Christina Hendricks
Christina Hendricks as Niveus Celestine Rickard
Full Name: Niveus Celestine Rickard
Byname: Silver
Age: 27
Planet: The Ring
Paramount: Orelle
House: Lucian
Title/Profession: Citizen
Position: Actress
Spouse: N/A Height: 5'8"
Father: Jon Cantes Weight: 150lb
Mother: Callista Rickard Hair Color: Red
Siblings: N/A Eye Color: Blue-Grey
Children: N/A




While not tall, this shapely woman is just barely past an average height. Her curves — achieving that ever-desirable hourglass figure — form her into a balanced being. Neither too tall, too short, too curvy, or too slim. Her arms and legs show signs of rigorous physical effort; the sinewy, lithe cords of a being built for dexterous (rather than brute strength) acts. Full, broad lips and a long, thin nose balance out otherwise square features. Eyes, set beneath carefully shaped eyebrows are the striking shade of the sky before a storm: an intense mix of steel blues and gray. Her most notable feature, perhaps, is her hair; color of the rising sun; a fire burning low; an iron in the forge. It falls in soft waves around her shoulders when not caught up in some updo or another.


On the screen, Silver is an unstoppable force. The survivor. The one who gets the job done. She's helped shape and change the genre, by not only being sexy, but also being able to take care of herself and kick ass. There's few sex scenes in her films, which may be a large part of why she's remained relatively unknown thus far. She's primarily in cult flicks and indie films.

On the job, she is whatever her handler tells her to be. She is capable. She is smart. She is deadly. She is seductive.

On her own, Silver tends to be quiet and reclusive. She has few hobbies, but dedicates herself to them. Tabloids often find her in quieter restaurants, sitting on her own and reading or writing. There is a recent rumor that she is learning how to cook and she did once joke with a reporter that it wasn't going well.

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