07.25.3013: Shopping in Phylon
Summary: Ariana takes Elodie to Phylon to check out the latest fashions there. They just happen to run into both Sammel and Declan in the process.
Date: 25 July 2013
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Marketplace of Myron — Phylon, The Vale
This is one of the largest marketplaces in Phylon, hosting a wide variety of shops and restaurants. Some merchants and craftsmen have taken up one of the permanent buildings surrounding the center of the market such as the blacksmiths and grocers. The rest of the cobbled marketplace is filled with mobile kiosks and carts that can easily be packed up and wheeled out when the market closes in the late evening. There are street food vendors, textile and basket weavers, trinket and bauble sellers, and much more. At the center of the marketplace is a little grassy lawn with stone benches arranged on its exterior to provide places to eat and socialize, or just watch the madness of the marketplace during the busy hours. Streetlamps are erected all around the market so that it may continue after sunset, though most merchants are expected to close up shop before midnight.
25 July 3013

Despite the heat of the afternoon sun, the marketplace of Phylon is crowded with eager shoppers hoping to find a bargain at many of the storefronts and stalls. While not caring for bargains as a whole, Ariana is here with Lady Elodie in tow to visit each and every dress shop within the marketplace and beyond. The taller of the women, the ever-graceful Ariana, is dressed in a lilac gown with shimmery pink trim at her sleeves and along her hem. Her hair is drawn to the side in a casual braid, giving her a stylish yet relaxed appearance. Leading the way for this venture, she continues to chat with her friend from Niveus, "Wasn't that golden gown lovely? I'm glad that they had the time to do our fitting there, but that does not mean that we stop and just one dress shop." Though this next shop they are heading towards is probably the 4th of the day, "Oh no. It's always a good idea to see what every shop has as their styles and designs are always evolving and changing."

Stepping out from one of the blacksmiths, Sammel is looking around to make sure that he doesn't walk into anyone yet, as he finishes his conversation with the man running the shop. That done, as he steps out further into the marketplace, he makes his way over towards one of the carts selling food now. He hasn't noticed the ladies present yet, although his steps end up taking him not too far from where they are.

Elodie smiles at Ariana's words, wearing a light dress of loose, cape-like sleeves that flutter as she walks alongside her friend. Being shorter, it is harder for her to see over the crowds, so she depends more on her companion to choose their path to the next shop, and to see if there is anyone around that they know. "Have you ever seen a gown that you've loved so much that you just /have/ to have that one, and you know that no other one will compare?"

"I've had many of those types of gowns." Ariana speaks while a quiet smile forms on her lips and her eyes glance off to the side to view Elodie, "Usually, there is something that comes along that is far more innovative. Or at least beautiful. However, for a… wedding dress, this will, hopefully, be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so yes. We need to find something special." Having already offered her congratulations to the woman earlier, she lightly inquires, "I'm afraid that I've not asked you yet, but, how do you feel about your betrothal? Is it everything you had hoped for?" She has that look of a woman with so many things on her mind and yet, she is carefully choosing which questions to ask first. Being the taller of the two, she does eventually notice Sammel off in the distance, but rather than inform Elodie of this, Ariana instead leads the girl in that direction, for now, as they continue with their chit-chat.

Reaching that cart, Sammel offers a smile to the vendor as the two of them talk for a little bit. Seems like it's one of the regulars in the marketplace, that the knight has bought the food from often. Conversation still ongoing as some kind of bread is being prepared, Sammel hasn't noticed the approaching ladies yet.

"Well, I'm not looking for my own wedding gown, yet. We haven't set a date, but I am looking for something for the royal wedding." Elodie glances down to her hands that she clasps in front of her and raises to her waist as they walk. "I don't know, really. I wasn't sure that I had been /hoping/ for anything?" She grins up to her friend. "I didn't have any list made for myself. I think sometimes I thought that as the youngest daughter, I would me lucky to married off… and Cindravale is a good family." After a pause, and a few more steps. "I like Sir Sammel well enough."

"To be honest, I am keeping an eye open for both. Then again, a good wedding gown can take months to actually create, when you not what pieces you want put together into a neat package." Ariana informs regarding the science of wedding gowns. Her eyes remain locked upon Sammel in the distance and while she does not make an exact bee-line to the man, she does drift here and there ensuring that soon enough, they will run into him in the midste of their conversation. "I gathered that from when we last spoke of weddings and matches, but you are right and any young woman be /delighted/ to be married into House Cindravale and to a fine knight — Lord Sir Sammel, what a pleasant surprise!" Immediately, her head lowers in deference to the Paramount noble, catching Elodie from out of the corner of her eyes.

"And I hope the kids are doing well, Milton? No problems with…" Wait, was that is name mentioned? Nodding a bit to the vendor again, Sammel turns to see who it was that mentioned him, he comes to a stop as he sees the ladies present, spotting the taller of the two first. "Lady Ariana, it's a pleasure." He then spots Elodie, and offers her a smile, as he takes a few steps towards her now. "My lady. I wasn't aware that the two of you had decided to come over here today, or I would have made sure to greet you as you arrived. I hope you are well?"

With her eyes scanning the people around her curiously, trying to gauge the citizens of her soon-to-be home, Elodie is brought up short as Ariana is 'surprised' to see her betrothed. She glances quickly up to the taller woman with a flash of amiable skepticism, then over, her eyes finding him at just about the same time that he finds her. "Sir Sammel, it is a pleasure," she replies, smiling with a gentle shake of her head. "Lady Ariana and I are shopping for dresses, so I did not think to see if you were available today. It is not usually the thing that men enjoy doing." She does automatically take a step towards him as he approaches, raising her hand to him.

Ariana, herself, doesn't focus on the citizens, though she does observe the flamboyant fashions that are seen all around them in perfect Cindravale style. Now, however, her attention is shared between the newly betrothed and while she had expressed her congratulations to Elodie earlier, this she does say, "As I was telling My Lady of Iah earlier, I extend my congratulations to the both of you on your betrothal announcement. I cannot say that I wasn't caught off guard by the wedding banns, but you both did make a lovely couple at Sir Ellinor and Sir Nikomachos' reception." The young Larent then quiets down somewhat, giving the new pair some time to speak.

Sammel smiles as he takes Elodie's hand gently in his, lifting it to brush his lips lightly against her knuckles now. "Well, it's true that I'm not really that well-versed in such things as shopping for dresses, and that I'm not quite as fashion-oriented as my older brother." A brief pause, and a smile now, before he adds, "But it would still be a pleasure to accompany you." A smile is offered to the Larent Lady as well now. "Thank you, Lady Ariana. And I believe that congratulations are in order to you as well? You and Young Lord Arboren looked like a lovely couple as well."

It's not quite a blush when Sammel lifts her hand that comes to Elodie's cheeks, but there is something a little pleased and almost shy about the way she allows the greeting. Ariana's compliment to the two of them doesn't help her composure, but she does grin to her friend, letting her hand remain with Sammel's if he wishes after the greeting. "I believe that in the endeavor to answer your other questions, Lady Ariana, that I did forget to thank you for your congratulations," she murmurs ruefully. "You are kind," she adds with a tiny bit of a blush on how well they look together. At the Lord Cindravale's compliment, she gives a smile of agreement. "They do, don't they?"

Ariana seems pleased to dole out the compliment regarding this betrothed couple but when she is the one receiving congratulations for her own betrothal, well… Her features look all more composed and a light smile at the very least, tugs at the edges of her lips. One of her brows lifts gently, however, to note some curiosity, but she does easily state, "Thank you, My Lord. My Lady," Looking between the two as she does so. "My family and I are honored for this rare opportunity — The marriage to a Paramount Heir, who is not our own liege. Just think, we are moving so quickly on to the next chapter of our young lives. It's a little exciting."

"Yes, they do," Sammel replies with a smile to Elodie, still holding her hand in his now. Nodding a bit again at Ariana's words, he smiles again, before he adds, "Yes, it would seem that we are moving quickly to the next chapter of our lives. Some would say it's now that our stories really start." Looking from Elodie to Ariana and back again, there's a smile, before he adds, "It is an exciting thing, a new chapter starting like that, yes."

Elodie's hand rests easily in Sammel's as they talk with Ariana. "It is indeed a wonderful opportunity, Lady Ariana. I am sure that you will make the most of it. And, for my part, I promise to invite you to Phylon as often as Sir Sammel will allow, as I know you feel a special affinity for the city where your mother was raised." She does squeeze a little bit at the man's hand and she looks to him. "But, we were shopping. I should be happy of your company, Sir Sammel, but if you have other duties to attend, I understand."

"I would greatly appreciate such an invitation to come and spend time here with you and your new family, My Lady." Ariana enthuses gently at Elodie's suggestion. "There are not many places where I would rather be than here." Quietly, she does note the betrothed couple holding hands, but even though she watches such a union with silent attentiveness, her eyes soon lift to peer at their surroundings. "And yes, Sir Sammel, this is the perfect time to get to know your betrothed better.." From the Cindravale, her gaze shifts to Elodie, "We can continue with our gown shopping at another time soon. We'll need to handle this quickly with so many marriage banns having just been announced on top of the ones prior."

Sammel smiles as he hears that, nodding as he does, "I don't have anything I need to attend to until later today. The blacksmith is doing some work for me, but it will still take quite a while, so I'm happy to spend the time with you." Another smile is offered to Ariana, before he adds, "I'm sure that many of us will be happy to see you visit from time to time, Lady Ariana." Smiling a bit to the rest of what's being said now. "We all will need some more finery for all of those upcoming weddings, I believe. So if the two of you feel a need to continue the shopping trip, I'm happy to escort you on it."

Elodie smiles at Sammel's reply, then turns to look at Ariana with a little smile. "Why, Lady Ariana, are you trying to ditch us?" she asks with a grin, then shakes her head. "I will have plenty of other times to get to know Sir Sammel better. Besides, he can be good for carrying things if we do find something to purchase." She can't help making the time honored suggestion of Sammel's possible uses, with a teasing grin. "After all, Sargeant Wolf needs to keep his hands free to protect me." The guard is easy to ignore, as usual, as his feet hardly ever make a sound, and he almost never talks.

Declan has indeed tracked Ariana down, although the 'trick' to it is far less exotic than one might imagine. The Ways are always manned and guarded, and the comings and goings of noble-kind are the sort of thing that draws notice. So, most likely, he just asked someone! Similarly, in the market, it is not hard to stumble upon the party of nobles for the stir the cause among the other passing shoppers in the market. Approaching, he hails the group with a wave and a friendly smile. "Lady Elodie, Sir Sammel, good to see you both again - good day, and congratulations!" Toward Ariana, his smile is brighter still. "And here she is. Lady Ariana, you are looking lovely as always."

Ariana lets go of a soft, yet intrigued 'hmmm' sound when Elodie states her case on why the young Larent should stay. "And yet young women everywhere continue to make excuses on why they should not be wed. It is clear that they do not see the bigger picture in marriage as you do, My Lady." This comes off as a light joke, her own eyes now looking directly at Sammel as she states, "Thank you, My Lord. We will try not to overburden you so on this fine day." Twirling on her feet, she is already gesturing in the direction of one of the dressmaker's shops. "You've lived here all your life, My Lord. Which shops do /you/ recommend?" Slowly, she half-turns to look over her shoulder towards the knight once more, believing that such a question may baffle him despite the Cindravale blood coursing through his veins. Just as she turns to step forward, she is caught off guard by Declan's appearance, blinking quickly when he greets the small party. Once the surprise has passed, she quickly lowers her head as a show of deference once more, intoning to the Arboren, "Young Lord Declan, I wasn't expecting to see you here in Phylon though I am curious now as to what business you have here." She straightens gracefully, offering a polite smile to her betrothed.

Sammel smiles as he hears that. "I would be happy to help with carrying things," he offers, before he adds, "I'll call it exercise, so it'll all be good?" Spoken a bit lightly, before Ariana's question makes him pause very briefly, before he smiles. "Well, there's one that has both gowns, and formal clothing for men, I believe. It's not too far from here." Looking about to say something more, but then Declan shows up. "Young Lord Arboren," he greets the man with a nod and a smile, before he adds, "Thank you. And congratulations to you as well."

"Young Lord Arboren," Elodie greets with a proper nod of her head. "It is a pleasure to see you again," she can't help a little chuckle as all the compliments are being passed around again, and she adds her own to the stream of conversation. "It is a surprise to see you here," her head inclines towards Ariana as she agrees with the Larent lady. "Now that you are here, however, would you care to join us for some shopping?"

"Well, I did want to pay an official visit at some point to discuss the most recent landings," Declan offers by means of explanation, although the seriousness of that matter seems to be outweighed by the enjoyment of his company. "But I admit, I was traveling through the Ways on some other business and chanced upon a rumor of your visit here to Phylon. So I thought I might combine the purpose of my visit a bit. You're shopping?" he wonders then, glancing first between the women, and then toward Sammel who is apparently being recruited for his carrying capacity. "Thank you," he adds as the congratulation is echoed. He goes on to answer Elodie, "I would be happy to accompany you all. It's not often I come to sample the high fashions of the Vale, but knowing my betrothed's tastes, perhaps I ought to make a point of it."

"I see." Is Ariana's response when the Hostile landings are brought up. "We are making plans on how to deal with the transport pod that landed on one of our remote plateaus. Our gliders have been flying over the spot, observing any activity there. Landing, however, could prove dangerous if the Hostile are prepared for us.. and what they can do from there is still a mystery to me." Such a light occasion suddenly turns somber, but her very faint smile seems to brighten on her face. "And you are very correct, My Lord." Her words are directed to Declan, "This is something you will need to grow used to, drifting aimlessly from shop to shop for hours on end to realize that you don't really want to purchase anything at all. But I digress, I'm sure that you will find something you like in Phylon." She does not mention whether she means something for him or for her.

Sammel smiles, nodding at the mention of the landings and such things. "Hopefully it will be the same kinds of units we need to fight. They are hard enough to deal with." A bit of a thoughtful expression, before he offers a grin to Declan. "I'm sure there'll be some part of our fashions that would look very good on you," he offers to the man now.

Elodie's own expression dims to a quiet concern when the talk of Hostiles is brought up, and she glances quickly to the man beside her, her fingers tightening a little around his. But then the less weighty matter of shopping is brought up, and she leans closer to say something quietly in her soon-to-be lord's ear. Although she doesn't chime in with words this time, she does give an encouraging smile to Declan regarding finding something fashionable for him.

Declan laughs as Ariana holds up aimless wandering amidst the stores as a goal. "The market in the heartwood does have a great variety, so I'm somewhat used to the idea of browsing… but not so much for clothing. Still, I suppose there are worse and less pleasant ways to idle away one's time. Though I rather think you're right. There's so much here, that I can't imagine failing to find anything. I imagine finding too much for Sir Sammel to carry being more the trouble." He flashes the other man a quick grin. "I'll take whatever advice you might have to give on your local fashions. I do agree, there must be something that will suit me."

Just the idea of playing dress up with the boys seems to lift Ariana's spirits further and she nods quickly to all that is said. "Some believe that the Cindravale are the trendsetters in the world of fashion. But of course, Orelle and their vassal Houses have their own unique style and many try to incorporate more technology into their garments. So you see a wide variety of styles… though, perhaps they may not be practical to be worn in the Arborenin woods, but fashionable all the same." And what does Ariana know about being practical when it comes to dress. Following Sammel's lead now, her pace slows as she looks back at Declan, trying to pick out the best hue to match his hair and eye colors. "I've basically stopped counting how many new gowns I will need to purchase. I do hope that everyone's betrothal periods are spread out to give us some room to breathe."

Sammel chuckles as he hears whar's being wispered, nodding a little bit at what's being said now. "Good," he replies, a bit lightly, as he looks around again now, "Well, we have our moments, when it comes to the styles, yes. As my brother always enjoys showing off." Spoken a bit lightly.

Still smiling from her remark to Sir Sammel, Elodie notices the lightening of Ariana's mood, and though her smile remains something in her eyes goes thoughtful. "Sir Sammel," she turns to the man beside her, crossing her free hand over to lay it lightly on his forearm. "Is there a place nearby where we can sit down and have something to eat? I've been on my feet most of the day, and I confess I could use a rest." She glances to the other betrothed pair, "I am sure that Lady Ariana is more knowledgeable than I when it comes to seeing Young Lord Declan stylishly clothed." Her smile widens just a little. "Would the two of you mind excusing us?" Although the question seems almost rhetorical in a sense, as she gently tugs at her knight's arm.

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