Sean Thanesson
Carlos Freire
Carlos Freire as Sean Thanesson
Full Name: Sean Thanesson
Byname: None
Age: 24
Planet: Oculus, or rather, The Ring
Paramount: Orelle
House: Unaffiliated
Title/Profession: Citizen
Position: Junior Systems Administrator
Spouse: none Height: 6' 1"
Father: Man Weight: 135
Mother: Woman Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Penelopy Eye Color: Brown
Children: Perhaps, someday


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Racquel Racquel Jeaneux : Alright… so here's how it goes. Your model of a sister has this friend and she tricks the two of you into meeting. Then you find out that friend is really cool and really into you… and things just sort of happened from there. Did I mention she's a hot model? Well, after two amazing dates with her, I asked her to be mine and she said yes. After the past couple months, dates and plenty of other things have led me to just knowing she's the one. So I popped the question, and she said yes again… I'm in love with her, a pure love that isn't born from desperation, or depression. A love I can be proud of and that is returned. She's the most amazing woman in the system and I don't give a damn if I'm biased at all, there's never been someone like her in my life and I'm so godsdamned happy now that she is. I wish I'd met her four or even five years ago.

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