09.11.3013: Saving The Savior
Summary: Jeremy and Lionel talk about Cape Amran.
Date: 05 September 2013
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Lionel Jeremy 

The Foothills before Khar-Mordune, The Spine, Imperius
Rolling, rising hills, heavily forested.
11 September 3013

It is nightfall over the Arborenin Woods. Away from the beach and the subtropical forests of the vast stretch of continent has allowed the temperatures to drop with the setting of the sun. Lionel is bundled up in a comfortable jacket, breeches, and a tunic — having changed out of his armor and underarmor after the medics finished prodding him. He strides under the large trees, hands stuffed in his pockets. He isn't quiet, but he never has been. He steps on every dried branch, rustles through every bit of underbrush, and doesn't give a shit when he calls out, "JERRRRrrRRRRrrrEEEEE-MEEEEEEEE!"

Jeremy wasn't stalking the Valen, really. Still, he drifts out of the trees with admirable alacrity, still dressed in his scout armor, and slung with crossbow, quiver, and falchion. A little smile touches his lips as he tilts his head, "Yes?" A little laugh lifts from his lips, his backwoods drawl sinking easily into his words, "I have absolutely no idea how y'all lost the Hostiles, because I think you're better in the woods than Sir Agnes." The words are light, but there's still a tension underlying them.

Lionel whips his head around back the way he came at the sound of his husband's voice, and then he scowls. "You following me?" He asks, though his voice is honestly laced with amusement. "Be nice to Sir Agnes… bitch will break your arms." He then breathes out a steady sigh as he drops onto a log. He rubs at right shoulder idly before he drums his fingers against that hollow underneath his collar bone. He looks up at Jeremy. "You doing okay, Jere?"

Jeremy shakes his head, the smile on his lips audible in his voice, "Naw. Just making sure you don't get lost." Which means 'yes.' Reaching up with both hands, he pulls off his helmet and clips it to the back of his breastplate at the small of his back, "A better man than I with a blade, I'm sure." This time, the smile is visible, and rather cheeky, but clearly good-natured. The Arborenin looks around briefly, then moves over to sit down on the log next to his husband, letting their hips and shoulders touch lightly, "I am now that I know you're safe."

Lionel glances over toward him as he settles down beside him. He presses his knee against Jeremy's with the kind of pressure that conveys emotion without speaking it. He regards his scabbed up hands, looking into his palms before he refocuses his blue eyes on the Arborenin. "I shouldn't have gone out there, Jere," the Mane says after a heartbeat. He shifts almost uncomfortably on the log. "I didn't think it was going to be that bad…" His throat tightens. "They're all dead… all dead." And then he starts to shake his head.

Jeremy starts to settle his hand on Lionel's knee, but the shell-shocked gaze that his husband directs hands-ward causes him to reconsider, and he instead snakes the arm around Lie's shoulders, leaning in to press his temple against that of the other knight. Instead of responding verbally, the Arborenin's eyes are overtaken by purest white, and faint, spectral leaves and vines rise up away from him as if dancing on a light breeze. The words come in Lionel's mind then, a soft touch, 'I can't imagine. I don't know that anybody should have been there, but someone had to be. And there are a lot of people safe because of what you did.'

Lionel leans deeply into Jeremy's frame, touching his temple to his without hesitation. His eyes even close, sinking with a certain amount of heaviness into the Arborenin's embrace. He is quiet for a moment, but it is only because of the hot tears that run down his otherwise jovial face. He does not bawl or weep, but just lets several droplets roll all the way down to his chin. He is thankful that he doesn't have to talk, fearing the steadiness of his own usually vibrant tenor. All I could think of was… what if this had been the Caravans of Rovehn. Mothers, fathers, children… they didn't care who was in their path. They just consumed them. He turns his expression away from Jeremy now, opening wet eyes to stare out across the woods.

Jeremy tucks Lionel's head into the crook of his neck gently, his other hand coming up to wrap around the back of the Rovehn's neck and stroke the short hair there gently. His voice whispers in Lionel's mind, 'It could be some day. We'll have to make sure it isn't.' He turns his head to press a kiss against the side of his husband's head, 'You know why we're fighting now more than most people alive. Even we Awakened have only Dreamed of Hostiles pouring over cities. You're one of the few who has seen it and lived, Lie.' Letting the other man turn away, he drops his far hand to Lionel's shoulder, 'You've seen why we have to live.'

Lionel wipes away the tears with the heel of his hand. He would never let anyone but Jeremy see him like this. Weakness is something others prey on. He takes a few moments to find his voice, breathing in deep through his nostrils and all the way down into his belly. He lets it out with a soft whoosh. "Yeah," he says finally, looking over toward Jere. "Don't let me volunteer for anything like that again." He hunches his shoulders a bit, looking small. "All I could think about was not coming home…"

Jeremy offers a last gentle caress of his thoughts as Lionel wipes away tears, and then the color comes back to his eyes and the ghostly leaves settle back under his armor. "But you are coming home. It's my job to make sure you always come home, and I'm not going to fail. I promise you, Lie." Leaning back a little, his right hand rises from Lionel's shoulder to pick at the other man's hair, putting it into some sort of disarray that the Arborenin apparently finds fetching, "Besides, you'll have to come home if we find a surrogate. You always have to come home to children."

Lionel turns his gaze toward him once more, and he blinks a bit. "Weren't you suppose to do that while I was gone?" He smirks. "Women like you more." Which might be an ironic thing to say, but they do tend to like Jeremy on a whole more from Lie's perspective. He shuffles his feet a bit before he leans his forehead against Jeremy's temple once more. He murmurs. "I would have always came home with or without kids, you know."

Jeremy smirks at the accusation of women liking him more, "No, women want to talk to me more. They want to tear your clothes off." At least there's the amusement of someone who has accepted a situation beyond his control. "Which, I admit isn't good for finding a surrogate, but no, I wanted someone who we could both get along with. Plus, I was a little busy worrying, and then marching out to bring you water. And whiskey." The last point is a given, apparently, in Jeremy's mind, because he just nods in response.

"Well…" Lionel says at first, shrugging his broad shoulders as he leans away from his husband. "I at least know what to do with them after they do tear my clothes off." He smirks. Then he glances back out to the woods, and he releases a soft sigh. "Alright, well… we can start shopping for surrogates. We should try to find one that isn't going to try to steal me away from you though," he says, flashing a boyish smile with a deep set of dimples.

Encouraged by the dimples, Jeremy nods his head, "So, blind?" He rubs his hand up and down Lionel's spine, "And I know, I'm just not interested." His other hand comes up, one finger touching Lionel's jawline to turn the Rovehn's face toward him so that he can press a soft, loving kiss to the other knight's lips. Straightening away, he adds, "And that's why I need you around for the search, by the way. To make sure we find one that won't try to steal you."

Lionel turns easily into the kiss. He even releases a thankful murmuring against his partner's lips. He doesn't make it so easy for Jeremy to escape him, twisting an arm around his shoulders to pull him closer against his frame. "Don't go," he whispers. He offers a bit of a smile. "I'll find someone, I'll help…"

Jeremy wraps his husband up in turn, curling one arm around Lionel's back and drawing the other hand up to the back of the Rovehn's neck, "I'm stuck out here in the woods with you, Lie. There's nowhere for me to go." And then he twists his head to press a kiss to the other knight's temple, "Or any place I want to go either. I love you, Lie. And when you're entrails have stopped trying to become your extrails, I'll give you a proper homecoming."

Lionel leans his head weightily against Jeremy's, and he offers a bit of a smile at the affectionate touch and kiss. He does grunt a bit at his promise for later. "My entrails are staying my entrails," he complains softly before he draws Jeremy in for another press of lips. This time there is a hint of patience and love there with an overtone of exhaustion. He just wants his bed, and definitely would like it best if Jeremy was also in it.

Jeremy returns the kiss, his eyes drifting closed and his hand moving from the back of Lionel's head to his stubbled cheek. Cupping that cheek, he leaves their brows together even as he sinks back from the kiss, "Let's get you into bed. Get us into bed until it's my watch. And then in the morning, you're shaving. You're all bristle-y."

Lionel drifts his eyes closed as he rests his cheek easily into Jeremy's hand. He releases a deep sigh that seems to relax his body to the point where he might not be able to get back up again. "Okay," he accepts, but he pauses to rub his bristled cheek against Jeremy's hand. "I'll need you to help me with that."

Jeremy scritches at Lionel's cheek with his fingers, then slowly hauls himself up to his feet, his hands dropping down to catch up the Rovehn's hands to help pull him up too. "Yeah? And what am I going to get for being your barber? Two bits?" The meaning of that saying may not have followed from Old Earth, but the saying itself certainly has.

Lionel hauls up to his feet with the help of his husband. He smirks a bit. "I'll give you one bit," he says, his voice fainting an easy flirtation. His bushy brows arch high above his blue eyes before he trails behind Jeremy as they start to head back to camp.

Jeremy laughs easily, relief and love alike clear in his eyes, "Just lend it to me. Then I'll give it right back." And he reaches down to give Lionel's ass a playful swat before reaching out to take Lionel's hand and lead him back to camp.

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