Sign from the Six
Summary: Jarek gets a sign from the Six, and afterwards reaches out to his father.
Date: 25 July 2013
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25 July 3013 — Spikka

Jarek is taking a walk through his home city, no particular places to note.

Jarek returned home after a while of running about seeing people, fighting, patrolling, going to a wedding with a friend. His father is rather busy, dealing with getting the outlier settlements and people prepared. Jarek has been working hard to help out, but for a little bit today he is taking a break. His stroll through Spikka is starkly contrasted to the hustle and hush of the city streets as people go about their business.

Suddenly, there is a woman standing before him. Jarek stops and mutters an apology to the woman, as he hadn't been paying attention to where he was going and was instead concentrated on thinking. His thoughts of late being about battle, the war over all, training new recruits, preparations for the house and for the people, and Agnes. The last one, he was being careful with… because she is an old and dear friend and he's being careful to not think anything more of her. She was right, as is often the case when they have discussions, they shouldn't consider any possibilities beyond their friendship and this 'co-squiring' thing.

Right the woman in front of him, who turns out to be smiling at him. She's not a pretty sight either, she isn't old but she isn't young… she would be about Jarek's age. She regards the Young Lord with curiosity, and then offers him a small flower. The poor thing is drying up and practically eaten by insects… a horrid thing to behold. Jarek, however, disregards such things and accepts the flower with a genuine smile. "Thank you very much."

The strange woman, whom he doesn't know, smiles at him in return. This smile is strange as she has perfect teeth in contrast to her not so perfect features otherwise. Jarek thinks for a moment, then offers up a friendly greeting to her consisting of a hug and placing each of his cheeks to hers in turn. This surprises the woman, for she may not be used to such a greeting from people on account of her looks. She returns the gesture, then takes both of Jarek's hands and studies them. "You have a kind heart, and a strong accepting soul… do your duty brave knight." comes a sweet voice laced with the cracking of a damaged larynx. With that, she lets go of all but one finger… his left ring finger. Then she lets that go and turns, disappearing into the crowd.

Jarek tries his best to follow the woman with his eyes, but she's gone too quickly. He glances at his left ring finger curiously for a moment, 'What had she meant?' He ponders quietly to himself, the crowds around him slowly shuffling by. 'I can't get married now… I have patrols, planning, meetings, drills to run… I have too much to do, and the enemy is at our doorstep and knocking rather loudly.' One thought goes to Agnes, 'No… that isn't a possibility.' He frowns, then looks at the sky. 'Six. Mother and Crone especially, I need guidance. I know my duty to my family… and there has been a lot of betrothals recently so perhaps my mind is just caught in the tide? I don't know where I stand on the subject… I mean, it would be nice but at the same time how can I do that to someone? Running off to war, leaving them behind not knowing if I'll return?' He silently prays for help, and looks down at the flower in his hand… on which a ladybug with a slight mottling to it has landed. The ladybug crawls around for a moment on the flower then takes off. That was his sign, if the woman hadn't been that ladybug was. However that makes sense to Jarek, he just knows that the Six answered him and he heads back to the Drakholt to write his father.

To: Erek.Saimhann@Spikka
From: Jarek.Saimhann@Spikka

Subject: I had a sign from the Six

Message -


For whatever reason, the Six have given me a sign… and I'd like to know your thoughts of this when you have time to spare. I figure you've considered seeking a match for me, and though I've avoided speaking to you on this for a while now… I feel we should. My duty to the family, to continue the line for our people, is important and I should not avoid it further by saying my duty to fight this war supersedes it.
The Crone and Sage's blessings, though you are wise already, in making a choice for to whom to converse on the subject.
Let me know your thoughts, if any


The message sent, Jarek heads out to start planning convoys to the outer lying settlements and patrols along the boarder of the forest.

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