Sibling Letter Exchange
Summary: Brienne and Declan Exchange Letters
Date: 14/December/2013
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Brienne Declan 

March 28, 3014 - Patrols and Arborenin City

To: Declan.Arboren@Arboren
From: Brienne.Arboren@Arboren
Subject: IC Letter from the field


I recently heard the new rumors of you warning Canis to back off from me. I almost want to say thanks, but I'm afraid I can't. The rumors will never die down when you continue speaking about it. Let them die. You keep my name far away from your mouth unless it's mother you speak to. You do not have permission to talk about me to my brothers, to my friends or to my enemies. Anything that needs said can be said by Tristan, by Keanen and by my Mother. At least they have my best interests at heart. You are almost as detrimental to my reputation as I was and you are prolonging everything. Leave me alone, forget I even exist for now. I'm out on the patrols, killing Hostiles and I don't need to worry about what you are doing back home.

As I said, don't say my name to anyone other than our mother, and let me move on beyond this so that maybe somewhere along the way I will have a chance at a future.


To: Brienne.Arboren@Arboren
From: Declan.Arboren@Arboren
Subject: IC Letter

To my beautiful sister Brienne,

Brie, I sincerely hope that you have not allowed yourself to fall prey to the tabloid's ignominious attempts to spin gold from straw. By which I mean, do not be so gullible. Do not believe the words of wretched gossipmongers over the words of your own flesh and blood. Next time you are here at home, let me speak openly and frankly to you about the words I offered Lord Canis.
You dictate to me that I cannot speak you name to anyone but mother. I cannot comply with this request as it is far too impractical. When I am sitting in the war room with the Knight Captain discussing the movement of patrols, I often will point to the position of your patrol on the map and mention you by name. Or when I often entertain visitors that ask about your whereabouts I am forced to speak of you then. Just yesterday I met with none other than Lyrienne herself. She came to visit with you…and she revealed some…frightening information that I dare not scribe here (we need to meet to discuss this).
Anyhow, my point is that you are angry with me and all I can do is ask that you forgive me for speaking of you to Lord Canis. In the future, if I must meet with one of your former suitors, I will endeavor to have you present. Forgive me, lovely Brienne, you know the penitence within my heart…you have known me longer than any of our other siblings. And it is you that knows my heart better than any other in our family…you know my sincerity.
I will do my very best to refrain from mentioning you; that is the best I can do in complying with you wishes. I love you, Brienne, even if I have a hard time expressing it in person. I love you so much. I would happily throw myself against certain death if it would save you. And should such a thing happen, I would die happy as I'd know I was leaving our House in your hands. That being said, I will never in my life comply with your request to forget that you exist. I am proud you are my sister.
Sissy, never think I do not have your interests at heart. Once again, do not be decieved by the media. There are forces at work that seek to rip our family apart. This I heard from Lyrienne yesterday…we will have to speak about this is person.


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