04.16.3014: Shifting Sands, Solid Friendships
Summary: Cyrielle begins walking of her own accord, but it's still not perfect. Canis is a bit overbearing.
Date: Mon Dec 23
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Canis Cyrielle 

Lagoon Shore, Honor's Keep, The Vale
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Weds, April 16 3014

The therapists that staff Honor's Keep know their stuff. They're used to dealing with stubborn Knights and nobility. They may be Citizens, but they don't give a single damn when it comes to getting their charges back into action. Cyrielle woke one morning to find her crutches gone- she was still relying on them too much. It was a grouchy day or two from the Hollolas, but she found… that perhaps her new leg can handle more than she thought.

Today's prescribed activity is a walk and her first time braving the sands. The young woman is moving slowly; eyes largely upon her feet to make sure her footing is solid. She wears a halter-style bikini top; tied at the back of neck and shoulderblades. The material is a dark blue with silver beads at the ends of the ties. A tech-weave skirt is tied around her waist, knotted at her left hip. The colors on it shift and undulate; shades of the ocean and sky. As the fabric shifts, a matching bikini bottom can be glimpsed beneath.

Canis is dressed for possible swimming though he's not been yet. He wears a loose fitting shirt and shorts which look to have coral patterns on them. The sound of the approach turns his attention away from the waters and too the other noble. The young knight smiles seeing her without her crutches though he will move towards her as she approaches the sand. "Hello Lady Cyrielle, it's a fine day it's good to see you up and about." he does know sand can be tricky at the best of times and will offer his arm for support if she will accept.

The younger noblewoman accepts the arm as it is offered, seeming grateful for it. Her legs were beginning to wobble with her slow steps. "Sir Canis," she offers with a slight smile, glancing out towards the waters. Something softens in her gaze upon seeing the ocean. Like witnessing an old friend. "Those tricky therapists your House employs took my crutches," she fake-grouches, but is unable to fully contain a small smile.

He nods more respectfully "If you wish, you may call me just Canis.." he says as she takes his arm. It is only a precaution he will catch her if she starts to fall of course, though he follows her gaze out to the ocean and grins himself "It's something you don't forget even if you've been away a while the ocean I mean." the words of the therapists turn him back. "Hm resorting to thievary, they must like you." he smirks. "You are doing very well."

Fingers curl politely over Canis' arm; as one might if her were providing an escort to a formal function. "If you wish," she offers, lips quirking in a mild amusement. "You're welcome to call me Cyrielle. In fact, I'd honestly prefer it." She draws in a deep breath, chest expanding as she takes in the sea air. "She and I," meaning the ocean, her dark eyes focused on the distant waves, "were at odds for many years. We've come to terms."

With a glance to the man, Cyrielle laughs softly. "Like me, mm? I sure hope they don't ever dislike me. I couldn't imagine what they may do then."

Canis nods his head as she steadies herself on his arm lightly. He will take a few cautious steps onto the sand, he's in no rush however and will go at her pace. "I prefer it myself as well." the knight says in response to her words. He looks back to the ocean and back. "At odds, how so?" he asks curiously to her words though listening he chuckles "I think you'd know it, if they didnt like you. You should have seen them when my ribs were broken. I saw the glint in their eyes like oh the mighty Canis is broken hm?" he says though he is teasing.

"Mighty?" Cyrielle gives the knight a once-over and hmms. "I think I could take you." She winks in the wake of it, giggling faintly. She does lean into him slightly as they start walking across the sand, using his arm to make sure her balance keeps up on the shifting surface.

To his initial question, the woman draws in a long breath. "My original injury… came during a massive storm. It was one of my first sailing expeditions to prove my worth towards being a Captain. A strong squall… The main mast broke. Lost a few men overboard and… it mangled my leg, badly. It's what triggered my Awakening as well."

The young man scrunches his nose a little but grins reaching to steady her with his free hand but it drops after he's compensated for the sand and everything. "Hm maybe that part was in my head ha?" Canis says chuckling a bit though he wishes her in good humor so it's working out well so far well until his question that is. The smile fades a bit "That must have been frightening I can see why you'd have a bit of mistrust towards the ocean due to that." he looks back out a moment "You've done a lot though Cyrielle you've not been beaten."

Once her balance is a bit steadier as she gets used to the way her cybernetic reacts with the sand, Cyrielle leans a bit less on Canis. Instead, it becomes more of a casual walk. "Terrifying, really." She draws in a breath, looking to the ocean once again. "And… well, yes, I suppose I have." She looks over towards the man, eyelids lowering slightly in thought. "But such is time of war, is it not?"

Canis turns back as she seems to gain more balance and security as they walk he doesn't however pull away. "I've nevr had the ocean turn against me, but as my sister said i'm a casual sailor mostly within the break water and a very little outside of it. If you would like to sail we can take the boat out i'm sure you'll do much better then myself." he listens a bit more nodding "It is we've been brought up since birth knowing we were meant for this, but I fight for those who cannot. I've told others who wished to fight that even the bravest knight has fears going into battle, if others can go through life not having to feel that, i've done my job."

"I was recently told that fear is an important thing… provided you don't let it take you over." Cyrielle casts a brief smile towards the Ligonier, before her gaze returns to the ocean. "Well… here's an idea." She steps away from him, trying a few unsteady steps through the sand itself. Closer to the waters. "I will teach you to be a better sailor… and in turn, you teach me how to use a polearm so I can return home with the basic knowledge required for a trident."

"Exactly corrct, if it doesnt overule your senses you can use it to your own advantage." Canis will watch as she takes a few careful steps on her own though he will follow along soon after being closer the water isnt a bad thing. "I think you have yourself a deal, that sounds great." he says and his voice carries a bit of excitement of the prospect. "Do you enjoy swimming as well?" he asks "I know that you might need a little time, but the waters here at least for me washes away stress and things at the end of a hard day once ready maybe it can do well for you."

Canis listens to her words nodding "I enjoy swimming as well quite nice and a good exercise on top of everything else. When you are ready i'll be glad to go swimming." He says easily enough though he is lucky that he's watching her as she shifts and starts to fall his motion is quick as he rushes forward he does a bit of a dive and a roll coming up on his feet though a move he learned being a knight his arms are out-stretched hoping she falls into them than all the way down.

It's close… but not quite. He's able to partially catch her; hands catching around her shoulders and upper arms. Maybe a bit forward under one of her arms. Still, Cyrielle's legs do go out from under her and she may bring the Knight down with her as she stumbles over.

The young man is slowed probably trying to run and dash on sand which is not a good combo. Canis catches the other barely but only can slow her fall down as he legs give out to a gentle bump into the sand in this effort though he falls over as well having only enough grace to his face plant his hands under her instead of allowing her to fall harder or falling on her instead just near her. He is pulling himself up after a moment and helping her up to her feet. "I am sorry Cyrielle, I wasn't fast enough are you okay, can you walk?" he seems ready to carry her back to the house worried he's hurt her.

When she lands, Cyrielle lets out a sudden exhalation of air and a faint grunt. Her legs are sprawled akimbo and she's trying to right herself when he offers a hand to help her to her feet. "No, no," she insists to his apologies, flushing slightly in her own embarassment. "I wasn't paying attention. It's my fault, Canis."

There's a huff of a sigh as she accepts his aid to her feet. There's a slight stumble as her right leg comes down and she grunts a bit. "I might have… knocked something loose." Or she's just being over-sensitive.

Canis looks over the other as he helps her up making sure she's not injured or anything. He frowns slightly but shakes his head "You are my guest i'm supposed to keep you safe." it might be a little dramatic but he takes responsibility in this matter. "Lets go have that looked at." he says as her leg comes down to the grunt. Unless she pulls away he will put her arm around his shoulders a human crutch prepared to walk towards the rehab facilities at her pace.

Letting him support her, Cyrielle tries to get her feet under her properly. She's struggling a little, but she's trying at least. Thankfully, the leg does bear weight, but she allows him to start leading her towards the facilities. "Trust me, Canis. It's quite alright. I'm not going to be angry at you, alright?"

The knight watches her as she puts some wait on it he feels a little better. He gives a half smile to her words "I'll feel better when i get the all clear from the staff, but thank you I am glad you choose to come here for physical therapy so we could get to know one another better." Canis says honestly though he will move only as quick as she is ready letting her choose he's in no rush it would seem at the moment.

"It's the best place on Imperius for it," Cyrielle points out with a flash of a smile. "Willowtree knows their surgeries and basic rehab… But the Keep? That's where the soldiers go. I want to be able to go into battle without worrying about my leg. So this is the best place for me." She does, with Canis' assistance, slowly put a bit more weight on the leg with each step. One does make her wince and she swears softly under her breath. "If I'd known it was going to be so damn hard… I might not've rushed into it."

Canis smiles but it's stilla little small "I will not say you are wrong there, it's a family pride that we get to help soldiers and others who need us." The knight looks over to her as she seems in pain his mind tries to think of what he can do. "I could carry you?" he knows it's a stupid things to say even as he is saying it but it's a gotta try something moment. "I think you are brave for doing this now, the hard work you are putting in now will pay off ten fold later."

There's a slight flailing of hand and Cyrielle looks about to break away and try walking on her own. "No, no. I don't need help-" and as if the Six were trying to chastise her, she stumbles a step agin.

The knight watches a moment perhaps sensing she's ready to bolt. "Cyrielle, please." Canis takes a few more steps keeping her arm around his shoulder the stumble makes him wince once more, but he will pause only a moment "I am sorry Cyrielle, please dont be mad at me, but I dont wish you to hurt yourself." he says this scooping her up and will move swiftly to the doctors at the rehab facility to have her looked at properly.

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