Security Systems

Haven is a highly-advanced and generally a well-policed society. As mentioned in the Staff Note on poverty, there are definitely some areas where this policing is not as complete as others, but in most civilized areas on Primus, Imperius, and the moons of Oculus (to say nothing of The Ring and the other space stations over Primus and Imperius), surveillance and a security presence are pervasive.

In cities (including The Ring), cameras watch most public areas. Inside noble fortresses and the barracks of The Watch and the House men-at-arms, these cameras are even more omnipresent, covering all public areas, most from several angles. Private quarters and restrooms are not covered by cameras, of course, but the entrances to each of these locations are. Every public Waygate has several cameras watching it, and all private ones have at least one. All of these cameras are watched by House men-at-arms, and the footage is stored on secure terminals in case it is needed for review. These storage terminals are heavily encrypted, and in turn watched by security specialists.

In addition to cameras, each energy field generator (the items which protect people and horses from blasters and bullets) has a unique identity that can be tracked going through Waygates or other secure locations. While it is possible to use a Waygate or otherwise travel without an energy field, doing so is suspicious in its own right, as it is a method of avoiding identification.

The overall point is that Haven is a surveillance society that modern-day Great Britain could only dream of. Simply walking down the street, a character is liable to end up on half a dozen cameras in the space of a block, and every time they use a Waygate, the energy signature of their energy field is stored on file. It is not an easy society to hide from, but it is not an impossible one either.

Wide-brimmed hats or cloaks can definitely make it difficult for these cameras to ascertain someone's identity (although in a noble fortification or other secure location, it's likely that cameras are also placed in other locations to make it easier to ID someone wearing a hat or cloak), the vast tracts of wilderness land are not covered by cameras, outside of the floor lift-hubs, the necropolii on Primus are not watched by cameras, less-traveled sections of small settlements do not have cameras (or as many of them), and many small alleys in even major cities escape the notice of cameras (especially in poorer areas of town). In general, however, anything that happened in the public areas of a noble fortification or in a major public space in a major city… it's on a secure terminal somewhere, someone just needs to dig it out.

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