Scenes: Social and Events

Chapter III: Darkness Descends

June 27, 3014

  • After Curfew — Drake hosts a curfew-breaking party. Lincoln and Racquel duck out when the Watch shows up.

June 15, 3014

  • Of Kids And Khourni — Solon''s practicing his swordsmanship, Sammel returns from the hospital, and Canis has something to say.

June 13, 3014

  • Bad News, Good News — Both heading to the hospital in Phylon after getting news that Elodie was brought there, Sammel and Ronan get some good news.

May 29, 3014

  • Window Shopping — In a small coffee shop on The Ring, Imogen and Silver engage in some girl talk.

May 28, 3014

  • A Request to be the Best — Solon asks Kassandra to take up a noble undertaking for his upcoming wedding. Sammel eavesdrops!
  • The Ancient Oak — During a brief break in the encroaching summer's heat, Andraste and Garus find they have much in common in mind of battle.

May 23, 3014

May 20, 3014

May 19, 3014

May 16, 3014

  • Morning Absolutions — A last breakfast in Honor's Keep brings quiet conversation and future plans between Canis and Cyrielle.
  • In the Witching Hour — Long after her breakfast with Canis, Cyrielle places a call to Nitrim…
  • Help Me Help Him — Andraste visits Phylon in search of Elodie, seeking her help in getting Ioan free of red eye.

May 15, 3014

May 14, 3014

  • Not the Medicine I Need — Alix comes to deliver News to Cyrielle and gets a glimpse at the relaxing environment of Honor's Keep.
  • A Matter of Blood — Garus and Jane have their first real fight. Jane reveals that Garus' armor was sabotaged. Garus chooses to go on the offensive.
  • Diving In — Canis and Ines discuss memory and her children.
  • The Chemicals Between Us — Andraste finally visits Eadric and finds her other brother has also lost himself.

May 10, 3014

  • Dogs in the Vineyard — In a foul mood, Nitrim returns to Volkan to question and plot with the aid of Klaudea and Johana. Nitrim attempts to bury the hatchet with Keanen using the wrong language.

May 9, 3014

May 8, 3014

  • A Complicated Life — Immediately following Cracked, Victor comes to find out what happened to Devon at the top of the Blackspyre.

May 5, 3014

May 4, 3014

  • Shadow Company — Two of Haven's skulking spies meet in private to provide the other with advice and moral support.
  • Blackened Snow — Ashleigh Grantham summons Nitrim Khournas to Ignis…for a little chat.

May 3, 3014

  • Taking Stock — When she misses a lesson, Canis seeks out Cyrielle.
  • How Not to Bond — Andraste checks in on Ioan after putting it off far too long. They bond, but it's not healthy.

May 2, 3014

  • She Never Sleeps — The wee hours find Young Lady Sir Ines awake, and so does Sir Orren Tylos.
  • Smuggled to Obsidia — After leaving the scene of the crime at Honor's Keep, Nitrim is offered a place to shore in and recuperate at the Shard of Obsidia.
  • Sibling Therapy — Ephraim receives a call that he should check in on his younger sister…

April 30, 3014

  • My Idiot Brother Part Two — Ellinor is still waiting on Advent, only this time is joined by Cedric and Lyrienne, with Advent appearing only after the Drakefire leaves.
  • My Idiot Brother — Ellinor comes to stake out the Grand Rotunda to find out what is happening with her brother, and she explodes at poor Ryan and Brienne Arboren. Luckily, Nikomachos is there to rein her in.
  • Black Skies Over Honor's Keep — As promised, Nitrim visits Cyrielle. It… does not go as planned. [Trigger Warning]
  • Protest Too Much — Canis discusses friendship with his older sister

April 30, 3014

  • The Long Road South — Jarek, Canis, Tristan, and Brienne begin the journey down the long road south from Settlestone to Cavern Mine, it isn't uneventful.

April 28, 3014

  • Intermediary — Lyrienne joins Nitrim at the baths only to find herself an impromptu intermediary to a much larger set of problems.

April 25, 3014

April 24, 3014

April 22, 3014

  • A blessing and a promise — Lord Advent asks for Lord Canis to join him in the great hall, and they talk. A promise is made and a blessing is given.
  • What may be — Brienne comes to see Advent and they talk. Brienne leaves Advent heavy with purpose and confusion.

April 16, 3014

April 12, 3014

  • Rehabilitation — Canis checks in on Cyrielle's first session with the therapists of Honor's Keep.

April 11, 3014

April 10, 3014

April 07, 3014

  • After the Rain — Orren watches Ines with her children, and ends up with some unexpected questions to answer

April 06, 3014

  • Best Friends — Brienne and Canis, have a long overdue talk and come out the better for it.

April 04, 3014

  • Tea and Hostiles — Solon and Kassie share cups of tea as they discuss the Valen efforts to cleanse the Vale.
  • Salty Drake — Jevon has Roger over for a night cap and they discuss their children.
  • A Fool's Errand — Luke and Helena discuss his upcoming mission, her possible involvement, and Hostile research.
  • Camels and Cocktails — Sean and Racquel grab a couple drinks at the Blue Nirvana while Klaudea checks in on Lincoln.

April 03, 3014

  • Able Was I Ere I Saw Abel — Professor Figueroa informs Sarah of another Hostile prisoner in Havenite custody.
  • Honor Barrier — Ines speaks with Clive about Hostiles and island defense systems

April 02, 3014

  • Upon My Liars Chair — Nitrim delivers Rozlyn's paintings to Sarah. He tells her about a promise he has made, and is nearly maimed for it.
  • Nothing Is Simple — Jane and Garus get into a heavy discussion over public image, family affairs, politics and the war.
  • The Ghosts That Haunt Us — Dominic and Crimson happen upon Cyrielle; they discuss getting over the darkest of times.
  • Sun Salutations — A little sibling conversation in the morning between Canis and Ines
  • Heavy News Best Served Cold — Jarek requests Chiron meet him in the Drakholt to discuss some things

April 01, 3014

  • The Chill of War — Ellinor returns home to discover something Nikomachos has been hiding from her.
  • Family Matters? — Cyrielle and Balius are talking, until Lorelei shows up with the 'truth' about the financial troubles of Arion Oaks Stables.

March 31, 3014

  • Doing What We Can — Cyrielle discusses a charity idea with Alistair, requesting his help with getting it underway.
  • Crossing Swords — Orren starts his first day seeking advanced skills with his sword… and finds it not what he expected it to be.

March 30, 3014

  • Arboren War Room — A meeting to discuss the options for fighting the Hostiles in the Arboren Woods.

March 29, 3014

  • The First Tilt — The Valens encounter some Hostiles while on patrol in the Plains of Ares. Hostilities commence, and the campaign to retake the Vale opens with a Valen victory.
  • Honeyed Fields and Bloodshed — Garus is visited at Phylon by Leandra. The two discuss the danger he faces from within his very noble house.
  • Picking Up The Pieces — Declan and Brienne have a talk then meet a man with a wolf.
  • A New Stubborn Knight — Canis brings some information and proposals to Ines, and makes clear the paths he will stick to.

March 27, 3014

  • Boys Will Be Boys — In which Evey learns that Cyri holds no ill will and more details about the fight between Keanen and Nitrim.
  • From Whence We Came — A quiet afternoon in one of the smaller towns around The Hand is shattered by Roger's Booming Voice.
  • Remembrance and Vengeance — Kassie finds Lionel in a drunken, angry mood.

March 25, 3014

  • A New Alliance Formed — Advent summons Nitrim and Cyrielle for a sit down. A new alliance blossoms.
  • Apologies Long Overdue — Lyrienne and Declan run into each other in Arboren and have a conversation they probably should have had eight years ago.

March 24, 3014

  • Paying the Piper — Nitrim comes clean to Roger
  • Dionika and Maelfus — Jane rushes to the Cindravale Fortress at Phylon to find the wounded Garus.
  • Khourni Poetry — Doctor Devon checks up on concussed Victor, and he has a chance to show off what passes for poetry to a Khourni meathead.

March 23, 3014

  • Playing Nicely — Alistair delivers some news to Jane, and they discuss politics briefly.
  • Emergency BeatZ — Imogen responds to Sean's message of an "emergency" after a late night out with Silver, Antaeus, and Lincoln. (PG-13 - Language)
  • Sister's Keeper — Lord Canis seeks an audience with Young Lord Declan to discuss the recent betrothal refusal between Lady Brienne Arboren and Lord Kieran Valta.
  • Rock A Bye Baby — Keanen's Birthday celebration! Reminiscing about when Keanen was a baby… and arguing as all of the Arboren siblings do when they get together.
  • To Compose a Letter — Brienne helps Tristan to compose a letter.

March 22, 3014

  • Shore Leave — Antaeus goes to the Blue Nirvana looking for a good time. Imogen does her best to goad him & Silver into a massage from Lincoln.
  • Dinner Is Ready — Sammel comes home to find his wife has been trying her hand at cooking.

March 21, 3014

  • Nitrim Gets Beat Up — The title says it all, but for expansion's sake: Keanen gets fed up with Nitrim, and airs long unspent grievances. Nitrim learns he's not untouchable.
  • Calling In the Favors — Alistair comes to visit Garus out of concern. Solon comes at the request of a cryptic message from Garus. Battered and paranoid from his bed of rest, a plan is hatched to steal Garus to a safer location…just in case.
  • Like Oil and Water — In the Warehouse, Kieran and Cyrielle discuss a number of things. From the differences in their sea-houses to the difficulties of noble courtship.
  • In Your Arms, Solace Be Found — In a quiet hotel on The Ring, Cyrielle tends to Nitrim's wounded pride.
  • Take Care Who You Count As Friend — A chance meeting with Tomas and Brienne and he gives her a little advice.
  • The Setup — Peny gets Sean and Racquel to meet through nefarious comm calls, but the setup went better than she'd planned.

March 20, 3014

  • Infiltrating the House of God — Nitrim has a chance run in with Jeremias, an Awakened Chantry priest. A very large risk is taken, and a new investigation to an old conspiracy begins.
  • Tomb RaidersEVENT — Groups of Knights and other volunteers search one of the necropolii for Hostiles. They find them.

March 18, 3014

  • Humidity — Nitrim pays the Hollolas House a quick visit. Lord Commodore Roger wants to meet High Lord Jevon once more
  • Target Practice — Nitrim and Ephraim meet for pints and knife-throwing. Cyrielle has a secret she isn't telling Nitrim.
  • The Last Wall — Expecting the worst, Nitrim meets up with Cyrielle to learn what she wanted to speak privately about. She asks him if he's willing to give up his Khournas name. He gives her birthday presents.

March 17, 3014

  • Mott's Open Mic NightEVENT — Just as it says. Open mic night at Mott's Taphouse.
  • Rockstar Escort — Nitrim and Roxy continue their talk as another HIIK member finds some good conversation.
  • When the Bough Breaks — Brienne, Tristan and Keanen have it out, heatedly, then make up.
  • Destruction Begets Life — A call for help from Advent takes Cyrielle away from the Open Mic and into the Royal Tower…

March 16, 3014

  • Them Crooked Vultures — Nitrim and Evey discuss her recent romantic direction…and truth is slanted.
  • Third Party Verification — Cyrielle, distraught with recent Nitrim issues, turns to the advice and comfort of Nitrim's one-time go-to brothel girl and their mutual friend, Catriona. Rumors of Evey and Nitrim on the InfoSphere make troubled problems grow more complicated.

March 15, 3014

  • Let's Start Over — Chiron and Cyrielle try to meet in the middle. They decide maybe it's better to start from scratch.

March 14, 3014

  • Soothing the Sting — Brienne asks to speak with Advent over issues that have arisen and attempts to resolve a sting.
  • Declan Returns — Declan returns via the Arboren woods, meeting Firia first, then an angry sister.
  • Write A Song For Us — Roxy, Demos and Matt all meet in the couple's apartment, the musicians write a song.
  • Resounding Mark — Eryn finally talks to her daughter about recent rumors and facts.

March 13, 3014

  • Glorious Days — Alistair and Esmeia discuss politics, of all things!

March 11, 3014

  • Meeting in Shadow — Brienne meets Kieran in secret on his request to discuss the next step.
  • Therapeutic Distractions — Advent and Cyrielle find distraction in learning their connections, avoiding physical therapy.

March 10, 3014

  • In the Dying Light — Imogen saunters into the Blue Nirvana on "Club Night" in search of Lincoln. The two find their own Silver lining, and a bit of darkness to behold.

March 09, 3014

March 08, 3014

March 07, 3014

March 03, 3014

  • Don't Be Silly — Klaudea visits Cyrielle during her physical therapy, and they go for a walk/wheel in the garden.

March 01, 3014

  • No More Ale — Canis has a little too much drink, and spills a little too much to his big sister

February 27, 3014

February 26, 3014

  • Hearts and Egos - Devon and Anabethe have a conversation about hearts and egos.

February 23, 3014

February 22, 3014

  • You're Hired — Adelstein seeks to hire a new employee for his project.

February 20, 3014

  • The Bonding of the Youngest — Balius and Cyrielle bond over being the youngest in their families.
  • Old Wounds and New — Nitrim, weary with the death of Reena Khournas, seeks refuge from his troubles in the care of his friend, Lorelei Quellton, and confessions are made.

February 18, 3014

February 17, 3014

February 15, 3014

February 14, 3014

  • Pleasure CruiseEVENT — Lord Hollolas hosts a party on his private ship.
  • Is This a Date — Klaudea meets Morrigan in Landing and they go for Valtan Soba noodles.

February 12, 3014

  • The "Shades Move" — Revelations complicate Luke and Helena's friendship.
  • Blast These Woods — Kieran goes seeking Brienne in the woods, gets lost and finds a mudhole.

February 09, 3014

February 06, 3014

February 04, 3014

February 03, 3014

February 02, 3014

January 30, 3014

  • Call to Arms: NubilusEVENT — Orelle knights help clear a titanium mine on Nubilus of Hostile presence.
  • Because We're Family, That's Why — A group of Granthams and a lone Dalton discuss the recent 'drama' that's been circulating around particular family members of the house.
  • Who's Your Daddy? — Rook gets the news that the baby isn't Luke's. She and Lincoln have a talk about what to do next.
  • Follow Up Visit — Kieran comes to the Volkan Infirmary for his follow up check up with Reena.

January 28, 3014

  • Sail Away, Sail Away...EVENT — Balius, Nitrim, and Klaudea help Cyrielle get past her fears of sailing, even as their vessel is hit by a small storm.
  • Carry Me On the Waves — After Klaudea departs, Cyrielle and Nitrim share some quiet time after the storm.
  • Visiting Hours — Rook and Beden visit Lincoln in the hospital. Rook shares with her brother what she learned from Sarah 113 and asks for his help.
  • Stand United — The Senator drops by to speak with Brienne after she asked him to.

January 26, 3014

  • The Storm Approaches — Roger and Cyrielle's father-daughter moment is crashed by an unwitting Nitrim.
  • Peace or Annihilation — Ithaca brings Sarah news, and Sarah opens up (a little).
  • TNP January WorkdayEVENT — The project has an open workday to set up the classrooms and clinic for the educational facility. Members and volunteers help bring in and inventory the hypo charges for inoculations.

January 25, 3014

  • A Study of Patterns — Luke runs into Evey and Rozlyn upon exiting the 1st Quadrant Jail on The Ring.

January 24, 3014

January 23, 3014

  • Jor Revealed — Klaudea, Lincoln and Rook meet at a coffee shop and figure out who's been harassing Klaudea

January 22, 3014

January 21, 3014

January 20, 3014

January 19, 3014

January 18, 3014

  • Unfit Nest — Lincoln and Luke meet for the first time, and try to convince Rook she needs to move. Luke and Rook come to some decisions.

January 16, 3014

  • Two Bombs In One Day — Rook informs Crow she's pregnant. He informs Rook he's really Lord Luke Grantham. Dun Dun Duuuuun!

January 15, 3014

January 14, 3014

  • An Egg In The Nest — Rook and Lincoln meet Devon at a clinic for a pregnancy test.
  • The Ship Who FellEvent — A team of Havenites go to investigate a crashed Hostile ship.

January 12, 3014

January 10, 3014

  • Schism — Sarah and Nitrim have a chat.

January 09, 3014

  • Hit Me With It — Nikomachos goes to Volkan to speak with Anabethe.
  • Thats My Girl — Lorelei takes Ephraim to meet the parents, Da doesn't seem ready to let go (parents by Balius).

January 08, 3014

  • Hey Hermano — Crowseye and Flint Grantham get together and catch up over a morning brew.
  • Stop And Listen — Reena speaks to Thalo about Klaudea's situation.

January 04, 3014

  • The Crux — Valens (and a near-Valen) gather over lunch to discuss what must be done for Haven.
  • A Different Tune — Jane and Rook have another etiquette mini-lesson on Mare Maris, but the conversation is much deeper than that.
  • Paying Up — Klaudea and Lincoln pay up for losing their bets
  • A Rose in the Rain — Lyrienne meets Sarah.
  • When Innocence Dies — Balius comes to see Grayson at Grayson's request.

January 02, 3014

  • Connecting the Dots — Klaudea and Morrigan meet at the Gym on Volkan, and realize they've met before.

January 01, 3014

  • Corvids — An awkward morning after a new years party finds Rook and Crow in a compromising position.

December 30, 3013

  • Effing Hammer — Anabethe commiserates with Klaudea about facing Thalo's hammer every day.

December 29, 3013

  • Promise Me — Jarek meets Agnes and her returning patrol contingent at the Spikka waygate. He makes her promise him something over dinner.
  • Attacking Your Own — Klaudea sees the Hostile bit on the infosphere, and decides to talk with Nitrim about it.

December 28, 3013

  • Meeting of Minds — Adelstein summons/meets with Aaryn, Evey, Demos - science is discussed.
  • Explanations — Klaudea and Reena sit down to talk about the Blue Sister, and Thalo's reaction to her.

December 27, 3013

December 26, 3013

  • Waking Up — Reena wakes up from her induced coma and family members are there to fill her in on what she missed in those three weeks.
  • As Promised — Klaudea makes good on her promise to buy Lincoln Steak and Champagne

December 25, 3013

December 24, 3013

  • Futility — Cedric delves into research about the original colonization of Cantos and comes to a life-altering conclusion, then discussing hope, humanity and the reason for conflict with Lyrienne.

December 23, 3013

  • Reacquaintances — The Lady Sophie Sauveur, returned from her sabbatical, catches up with familiar faces.

December 22, 3013

  • Mr No Name — Klaudea is accosted by Jor, and still doesn't know his name

December 21, 3013

  • Said the Spider to the Fly IIEVENT — The Havenite military moves to rescue survivors on Lazarus Island and ensure that the Waygate is closed.
  • A Different Kind of Wound — Elodie and Sammel reunited, Elodie manages to keep it together until they're in their cabin.

December 20, 3013

December 19, 3013

  • Intellect and Practicality — Brigham, Adelstein, and Victor discuss Hostile tech and new Havenite tech prospects.
  • Taphouse Offers — People talk and joke and mourn at the Taphouse, and an offer is made.

December 16, 3013

  • Wedding Presents — Sammel and Elodie cash in the certificates Ronan gave them for their wedding.
  • Lines — Klaudea helps Lincoln go over his lines

December 13, 2013

  • Just Some Explosions — Balius fills Demos in on what happened while he was away, only a minor explosion, no big deal.

December 12, 3013

  • Meeting of Doctors — Sammel introduces Lady Doctor Rozlyn to Lady Doctor Elodie in the restaurant bar while they wait for their table.
  • Druidism And You — Jeremy and Lorelei discuss druidism and what it means to each druid.

December 11, 3013

December 10, 3013

  • Idiot Girl — Klaudea meets a demanding stranger (Jor) at the gym, and refuses to humor him.

December 09, 3013

  • A Crusade Begins — Ellinor sits at Nikomachos' bedside, and a Crusade begins.

December 08, 3013

  • RazorwingEVENT — A force of Havenites explore the theoretically-crippled Hostile transport.
  • The Boys Are Alright — The Cindravale/Saveur brothers in the hospital after the skirmish on the Hostile transport

December 07, 3013

  • Weeding ArborenEVENT — A sweep of the north part of the 'protected zone' around Aborenin, something is found.
  • Ramblings in the roar — Lord Densoric and Senator Alistair have a brief meetup in the Roar as campaigning heats up.

December 04, 3013

December 03, 3013

December 01, 3013

November 30, 3013

  • Friend Zoned Lincoln comes to pick up his vids, and he and Klaudea knock down, drag out, and establish their boundaries

November 27, 3013

November 26, 3013

  • Three Unmasked — Nitrim awakes, and Klaudea accidentally walks in on him and Cyrielle. The three talk about how to go forward.

November 25, 3013

  • Movie Night, Baby — Ellinor and Nikomachos enjoy date night with a movie and talk baby names.

November 24, 3013

  • Out in the Open — Now that Reena and Thalo know her identity, Klaudea takes a hunch and reveals to Cyrielle her identity
  • Friendly Lean — Lincoln visits with Klaudea while she's in the infrimary and offers her a shoulder to lean on
  • Secret Shared — Elodie has Morrigan tell Sammel his story, and asks to keep him as bodyguard

November 23, 3013

November 22, 3013

  • A Battle, A Bomb, A PriestEVENT — Hostiles attack and successfully explode a Volkan Factory.
  • Sapphire and Onyx — Before the warehouse explosion, Blue Sister runs into Morrigan while delivering food and medicine.

November 21, 3013

November 20, 3013

  • Workouts and Burgers — Klaudea and Lincoln run into each other at the gym and go for burgers after

November 19, 3013

  • Sisterly Catch Up — Reena drops by the Blackspyre for a bit, and catches up with Anabethe.

November 12, 3013

  • Fight for That Love — After rumors about Brienne and Ephraim, they have a conversation at Mott's - Lorelei, Densoric, and Tristan, also mentioned in those rumors, show up.
  • How'd We Get Here — Ephraim almost makes a bigger mistake with Lorelei, Balius and Cyrielle accidentally stage an intervention (this is after Fight for That Love)

November 11, 3013

  • TNP November WorkdayEVENT - The Notice Project has it's first volunteer workday, setting up the greenhouse structure and beginning repairs and cleaning on Scoria Residential Tower in Volkan's Black Sector.
  • Dog Goes Woof — A little chaos in the Taphouse after the Notice Project workday.

November 08, 3013

  • Making A Splash — Tristan finally gets close enough to a Lady to make a real splash out of the ordeal.
  • Nothing Alike — Brienne and Keanen talk for the first time in awhile.
  • Donation to Charity — Brienne makes Bey an offer. Can he refuse?

November 07, 3013

  • Mama Drama What really happened at Mott's with Lorelei, Ephraim and Canis.

November 05, 3013

  • Mixed Signals — Klaudea and Lincoln are having pizza and are joined by Ronan

November 03, 3013

November 04, 3013

  • Datacube RetrievalEVENT - Lucian sends some of his people to retrieve a datacube from one of his warehouses that was overrun by Hostiles in Obsidia. (GM: Venus)

November 01, 3013

  • Splitting Hairs — Devon comes to Mare Maris to advise Reena on changing her hair color. The talk marriage, babies, and work.
  • Dinner in Obsidia — Just a quiet dinner with the Ibrahms and a guest.
  • Noble Innuendos — Klaudea visits Lincoln at the Blue Nirvana, and meets Lord Sirs Beden and Ronan. Much double talking ensues.

October 30, 3013

  • Movie Night — Lincoln and Rook have a movie night, and bond a little bit. They also discuss finding their father and possibly other siblings.

October 27, 3013

  • Steel and Marble — Avalyn and Michael have a small private wedding
  • Storm Meeting — Nitrim introduces the Blue Sister to Storm (Cyrielle) who is interested in helping with the charitable work.

October 26, 3013

October 25, 3013

October 24, 3013

  • It Didn't Explode — Brigham shows his brother and aunt his latest development in reverse engineering Hostile tech.

October 21, 3013

  • Dinner and Cookies — Klaudea runs into Michael at the Public House where they are joined by Lincoln.
  • Finally — Kaedin finally makes Odette an Orelle.

October 20, 3013

  • What's New Pussycat? — Jarek and Agnes chat in the Drakholt about their future, and Agnes receives her kitten.

October 19, 3013

October 18, 3013

  • Whores Don't Talk — Klaudea goes to Lincoln for help with an injury that she can't/won't explain.

October 17, 3013

  • First Tat — Devon gets her first tattoo, Victor gets his 14th.
  • Trial By Fire — Cyrielle braves The Pit to speak with Flint and Ashleigh regarding Nitrim.

October 16, 3013

  • Flaming Blue Drakes — Klaudea's friends take her to the Blue Nirvana to relax where she meets Chiron and Imogen gives Lincoln a new recipe.

October 14, 3013

October 13, 3013

  • Rock and Wall — Klaudea chases away a couple muggers and realizes she's saved a bonafide rock star (Zavier)

October 12, 3013

  • The Shadow and The Sister — Lord Nitrim meets the Blue Sister to see the 'new' infirmary set up with funds from him and Reena

October 11, 3013


October 10, 3013

October 09, 3013

  • Careers Over Coffee — Lincoln and Balius meet at a coffee shop, careers and horses are discussed.
  • A Troubled Past — Jeremy meets Grayson, and Dax meets Grayson, Tristan, and Declan.

October 08, 3013

  • Summoned from the Trees — Nitrim and Cyrielle's mini-vacation at her treehouse is interrupted by an ominous missive from Lord Khournas.

October 07, 3013

October 06, 3013

October 05, 3013

October 04, 3013

  • Joint Treehouse Custody — Cyrielle breaks news to Ephraim, tough decisions are faced.
  • Gifted Tools — Lorelei and Chiron deal with a Family "friend". Ephraim shows up to hang out later.
  • Climbing Anger — Victor and Devon go camping, climbing, and arguing.

October 03, 3013

October 02, 3013

October 01, 3013

September 30, 3013

  • Blackmail Most Fine — Drake and Letha discuss a threat that has just revealed itself.
  • The Most Awkward Ever — Nitrim, Cyrielle, and Ithaca sit down for a drink. The most awkward thing ever. Ever.

September 29, 3013

  • Chance Encounter — Glenna and Densoric meet by chance shopping in The Ring.
  • Steel and Adventure — Avalyn steals Michael away for a camping trip, one day of fun that goes so wrong.

September 28 3013

  • Doctor Doctor — Doctor Delphi meets Lord Doctor Pyotr as they come off duty.
  • Mending Bridges — Chiron and Talynne finally get a chance to talk.

September 26, 3013

September 25, 3013

  • Mediation and Meetings — Glenna visits Inculta for independent study and mediates and meets Demos.
  • Easier To Be — Rivea comes over to the Loft after Peny's messages, finds Sean singing and jamming with friends

September 24, 3013

  • Smudging the Ink — Nitrim keeps his accounts clear with Ithaca on Cyrielle.
  • Robust Intrigue — Nitrim and Lorelei meet for coffee to console each other on their woes.

September 23, 3013

  • Beacon Festivities — Surrounding the Memorial Festival in Beacon - from launching lanterns to activities at The Hand
  • Greysons and Prostitution — Imogen slinks into the Blue Nirvana for a drink with Lincoln.
  • Catwalk Reunions — With Cyrielle visiting Volkan, Nitrim takes her to the Warehouse so that he can seek out the company of his sister, Anabethe
  • Tattoo Traditions — Devon asks Victor about his tattoos (Warning: PG-13 descriptions of nudity, FTB)

September 22, 3013

September 20, 3013

September 18, 3013

  • Stubborn Lord, Stubborn Doctor — Pyotr comes across Jarek attempting to return home against his doctor's recommendation.
  • From Citizen to Lord — Xenona is visiting the Landing under guidance and happens upon Taryn recovering from his wounds.
  • The Soldier with the Yellowhare — Ariana meets with the Peakes and Declan to discuss important science stuff.
  • Sibling Bonds — The day after Solon's challenge, he speaks with his sister about what is to come and happened.
  • What Is Seen Cannot Be Unseen — Declan shows up far too early for his meeting with Ariana.
  • First Real Date — Sean gets Rivea to agree to a first real date after she said they could 'try this dating thing'.
  • Talia, The Green Snake and the Blue Sister — Nitrim returns to the underbelly of Obsidia with Reena to find Phelan's friend
  • Knight Therapy — After getting out of the hospital, Chiron comes to visit Agnes and she helps him with some issues with his brother and his love life. She also lets him know they'll be awarded medals for their bravery at Cape Amran, and discuss why they deserve it.

September 17, 3013

  • TV Time — Anabethe and Rook sneak away from their obligations for some popcorn and soap operas while Nitrim video messages them, trapped in his hotel by the press.

September 16, 3013

September 15, 3013

  • Angels to Some — Cyrielle asks Nitrim for a time and place to return his camera to him.(Warning: Implied sexual situations)

September 14, 3013

  • A Kiss to Build a Dream On — Solon meets with Eirene in the guest room at the Fortress in Phylon.
  • Fools Rush In — Jane's first stay with Garus. The two sift through her scripts in search of a new project.

September 13, 3013

  • Careers and Coffee — Alistair meets Glenna for lunch near the Quad. Lifechats occur.
  • Hiding Out — Nitrim and Rook are avoiding the press in his hotel, and get paid another visit by Xenona. Proposals are made for teaching and info sharing.
  • Pride, Prejudice, and Pies — Chiron makes good on his promise of pie to Eiris. Secrets come out, words are said.
  • Thoughts in the Dark — Gentleman Johnny and Nora have a chat.
  • Training — Now that his recovery is in hand, Lord Advent trains with his squire.

September 12, 3013

  • TNP RaveEVENT — A Rave is held in a warehouse in the Ring's Blue District to benefit The Notice Project.
  • Need a Lift? — A group of partiers leaving the rave get stuck in a lift and have to get cozy.
  • Afterparty Cooldown — A trio of rave escapees relax in Nitrim's hotel room.
  • Tourney For Tomorrow Planning — A strategy meeting/planning session for the proposed tournament.
  • Claiming the Reward — Sammel greets Elodie and she collects on the reward she was promised for coming home safe
  • Escape Attempt 1 — A plot to help Lorelei escape the hospital is enacted, visitors include Ephraim, Natalia and Chiron
  • The Table Read — While Jane is vacationing at the Roar, Garus checks in on her to talk about scripts, the past, and — a tour?

September 11, 3013

  • A Hospital Visit — Talynne visits Balius in the hospital.
  • Saving the Savior — On the way back to Khar-Mordune, Jeremy comforts Lionel.
  • Morning Dawns — Rook and Nitrim share breakfast and have some deep discussions after spending the night together.
  • Breaking In — Rook learns how to walk in high heels.
  • Stumbling Through the Woods – Chiron and Eiris take a walk outside of Khar-Mordune.
  • Painful Painkiller Prose — Victor and Devon try to talk while recovering from their wounds. Painkillers mess you up, man.
  • Marble and Magma — Demos visits Balius as well, their conversation leads to the consideration of codenames.

September 09, 3013

September 08, 3013

  • It Will Take Time — Reena visits Kadmus on Mare Maris again, and tries to work things out.
  • Nubilus ReconEVENT — A group of glider pilots run a recon flight on Nublius.
  • Good Stew – Chiron is visited by Eiris as he's healing from his wounds. Promises are Made.

September 07, 3013

  • Rescue Rangers — The Waygate Volunteers meet up with the team out to bring them back to Khar-Mordune.
  • Sweeping Lady Elodie — Eiris teases Elodie about her bethrothed to lift spirits after all the wounded are seen.

September 06, 3013

September 05, 3013

  • Questioning Faith — Cedric's nightmares finally get the best of him in early morning, causing him to go to Lyrienne for advice.
  • Not Rats! — Khourni patrol their factories for Hostile infiltrators. Anabethe, Victor, and Devon find some.
  • Blessed Words — Alistair surprises the pragmatic Nora with a visit to Madame Blessed.
  • Making Contact — Elodie, Jeremy and Jocelyn make first radio contact with Lionel and crew.
  • Hushpuppies — Rivea and Sean finally have that picnic they've been talking about

September 04, 3013

  • Training The Wife — Lyrienne bumps into Cedric at the gym and asks to start giving her lessons in swordplay. Random things are discussed.
  • Second First Date — Rebecca and Ioan try to spark some memories by going on a date, to the place where they had their first date.
  • Trying Harder — Linc defends his decision to stick out his new found relationship with his sister to Ren, and then has it blow up in his face when his issues with Nitrim piss Rook off.
  • To Great Escapes — Garus visits Jane at her apartment for their first legitimate date.
  • Behind the Green Curtain — Alistair and Glenna make proposals of the Lords of the Roar
  • It Is What It Is — Rook finally visits the Bath House, which is not what she thought it was. She tells Nitrim about Sarah, and deeper things are discussed. (Warning: Implied hanky panky).

September 03, 3013

September 02, 3013

  • Drumming Up Business — At the Violet Siren, several business deals are discussed.
  • Forging On with Science — Ariana visits Brigham at his lab to give him an update on Sarah 113 of 158.
  • Hello? Is There Anybody Out There? — The volunteer waygate group finally get within comm range to touch base with their rescue party.
  • Knights These Days — Lionel and Kassandra discuss life, death, love and sex while doing a perimeter check of the camp.
  • Bloodlines — Devon checks on her patient, and gives Rook some shocking and disturbing news.
  • A Brother's Concerns — Lincoln visits Rook in the Infirmary, finds out about what happened, and her debts, and they bond a little.
  • Going Spelunking — Antaeus and Viannea have a picnic in the depths of the caverns below Khar-Mordune.
  • The Vorpal Blade Went — The Young Lord Solon makes good on his promise to train the Lady Eiris.

September 01, 3013

  • Preserving the Black — Lincoln confronts Nitrim about Ithaca's medical problems, the narcotics, and his concerns about their friendship.
  • On the Homefront — Loree and Bey cope with the news(or lack thereof) concerning Chiron; Darious joins them.
  • A Little Help From My Friends — Some of House Lucian have a meeting with Gentleman Johnny.

August 31, 3013

  • A Stroll Around the Coliseum — With the plains and meadows on high alert due to recent Hostile activities, Solon takes Ariana on a horseride around the coliseum.
  • The Idle Selfish — Jane answers an invitation and talks well into the night with Garus.
  • Making Camp — The volunteer Waygate party has escaped the Hostile clutches for now and make camp.
  • Pitching Tents — Several citizens and nobles work on creating a tent city for some of the Cape Amran refugees who fled to the Down Below of Khar Mordune.
  • Journalistic Integrity — Nitrim and Cyrielle meet for the first time and discuss their differences, the Awakened dreams, and doors are opened.
  • Steel and Night Blooms — Over the course of three days, Avalyn and Michael spend a great deal of time together culminating a perfect night to remember forever.

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