Semyon Blackfells
David Oakes
David Oakes as Semyon Vadiev Blackfells
Full Name: Semyon Vadiev Blackfells
Byname: N/A
Age: 27
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Khournas
House: Ibrahm
Title/Profession: Citizen
Position: Citizen
Spouse: None Height: 6'1
Father: Vadim Oveldeev Blackfells Weight: ??
Mother: Starina Nessin Blackfells Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Klaudea Kahrin Blackfells Eye Color: Brown
Children: None


As the oldest in the family, it was Vadim's wish for Semyon to ultimately lead Blackfells Metalworks and that is the path set out for him to ascend towards as the years went on. But, it wasn't always that way. Born as the first and eldest, the early years were composed of a normal childhood with a tinge of expectations for him as the future loomed as an unforeseen presence. Their family was an old one, able to trace their years. Not just that. Generations, if one had asked the young child at any point in his youth with a sullen expression to match.

However, as the years passed and he became older, escape was held in a combination of electronics and archery lessons that were deemed necessary by his father. The bright part of his youth, in some ways, was the arrival of his younger sister, Klaudea when he was six years old. Excited to have someone younger around, he wasn't quite as excited as his parents - who had wanted to add to the family for some time. They may not have said much about it in his presence, but he knew enough.

With his parents doting time on his youngest sibling, he still had obligations set down upon him. What had to be done. Who had to be met. And who had to be kept in the family's good graces - whether that be through social events or through friendships with the children of such families.

Personality wise, it set Semyon up to be closed off and non-sociable by nature. In fact, this was anything but true. He liked meeting people, being in their company and more importantly - hearing what's going on in their lives which were sometimes different than his own. A window, as it seemed to him. His father may have other uses for such an ability, for the benefit of the company. Which is why he never dissuaded such demeanors from his son.

And while life was filled with such duties, but as he approached eighteen it also meant some measure of freedom. Aiming to attend the Academ with a focus in engineering, he couldn't escape the fact that his father's plans were becoming more apparent. He was going to take over some day in that nebulous future and he had to be prepared. But what about what he wanted?

In his first year at the Academ, he had heard that his sister had been taken on as a squire. Enough for him to be surprised - his kind-hearted, gentle if sometimes stubborn sister to be a knight someday? Maybe it'll suit her well but it also proved another point. If she could break such exceptions, could he? A side benefit was that he was able to spar with her and pick up a few tricks and new skills in how to use stealth to his advantage. Nothing much, but enough to occasionally listen to passerby without their knowledge. Not to mention, such activities while done in jest at times meant to help her own skills along, no less.

By this time, he had considered the possibilities. His father wanted him to take over the business someday. To that effect was the requirement of spending his summers working with drones and seeing if he could apply his learned skills in electrical engineering and mathematics to further efficiency. However, Semyon had his own thoughts on the matter. With the intent to take his coursework in the area of hostile tech, it was for the purpose of suggesting modifications to drones in development and importantly, programming. Not that his father's idea was a bad one, in hindsight. It was a good start for him to know and work with the people employed, but he simply could not twiddle his life away in wait with mundane tasks.

The side interest in political science stemmed from this mindset. If he could become knowledgeable in politics, he could do something that may benefit the family and company in wait. He did not have to remain in the realm indefinitely but it was a path to be delved into.

Between studies - from the Academ or summer work at the metalworks. There were social events that flickered between archery and parties, depending on the parties involved.

After graduation, time began to allot him more chances to feel out the direction he set himself upon for as long as he's not leading the company. Even though he still has duties to his father and the company, there was nothing which dictates that he has to wait. So, he doesn't.



Without lending himself to an excess of being too lithe or bulky, Semyon possesses a fair middling ground which is rounded out with dark brown eyes and equally rich hair in the same color. Trimmed so that it could possibly brush against the collar of any chosen shirt or coat worn, the front is kept out of his face without anything more than styling. Facial hair, in this case, is meticulously trimmed to highlight the shadow of what could become a full beard along his jawline but never does. The mustache has been trimmed as well to prevent the illusion of being too much with the overall well-groomed appearance. With a somewhat tanned complexion, he stands at a height if measured of six feet and perhaps a hair past.


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