Seeking Aid
Summary: Reena contacts the Volkan Chantry and local Senators for help with the Notice Project.
Date: 31/July/2013
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Reena Chantry 

31 July 3013 — Reena's Apartments - Blackspyre, Volkan

Reena retires to her apartments after an interesting family confrontation of sorts in the Blackspyre's Greatroom. She sits at her desk chair, and unbinds the end of her braid, unraveling the strands of hair as she ponders what might be occurring in the drawing room not far away. When her dark hair is finally freed, she turns on her datapad and begins to tap at it, to send some important messages.

TO: Archpriest@Chantry_Volkan, Senators@Senate_Volkan
FROM: Reena.Khournas@Blackspyre
SUBJECT: A Request For Aid

As a Lady of House Khournas, I feel it is my solemn duty to ensure the health, safety, and security of the people of the Crescent, much as the priests of the Chantry and our wise Senators do.

It has come to my attention that every large city, even our beloved Volkan, is not beautiful to its core. We have those who have fallen between the cracks, poor, homeless, destitute. These range from the very youngest children to the oldest of our loyal citizenry. They live below the clean air lines, with water that is unsafe to drink without treatment, in buildings with spotty climate control and inadequate requirements for true shelter. The streets run with filth, the lights which work are dim at best, and people are starving, with even the available food being barely identifiable as such.

Enclosed are photos I took of such a community in Volkan, one of the lower level towers. I left the area in tears, feeling that, as a noble, I had failed in my obligation to protect our people. I wish to remedy this in Volkan and perhaps others will take note and do the same for their people all over Haven.

I am calling this "The Notice Project" as many of those who are living under these conditions have named themselves "The Ignored". We have the opportunity to start a good trend here, and to get all of our people healthy and ready to face Hostiles should it come to that.

I have attached my project proposal to this message, and would like to enlist the help of the Volkan Chantry and our Senators to begin work as soon as possible. I will be contacting several nobles who have the expertise we need to put aspects of these plans into place properly.I will also be looking to raise funds for the effort with events.

Please, I implore you, help me help our people.

Lady Reena Khournas

Attachment Notice-Project-Outline.doc

The Notice Project will be funded by donations and through fundraising events.

  • Stage 1: Clean up. Air and water tests have indicated that treatment plants and purifiers are needed on the three deepest levels of Volkan, below the factories level. Also, there are several residential towers that are in grave disrepair and need to be upgraded. Lady Ariana Larent, Lord Brigham Peake, and Dr. Helena Dalton may be able to assist in this respect.
  • Stage 2: Community Garden. An enclosed, large farm will be created in which fruit and nut orchards and vegetables gardens will be planted and chickens will be tended for egg production. The poor will be volunteer workers, paid with chits to exchange for the output crops and eggs to feed their families. Lady Talayla Orelle will be consulted in this matter and Lady Reena Khournas will head this part of the project. All workers will be educated in agriculture skills, and some administrative tasks, so that they may be able to find work elsewhere as they improve on their quality of life.
  • Stage 3: Health Care. A clinic will open one day a week down below, and volunteer medical personnel will help with immunizations, infection control, and general health care. Lady Reena Khournas will try to gather volunteers and be one herself.
  • Stage 4: Security. Guards will be appointed to protect the farm, clinic, treatment plants, and tools. This should be a citizen watch, made up from the locals, so they do not feel as if they are being watched over by the nobility. The owner of Temple's Lock and Key of Khar-Mordune will act as security foreman for the project, and be contracted to provide security devices for the project's assets.

20 August 3013 — Volkan Chantry, Primus

To: Reena.Khournas@Blackspyre, Senators@Senate_Volkan
From: Serenos.Sextus.II@Chantry_Volkan
Subject: Aid for the Unseen

Lady Reena,

I apologize for the unconscionable delay in getting back to you. I have been spending time with those displaced by the Hostile invasion. I say this not to excuse my delay, but to explain it. We have several projects working with the less fortunate of Volkan already, my child, but would welcome your assistance in getting ahead of problems which will undoubtedly begin to grow all the stronger as this war wears on.

Perhaps your public participation could also help gain some of the Notice that we all believe these unfortunate souls could use. Unfortunately, even with the funding and attention available to us, a few areas simply slip through the cracks for a time. And it will get worse as the War rages longer, infrastructure is destroyed, and people are displaced further.

With our current resources, we will not be able to keep up with this increase in need. Your efforts in getting ahead of the expected need would be most welcome. We can certainly suggest some areas where overflow of population are most likely to occur. I think in particular, the medical facility and garden might be appreciated in the days to come.

Additionally, I can suggest several reputable local organizations to provide security assistance for your works, if you do not wish for Chantry Guard or a House Khournas man-at-arms to work in that role. I have no wish to tell you who to hire, but purchasing from a local supplier would also be good for the local economy — the very people you are trying to help.

Your concern for the people who have sworn your family fealty does you great credit, my child, and we absolutely welcome your assistance in tending to the poor and dispossessed of Volkan.

They Guide Through Us,

Serenos Sextus II
Archpriest of Volkan

31 July 3013 — Senator Bauthel's Office - Senate Tower, Landing

To: Reena.Khournas@Blackspyre, Serenos.Sextus.II@Chantry_Volkan
From: Aurenia.Bauthel@Senate_Volkan
Subject: Re: Aid for the Unseen

My Lady,

As you no doubt know, I have made it my life's work to see to those who otherwise would slip through the cracks of society in Volkan, and like Elder Brother Serenos says, your assistance in expanding and drawing attention to these works would be invaluable. I can only echo the Elder Brother's words, and promise you that if I or my office can be of any assistance, you need only contact us.

Senator Aurenia Bauthel, Volkan 4th District.

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