06.22.3013: Singing For Soldiers 1
Summary: The 24-hour benefit concert Singing for Soldiers kicks off in Landing.
Date: 22 June, 2013
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The Central Arcade, Westend, Landing
The Westend of Landing is also known as the Entertainment District. It is most active at night, where the neon lights sends the world into a kaleidoscopic glow. The Central Arcade is a wide, circular plaza with various thoroughfares spreading out like spokes on a wheel into the various regions of the district. At the center of the arcade is a round stage that nightly hosts various musical artists and groups to keep the party going even between venues. Neon piping is inlaid into the cement, creating various geometric patterns and creating pathways to various nightclubs and restaurants. AMP and Red Eye dealers covertly move through the crowds, trading doses for currency.

During the day, the Arcade is far quieter and more law-abiding, though by no means empty.

22 June, 3013

Twenty-four hours of sun, songs, and s… support for the soldiers. That's the theme of the worldwide concert, and this is the very start of it, right here in the heart of Landing's Westend at noon. The opening act is Mooch Mine, a local band that hit the height of its popularity some ten years ago, but still has a following in Landing. They play good, classic Landing Rock, and start the concert with one of their top hits, an energetic song about moving on with a vengeance after a bad break-up.

Drake Danger should probably be backstage preparing, since they go on after one more band has its set, but instead he's at one side of the crushing mosh-pit, just outside its reach but where he has a good view of the stage and a good route back behind the security again. Watching his brainchild crash to rhythmic life, the rocker raises his hands into the air, throwing up the Devil's horns and whistling loudly. No screaming for him, not until he's on-stage later.

More than likely Roxy Rebel should be backstage too, but there's a band playing and she's there to see it! Back when Mooch Mine was popular, she was young and of course the drummer had been her heartthrob. Now he just looks like an old man to her but she's obviously still digging the rhythm if her rapt expression is any indication. Like Double D, she's saving her voice, but she does take a moment to look from the stage to the man at her side. Kadmus.. Young Lord of Volen. "How do you like it?" Raising her voice to be heard, since they are near the stage so Rox can get back when she needs.

Letha Vallas, PRESS, is in the throws of an interview with members of the crowd. She is trying her best not to stare into those blue, piercing eyes of Lord Larent, but it sure is a difficult task. Her tablet is out, the microphone extension active. She beams brightly up into the Captain's features. "You don't seem like much of a rock concert kind of man, my Lord," she says respectfully, her smile broad and dimpled. "Are you a closet rock fan, or are you out here for another purpose?" And she pauses, allowing Percival Larent to answer if he so desires.

Zani should also be backstage, but there is time. So she's snuck out, watching, not noticed by the crowd, in theory. She too was young when Mooch Mine was popular, though it wasn't the drummer who won her tender heart. She is by herself though, not standing with anyone, just watching the performance critically. The young keyboardist is bouncing gently with the song, enjoying the music, fingers almost finding each note as they rest by her sides. She only winces once, which is not too bad.

Kadmus gives a little nod towards Roxy as he stands nearby her, "It's quite entertaining." he replies, voice equally raised so he can speak over the music on stage. "How long until your band goes on??"

So much dazzle and sparkle to the bands and performers floating all around the backstage area. Little Willow Byrche, the personal assistant to the famous Jane Wyre, is running this way and that, gathering water for performers and making sure everyone is going to be ready to go out on time. "Where's Hell if I Know?" she squeaks out, fingering running down a list to check who's on deck and who is already running late. "WHERE IS HELL IF I KNOW?!" She is immediately shushed since there's a live performance going on and though she flushes a deep red, it's pretty clear that her normally sweet tones turned half-frantic wouldn't disrupt the loud music of a rock band.

One might say that, despite it's goal, a massive rock concert might not have broad appeal to the nobility, particularly not its loftier (or elder!) ranks, nor especially to those from houses more dedicated to the Reversion. Yet Lord Captain Percival Larent is in attendance in defiance of any demographic indicators. This very contradiction is readily picked up on by the woman who has caught him for an interview, and the man has little trouble answering her, meeting her smile with a ready one of his own. "Well, first of all, as you may know, I am a life-long navy man. Much of the Titan's Wake's crew is here; spacemen and marines alike enjoy nothing more than a bit of boisterous fun on leave, and with repairs from the first engagements yet underway, they are making sure to get in as much fun as they can before they return to duty. As their commanding officer, I support them in that, and I support the organizers of this event for doing something to encourage troop morale. It's very important." His answers are easy and while precise, do not seem practiced. "But I've also always been a bit of a fan of the entertainment industry, myself. Summit is renowned for its casinos, nightclubs and lounges, and we always have interesting live acts coming to entertain amidst the clouds."

Mooch Mine finishes up the first song, and their frontman — said aging drummer — sits up to the mic and calls out, "HELLO HAVEN!" The crowd roars, and then he continues, "Welcome to Singing for Soldiers, a 24-hour benefit for the men and women facing down Hostiles on our behalf day and night. We'd like to thank Miss Jane Wyre and the Haven Actor's Guild for their support, and Miss Wyre and Drake Danger of Hell If I Know for their leadership in putting this together." Scattered whistles and a low buzz of applause greets those words, "But that's enough talking… We Are, MOOCH MINE, and this is Spaceman!" And then he's counting off the next song, another rock anthem with a few soaring guitar sections that draw the mind to the space beyond the planets and moons of Haven.

Not having arrived together with anyone, Sammel keeps a bit out of the way for now. He's not here for any particular band, it would seem, but for the music in general, the atmosphere and the chance to get some drink. Moving through the crowd to find a good place to watch from, the Cindravale knight has a bottle of something with him, which he takes a small sip from every now and then. Applauding at the end of the first song, after having placed the bottle securely in a pocket, smiling as he hears the start of the second one now.

Drake actually has the grace to look a little embarrassed as he's called out, waving briefly to a few of those nearby who might recognize him, and scrubbing his hair back out of his face. He lingers near the pathway that leads backstage, blinking as he spots the distinctive hair of the newest band member, stepping over to her… and then realizing that she's there with someone. Awkward. Or at least it would be if Drake had any shame at all. Instead, he flashes Roxy a grin, "Gettin' nervous yet, Roxy?" There's a teasing sort of quirk to the half-shouted words, and he turns his attention over to her 'friend,' offering out his hand, "Drake Danger. How's it goin'?"

Hah, look at that Drake and - oh - Roxy. A grin and a wave, in case they see her, but Zani leaves them to it for the moment. With Mooch Mine heading to their next song, Zani grins a bit, and makes her way back stage. After all, someone's got to be there, or there'll be mass panic, right? She arrives just in time to see some smartass look over at Willow and mouth, "hell if I know," with a shrug. Zani's brows arch, and she heads that way curiously. "Looking for us?" she inquires lazily, brown eyes showing a hint of mischief.

Perhaps being a celebrity journalist has made her a bit more grounded around the pretty and popular, but something about Percival Larent has Letha all flustered. When he smiles, she almost feels a slight gleeing in her chest that drives a slight rosy hue up on her cheeks. Thank the Gods for the noise on the stage, as it allows her to glance away from the Lord just long enough to adjust her professional gaze. She beams back at him. "Most of these bands would probably kiss your feet in appreciation if they were given an invite to play on the Apogee stage," Letha confirms as she brushes some gold hair off her shoulders. "I remember seeing Madame Yeesa's opera at Summit. You have a stunning atmosphere." She glances toward Mooch Mine, and she can't help but smirk a bit. "You might have to get some of these guys cleaned up a bit beforehand though." Then she looks down at her tablet for her next question. "When do you expect to be heading back out to engage the Hostiles, my Lord?"

Oh, the smartass remark has the normally mild mannered Willow looking ready to smash something over his head. The only thing that stops the complete slaughter that would be brought on by a girl not even five feet tall is Zani's presence. Instead, the girl breathes out a sigh of relief. "The next set will be up soon. Hell if I Know will be on deck when that happens. The rest of the band will need to be present to get yourselves ready and so we can mic you and run through any final preps that the crews require," she says crisply, if somewhat hurriedly. She peeks behind the woman, as if the rest of her bandmates could be hiding there. "Where… where are the rest of them?"

Kadmus reaches to accept the offered hand, "Young Lord Kadmus Volen." he introduces in turn, "And it is going just fine, Mr. Danger." He says with a nod towards the Musician.

When the drummer takes the mic, Roxy tiptoes and leans towards the stage marginally, a fist pumping the air when Drake Danger is mentioned. Unaware of the interview going on, she's too interested in what's happening on the stage, though at the question from Kadmus, she leans her head in to him so that she can speak quieter and he can hear. "We go on after the next band, but after Mooch Mine finishes, I'll have to head backstage and get ready." When Drake addresses her, she grins, shaking her head, blonde, pink and green tresses scattering around her face. "Too excited to be nervous!" Looking between him and Kadmus not feeling awkward at all. "This is Young Lord Kadmus Volen. Young Lord, this is Drake Danger, the lead singer, guitar player, everything of Hell If I Know." Catching sight of Zani, she waves.

"We'll just have to see how they do, hmm?" Percival suggests with a bit of a lighthearted grin, before the murmured questioning sound has him glancing off to the stage in contemplation of the performs, although it returns readily to Letha. "Oh, is that so? What did you think of the performance?" When she mentions her previous visit, the man's look turns mildly inquisitive, and he almost turns the interview the other way. "You're right, of course. They might need a bit of up-scaling before they earn their invite to the Apogee. You on the other hand…" He smirks. "Did you get to go gliding on your last trip?" Oh my! But then he's right back to answering questions, hardly the sort to be a difficulty subject. Just possibly a flirty one. "We don't have orders yet, regarding our next deployment. I imagine the Council and the Admirality are discussing things. But I expect it will be soon, since this first Hostile wave strikes me as more of a probing, expeditionary effort than the main body of their force."

Mooch Mine rips through their second song, their third, and into their final song, all classic hits of theirs from the old days. They're familiar enough to warm the crowd up, get them singing along, get them into it, without being anything shiny and new to take attention away from later headline acts. They close out quickly enough, leaving to enthusiastic applause. A minor local band fills the relative quiet that follows from one of the side stages, playing good-old Valen rockabilly as the main stage is set up for the second set.

Drake blinks at the double-introduction, both at the title given to the blonde-god he's being introduced to and at the description given to him by Roxy. The combination has him blinking in surprise and opening his mouth, trying to figure out what to respond to first. He buys a bit of time by scrubbing his hair back from his face once more, and then he's back, putting on a bright grin, "Pleased to have you hear, Milord. Roxy, you didn't tell us you hung 'round with the high'n'mighty." And then his grin crooks up at one corner, driving a dimple into one cheek, "An' I may be the frontman to HIIK," he pronounces the acronym as if it were a word, 'hi-ick,' "But it's the beat'a the drums that keeps us all honest." As Mooch Mine finishes their set, Drake glances around the nearby crowd as if looking for someone, frowning slightly, then looks back to Roxy and Kadmus, "Guess it's about time to head on back… enjoy the rest of the show, Milord."

Listening to the music, Sammel turns to look around at the various people present for the moment. Applauding as the song is done as well, he moves further into the crowd as things are being prepared for the next band now.

Letha does not seem all that put off by the change in direction of the interview. She brightens, sending warmth up into those otherwise brilliant blue eyes. "I thought she was lovely. My father composed one of her songs… A Night of Lamentation… I thought that the violas were a bit off count, but otherwise, it was a beautiful rendition." Then she clears her throat a bit, attempting to focus on her questions instead of his, but she can't quite help replying to the inquiry of the gliders. "Oh… no… I haven't." She blushes just a touch once more. "I tend to get… ill… easily. And I didn't want to disgrace your beautiful gliders with my… well." She shakes her head, nodding a bit to his answer. "I hope the Gods see you and yours to victory, my Lord." She smiles once more, looking to spy the bandmates of HIIK. "Oh! I need to get their statement before they go on stage." She pauses. "Have you met our headliner yet, my Lord?" She gestures to Drake and company. "I could introduce you."

"They're in the audience," Zani says, easily. "But they'll be in once Mooch Mine is done." C'mon, HIIK are professionals, right? Hopefully. The Zani show might not be as well liked, after all. Need drums for a good show. Ahem. "Don't worry, we're here. We'll be ready." She smiles in a friendly fashion, hoping to convince Willow at least. "It's a nice crowd out there, very nice." She drifts to where she can at least heara the music, at least until Mooch Mine finishes, and starts leaving the stage. Then she just gets out of the way, of the outgoing and incoming.

"Of course, of course," Willow says breezily, clearly relaxed that at least Drake Danger is somewhere in the sea of people. "I'll only start to worry when he doesn't arrive when the next band starts," she promises. Grey-blue eyes flick back and forth across her lists as she silently works on the next problems in her head. As soon as the Mooch Mine finishes, she looks around again, seeking out her star. But he's not there. And the girl's relaxation fades away, once again replaced with nervous agitation. "He does know when he's supposed to be here, right?" she asks faintly. Willow will not panic. She will not. It's a mantra that continuously runs through her head.

"Did he?" There is a bit of surprise in the Lord Larent's voice as Letha lets on to her father's own accomplishments. "I don't suppose you write at all? Music I mean, obviously you must for your reporting." Percival seems all the more curious now, although his expression saddens somewhat when she answers about the gliders. "Oh? Well, the gravity affects people oddly, sometimes. Just like the naval academy gets dropouts every year simply because they can't handle the artificial grav." Its a way of bringing the conversation a little bit back on track, as he still aims to provide her with a nice interview. "Thank you. I am sure we will prosper. We've all been training for our lives, for this, after all." When she spots her next target, he nods obligingly. "Oh, of course. Do not let me hold you." Then a glance toward the band. "No, I cannot say I have. By all means." And he gestures for her to lead the way.

When the song ends, Roxy grins, "Looks like we'll be up soon," she agrees with Drake, a shoulder lifting at the high n mighty. Giving Kadmus a rueful smile, she nods towards the stage. "I gotta get gone, but I'll see you after, yeah?" Wiggling her fingers to the Young Lord in a wave, she bids him farewell. "Alright, Double D. Now I'm getting nervous. I saw Zani head back there already. Let's get ready to rock the party."

"Well, I'm looking forward to hearing your band's performance." Kadmus says with a nod towards Drake, "I've no doubt it will be quite a good performance." he adds before turning to Roxy and flashing a smile, "You'll do fine, and I'm sure you'll be able to find me once you're finished with your set."

"Don't get your knickers in a knot, they'll be right in. It takes a few moments to walk back," Zani says, though there's more amusement than anything. After all, she /trusts/ Drake, and figures Roxy'll manage. Zani however does give a big smile. "We have big plans, not going to get sideswiped at this stage. But here, what do you need me to do? At least we can get started, yeah?" She looks around, raises her hands in a broad gesture. "I'm all yours."

The second band comes on with a blaze of brilliant candy-colored lighting, including the name 'Lollipop Overdose' in virulent pink, blue, and green. It's an all-girl band, with a poppy sort of sound, even if the neon spikes on much of their attire match the faint Khourni punk-y influences in their percussion. They run on-stage, diving straight into their first song without even waiting to announce who they are — not that the giant sign over their heads doesn't do that quite well.

Drake just misses catching sight of Letha's blonde head turning toward the backstage door, looking back to Roxy and her moxie and nodding, "You got it. Uh, Nice to meet you, Milord." He shifts towards Roxy a moment, his eyes cutting toward Kadmus as he changes what might've been an arm slung over her shoulders to just a pat on the back, "You're on, Rox." He ducks through the security cordon, heading backstage to see the frantic Willow being comforted by Zaniyah. Stepping over to the blonde assistant, he flashes his trademark double-dimpled smile, "We're good, Wills, don't worry." And he reaches out with his left hand, aiming to draw her head close to his and plant a serious smacker right on her lips.

Oh, Drake Danger should be so very lucky that mics have stopped using cords or the handsome singer may very well have been strangled with one of them by the time Willow catches sight of him. Even as she's gesturing for last minute touch ups for Zani, as well as receiving her own mic - gently applied where it won't be in the way or noticed by fans. The sight of the rock star approaching brings a blue fire to the little assistant's eyes. A combination of her usual excitement of being in the presence of her own personal Musical 'Hair of the Gods' God and a frustrated anger at the way he comes strolling along. A hand extends for one of the small mics that he'll need for the performance and one of the other stage crew members hands it over. Her mouth opens to speak but she's waylaid by a kiss. Swoon. No, don't swoon. Swoon maybe a little? Even though her face reddens, Willow pushes Drake back, though reluctantly, and squishes the mic on with a little more force than necessary - a sticky, waterproof, adhesive keeping it on right at his hairline where no one will notice it.

Sammel smiles a little as he looks around, speaking for a few moments in rather hushed tones with someone now. Partially listening to what's being played, he seems to be discussing something a bit thoughtfully, before he takes another sip from his bottle now.

Letha casts Percival a warm, if not slightly saddened, smile. "I do, sometimes, my Lord… my father, Christian Vallas, would like me to do more, but…" And there is an obvious pain there as she swallows it down, replacing it with a warm smile. Then she starts to guide the Larent Lord toward the gathering. "They are getting ready to go on stage," she warns him. "So they might be a bit brief. I hope you won't take offense." And then she is all smiles when she flashes her press pass, announces Lord Larent's name, and is permitted entry by the bouncers to the backstage. This is just in time to see Willow and Drake's engagement, and her brows arch even while she almost subconsciously snaps off a picture with her tablet camera. She blinks several times in the wake of the kiss, and glances a bit toward Percival. Then she clears her throat. "Al-alright, Hell if I Know… quick picture for the article, and we will do the interview after the set." Her voice is impressively even, you know, considering…

Arriving just behind Drake, Roxy grins at Zani. "Looks like a good turnout. Are you excited?" As Drake plants a kiss on Willow, Roxy just stands there with a goofy grin on her face. Until she realizes she was staring just a little. From a small pocket sewn into her skirt, she draws out her drumsticks and plays airdrums to the beat of the current song playing.

Zani grins at Drake's arrival, just shaking her head. She at least gets star treatment as she gets her makeup touched up and her mic placed gently. Unlike Drake. Though Zani simply stands still, letting the techs and make up artists and whoever do their thing, as they whisk around her. A calm within the backstage storm, at least externally. "Hey, watch the hands, is the only thing she says, at one point. "C'mon, Roxy, let folks work their magic and yeah, I am excited." She turns to look at Letha as she hears someone call out Hell If I Know, and that gets her move over closer to Drake and Roxy. "For you, any time," she says, always willing to accomodate the nice members of the press. She strikes a pose, even, with laughter bringing a happy smile to her face. So much for looking serious, but seriously hot might more accurately apply. There's no denying that the new outfit she had some new found friends help her pick out might catch some eyes. (Though probably not as many as Drake's hair.)

Noting the woman's discomfort, Percival does not pry more, although he does. "If you've but a fraction of his talent, I am sure we might one day hear your songs among the clouds as well. I would be quite happy to sponsor such a thing." A fan of the entertainment arts indeed. And rich. Which helps tremendously in such things. That all said, the man walks at pace with Letha, seemingly unbothered by the backstage chaos. One might imagine that the command deck of a ramship gets pretty chaotic during action… albeit probably with slightly less PDA. His eyebrows go up almost in perfect synch with the reporter's, but only shrugs when she glances his way, the same easy smile remaining. As Zani poses, well, he enjoys a bit of a look himself! What was that about navymen on shore leave?

Lollipop Overload is either on a great deal of sugar, or some pretty serious AMP hypos, because they bounce around the stage with an energy that has to be chemically-induced. Their songs crash into one another almost without stop, drawing the crowd up to a fevered pitch that almost matches the energy of the women on-stage. It also means that their set is going a good bit quicker than it's supposed to.

Backstage, Drake doesn't try to let the kiss linger, laughing easily as he straightens up from the little push, and when the mic is squished to his brow, he offers up a brown-eyed wink to Willow, even as the rest of the band gathers up, the bassist passing Drake his electric guitar, the cordless amp-connector already in place. Ducking into the guitar-strap, he points out, "We're all professionals here, Wills. Thanks for havin' this all ready." The clearing of Letha's throat causes him to look up from his own check-up on his guitar, and he raises his eyebrows, apparently unconcerned by whatever the journo may have seen him doing. "Afternoon, Miss Vallas." By the slight widening of his eyes, and the tingle running through his tenor voice, the rocker is already getting amped up for the show… or maybe it was just a really good kiss. Stepping up to sling an arm around Zani and another around Roxy for the picture, he grins broadly, "Anything for you…" it's an unintentional repetition of Zani's statement, even as he glances over to the keyboardist, "Nice new duds, by the way, Zee."

Eyes roll as at least the kiss seems to take a little of the edge off of Willow. She bustles around, shooing other band members into the correct positions and making sure everything else is being taken care of. As soon as Hell if I know is ready, she flashes a grin. "Break a leg, everyone," she chirps before moving off to bellow for the next group about to be on deck. And off the little blond streaks to bully them into order. Maybe she missed her calling as a herder…

Having missed the call by Letha, Roxy looks up in surprise just as the makeup and hair make a couple of minor adjustments. Planting a dazzling smile over her lips, she poses with the other band, loving the feel of this whole life of a super star. She was born to do this. "Sure thing." Several times earlier, she'd checked her equipment, her electronics and then rechecked it again. It was game on and she is certainly ready. "Let's get this party started." Looking up and down Zani's clothing, she whistles. "I love it. We've all got a good color scheme going on." Lifting a hand, she waves to Willow. "Thanks!"

Letha snaps off a picture of the band with ease, and she smiles down at the image. She gives them all a thumbs up. "Good luck!" And then she glances over toward Percival. "Well, my Lord… should we go back out and join the masses?" She asks him with a formal, but still warm smile. Then she tucks away her tablet, as if to indicate she's just going to be enjoying the upcoming set instead of taking too many notes.

As the bandmembers have made their way backstage, Kadmus moves to find his way to a good spot to view the stage from.

There's another brief sip as Sammel looks to the front again to see what's happening now. Steps taking him near where Kadmus is at the moment, and he offers a nod to the Volen now. "A nice event, isn't it?" he offers.

"It would appear it is that time," Percival offers by way of agreement, dipping a quick nod to Letha. The band is given a last curious look, and then he once more allows her to lead the way, navigating whatever backstage mess and out to the audience proper.

Zani grins at Drake. "Thanks, Double D," she says, and then she grins at Roxy. "We do indeed. Look like we're a band or something." She even finger waves at Percival, with no real idea who he is, but he's watching them, after all. And once the picture is done, Zani turns to Drake. "Alrighty then, Fearless Leader, ready when you are."

On-stage, Lollipop Overload races toward the end of their set, spattering light and noise about with wild abandon. When the final crashing notes of the final crashing song comes to an end, they leap about the stage a bit longer, playing for the crowd before the stage lights cut out and another small-time band goes onto a side-stage.

That's Hell If I Know's cue, and Drake starts toward the stage, only to turn about so that he's walking backwards toward it, pointing over to Letha to get her attention, then pursing his lips in a kiss and winking, "I'll see you after, Vallas." There's a laughing ease to the name without the title, and then he's rejoining his bandmates, looking around the little group, "You know, it's almost like we're professionals or something…" A crooked grin dimples his cheeks, and he continues a little more seriously. A little, "We got this… time to have some fun and get 'em ready to kick some shiny metal butt."

Letha is thoughtful as she helps the Lord navigate out, and soon they are swept back up into the busyness of the central arcade. She grins over toward the Lord now, relaxing a bit once they are back in the open air. "It is a bit rough and tumble," she announces to him before she manages to cross paths with Kadmus and Sammel. More Lords… Letha beams brightly. "My Lords…" She inclines her head gently. The journalist catches sight of Drake on her way out, and she offers him a slight wave of her fingers. Though that is about all he gets.

"Or something," Roxy laughs, walking along behind Drake, or in front of him as the case may be as the lead walks backwards. With a wink in the direction of Zani, she twirls her drumsticks. "Nothing like the rush of taking the stage. Not even drugs can come close to this." Course she's tried it to see, so she speaks from experience. Moving to stand behind her drums, she takes a deep breath. "Rock on HIIKs." Taking her place, she's ready for action.

Zani grins at her bandmates, excitement rising as it's showtime. She nods once, and then she starts to the stage, separating from Drake a bit, cause she's going to the left where her keyboards are set up. She gives Roxy a thumbs up, as she moves in behind her keyboards, anticipation both within and throughout the crowd. Everything's been checked, but she gives the settings a once over, spying all green, and her hands come up to ready, just above the keys. Waiting.

"It's proving entertaining so far." Kadmus says with a nod of his head towards Sammel, "Good for morale, at least, and to give a sense of normalcy to everyone." His attention turns towards Letha as she arrives and he bows his head, "Good day." He greets in return, "And to you as well, Lord Captain." He adds to Percival.

Percival arrives back at whatever part of the arcade they are all gathering in, still chatting as he goes with Letha. "Rough and tumble? I work daily with with sailors." It's a fair point. Noting the others, he offers the pair a nod, and then more specifically to Kadmus, "Lieutenant." He continues, introducing him to Letha although he's unclear if they might know each other. "This is Lord Kadmus Volen. He serves with me on the Titan's Wake."

Even as Hell If I Know readies themselves and the other band finishes their song, the lights on the main stage stay dark. Drake stands front and center, the band around him, his head down and the curtain of luscious brown hair across his face. One hand flicks out to the side in a signal to the rest of the band and to the techs, and then he reaches out for the purely ceremonial mic-stand just as a white spot hits each of the band members. He snaps his head — and his hair— up, and he sings, "Love is like a Bomb…" the reverb stretches out the last word, and then the rest of the band joins in, roaring into one of the songs off their recent album, the pulsing rock music and risque lyrics intended to draw the crowd in. As he struts about the stage, his eyes move over the whole crowd, but they often drift off to the left, where the backstage door empties out into the crowd.

Finishing off the bottle he was drinking from, Sammel winces momentary now, before he nods at Kadmus, "Good for morale, yes." A brief pause as he looks to Percival and Letha, giving the woman a brief smile, "Miss Vallas, isn't it?" a polite nod to Percival as well now. "Lord Captain…" A brief pause before his attention goes to the stage again now.

Letha brightens as she is rightly surrounded by rather handsome Lords. She even finds herself staring at Kadmus with that same kind of admiring intensity. "Nice to meet you, Lord Kadmus," she says a bit wistfully before she blinks, pulling herself out of that as fast as she can. Sammel's use of her name helps. "Oh yes, that is correct, my Lord… Letha Vallas." She also turns toward the stage as Drake starts on his first song. It actually brings a slight smile to her lips.

As soon as the 'Love is like a bomb' intro is heard, right after the word bomb, that first beat when the guitar strings are strummed and the keys on the keyboard are pressed, when Roxy hits her sticks on the skins, a burst of orange fire rises from twin pillars on each of the front corners of the stage in a display of pyrotechnics, followed immediately by a burst of yellow. Hell If I Know has hit the stage and they want you to know it. Roxy 's hands are moving in quick succession, hands loosely clutching her sticks as she lets loose with the other members, she's got an intent look on her face, but when she looks up, she grins, looking out at the people, keeping the beat.

A good rockin' song to get started with, and Zani is ready for it. As the white light finds her, her hands go up in the air in a hand pumping up salute, a big smile on her face, and then her fingers find their way down to the keyboard in time to hit the first few notes, soft in the background behind that reverb. Her gaze goes up to the audience, and then back to her hands on the keyboards as she plays, bouncing in place as the drums jump in, and the pyrotechnics kick it up a notch.

Drake wraps up 'Love is Like a Bomb,' letting the mic stand drop away so that he can address the crowd directly, "Welcome to the Westend!" It's a cheap pop for the locals, but he's not above that. Tossing his hair back, he continues, "For those of you who don't know… that was 'Love is Like a Bomb, and Hell If I Know who we are! We've got Zany Zani tickling the ivories," he gestures to the woman in question, then introduces the bassist and second guitarist, "I'm Drake Danger, and the newest member of the band is… Roxy Rebel on drums!" Turning to give the newcomer her solo time in the spotlight, he nods for her to start in on the drum-heavy intro to Implosion in the Darkness.

"A pleasure to meet you as well, Miss Vallas." Kadmus says flashing a bright smile Letha's way before his attention shifts towards Percival, "I hadn't expected to see you out for this music festival, Lord Captain."

Letha blushes quite instinctively at the bright smile from Kadmus, though she is glad for the distraction on the stage before she fully embarrasses herself amongst the handsome Lords. She claps along with the crowd as Drake does the introductions, joining in a series of whoops from the back before she glances back toward toward the Volen Lord, and then grins to the Larent. "Do those questions make you feel old, Lord Larent?"

Listening to the msic with a grin, attention going to the various band members that's introduced. "Quite a few cute girls in that band," he remarks. "I mean, both the girl with the keyboards and the drummer…" Sammel is shaking his head a little as he looks around briefly.

"They didn't when you asked me," Percival replies, his own expression light and easy. Toward Kadmus, he echoes his interview answers: "As I was telling Miss Vallas earlier, with so many of our enlisted men and young officers out on leave right now, and so many of them either here, or looking forward to the other concerts, I thought it would be good to show my face, in support of the event. "The prior group was -all- girls," he points out to Sammel, the light smile becoming a smirk. "But no, there's no shortage of lovely ladies on stage or off."

Zani plays her heart out, every time, always when she's performing, and this is no exception. She's focused and loving every minute of that first song. When it ends and Drake starts talking, she takes a moment to look around again, seeing if she can even recognize anyone in the audience. Only moments later, she grins and waves as Drake introduces her, doing just a simple riff on the keyboard, in case anyone out there missed it. She then waits, enjoying the drum-heavy bit, as Roxy gets her turn to shine. She is comfortable with the songs, having been playing with them for quite some time now. And she knows when it's her queue to let her vibrant powerful soprano join in on backup, keeping it toned down enough to add depth and harmony to the song.

When her turn comes to shine, Roxy doesn't let the crowd down, nor her bandmates. Taking turns at each of the skins beginning with the snare, she moves her sticks on the metal lip before going into the intro, making use of each of the different sounds the varying drums make, ending with a crash on the cymbal. With another flash of light, this time green followed by pink coming from behind her, she finishes the intro to the bands original song she'd been playing in the same manner as Skuzzy, the former drummer, as a tribute.

Drake plays along with Implosion into Darkness, strutting around the stage as he shreds through the chords, now lashing his hair in time with the music with Zani, now playing back to back with the second guitarist. As the second song comes to a close, the rocker hits center stage once more, "And now, even though our bank acounts'd love us to play some more from Patience is Genius, but we're here for the men and women who are gonna kick shiny metal ass out there. So this one's for you…" The brand new song starts with a low, driving bass riff, and then Drake steps up to the since-replaced mic stand, his pick flashing across the strings of his guitar as the other instruments join in. His voice starts low, almost droning,

"Define your meaning of war, To me it's when we're getting it done
I feel the heat comin' off of the blacktop, So get ready for another one
Let's take a trip down memory lane, The words circling in my brain
You can treat this like another all the same, But don't cry like a bitch when you feel the pain

It's been a long time coming, And the table's turned around
'Cause one of us is going, One of us is going down
I'm not running, It's a little different now
'Cause one of us is going, One of us is going down."

By the end of the first verse, his voice has raised to something between a promise and a threat of imminent violence, and the chorus is delivered in a half-snarl, half-shout. He steps back from the mic then as each band-member gets a chance to shine with an extended, aggressive solo.

<OOC> Drake says, "For those following along at home: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liW-kWFiXtQ"

Letha laughs. "Well, I'm sure everything sounds better when a woman is doing the asking, my Lord." She casts him a knowing smile before she nods up at the stage. "The drummer is new," she reiterates. Then she focuses on the next song, pulling out her tablet so she can take a couple notes on the song being offered up to the troops. She glides her finger across her screen, activating her audio recorder once more. She smiles toward the band as they carry forth.

Sammel chuckles a little as he hears Percival's words, before he offers the older man a bit of a grin. "Well, I was a bit… distracted with something back when they played. But all in all, when they're all girls, they all seem to hide in their group, while these ones stand out a bit more." A brief shrug as he turns his attention back to the stage now.

Zani carries the tune, in the background, letting Drake's voice carry the singing. She manages an eery sounding background lilt where it needs to be, using the keyboards as they're meant to be played. She might be behind the keyboards but the only time she seems to stand still is when it's time for her solo, and she concentrates as she makes those ivories sing. Her fingers move, her face showing her concentration as she gets her chance to shine. The notes come fast and furious in a crescendo of chords that build the driving, pounding riff stronger and stronger, until it crashes into a downward spiral going down. At the end, Zani bows from the waist, so that she seems to fall onto her keyboards as they go silent. For two heartbeats as the next solo picks up the moment. And then Zani is on her feet again, bouncing, as she re-enters the fray - erm - song.

"Without a doubt," Percival replies to Letha, the words coming all too easy. "Doubly so for us older gents." Then, following her glance, he looks to the stage. "I couldn't tell new from old, I'm afraid. But I like her." Her or her drumming? Well, it actually does sound like he puts a little appreciation toward the music, whether or not it's really his cup of tea. Earl grey? To Sammel then, he remarks, "The keyboardist stands out in that green… thing of hers." He can't really call it a dress. And he might mean 'pops out' more than stands out, the younger lord given a knowing sort of smirk.

During this song, Roxy plays as well as harmonizes, but like Zani she stays in the background, letting her drumsticks make her noise for her. When Zani goes into her solo, the colors of the flashes of light vary from green to red, behind her, highlighting her performance. Tossing a grin towards the keyboardist, she watches her shine, her own drums almost silent for the performance. Looking out towards the audience, to where she'd been standing before she notices Kadmus still there, she winks at him as she goes back to playing with the others.

Letha grins toward Percival. Then she looks back up toward Zaniyah with a tilt of her head. "Zaniyah has been with HIIK for a long while now. I think she keeps the band grounded." She warms with another smile before she makes another series of notes on the song before she looks back to the Larent and Cindravale just as Kadmus wanders off. "I'll be sure to introduce you properly after the set, my Lord."

Drake looks down to his guitar, his hair falling across his face in a gleaming wave. He rockets through a guitar solo on the heels of the other instruments getting their moment in the sun, then steps up once more. This time, his words are never that almost-passive drone, starting right in on the sharp,

"There's nothing else worth fighting for, And it's the big bad shit that I can't ignore
When my fist hits your face and your face hits the floor

It'll be a long time coming, Bet you got the message now
'Cause I was never going, Yeah, you're the one that's going down

One of us is going down, I'm not running
It's a little different now, 'Cause one of us is going
One of us is going down!"

The shouted words are followed by that same driving bass riff that started the song out, and another explosion of music from all of the instruments, and then it cuts out entirely, leaving just the screams of the crowd.

Drake spends 1 luck points on Guitar.
<FS3> Drake rolls Guitar + 3: Great Success.
<FS3> Drake rolls Singing: Good Success.
<FS3> Roxy rolls Drums: Great Success.
<FS3> Roxy rolls Singing: Good Success.
<FS3> Zaniyah rolls Keyboarding: Good Success.
<FS3> Zaniyah rolls Singing: Good Success.

"True. More like a work of art than practical clothing," Sammel replies to Percival, before he adds, "But she can really play, though. Quite good music now." Keeping his eyes on the band up there.

The guitar solo is given a little more flare and the two front pillars light up again with red and orange, though this time they keep burning throughout the entire solo. As for Roxy, she's got a smile that won't quit, finding out how much she loves being on the stage again, in front of people who appreciated good music. That it was for a good cause was an added bonus. Watching Drake go into his solo, Rox beams, definitely loving the song and the music.

Percival just gives a light laugh at Sammel's description of the woman's outfit. "Artful indeed. Well, I am sure the good Sir and I will be happy to meet them after they are done, so much that they were in a rush to get on stage before. It would be nice to offer a personal thanks, if nothing else, for the effort of this tour." Quiet a moment, he listens to the band playing, and nods at Sammel's statement. "The keyboard probably translates readily to other styles, as well." What with the talk of 'polishing them up' for a display at one of Summit's finer establishments. A long term plan?

Zani gets to relax a bit, and dance as Drake takes center stage back. She looks at Roxy, catching the beaming smile on her face, and it adds to Zani's total joy. This is it. The adrenaline, the music, the crowd - this is what life is for. Her fingers are back on the keys at precisely her cue, as she continues to keep up her part, loving every minute of it. And as they all explode into music all at the same time, she plays her heart out again, mentally counting down to - silence. Except the screams of the crowd. Zani glances back out into the audience, catching sight briefly of Letha and her companions, but her attention goes back to Drake.

Letha quirks a brow toward Percival as if she might know what he's suggesting. She glances up toward the stage. "You could always do a tribute tour, my Lord…" Though she has no idea if Drake would dare get dressed up for a tour. Then again, a tour is a tour. She rolls her shoulders a bit once she tucks away her tablet and such.

Drake turns around as the crowd noise fills in the silence left by the end of the song, looking around the band with… it's not his 'o' face, but it's definitely an expression of rapture. He brings one hand up where only his bandmates can see it, miming cradling something in his palm, jerking his head back to indicate that the audience in the palm of their hands. He winks briefly, then turns back to the cheering, announcing once, "That was Long Time Comin', and this is I'll Take You On," and then driving straight into another new song without any further announcement. It's another aggressive, psych-up song designed to whip the populace into a frenzy, and with the level the band is playing at right now, seems to be working, at least for those immediately listening.

Sammel nods a little at what's being said now, cheering a bit at the end of the song. Listening at the next one as well, he doesn't say anything at the moment.

Percival holds up his hands. "Oh, don't get ahead of me. I've hardly the spare time to turn myself into some event organizer or media agent. Even enjoying this is 'thanks' to the respite of my ship being under repair. Normally my schedule is quite demanding. But, simply speaking of talent, there's no doubt some of them could do well whatever way their career might take them. Just a musing, really. I'm sure they enjoy doing precisely what they're doing, after all."

Zani watches Drake's reaction as he turns around, her lips quirking a bit, and eyes dancing. It's a happy moment, for the whole band, as they definitely seem to be in a rockin' groove, that is only building with the songs. Right as Drake introduces the new song, her hands find the keys, as she hits a strong intro, along with the rest of the band. It's timed to perfection, the music a chaotic frenzy around Drake's voice, even as Zani adds in subtle harmonies, dancing along with the beat.
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Watching Drake when he lifts his hand and does the cradling motion, Roxy nods knowingly, glancing over at Zani and flashing a grin. Her expression is one of absolute delight, drumsticks held loosely in her hands. Bap. Tap. Bang. The drums are played with the intro, adding to the solid sound of a solid band. The crowd goes wild, a lot of jumping, a lot of bouncing, horns made, head banging, the mosh pit is going mad. All of it leads to one fact, a successful concert!

"Of course, my Lord," Letha says with a bit of amusement before she looks back up to the stage. "I think they definitely enjoy what they do, but I know Drake Danger is always looking for new challenges and opportunities. He also looks very nice in formal wear." She almost smirks before she joins in the cheers and horn-throwings with the rest of the crowd.

Hell If I Know plays through another half dozen songs, one more new one and then a collection of songs from their just-released album. Drake closes it down by stepping forward, scrubbing back his now sweat-dampened hair from his face and calling out, "Thank you for joining us here in the Westend. We're done here, but the party's just getting started." Half-turning, he points off to a collection of crawlers idling nearby, "There are party buses over there to get folks who have had a bit too much to the Ways, but the Ways are open, and now it's off to Inculta to keep the party going around the System! I expect y'all to make sure that no military man or woman buys a drink all… fucking… day!" Because they're ready for alcohol poisoning, right? Thankfully, they do have medical personnel standing by.

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