11.24.3013: Secret Shared
Summary: Lady Elodie makes a request of Sammel, and makes sure that all the facts are known.
Date: A week or so ago
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Elodie's Quarters on Niveus
Although it has the same white walls with dark brass beams and vaulted ceiling of the rest of Shelter, Elodie's love of life and living things has taken over the once geometrically laid out suite, giving the place something of an air of an old earth industrial site that's been left to nature. A geometric pattern cut into the metal floor and planted with low growing thyme has taken the place of the circular walls that used to enclose her foyer, in the middle of which a simple, circular fountain still stands. The herb gives an aromatic and fresh welcome to the visitor, trying to prepare them for the small vista that opens up before them.
The curved ceiling has been tiled almost seamlessly with computer monitors that have a feed from outside cameras, bringing Niveus's skies right to her suite. Every cloud, star, or ray of sun is fed straight into the room, meaning that she literally does sleep under the stars.
Normally, this would make a space seem huge, the openness of the sky seeming to go on forever. But, like most other rooms in Shelter, the strong beams of wood and metal truss work hold up the ceiling and delineate where walls once stood, breaking into the view. The only solid walls left standing are the ones around her privy. Planters of ivy and flowering vines have taken advantage of the 'natural' light, and wound their way around these beams, following wires that have been strung in between in some places, leaving areas of dappled shade. A few miniature potted trees have been arranged to surround her own personal little library and reading area. The long, stone fireplace partially hides the sleeping area, appearing to be a rock wall from the entryway, behind which a canopy bed of smooth curves, nestles near the fire, like a camper's tent at a campfire.
24 November, 3013

After dinner with the family, from which a body guard was somewhat conspicuously absent, Sammel and Elodie have retired to her quarters. With a little fire going on her fireplace, and the settee pulled around in front of it, Elodie has found a comfortable little space for herself in the circle of Sammel's arm. With the wedding only days away, she's found herself becoming quite comfortable with her husband to be, just being with him, in silence or in chatter. Tonight, she's quiet, looking at the flames, one hand idly tracing little patterns on the knight's knee.

And Sammel has become comfortable with his wife to be as well. At the moment he's looking into the flames, smiling a little. There is one thing he has noticed though, and so he turns to look at Elodie for a few moments now. "You're quite quiet tonight," he remarks, keeping the words not too loud.

There's a little sigh as Sammel notes the quiet, and she shifts a little so she can look up to him. It takes a little lean, and she kisses him on the cheek, then nods. "It has to do with Sgt. Wolf. I've been trying to think of a way to bring it up."

After she's kissed his cheek, Sammel raises an eyebrow a little bit now. "What about the good Sergeant?" A brief pause, before he adds, "Is he in some kind of trouble, or something?"

Elodie gives a shake to her head. "Not exactly trouble. I would like to ask to have him to continue to be my bodyguard, but I don't want to insult your house by making it appear that I don't think they can provide an adequate guard. I just.. I'm accustomed to him." She looks up to Sammel and bites her lip. "But there is also something you should know… I should perhaps let him explain."

Sammel nods as he hears that. "I'm sure we can find a way for that to happen," he replies, before he hears that last part. "Oh?" A brief pause, before he adds, "That is probably a good idea, yes."

Reluctantly removing herself from the comfort of his arm, Elodie walks over to her library area and sends a request to Sergeant Wolf to report to her quarters, then she walks back towards the fireplace, pausing to poke at the logs.

Sammel remains where he is at the moment, gaze following Elodie as she moves over both to call for Wolf and as she moves to the fireplace. Staying silent for the moment, his expression a bit thoughtful.

It's a few minutes later when Morrigan arrives. Dressed in his off duty clothes, a Falcata style sword slung upside down and diagonally across his back, the Young Sergeant's features are a little Ashen looking, sweat plastering his hair to his forehead. Pausing outside the door for a moment to catch his breath, one would think he'd been training. Really though, it was just the walk from his quarters up here that has him winded at the moment. The boy had lost a lot of blood.
Taking a good minute to compose himself outside of Elodie's quarters, he knocks politely, waits 15 seconds and steps in. hands folded behind his back, walking with the smoothest of grace that he can muster across the floor of her chambers until he stands in front of the pair. Offering a respectful Bow, he speaks softly. "My Lady Elodie, Lord Sammel." And with that he waits.

Turning from the fire as Morrigan enters, Elodie replaces the poker, the fire burning a little brighter and cheerier, now. "Please, Sgt. Wolf, have a seat. You don't need to stand on ceremony," she gestures to a chair near the fireplace that diagonally faces the couch where Sammel sits, and where she now goes to join him. "Sir Sammel and I are talking about your possible transfer to House Cindravale and continueing as my body guard. But I cannot ask him to apply for this without him knowing all the possible consequences." She gives a little smile to the knight as she takes his hand. "I do not want to have secrets from my husband." So saying, she turns back to the guard. "I would like you to tell him what you told me about your family."

Sammel smiles, "Sergeant. It's good to see you." It's offered with a nod, before he looks between the two of them now. Letting his hand be taken, he offers a smile in return to Elodie, before he looks back to Morrigan now.

Nodding Once more, Morrigan Sinks gratefully into the chair with a stifled groan. He was bruised nearly to his chin, the hints of bandages peeking out from the top of his shirt. wincing once, he leans forward and removes the still sheathed sword from his back. obviously a weapon he is unaccustomed to carrying. Setting it across his knees, he looks down at it. the weapon embossed with a stylized wolf's head in the old worn but cared for leather.
“I was born in a Mercenary camp. My father and my uncle Crow both head Their own Units. My father commands a band of heavy Infantry. My Uncle is the leader of Crow's raiders. possibly you've heard of the army of the Wolf My lord." Pausing to gather his thoughts, he adds. "I was a member of Crow's raiders. We were Skirmishers. We took a bad job a few years ago. We took a Camp hostage. one of them was a noble of the house Orelle. He wasn't mistreated. We don't abuse prisoners. it's not good practice to do so. but the noble missed his wedding while waiting for his release."
There's another pause as he considers this for a long moment, possibly taking the chance to catch his breath before continuing. "Our family was tricked. we were hired by house Orelle to do a job. In the midst of it, our allies turned on us. Killed a score of us, cornered the rest. Gave us the choice. Swear fealty to the house, or Die. My father chose Fealty. To ensure his continued loyalty, one of my brothers and I were taken. I was given to house Iah. I swore alliegance to the house, and have served Loyally and lived under the restrictions given me save for one. I have been forbidden from seeing my family. I have an uncle in Khournas lands, an old man that keeps in touch with the rest of the family. he is no threat to anyone, he's just an old drone operator with Miner's lung. But through him, I let my mother know I'm still alive and let them know I'm not ill treated. Until recently I travelled there in my old armor, stripped of heraldry, it makes a decent enough disguise. or it did up until the point that I found myself impaled on a pair of hostile Spears and my armor destroyed." Once more he stops. not sure what else he should say at this point.

Not quite leaning against Sammel as comfortably as she did earlier, Elodie does, nevertheless, return to a close position next to her knight as she listens to Morrigan tell his story once again. She glances up on occasion to assess how the Cindravale is taking the story, but she adds no words after Sgt Wolf finishes.

Studying Morrigan carefully as he listens now, Sammel nods a little. "I see…" A brief pause, as he looks to Elodie, and then back to Morrigan. Looking a bit unsure if there's more to the story now. "That part with the Hostile spears, was that while you were visiting that uncle?" Another brief pause, and he's unable to hold back a grin. "And haven't you been told that getting impaled by their spears is a bad idea?" Spoken quite lightly that last part.

Chuckling softly, and regretting it instantly, Morrigan nods, as he leans forward, a hand clutching his chest lightly for a moment before he replies. "Had my father or uncle been there, they'd have stuck me again just to be sure the lesson made it into my memory, My lord. But yes, sort of. There is a Lady there. Always dresses in blue. I don't know her name, they just call her the Blue Sister. I walk with her sometimes, accompany her on her rounds, I was escorting her through the area when the attack happened. we got caught in the middle. I was trying to protect her long enough for her to run away." There's another moment's pause before he adds. "Unfortunately she isn't much of a runner and I couldn't leave her in the middle of a battle, so I found myself in for the long haul."

Elodie tips her head to the side a little, a tiny smile tugs at the corner of her mouth. At Sammel's quip about spears, she does relax a little of the nervous tension she'd been holding onto, her hand squeezing his gratefully.

"Well, you're lucky that they're not here," Sammel replies, before he pauses at the mention of the Blue Sister. "Interesting." A brief pause, before he nods again. "Thank you for letting me know about this." A brief pause as he studies the man once more. "If I manage to do this, you will serve Cindravale just as faithfully as you have served Iah so far?" Another quiet moment, before he adds, "Lady Elodie seems to be comfortable with you as her guard, which is a good thing. I will try to make sure this will be done."

Standing quietly, Morrigan nods, offering another bow as he replies. "I have sworn my protection and service to the Lady Elodie, and I am willing to Serve the House Cindravale loyally as well. these 2 things I promise to do unto death on the name of The Family Wolf." As he speaks, he stay bowed.

"Thank you Sgt. Wolf," Elodie says quietly, and a bit of the humor similar to her betrothed's creeps into her voice as she adds, "now, please stand up before I have to redo all the work I did to keep your insides together. I don't wish to keep you up. If Sir Sammel is satisfied, you should go back to your quarters and lay down. And take that draught I gave you." Her eyebrows raise over her stern eyes, giving him the doctor look for the moment.

Sammel is unable to hold back a bit of a chuckle as he hears Elodie's words, before he offers a smile to Morrigan now. "I am satisfied, yes. Go and heal up, Sgt. Wolf. After all, you will not be able to protect anyone if you don't heal." A look to Elodie, before he adds, another moment of lightness. "Besides, you know how the lady gets if her patients misbehaves, right?" It's said with an absolutely straight face, although the tone of voice is clearly amused.

Nodding once more, Morrigan straightens up again. Buckling the sword back in place stiffly, the sergeant Backs towards the door quietly. Court etiquette in evidence as he takes 4 slow steps backwards before turning and walking towards the door, pausing only to say. "I do know my lord. I was only half so badly hurt before she found out what I had been doing." There's a ghost of a smile as he slips out the door once more.

Elodie gives Sammel a little elbow when he makes the quip about how she gets testy when her patients misbehave. However, when Morrigan shows a little spirit and makes a comment about his own injuries, she sits up a little with a tiny, mock injured cry. But her bodyguard is out the door, so the only person to take it out on is the Cindravale knight. She turns towards him, her knee sliding up onto one of his legs as she lays a hand to his cheek, turning his face towards her. "You know it's only because I love you," she tells him with a grin, and her intent to seal that with a kiss is quite clear.

Sammel grunts momentarily at the elbow, before watching Morrigan slipping out. Waiting until the man is gone, he grins. "I know. And you know that every now and then, I can't help making such a comment, right?" Smiling as he leans forward to give her that kiss now.

Elodie makes sure she gets as much she wants from that kiss before she pulls back just enough to be able to look him in the eyes. "And you realize that I must elbow you when you make such comments, and make a show of being 'injured' that you would think such of me?"

"Of course," Sammel replies, with a smile now. "Just try avoiding cracking my ribs or anything?"

Elodie grins, but she doesn't answer with words, she just leans forward again.

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