm around Nitrim's waist in the quick hug required of her before drawing away a step or two. "Mars?" she inquires, studying his face curiously. Her smile goes a little crooked at the wary expression on his face, but she disguises this by turning away to gaze up at the stage. Opportunity Nox has just taken their place, and she seems eager enough to hear them live again. "Not a new career path. I helped put this benefit together. It was Drake's idea, though, and a great one at that."

Who let in the gereatrics? Three figures walk in from the back, moving about the crowd. Cole at their head, cane tapping on the ground with every step. There's a brightness in all three of their eyes, as if this is some kind long-time coming. Like coming home. The two behind Cole, a older man and woman are holding hands, the three of them seem to having some kind of private joke, the idea that they can enjoy the fact that nobody recognizes them anymore. Or maybe a few do, but they haven't quite paid much heed, moving around the crowd as best as possible. They'll be playing at some point, so might as well get ready, but there's no harm in mingling with people before that. There's a kind of old swagger about the three, the look of people who have 'been there and done that' in terms of musician's life, a sense of pride that while their time may be gone, the music still lives on. At least three members of the legendary Brozne Corsair is here, and they're here for reason. To show the youth how to really rock.

Letha laughs and turns down the cigar with a polite shake of her hand and lift of her hand. "All yours," she says with a grin before she slings her arm around Drake's waist. She leans against his side as she regards the other members of HIIK. "He actually just passed out into his pillow and snored for a few hours." She winks to him before she looks up to the stage as Opportunity Nox ends up on stage. She cheers loudly, happy to see another band that her father was quite a fan of. She claps before she glances back over to the others.

With some guitar solo parts, the song nears the end. "I wish that I had Jessie's girl, I wish that I had Jessie's girl. I want I want Jessie's girl" And then the song ends with a bit of a guitar part now, and the band goes still for a few moments, before Matt speaks again. "Thank you, it's good to be here, together again for a brief event. And why don't we move straight to the next one, huh?" The instruments starts playing, a bit of a steady rhythm mostly, as the song begins now.

"Right at the front door, I recognized the perfume, the scent was perfect, in the dusk by the moon. There must be many ways, to ask her to my room. Why didn't I dare?" A brief pause between the verses, before he continues on now. "Well every hour, I try to get somethin' done. Out on the weekend, when I'm just having some fun. I'm winding up with none, just zeroes no 1s, just space with no air." And then the other singers join in on the chorus.

Drake cheers politely for Opportunity Nox, laughing at the the joke about old friends, but when he calls everyone else the 'supporting acts,' Drake's eyes widen sharply, looking over to the trio of women around him, "Wait… did he just…? He just called us a fuckin' supporting act!" His right hand curls into a fist, and he starts to step away from Letha toward the stage, "I'm gonna fuckin' punch his fucking lights out."

"No, Wyre!" Nitrim raises his voice just a little, playing it off as if he was heard incorrectly over the booming guitars and expert singing of Opportunity Nox. It's a lie. He called her Mars…for some reason. Shit. Wincing a little into the hug, he settles into place beside Jane and takes a sip from the tiny straw in the cup. "Yeah, I sent Drake a box of cigars for him and the band as a token of appreciation. I think what you guys are doing is great, and the people seem to love the distraction."

Okay so Roxy had been a big fan of Opportunity Nox, maybe it was the music. Had to be.. so she'd become entranced with the stage and lost all track of what had been happening around her. When she does look back to Drake and Zani, she notices Letha also and grins. "Sleep? I'm going to be a zombie by the end of the concert, but I can get plenty of sleep later. Are you kidding? This whole concert has been awesome!" Drake's reaction brings laughter. "So we'll have a sing off and show the old guys how to rock."

Zani blinks and then she reaches a hand towards Drake. "Not now," she says, with a half laugh. "C'mon, Drake, don't ruin the party with a fist fight. At least let 'em get off stage!" Seriously. Though she's not too happy with being called a supporting act herself, really. Sheesh, the nerve of some people. "Man! That Warriner guy has some nerve." Though then she grins at Roxy, and nods exuberantly. "OH yeah, we can outrock them any time," she agrees.

"Distractions sell when tensions mount. People don't want to sit around worrying about tomorrow," Jane replies to Nitrim, cutting a sideways glance toward him as he corrects her last name. Mmhmm. She lets it slide, however; the girl reads enough tabloids to know his life is a living hell right now. "Cigars? You're going to turn the dear boy into right ponce now, Nitrim. It will be delightful." The corners of Jane's mouth twitch as she represses a smile. "I'm sure this is a good distraction for you, too. Do you like the band lineup so far?"

Letha can't help but laugh. She grabs Drake by the back of his jacket, pulling him back. "Don't," she tells him firmly before she offers his cheek a soft kiss. "You guys can handle it after the show." She flashes Drake a grin before she wraps her arm tighter around his shoulders and ruffles up his luxurious hair. Then she presses her cheek against his to try to cool him down with approximity.

Trish still has the black raven hair she always had, and amazingly, it doesn't look like a dye job. Must be some really good genetics. She taps Cole on the shoulder, and pointing out Drake to the older frontman. "Isn't that the kid you were chatting up last night?" she guesses at.

Peering forward, Cold looks towards the stage. the postures and compusure of the young man. "Ah…shit." he laughs a little. "Well, it's about the youth get their time in the media. Hey Drake!" he calls out, disregarding if he hears or not. "Don't hurt your guitar-playing hand!"

And as they reach the end of the song, just like in the chorus of the song, it's the backing vocalists that get to shine. "Real Sugar, I don't wanna climb the walls. Real sugar, that's what I want, or none at all. Real sugar, sweet as sweet can be. Real sugar, that's what you've got, so what's for me?" Repeated a few times, before they fade away, and as things calm down a bit, Matt lifts both hands in the air again. "For this last one, please sing along when you want." A whistled intro and solid drumming later, the band starts on a song, that those knowing such things know was their first number one hit, I Just Wanna Fly.

"Maybe, I don't really wanna know, how your garden grows, cos I just want to fly. Lately, did you ever feel the pain, in the morning rain, as it soaks you to the bone?" And so the song continues, not too fast, but flowing on as before.

"Oh come on, cigars are a proper gift." Nitrim laughs, wincing again as his hand comes to rest against his chest. "If he doesn't smoke them now, he will later. Nothing's better than a strong drink and a good cigar. I don't think I'll make him a ponce, but he'll use them, trust me." He looks back over the Jane WYRE and his eyes narrow as he lets her know he sees that near smirk. "I just got back from the field, actually. I'm still a bit stiff and yes, I know, I shouldn't be having a drink. I've got a few Nox albums back at my place, so I'm glad to see them. Just don't tell Drake I missed his last show, alright? I'd look like a pretentious bastard that forgets important names and events."

Drake lets himself get stopped without any real struggle, "Well, maybe I'll punch his fucking lights out after the show. He tilts his head to receive the kiss on the cheek, snorting and slinging his arm back around Letha's shoulder. "I think we might have to get in line though… the headliners from all the concerts are gonna want a piece of him after that shit." The call from behind causes him to blink, and he half-turns, "Hell no, Cole… I'd totally get a fucking knuckle-duster." He turns around to introduce the others, "Zany Zani, Roxy Rebel, this is Cole, Trish, Marcus." He shouldn't have to introduce any further than that. Nodding to Bronze Corsair, he gives a wave to the couple, "Drake Danger, three fifths of Hell If I Know, and Letha Vallas."

Jane's response to Nitrim is an outright laugh, and she shakes her head and turns away to listen to the band. Only after they move from one song to the next does she look back to the Khourni and offer him a sly wink. "We wouldn't want you to look like a pretentious bastard, my lord. Mum is the word." But her grin dissipates quickly to be replaced by an expression bordering on actual concern; she sidles closer to Nitrim without actually touching him. "I read about that. How are you feeling?"

Lady Reena Khournas drifts among the masses to make her way to one of the balconies. She's late, fashionably so, and has a look of displeasure on her face. One of her patients is here, disobeying her bedrest orders.

"Sore." Nitrim replies simply to Jane, motioning to his chest. "My sister's patched me up so the repairs are really no more than a waiting game. Nearly had my head taken off twice, took a couple of stabs, a quarrel to the arm." His shoulder comes in, a sort of halfway shrug as he stands to stage right, near the secured area, speaking with Jane. Rexus Deyne, his bodyguard, stands not far away, keeping an eye on the noble while Nitrim enjoys his rum and cola. "But all pain aside I'm feeling pretty good about it, Jane. I helped take down two of them, and the Hostile got a bit of a lights show before I put theirs out."

And at the late parts of the song, after a few moments where Matt has let the crowds sing instead of him, there's a bit of a repeat from earlier in the song now. "Maybe I will never be all the things that I want to be. Now is not the time to cry now's the time to find out why. I think you're the same as me we see things they'll never see. Tou and I, we're gonna live forever. Live forever, gonna live forever." The last few words repeated as the music comes to a stop finally. A brief pause, before Matt raises his hands to applaud the crowd for a few moments. "Thank you, you've been a fantastic audience. Enjoy the rest of these fine bands, just as you've enjoyed everyone that's played so far." And after a few moments more, all the band members waving to the crowd, they leave the stage to the next participants.

Nitrim, in Matt's exit, places his fingers between his lips and lets out one of those loud, shrill whistles.

As the others approach, Roxy regards them with open curiosity and a quick grin. "Hey, hey. I heard you guys were on the roster for today. Looking forward to it." With her free hand, she tucks a few blonde, pink and green strands of hair behind an ear and rediscovers the cigar she'd tucked there. She removes it and puts it in her pocket of her skirt with her drumsticks. "It's been a helluva party." When Opportunity Nox finishes their set, she lifts her drink in the air and cheers them on before tipping the cup and finishing it off. "I need more. Be right back." Breaking away from the group to the drink tent.

Letha brightens at the sight of Cole, though she continues to embrace Drake around the waist, hugging him close against her hip. "Hi Cole… good to see you again," she says with all her professional politeness. She is obviously not squeeing at the sight of the Bronze Corsairs. She glances toward the others of HIIK. Despite Matt's jab, she does offer applause and whistles as Nox makes their exit. She seems to be all smiles as her arm drifts a bit off Drake's hip to slump a bit heavier into the rocker's frame.

Zani steps back to let Letha take care of Drake. She glances around, and then she says, "I think I need a drink. I'll be back." She pauses though, as the Bronze Corsair group moves in. "Oh, wow," she says, eyes gleaming. "It's an honor to meet you all. I've heard your songs forever." She almost gushes, well, as much as Zani ever does. She glances back to the stage, clapping politely as the group finishes, and then gives Roxy a laugh, as it seems they both were thinking of the same thing. Zani though stays where she is.

Simultaneously, Jane reaches up to emit the same sharp whistle, and the sound of Nitrim's in unison causes hers to sputter. She barks a laugh of surprise, lowering her fingers from her mouth, and raises an eyebrow for the Khourni. "I don't think you'll be in pain for much longer," she tells him, her gaze dropping momentarily to the drink in his hand which, even from this distance, smells strongly of alcohol. "But you did good, my lord. You did very good. Sometimes the reward is worth the pain, especially knowing people are safe. I'm looking forward to the next in the line-up. A nice change from the rock bands."

As Opportunity Nox leaves the stage, there's a flutter of…well, it's young girl squeals, for the most part, from the audience. The next act is the exception to the rule of most of the groups performing at this location. Lyrienne Sauveur Orelle is a) younger b) a solo act and c) female. As she walks out on the stage, smile bright, she raises a hand to wave cheerfully out to the crowd. "Hello there, everyone!" she calls out as someone hands her a microphone. "It's good to see everyone! I hope you'll all forgive me, but we're going to play a little something new now!" Her grin as broad, and a driving drum beat starts up on the stage as she makes her way to the piano. A few bars pass, and then, playing, she leans in to sing. "Give me a second, I- I need to get my story straight. My friends are in the bathroom, getting higher than the empire state. My lover he is waiting for me just across the bar, my seat's been taken by some sunglasses asking 'bout a scar and…I know I gave it to you months ago. I know you're trying to forget. But between the drinks and subtle things, the holes in my apologies, you know, I'm trying hard to take it back…"

She looks out to the audience, then winks to the wings before breaking into the chorus. "Tonight, we are young! So let's set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun!"

Laughing after his whistle, Nitrim's eyes tilt down to his cup, which he gives a little swirl. The little straw spins about like a ship in a whirlpool. "That's the plan. I've been trying to dumb down the pain medication a little bit, have to compensate some other way." He takes another sip, then brushes his hand through his blonde hair. "And thank you. It's my duty as a Khournas to protect the Crescent. I'll be going back out there sooner or later for more. That's why I'm here, to have a good time." A beat. "Who is—Oh that's right, Lady Lyrienne." He smiles quietly as the music starts. "She's…really talented."

"Seems we still have that effect on people." Cole muses, tapping his cane on the ground. "Good to see you all, in the presence of the modern greats." He laughs at the look on Zani's face. "That's the exact look I had when I first met the band Stonewall back in sixty-six. They were our inspiration."

Trish pokes him in the ribs. "-Your- inspiration, Cole. The Volley's were my inspiration. You and your damn harmonica. I don't think I'll ever understand it. But, hey, good to meet you all. After hearing what Cole had to say about Drake, I was looking forward to meeting the rest of the band."

Cole nods to this. "Yeah, just a shame that Rufus didn't show up." There's a shrug, the other two nodding along with him. "We'll figure something out. Won't be the first time we went without our bassist. At least, this time it's not because he wrapped a glider around a building blazed out on Red Eye."

Jane glances down at her hands as Nitrim mentions heading back out to the Crescent for more dances with the Hostiles. She isn't prematurely mourning his inevitable demise or anything, but it seems so awkward for the actress to deal with playing witness to other humans facing their own mortality. So it is by sheer luck that the timing of Lady Lyrienne is such that she doesn't have to talk to Nitrim. Instead, she reaches up to touch his lips with her index finger, hisses the "Shh!" sound, and then turns back to watch the musician on stage. Jane folds her arms across her abdomen and gasps her elbows, swaying in time to the song.

Drake does not clap or cheer for Opportunity Nox when they finish. Oh no, there is no clapping there. He glances sharply over to Letha, then laughs softly and slips his arm inside Letha's jacket in turn to wrap it around her waist. "Yeah, that's about how I looked when Cole came up on our crawler last n — " he pauses, "Uh, earlier today?" Stupid time zones. "Then again, might've been closer to how Vallas here was lookin'." The appearance of someone else besides Opportunity Nox on stage draws his attention that way, and he claps along with the rest of the crowd, "Hey… she's pretty good. And I'm sure Rufus'll show up, but if not… our gear's here, so <bassist name>'s around if you need some back-up…"

There's another verse on the stage, and Lyrienne remains at the piano. The musical accompaniment to the song, though is light, consisting mostly of that driving drum beat and a few piano harmonies. It gives it a stripped down sound, and the chorus swings like a drinking ballad. By the time another verse goes by and the chorus repeats, there are some in the audience singing along. She is a performer, eyes on the audience, animated, despite still being seated at the bench, and as the last chorus comes along, the drums drop down, leaving voice and piano. "So if by the time the bar closes and you feel like falling down…I'll carry you home…tonight."

Reena peers over the balcony rail, scanning the masses for someone in particular. You'd better hide Nitrim.

Having finished getting stuff taken care of backstage at the end of the song here, Matt makes his way out towards the crowd again now, looking around for a few brief moments, as he moves to get himself something to drink. Time to just kick back and enjoy the rest of the show, right?

Zani makes a face at Drake, at his comment. "Oh, come on. You so don't want me telling tales, Danger," she mock threatens. Though she does then give Cole a half shrug. "I used to get to listen to you guys all the time at home, growing up. Mom was a big fan." Hey, at 20 … Zani really missed this group the first time around. But they are Legends. She looks up to watch the performance, content to bounce a bit in place and enjoy the show. Though she does look interested when Drake offers the bassist to help out. If needed.

Roxy leaves the relative safety of the bands catching up and on her way to the drink tent, someone steps on the hem of her dress. There's a small rrriippp sound and the drummer turns around to swing a right hook when the skirt is freed and she stumbles several steps before thud, crash into a tall Nitrim, face first.

Once the audience has had a chance to react to the song, Lyrienne pushes back from the piano as the drum picks up again, though this time with more snap and snare, faster and brighter. She raises her hands above her head as she steps forward, grinning to the background singers with a nod. Once the beat it set, she lowers her hands to start to sing again, though this time there's dancing as well, steps along the edge of the stage to brush her fingers along the hands of the teenagers pressing toward it. "Mama told me not to wast my life, she said spread your wings my little butterfly. Don't let what they say keep you up at night. They can't contain you, 'cause wings are made to fly!"

There's a slight flash of light from behind Nitrim as Jane puts her finger to his lips, followed by another flash as Nitrim reaches around Roxy's shoulder to steady himself. The punky rocker against his chest, he instinctively raises his glass of rum and cola to keep it from sploshing, but inevitably a few drops scatter around the three of them.

"Hey you!" Nitrim's bodyguard starts forward, and the cameraman rushes off into the crowd for a brief, but fruitless chase. Rexus Deyne returns empty handed.

"Whoa whoa hey…are you alright, miss?" Nitrim starts, lips parted in a painful grimmace as he tests his back against his bandages, hidden by the black shirt he's wearing beneath the coat. He slowly leaaans Roxy back upright and steadies her with his arm, then looks back to his bodyguard, still trying to figure out what just happened.

Letha smirks toward Drake at his broodiness, though she does lighten when he does the same. "I also play the bass you know," the blondie offers with a bit of a smile toward Cole, though if she's offering, she's not being too bouncy about it. After all, Drake's bassist has a lot more stage presence than she does. She plays when the theatre is empty. She leans in closer against Drake as she rocks slightly with the music that Lyrienne offers to them. She smiles up at the woman. "Hey… I actually have an interview schedule with her. Nice woman… you'd never know she was a Sauveur."

Spying her dear brother in the stands, Reena marks his position and begins making her way towards him. She's wearing Khourni red and gold today, representing her House, so he may be able to spot her coming. But it may be too late. "Nitrim Khournas, by the CRONE I am going to drug you into a coma! What were you thinking coming to an event like this in your condition!?" she snaps, scowling and folding her arms over her chest imperiously.

"We're gonna hear that a lot, I suspect." Marcus mutters over to Trish. Marcus was always the quiet one, but he's also the drummer so…your miles may varry with him.

"Trish shushes her husband. "Quiet you, or next time you can stay in the car." Trish was always the nicest one of the group, she loved her fans way more than her money. "I'm just happy that people still listen to us. Sometimes I wonder if we've all but been forgotten by the wayside. I mean, bands that we all loved when we were your ages are now taught in music history classes."

"And you know, in about a couple years, we'll probably be tossed into that grouping too." The topic of Rufus gives him a slight frown. "I dunno. It'll be up in the air for him, but I wouldn't be shocked if he passed it up. Think for everything we accomplished, with Rufus, I think he just wants to forget. We all may of had our fair share of partying." Pause. "Not even Trish can deny that, but Rufus…well, we'll see. And thanks for the offer, Drake. I may take you up on that."

The hooplah occurring somewhere a bit behind and to the left of Jane is almost nearly ignored, because the actress is focused so intently upon the stage and the music. The splatter of droplets that hit the back of her neck cause her to reach up and pat them away, frowning. She sniffs the tips of her fingers, but the faintest traces of rum and coke have been watered down enough by ice that she cannot pick up their scent. When the angry cry from Nitrim's sister reaches her ears, however, she whips around in time to watch her storm toward him. Only then does she notice Nitrim in the process of righting Roxy. "You are a bundle of bad news sometimes. My lord."

"And we don't let nobody brings us down! No matter what you say you won't hurt me! Don't matter if I fall from the sky! 'Cause wings are made to fly!" Lyrienne spins with the words, raising her arms like wings with a broad smile. She's performing, sure. But there's no mistaking that she loves what she does. As the second song ends, she bows toward the background singers who give it depth, waiting for applause before she returns to the piano. "And something a little bit slower this time," she murmurs into the microphone, starting to play a slow progression of note in three-quarters time. A single cellist in the background picks up under a spotlight, slowing things down.

Having gotten his drink now, Matt heads further into the crowd, trying to find some people he might know. His steps takes him not too far from where Drake is placed, although that's probably quite a coincidence, as he sips his drink and keeps much of his attention on the stage now.

Drake blinks as Letha leans in on him, although he nods, "She's pretty damned good too… suppose I shoulda mentioned that too." He rocks side to side with the music, grinning down at the little blonde as he does. "And no… I don't think you need to share the stories of my drunk and disorderlies." He blinks, then reaches into his jacket with his free hand, offering out a trio of cigars to the members of Bronze Corsair, "Got these from a Khourni Lord. I'm not huge into smokes, but hey, if you want one, you're welcome to it."

Letha straightens up a bit, almost arching on her toes a bit as if she is trying to peek over the crowds toward the stage with Lyrienne. She seems quite intent on watching the woman's show even while the hardcore rockers chat. She half-steps in front of Drake just as someone goes breezing past toward the concessions and then she glances back toward the others. "He's a bigger fan of the lighter," she explains before she looks back up at the stage and draws her hand away from around Drake to clap as the cellist begins. She looks very interested in the performer's technique.

"This one is for our soldiers," Lyrienne says as the music takes shape, voice soft. "And for Cedric." There's a pause in the music, a breath, and then she sings softly, voice smooth. "Heart beats fast, colors and promises, how to be brave. How can I love when I'm afraid to fall? But watching you stand alone, all of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow. One step closer… I have died every day waiting for you. Darling don't be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years. I'll love you for a thousand more."

"Oh, well, thanks." Cole takes the offered cigars. "After our set. For me at least, need to keep this voice as well tuned as possible these days." He hands one to the other two, who also give their thanks.

"Cole, me and Trish are going to make sure everything is set up for us in time for our set, alright?" Marcus points out. "Don't go hobknobbing forever, old man, we have a point to make, goddamnit." With a grunt, he and Trish head off.

Cole laughs and shakes his head. "Always an asshole." he comments. "But a lovable one, at least." Then there's a glance up at Lyrienne, a look of admiration for the woman. "Now that woman can sing. Doesn't come from the throat, she's putting it out from the very bottom of her soul. Damn good job." he observes, before giving Drake a sidelong look. "So. How good at bass -is- your gal pal?" Seems like the old singer is mentally debating something.

"Oops!" Roxy straightens and regards the man she'd fallen on, tipping her head back. She catches the painful grimace and looks dubious. "I hurt you?"" Definitely the size quotient made her doubtful, but then she doesn't realize he's hurt already. At the approach of the angry red and gold lady, the drummer takes a few steps backwards, not wanting anywhere near that look.

Zani is listening to the song, admiring the singer as well. She looks at Cole, and then back over at Drake and Letha, a brow arching as she waits for that answer. She looks around, finding the nearest drink location, which is over where Roxy is near, no doubt. And as she has the chance to take a step or two back, she grins at Drake. "Nah, I wouldn't. You'd just turn around and tell tall tales about me. Course, they wouldn't be real." Hah. Well, she gives a mischievous grin. "Anyone else want a drink?"

"The Devil just won't leave me alone, Jane. It keeps things interesting. It's fine, I've got this under control." Nitrim issues Jane an apologetic frown, though with the barest hint of chaos, as he rubs at his bandages. He's used to his own personal rodeo. "What? Oh no, you didn't hurt me, the Hostile did I—" He stops, recognizes her, and gives her a slaying smile. "It's alright, she's after me, not you."

Nitrim turns to Reena, casually sliding the cup of alcohol behind his back and pulling the breast of his coat back into place. He smiles brightly, trying to defuse her anger with rare Khourni charm. "Reena! Please, come closer. I wouldn't let a little injury keep me from supporting the needs of our people. Please, let me introduce you to the lovely and talented Jane Wyre and Roxy Rebel from Hell If I Know. We were just talking about my beautiful sister. Jane? Roxy? Please meet my favorite sister, Lady Reena Khournas." Meanwhile, behind his back, he tries to pass his cup to Roxy.

It's a quiet song on stage, one that highlights the music and Lyrienne's voice. One with less flash than the high-energy piece from the middle, and less presence than her opening song. But it's clear that there's more emotion in this one, her eyes closing as she leans into the microphone. "Time stands still, beauty in all she is. I will be brave, I will not let anything take away what's standing in front of me. Every breath, every hour has come to this. One step closer…" She draws a breath, fingers pausing on the keys as the note lingers in the air, then picks up the chorus once more. "I have died every day waiting for you. Darling don't be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years. I'll love you for a thousand more. And all along I believe I would find you. Time has brought your hear to me, I have loved you for a thousand years. I'll love you for a thousand more. One step closer… One step closer…" Again, the chorus repeats, and as the song ends, so too does the cello and the piano, leaving only a soft, haunting croon until Lyrienne's voice fades away as well. Taking a deep breath, she slowly leans back from the mike to stand. "Thank you, everyone!" she calls afterwards, smile bright as she takes a bow and, waving, retreats to the wings.

Sipping his own drink, Matt looks around, and spots Zaniyah, nodding a little as he hears her words. "I'd recommend this one, what was it called again," he remarks, before he looks around very briefly, and does his best to applaud as Lyrienne finishes now.

Reena looks livid, and her hands move to her hips. It's impossible to see in the crowd, but no doubt one of her feet is tapping impatiently as she glares at her brother. "I saw you drinking from the balcony, dimwit," she notes. "Are you going to tell me there's no booze in the glass that suddenly poofed?" She smirks, nodding politely to the citizens. "Did my dear brother inform you he was badly injured in a Hostiles skirmish yesterday, and that he's currently under my care and medicated, and thus shouldn't be, A.) Drinking or B.) Being jostled about in a crowd?"

That shift by Letha is like someone called 'hand check,' his arm sliding from around her waist, "Well yeah… the lighter's fuckin' cool." He pulls out said lighter, platinum-cased and embossed with a drake's head. Tucking the lighter between his teeth, he claps along with the others at the end of the song, taking the lighter back and looking back to Bronze Corsair, "Rock this place off its fuckin' foundations. And Vallas?" He wraps his arms around her shoulders for a moment, resting his chin atop her head, "She's better with a cello, but pretty damn good with an electric bass too. Could make some cash at it if she wasn't so good at writing."

Zani gives a little wave, and a "Nice to meet you all," to Cole and his band, even as the other two depart. She steps a bit back, claps for the artist on the stage. And then heads for a drink. Which brings her right by Matt. And she blinks at his words, giving him a look. "Really? Hard to order it if I don't know what it is, though." And then another look, and her eyes narrow, expression flattening. "You're that Warriner guy," she says, sounding a bit startled. And then, "Hey, we are not your opening act, buddy."

Jane's brows are knitted together, and she reaches up to massage the crease away lest she earn herself a headache. She studies Reena for a moment as Nitrim introduces them, and offers the woman a brief smile and a bob of her head before the end of the music on stage call her attention. She cheers loudly, shrieking like the rest of the silly girls, and clapping with as much enthusiasm as she can muster. It appears the Lady Lyrienne might be the actress' favorite musician of the concert series.

When she turns back to the group, her eyelids flutter under the torrent of Reena's accusations. "Ah, yes, yes, and no, my lady, but…" Smoothing her hands down over her skirts, Jane steps in closer and offers the Khournas woman as charming a smile as she can manage. "Lord Nitrim was doing his best to stay out of the way of people, but you know how crowds can be. I bought him the drink, you see, and he must not have wanted to hurt my feelings by snubbing the gesture. He has only sipped it a little, and to be honest I think the bartender went rather cheap on the rum. I think it's so brave of him to be out here supporting our military after his own injuries. It's lovely to meet a true patriot, my lady. I hope you are as proud of your brother as I am."

Letha arches her brows, tearing her eyes from the stage at Cole's question. She quickly looks between Drake and the old rocker, and she blushes just a bit at Drake's compliments. "I was clasically trained," she explains to Cole. "But I picked up the bass guitar when I started waiting tables. It is easier to lug around than the cello or stand-up." She joins in the cheers and applause for Lyrienne, and she puts her fingers to her lips and whistles sharply to support her noblesse friend. Then she notices — finally — Jane in her awesome dress and the pair of Khouras, all three are given a quick wave.

Once she's finished with her set and divested herself of microphones and earpieces and headsets and the like, Lyrienne slips out from backstage in search of a drink. Because that's one of the perks of performing at concerts. The grandparents happily take the kids!

Roxy catches on quick enough and reaches out for the cup. First drink bought for her today. Now that she has it, she lifts it to her lips and takes a long drink, finishing it off. Good stuff. Quality. Definite sudden disappearance. With a self satisfied grin, she bows to the lady and the actress. "Nice meetin' ya both." Pleased he knows her name, she just stands there, listening.

Cole can't help but applaud Lyrienne, even putting two figures to his mouth and blowing a high-pitched whistle. High praise indeed coming from the Bronze Corsair. "I think we're up next." he states plainly. "Can you believe this? I'm actually a little neverous. Haven't played infront of a crowd like this in almost thrity years. Hot fucking damn." He has to shake his arms out. "Alright, Missy." he turns to Letha. "If Rufus was going to show, he would've by now. And I need me a bassist. Sure, I could ask a lot of people, but I feeling you just might know all our songs by heart. If you wanna say no, it's just fine, but I figure since you an Drake are pretty much the first musicians I've spoken in more years than I'd like admit, I'm going to give you dibs. A great musician I played with told me once to 'pay it forward'. Whaddaya say?"

"What? Drinking?" Nitrim shuffles his weight from one foot to the other, giving his sister an incredulous look. It comes out a little faster than it should have, but then Jane starts to bail him out. He quiets, letting Jane do the talking, lest he plant explosives into the floor and dig a hole from which he'll never crawl out of. He glances to Jane, smiling fondly, and motions from Reena to her so that he can turn and applaud the fantastic music. As he turns back, he motions for Roxy to join them, giving her a veiled look of thanks. "In fact, I don't even know where that drink went, Reena. This is one hell of a party. Have I mentioned the lovely Roxy Rebel and Jane Wyre?" A pauses, giving his sister a sweet, disarming look. "Would you like a drink?"

"Hmm?" Matt starts, before he sighs a little bit as he hears Zaniyah, pausing a little now. "No, of course not. You're a quite talented band." Another brief pause, as he glances around again, before he lowers his voice a bit. "Sorry about that. I'm not really sure why I said that." Another brief pause, before he adds, "Aside from that little misfortune, what did you think about the performance?" Sounding a bit curious now.

Wait, there's the egotistical asshole. And coming from Drake Danger, that's saying something. He straightens up away from Letha, narrowing his eyes sharply as Matt wanders over. He nods sharply in agreement with Zani's point, "Hey man… you're not even the headliners here. Old news, man. And not cool old news like Bronze Corsair." The words from Cole to Letha, however, cause him to cheer up again, and he leans forward to give her a swat on the backside, "Yeah! Kick some ass, Vallas. And enjoy it, Cole… you guys'll be great."

Reena glances at Jane. "Covering for him will not get you any deeper into his heart. He doesn't have one." She looks back at Nitrim. "No, I don't want a drink. I have patients I have to check on back in the Barracks after I make a donation in Father's name and get the press to document my presence." She jabs two fingers at the women. "Don't you enable him. He needs rest and to not have his ribs or stomach jostled."

Letha blinks several times at the offer from the musician, and she seems a little lost at first. She opens her mouth, shuts her mouth, and then she offers a quick nod to the older of the two rock gods. She seems a bit encouraged by Drake's words, and she starts to shoulder out of her jacket to hand off to Drake for safe keeper. She's not wearing that awful thing under the stage lights. "Okay, but you better be okay with me winging it if you guys do some new songs that I haven't heard over and over again." She offers Cole a sheepish smile before she pauses to press a quick kiss to Drake's cheek before she steps up to join Cole to head backstage.

Zani's frown takes a bit to unwind, but it does. Mostly. "You did okay up there," she allows after a moment. "For an old guy. Except for that one little jab." Magnanimous of her, though as Drake speaks up, Zani doesn't have to. She does look back over and chuckles. "Go get'em Miss. Vallas." And then she finally gets to ordering drinks, bringing one back for Drake as well.

Cole shakes his head, laughing. "Don't worry about it. It's strictly stuff you've heard before. We're not going to shock anyone with new stuff, the three of us haven't been able to get together and really practice what we've worked on. But the old stuff? The stuff you know? We all know those songs like it was breathing. You'll do fine. It's either you or someone else who may be more experienced, but have no idea how our songs work. From what you said, you sound like a real fan of our work. So c'mon, you'll be fine. And if you have trouble, me an Trish will help you out. We're playing Winding Rivers, Arms of Atlas, Heaven By Steps, and maybe one more. Know those, yeah?"

"Enjoy the concert. The military thanks you for your donation," Jane replies to Reena quietly, simply unwilling to get any further into the crap. "Enjoy your family, my lord." With a glance to Roxy, and a polite nod, Jane excuses herself from the explosive pair and heads toward the bar. The time calls for a drink, what with the next band ready to rock it out again. Nevermind that the actress' hand trembles for a brief second as she accepts a large glass of some glowing green liquid from the bartender. She turns to rest her back against the counter, peering through an archway into the theatre proper, but from this vantage point she can still see the group. Her nose wrinkles and she turns away, passing back into the crowd and toward the stage.

On her way out from the stage, Lyrienne's path takes her right by Matt and Drake and the incipient confrontation. "Gentlemen," she greets them both cheerfully, sidling between them and setting a hand to the shoulder of each. "It was so good to see both of you here. And thank you so much for helping to support the troops like this. It's so beautiful to see so many different artists donating their time and art."

For her part, Roxy lifts a shoulder and looks between the siblings. "How the hell am I enabling him, Lady? I drank it so he wouldn't. I just met him by crashing into him but listen up. With all due respect, if you were my sister then I'd be drinking to forget too!" Turning, she gathers her skirt and stalks towards the drink stand.

"Oh, yeah," Letha says as she is lead back by Cole. She pauses to grab one of the stage managers here at the theatre — the one who knows her, mostly because they know her father. "Hey, Martin… let the sound guys know I'm coming up and they'll need to make adjustments." They'll know what that means, Letha's voice suggests. She then turns to follow Cole. She appears to be adjusting her clothes, trying to get comfortable, and then she smiles toward Cole. "Alright, lets go."

"Sister." Nitrim starts, a bit of bite to his words before Jane gives her departing words. The skin around his eyebrows wince as he turns his head to Jane, casting a quiet, almost wounded look to her and the area around him. No heart. Reena always knows where to hit him hardest. "My apologies, Miss Wyre. Please, be safe. Roxy how about w—" He starts, and then she's leaving too. All of his fun now leaving, he lets out a sick laugh as he steps forward to his sister, eyes snapping to hers. "What the fuck Reena? You want me back at the Spyre? Fine, fuck it. Let's go. Let's put on our little dance and get the fuck out of here."

Matt smiles a little as he hears Zani's words, he offers her a brief smile. "Thanks." A brief pause as the mention of being an old guy, and he looks over in the direction of Cole, since he noticed him as he glanced around earlier. "That's the old guy. Compared to his band, we're all kids learning the craft. You know, I was a big fan of them when I was young." A brief pause as he looks to Drake again, offering a smile to the young man. "Well, to be honest, we're all headliners, united for a cause, right?" Another brief pause, as he offers the hand not holding the drink now. "I'm sorry for what I said up there, Mr Danger. And it's nice to meet a young rising star in this business such as yourself." The hand Lyrienne puts on his shoulder makes him look to her now, offering a smile. "The same to you, my lady," he greets her. "I really enjoyed listening to your performance. And yes, there's quite many talented people that's gathered to make this event a success."

"Ladies and gentlemen! Nobles and citizens alike, we come to the headliner for tonight!" the announcer says over the loudspeaker. "Many of you know our headliner for tonight, and many of you only know of them by name, their deeds surronded by myth and legend. It's been a long time coming, but after thirty, Bronze Corsair has decided to return to the stage tonight in effort to support our troops. So without further hesitation, it is an honor to introduce to you, Bronze Corsair!"

Cole, Trish, and Marcus all come out on stage to the crowd. The first thing Cole does is whip out his bowler hat into the crowd. "That was a hell of a break, wasn't it?" he says into his microphone. Goddamn, it's good to see you all tonight, though it is a bit bittersweet. Rufus Stockton, our bassist couldn't make it out here tonight, but he gives us our best wishes. However, we do have someone to fill in those shoes. I want to introduce you Bronze Corsair's bassist for tonight. A good friend of mine, Letha Vallas!" Slinging his guitar over his shoulder, which has a shifting electrical display that appears like a rumbling lighting storm, he beckons Letha to take the stage.

Once everyone is ready, he goes into his first son.

Then as it was, then again it will be
An' though the course may change sometimes
Rivers always reach the sea
Blind stars of fortune, each have several rays
On the wings of maybe, down in birds of prey

Reena leans in closer to Nitrim so she can speak quietly, without being overheard. "I want you to get better. I want you to not replace one addiction with another. I want to know why in all the hells you told Anabethe about the Red Eye. Are you out of your mind?" she hisses between clenched teeth. "When father is in his grave, Anabethe will be head of house. She isn't going to give a damn about politics and managing our affairs, so she will happily let us make the important decisions, providing we don't make her think we're weak or stupid, Nitrim. You're risking our personal power for a rum and coke and hitting on some citizens?"

Drake collects Letha's jacket and tosses it over one shoulder, accepts the kiss on the cheek, then the drink from Zani, looking at it briefly and blinking, "I've already been drunk twice in the last 24 hours, Zee," not that it takes much, "you tryin' to get me there again?" And then Lyrienne comes swanning in, and he remembers, 'oh yeah, he's supposed to be mad at someone.' He shrugs at the noblewoman, "Nice job up there, Milady. Real haunting-like." And then Letha is being introduced already, and he hands his drink off to someone, anyone passing by, and raises both hands to clap, whistling sharply and hollering, "Go Blondie!" He quiets down, of course, when the music starts, although he claps in time with the music, singing along with the lyrics that were aging before he was born.

Nitrim quiets, stepping in close to his sister, and lets a deep breath fog its way over her shoulder. She knows, too. Jaw tightening, he reaches up to scratch lightly at his forehead, and tries to remain angry. Instead, he goes cold. "Anabethe's in my corner. I'm fine, Reena. I wasn't hitting on anyone I was just being social." He leans up, looking to her eyes and the anger that surrounds them. He gives her a wide, fake smile, speaking through his teeth. "You said it yourself, I have no heart. How about you and I go back home, find a comfortable space to sit, and talk about this?"

Well. Shit. That is about as far as her mind gets when she is beckoned on stage. She has managed to pick up a bass along the way — maybe she keeps a stash somewhere. It is bright yellow with the flames of Cindravale around its body. She seems a bit uncertain at first, but she breathes in deep into the bottom of her belly and then out again as she settles into a bit more comfort. She recalls what her father always told her… the crowd is just noise, the lights drone them out, focus on your fingers and eventually it all fades away. And so she does. Vallas proves to have a trick up her sleeve, sticking with a pick, though the moment it calls for it, the pick seems to magic into nonexistence and lets her slap the strings. She seems a bit stiff at first.

Zani laughs a bit, nodding her head. "The real pros, on the stage now," she says easily. She looks at Drake, with mock wide eyes. "Hey, c'mon, would I do that?" she asks, amusement showing. She winks though. "You just made someone pretty damn sorry, Danger. There's no booze in that." A laugh rings out, and then she goes quiet as the band is introduced. She lets out a shrill piercing whistle and a cheer, getting into the swing of the song as well.

"Thank you, that's very kind of you," Lyrienne smiles sunnily to Matt. "I used to listen to you all the time growing up." As the Bronze Corsairs take the stage, she looks away, grin flashing. "What an exciting concert this is. So many legends. I feel honored to have been able to perform next to everyone here."

Something has happened to Jane between the time she abandoned Nitrim to his fate, caught up a drink, and pushed her way through the crowd toward the stage. Her expression is cheerful - and almost terrifyingly so, as if she were trying too hard to enjoy herself. Her cup is empty, and in fact—hey, where in the hell did her drink go? The actress pauses to stare at her empty hands in wonder, awed by a cup's ability to translocate itself. Haha, drinks translocating. That's crazy talk. Looking up, the redhead pushes her curls back from her face and transfers her awe from the Awakened plastic cup to the familiar blonde on stage. When Cole announces the name, Jane screams like a rabid hyena and begins to jump up and down. "LETHAAA! LETHA!!"

Bronze Corsair may be older, but if it's one thing they know, it's epic rock ballads, which is what the first song was. And Cole is still an amazing rythmn guitarist, nevermind singer. He may not be able to hit -all- of high notes like he used to, but he's accomadated for that accordingly, his voice still as passionate and bluesey as it's always been.

But it's Trish that many people remember the band for. Her talent with lead guitar is the kind of thing that only comes around once every couple generations. People can claim to play a guitar, but few make one come alive quite like Trisha Bexon. The Raven(as she was called) sidles up to Letha, helping her through any parts of the song as they play together, the woman looking as happy as a young teenager on her first date.

Playing through the first song, which ends in a flouish of a solo by Trish, until it reaches a fever pitch, ends abruptly. "Whoooo! It feels good to be back, Haven! And give it up for our bassist tonight!" Cole waves a hand at Letha. "By the way, before we continue, major respect to Lady Lyrienne Orelle. Your singing makes this old man feel young again. But! Where were we! That's right, going to show how it was done in the old days! Arms of Atlas, guys. One, two, buckle my shoe…"

Letha has actually settled into a warm smile that seems relaxed and genuine as she engages with Trisha for her solo. She is starting to feel the music, which is obvious with how liquid her poise gets. She dips her head a bit over her instrument, golden hair falling across her features as she focuses almost solely on the music. Nevermind the crowds. She flashes Trisha a thankful wink at her assistance before she helps bring the song to a close. At the thanks from Cole, she releases a quick sliding note across the bass strings and offers up her hand — pick tucked between her fingers — to the crowd. Then she focuses on the next song, quite familiar with Arms of Atlas as she adds the underlining notes and then picks up when required. This one is almost completely done with the pick.

Drake laughs at Zani's words, shouting over the roar of the crowd, "I'll get another one, Zee. I need both hands for this." He keeps cheering over his head, stomping in time with the music as well. Most people are screaming for Cole, Trish, or Marcus, but the screams for Letha cause him to look over to spot Jane, and he drops one hand to swat Zani on the ass, yelling in her ear as the crowd noise swells again, "I'm gonna go talk to Jane!" And then he slips through the crowd in that direction, still clapping in time with the music and watching the journo up with the rock legends.

Matt lets out a bit of a cheer for Bronze Corsair, Not what he would usually do, but if one's a fan… Nodding a bit at Lyrienne's words, he offers a smile. "Thanks. It was good to be there with the boys again, even if it was a one night only thing." Looking to Drake as he moves through the crowd, and then over to Zani again. "Like I said, I'm sorry about those remarks. I think I meant them as some kind of a joke…" Taking another sip from his own drink now.

Whatever else transpires in the conversation between the two youngest Khourni children, is a mystery, as they head out, stopping only here and there to be photographed and drop off a donation.

Lyrienne flushes as Cole calls her out, blowing a kiss to the singer with a grin. Because that's what you do with old rockers, right? Now that there doesn't appear to be a fight in the offing, she heads to go get that drink.

Arms of Atlas is a long song, one that was meant to highlight every band member. Guitar, vocals, bass, and drums all get their own solo. And while Marcus doesn't ever look like he's happy about anything, he does seem to have a blast hammering away on the drums like he used to. Trish goes into one of epic guitar solos, and even Letha has her chance to shine, with Cole melodic croning on the microphone. This was a song that won Bronze Corsair awards before and there were definately reasons for that, it's an intense and passionate as hell song, ending in a cacaphony of drum beats.

Upon the ending of that, Cole looks like he's already starting to sweat. "Thank you! And one more before we head out for the night and the rest of you can go back to all that partying all you youngins do. One more time, guys!" And they head into their third and final song of the night.

When Letha is given her moment, she actually proves she has some kill. It might be overshadowed by the sheer skill and age, but she definitely isn't useless up there. She does not play to the crowd though. She internalize everything, letting it fuel her and feed her rather than being sustenance for others. That doesn't mean others probably aren't enjoying the way she moves, dancing with the music while also playing. Their final song doesn't allow for much thrashing, but she definitely still finds her tempo and moves.

Zani gets into the music, though as Drake swats her, she turns his way, laughing at his relatively usual way to get a woman's attention. She nods, at his shout, and then turns to Lyrienne, with a nod of her head. "You were really good, my Lady," she says, and then to Matt, she laughs a bit. "I could see it as a joke, though, you might want to watch your back. I have a feeling there might be a few others who missed the humor." She sips her own drink easily, half singing along to the song that is being played, able to follow along with every word, just like most of the rest of the audience.

"Thank you," Lyrienne smiles swiftly to Zani, taking her drink from the bartender and leaving a generous tip behind. Because that's the kind of person she is. "I caught some of your performance on the vid feed earlier, it really was fun. This whole concert has been wonderful, actually. I'm going to have to stop by and tell Miss Wyre just how lovely it's been."

With nobody looking at her, Jane slowly lets her frantic happiness leak away slowly, dissipating into the atmosphere. Gloom and doom become her bosom buddies for the moment, even as she attempts to clap and keep up with the music. It's good, of course - very good - and her friend is absolutely brilliant, but the actress tends to let good things make her crazy and bad things make her depressed, so right now she's sliding down that slippery slope into 'oops, I ended up topless in the tabloids again'. Thankfully, the sight of Drake's bushy bob on the periphery of her vision draws her attention away from her inner turmoil. Immediately she summons up a somewhat fake, cheerful smile. "Drake! Your girl is *bad*-*ass* with that bass!" she greets, holding out a hand to him to shake.

"I know…" Matt replies, with a bit of a sigh. Turning back to listen to what's being played at the moment, expression a bit thoughtful now.

Drake doesn't do the hand shaking thing with pretty girls, even if they're older than him. Instead, he spreads his arms, aiming to wrap Jane up in a brief hug, leaving one arm around her shoulders as he turns back toward the stage if she allows, "You better believe it." He's obviously not wise in the ways of celebrity, since he doesn't disavow the 'your girl' statement. "Whole damn thing's gone just fucking off the rocker, Jane. Totally your fault, too." The 'blame' is obviously joking, given how brightly he's grinning.

At the end of the song, Cole lets out a happy loud yell. "Thank you Haven, we love you!" And like the artists they, Trish and Marcus come up, joining hands with Cole, who beckons Letha to join them. And all together, they take a bow. "It was a pleasure to break the rust off, Haven. If we're lucky, and you're lucky, you won't be seeing the last of us. I think we still have some music left in us. We've been doing some talking, the three of us, and we've decided on going ahead with a reunion tour. So look forward to seeing us in a concert hall or arena in your area. But as for tonight, thank you very much. And see you all on the flip side."

When they come off-stage, Trish offers a hug to Letha. "You were -wonderful-, my dear. Simply wonderful. Thank you for joining us. I miss Rufus but…thank you."

"A good idea, I think we should all do that. Just don't tell Drake, it'll go right to his head," Zani says to Lyrienne with a grin. Then she turns to Matt. "You know, it totally didn't clue in who you were, when we met in the park the other day. I'm sorry." She shrugs a bit, and then she says, "but yeah, I used to listen to you guys all the time." She didn't say her mom did this time, at least.

Letha accepts and returns the hug with a bit of a dazed smile, and she laughs. "Ah, thanks… I think I need to sit down now." She offers Trish a warm grin, shaking her head. "Do you want to throw up after your first show?" She whispers to the woman as she starts to step off stage with the others, slowly letting the bass hang off her shoulder and down he rback in a relaxed pose. She looks up toward Cole, offering him a smile as she stretches out her hand toward him. "Thanks," she says in that slightly wispy voice.

With a quiet laugh, Jane accepts Drake's hug, ruffling his hair in a sisterly manner before turning to face the stage with him. She reaches up to pat his hand as he turns an exuberant expression to her and lays the blame for the concerts at her feet. "This thing? Or the whole thing? You had a great idea, Drake! Revel in that for a little while, won't you? Oh hey, look, they're done. Go enjoy the stars in Letha's eyes, boy. That is, if you can break through the throng to get to her side. She is fantastic, isn't she?"

"You're stronger than me. Our first show I had to run to the bathroom." Trish whispers back. "And that was just a little club with about thirty people." She brushes back long black locks. "You'll feel better once the high has worn off." She beckons a roadie over, taking a bottle of water and offering it to her. "Drink some water and sit down for a minute. Your stomach will stop doing summersualts in a minute."

As for Cole, he shakes her hand. "You did great, Missy. I expected nothing less from a student of the art. Drake said you were press, right? Well, I think that display just earned you Bronze Corsair's first interview since splitting up." A glance at the other two, who nod.

Drake tosses his hair back from his face after the ruffling, "The whole thing. I had the idea, you and Wills," and a whole host of other people, including Drake, "pulled it off." As Bronze Corsair finishes up, Drake mirrors the howl, pulling his arm from around Jane's shoulders to whoop and clap as well. "You have no fucking idea." His grin sends devilish dimples into both cheeks, and he nods to the actress, "You should get some spotlight too." And then he's off, flashing his smile to the security, recognized enough to be let backstage. Somewhere along the way, he collects a couple of brightly-colored drinks in plastic cups.

As Bronze Corsair exits the stage, to the screams and cries of the audience, members begin to file out in two different columns of people, leaving the theatre largely emptied. Stragglers remain to soak up the last of the booze, mingle, network, and otherwise cling desperately to the frantic, high-energy atmosphere of the theatre post-concert. The artists themselves, and those lucky enough to be associated with them, head backstage for their own after-party.

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