07.02.3013: Sightseeing
Summary: After dinner, Elodie shows Kadmus the views from the Atrium of Shelter
Date: 2 July 3012
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Elodie Kadmus 

RP Room Standing in as the Atrium at Shelter
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2 July, 3013

The lift doors open, and Elodie leads the way out along the corridor, the way lit mostly by artifical light. Above and along one side of the hallway that curls around this top level at the front of Shelter a curved window reveals that the wind has picked up, and is blowing the clouds across the sky, the moon alternately lighting the atrium brightly, and then leaving it with only the artificial light. "This is one of my favorite places," the youngest lady of the house informs Kadmus as she walks along the windows. "You can see forever from up here, and the landscape is always changing. The wind is blowing so hard tonight, that tomorrow everything will look different." She stops to look over what some might consider a frozen wasteland, but in the moonlight, appears as a pale white sea, the blowing snow leaving ripples in its wake.
Lady Elodie had changed for dinner, and wears a dark blue gown that brings out her eyes, with a pale blue hooded surcoat lined in white fur, divided all the way down the middle so that it flows as she walks. The white embroidery of the surcoat swirls around in a pattern reminiscent of snowflakes driving before a blizzard.

Kadmus looks out across the surface of the icy moon from the high atrium, "It really is quite a remarkable view. We don't really have such vistas back home." He says, "I can see why you like it up here though, it's always amazing how such inhospitable land can look so inviting and beautiful."

Elodie smiles softly. "From up here it's beautiful," she tells him, fingers resting lightly on the heated pane of glass. Her eyes look out over the 'sea' of snow. The buttresses that support the room, and the frames around the windows appear to be of a dark brass metal, contrasting with the pale vistas during the day, and the pale walls on the other side of the room. Potted trees and plants are interspersed with seating areas, some with personal vid screens. It's not exactly crowded this time of night, but what citizens and soldiers are here are quiet, obviously adhering to some unspoken rule that this a place of quiet gathering in the evening hours. She turns that smile into something of a knowing grin as she turns her head towards the young lord. "But, it is just like many other beautiful things… that hide a serious danger if you are beguiled and not on your guard. I am sure there are corals or fish in your reefs that appear beautiful, but have a deadly sting or some such."

Kadmus comes to stand beside you at the window, his hand moving to gingerly rest at the small of your back, just the fingertips however, "There are indeed creatures like that on Mare Maris." He agrees as he meets your gaze, a grin growing on his lips as well, "So what is your deadly sting, then, Lady Elodie?"

Elodie gives a little laugh and shakes her head, her cheeks tinging pink once more. "You are very flattering, Lord Kadmus. However, I am not beautiful enough to have a deadly sting. I am more like one of the pretty fish who dart among the shoals, doing my best to avoid the stingers while not looking out of place."

"Any flattery is quite deserved, Milady." Kadmus replies, hand remaining there lightly as he glances out amongst the scenic view, "And I don't think I could imagine you darting about, hiding from predators." He says, "Your choice of profession may not be the knightly path, but I hardly think you are prey." he adds, "You seem so bold and sure of yourself in many things."

Elodie smiles. "One does not have to be prey to be prudent enough to stay away from predators," she reminds the lord beside her, turning once more to look outside, but it brings her imperceptibly closer to the man. "I am not sure that I am bold, so much as… well, it's in our family motto. I do what needs to be done. With the Hostiles returning, there is a great need for medics who can perform the necessary surgeries and procedures in less than ideal conditions. Were it peace time, perhaps I would have studied a medical path that seeks new cures."

"Perhaps so." Kadmus nods at that, "Regardless, I still twould not sell your courage short." He adds, his hand scooting over a little more, resting a bit more fully on that back, "And we all do what needs to be done in tims like these."

Elodie's little smile can be seen in the reflection in the glass. "Thank you. It is not something we talk about in our family. Courage and such. We don't actually talk that much at all."

"No? Your Sister and I talked a bit after you had to return to your duties, she seemed to be genuinely concerned with your wellbeing." Kadmus says at that, looking out across the snowscape once more, "But, I suppose that does not automatically mean she talks to you about such things though. But, you can always feel that you can come to me if you wish to talk about anything." he adds, shooting you a little smile.

"Oh, we know that we care for each other. I know she is concerned for me, and I for her. We just don't.. tell each other in so many words." At the offer, Elodie turns her head to look up, her eyes searching to test the sincerity of Kadmus's offer. "Anything?"

Kadmus nods his head a little, turning to meet your gaze and he offers a charming smile, "Of course you can, Lady Elodie." he says, "Why, is there something troubling you?" he asks, brow popping a little.

Elodie gives her head a little shake. "Oh… no, nothing troubling me," she replies slowly. "I just… I don't know. It's strange. It seems like with an offer like that I should have, many things to talk about, but suddenly I can't seem to think of a single thing."

Kadmus grins a bit and shifts his hand a little more, putting it all the way around your waist, "Then we don't really have to talk about anything." He says, "We can just look out across the snow a bit." He nods sagely. "I am excited for your visit to Mare Maris." He adds.

There's a little motion of surprise as Elodie stiffens at first when the arm goes all the way around her waist. But then she relaxes, carefully, though, not stepping closer, but not rebuffing the familiarity. "We can," she agrees, although the moon seems to disagree as it momentarily hides behind the speeding clouds. "You are? I admit, I am looking forward to it. Has Lady Una decided who shall accompany me?"

"She didn't seem all that concerned with anyone accompanying you, though your family is certainly welcome." Kadmus says, "Perhaps she'll discuss it with you herself, I do not want to presume.

Elodie smiles. "Perhaps," she agrees as the landscape lights up again. She lifts a hand to point across the plain to the right. "There's a new range of 'hills' over there, now. They're probably covering a break in the ice, making it look safe to walk there."

"Indeed?" Kadmus asks, looking across towards the indicated hills, "I understand that you have a liquid ocean beneath the ice, right?" he wonders, looking over towards you just a little bit, brow quirking up some.

Elodie nods. "That's what makes the cracks so dangerous. It's not certain that there will be a solid bottom to the crevasse." Her face falls into more somber expression. "And what makes a rescue so dangerous. Even with all our technology, we can't keep ice from cracking further, especially in summer months." She musters up a grin. "We're pretty good at cracking ice, just not putting it back together."

"I wonder what lays in those depths." Kadmus says, his gaze wandering out across the landscape, "Has your family explored it at length? I wonder what secrets or wonders might lay hidden underneath.."

Elodie smiles. "Well, some of those things are in the aquarium. I'm sure that there are probably things that we haven't found, yet. Maybe some day we'll have our own underwater city in the depths of the oceans," she glances up and raises a mischievous eyebrow at that suggestion. "But there are more pressing concerns for us to turn our minds to at present. I'd love to explore when it's all over, though."

"Maybe, but I don't know that we have to wait until the end of the System war to do things we want to do… I'll be an old man by then." He adds with a little laugh, "But, it shouldn't be a priority either, I suppose."

Elodie grins. "Are you going to let being an old man stop you from exploring?" she teases. She does nod, though, agreeing, "we do need some things to do that don't involve the war, to lift our spirits."

"Indeed." Kadmus nods, "Maybe I'll suggest to your sister something of the sort, an expedition perhaps. I know not all of my citizens are soldiers, and some are adept at underwater prospecting and exploration."

A moment after she nods absently in agreement, Elodie's eyes light up. "Oh! I just had a thought." She turns to look up at Kadmus. "What about having boat trips like the one we took for convalescing soldiers? The sun, and the lovely colors, and the sea air… I know I felt my spirits lift… and spirits need to be attended to as well physical wounds." She blushes immediately after. "I am sorry, My Lord. I am impudent at times, when a thought takes hold."

Kadmus cracks a grin at that, "And you said you weren't a bold one!" he counters, "Just as I suspected, when you have an idea at mind, you pursue it." He laughs, "I think that might be something that we could look into providing, let me propse it to my Father when I return home, and we can go from there?"

Elodie turns quite red at his teasing about her boldness, ducking her head. "I'm afraid it's true," she replies quietly, there's a bit of downcast to her tone, but when he actually considers it, she looks up again. "Truly?"

Kadmus grins a little, "Don't worry, I like bold." He says towards you, "And of course I will, I think it is a good idea if we can accomodate it." he adds, "Once I have some news I'll be sure to let you know."

Elodie gives a smile of relief, although, she still has some lingering doubts in her eyes. "I would appreciate that. Maybe I can talk to some other families… as Lady Sophie pointed out, if you can't fight, there are other things that you can do. It might help some of our citizens who can't fight feel like they're doing something important to support those who can."

"I think it is a good start in ensuring the Morale of our soldiers does not waver." Kadmus says with a little nod of his head, "And if you think of anything else, Do not hesitate to come to me either." He adds.

Although she's never had any troubles being able to get enough notice to take part in search and rescue and later become a trauma surgeon, the idea of someone who wants to hear her /ideas/ is fairly new to Elodie. She finds her self looking quizzically at Kadmus, almost as if he's lost his mind. "You want to hear my ideas?" she clarifies with a little disbelief in her voice.

"A good idea can come from all manner of people, Lady Elodie, and you've already offered one good idea." Kadmus counters, grinning a bit and giving your side a little squeeze, "Why shouldn't I listen to anything else you might have to suggest? I can't promise to act on everything, but I can promise to listen."

Elodie smiles, and actually lets the squeeze pull her a little closer to the lord. "Thank you," she says with quiet sincerity, and doesn't bother to follow up with the words 'you don't know how much this means to me' because that's already very evident in her gaze, and the timbre of her words.

Kadmus cracks a little grin back at you, "You're welcome." He replies as you scoot in a little closer, leaving it at that for the time being and his attention shifts from you, out towards the view again.

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