The Second World: Imperius
Type: Planet
Climate: Temperate
Gravity: Standard
Satellites: 1 Moon
Length of Day: 24 Hours
Length of Year: 365 Days
Capital: Landing
Major Exports: Technology, Knights, Foodstuffs, Textiles
Major Imports: Ore, Foodstuffs, Religious Artifacts

map of imperius; commissioned by king regnant matthias sauveur, the first king

The second world of the Haven system most closely resembles that of Old Earth. Deep, sprawling oceans filled with diverse aquatic life, magnificent rolling plains, staggering mountains, vast deserts, and chilling arctic regions are just some of the climates that make up the ever-changing face of Imperius. Due to its ability to perfectly host human life, it became the first settlement of the Haven colonists. There are three prominent continents, each of which now are governed by the Paramounts: the mountainous and heavily forested Spine of Arboren, the volcanic Crescent of Khournas, and the variegated landscape of the Vale. Off the Vale's coast is the magnificent planetary capital of Landing which is governed by the Royal Family.

Flora and Fauna

Long before the sleeper ship arrived with the first colonists of Haven, an automated terraforming ship from Old Earth arrived with the sole purpose was to ensure a human-supporting atmosphere for the incoming colonists. It literally crashed into the surface of Imperius, and immediately activated, working on changing the face and atmosphere of what would become the capital planet of Haven. With the terraforming, also came the blossoming of life. The ship had carried various sample species from Earth within it, and through artificial creation, populated the planet with familiar animals and plants.

Plant and animal life now closely resemble Old Earth, though there are some few interesting remnants of native life. Winged drakes of the Crescent of Khournas take up residence in the active volcanoes, while lake monsters frequent the swamps in the Northern Vale.

Climate and Seasons

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Prominent Locations



The Imperius capital city nearly takes up the entire island of Landing just south of the Vale. It is the residence of nearly two million people, and hosts nearly all of the major political buildings of the Haven System. It is a combination of arcologies and open-air districts, giving it a unique skyline. Like most large cities, there are several archetypical districts: the political center, the royal palace, the shady underbelly, the merchant quarter, and the manufacturing district.

People from all over the Haven System visit Landing frequently, whether it be for a business meeting or a night on the town.

Ruling House: The Royal House of Sauveur
Places of Interest: The Palace Towers, the Smith's Tower and Foundaries, the Academ, the Citadel, the Westend District, the Grand Tournament Grounds, the Senate
Organizations: Hell If I Know (Band)


The Vale

The Vale is the flattest continent on Imperius, with primarily rolling hills adding elevation across the otherwise sprawling plains and wilds. There are three primary physical features of the Vale: the waving grasslands of Ares, the rolling hills and dales of the Southern Wilds, and the icy bogs of the northern wetlands. Most of the settlements of the Vale are towers and fortresses at the center of sprawling cities. The largest of these is its capital, the Fortress of Phylon.

The seat of House Leonnida in the Southern Wilds is the most unique city in the Vale as it is an actual replica of Old Earth castles. Of course, they have all the modern conveniences and comfort within those stone walls.

Ruling House: The Paramount House of Cindravale
Places of Interest: The Fortress of Phylon (Capital), the Southern Wilds, Leonnida Castle, the Forlorn Swamps, Plains of Ares, The Caravan, the White Tower
Organizations: Haven Actors' Guild


The Spine

To the far West is the long, narrow continent of the Spine. It is so named for the dense mountain range that runs vertical along its length. Creeping up from the rocky coasts are thick and dark forests with monstrous trees and diverse canopies. The capital city of Arborenin (pictured to the left) has builti its city within the trees themselves, wrapping their buildings around the thick trunks and using the umbrella of of the canopy as a natural cover. Other forest Houses have emulated these architecture style, though some have built breathtaking ground cities nestled around hidden rivers and lakes.

As the Spinous Mountain Range takes up the greatest percentage of the Spine's terrain, it therefore accommodates various mountain Houses that are known for their talented, irregular infantry that specializes in guerrilla warfare and tactics. The largest of these is House Peake nestled in the interior of Mount Mordune in the city of Khar-Mordune.

Ruling House: The Paramount House of Arboren
Places of Interest: Arborenin (Capital), the Spinous Mountains, Khar-Mordune, Beacon


The Crescent of Khournas

The Crescent of Khournas is populated by semi-active volcanoes, whose natural energy is used to fuel their manufacturing and foundries. They are constantly vigilant of possible eruptions and have found ways to guide lava flows so they do not possibly damage near-by settlements. There are scorched forests that are in constant states of primary succession at the foot of some of these mountains, while other woodlands grow-up lush out of the path of the natural destruction. The northern mountains are the primary habitats of the winged drakes, which are showcased on the House of Khournas heraldry.

The two largest settlements of the Crescent is the capital city of Volkan and House Ibrahm's Obsidia. Volkan (pictured to the left) spreads out from the large, staggering Blackspyre — the noble fortification of House Khournas.

Ruling House: The Paramount House of Khournas
Places of Interest: Volkan (Capital), Black Wastes, Obsidia, Mount Dracan, The Drake Mountains, Spikka


The Islands of Terran

Out in the Vasts are the Islands of Terran. There are dozens of islands, some large and sprawling with natural forests and swathes of sandy beaches integrated into merchant cities, while others are no more than tiny freckles on the ocean's blue face. Before the Reversion, they were popular places for tourism with breathtaking resorts and unique recreation activities. When the noble families began to be established, the Royal House of Sauveur took them on as a direct part of their domain.

Ruling House: The Royal House of Sauveur

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