08.27.3013: Saturday in The Park
Summary: (All right, so it was Tuesday. Chicago was on my mind) Michael and Klaudea run into each other in the park, to be briefly joined by Bianka before they join a game of soccer. Anabethe and Ellinor are drawn into the game in the end.
Date: 27 August, 2013
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Obsidian Falls and Lakeshore Obsidia, The Crescent
The Obsidian Falls form a wide curtain of shining, glistening black glass running down the front of a cliff a thousand feet high. A lift runs alongside the Falls, allowing easy transport between Obsidia and the base of the Falls. The base of the Falls is protected from the attentions of tourists by a shallow lake that runs half a mile from the base of the cliffs out toward the veldt beyond. Canyon walls — and a few carefully-placed hard light shields — shelter the lake from more than the slightest gust of wind, letting its surface reflect the Falls and the white city above in near-perfect mimicry.
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The light of afternoon mirrors the falls in the aptly named lake as dozens of sight seers crowd the lifts and walkways. The almost meadow-like lawns rolling gently about the serene placid waters are filled with picnickers, team sports players, children and parents, young loves and old ones, and a variety of artists. In his attempt to capture the beauty of the city's pride and joy with words, Michael sits on a bench and gazes at the shiny black glass wall. He's dressed in military cut scarlet and black clothing with the crossed hammers boldly displayed for all to know of the house from which he hails. There is a book in his lap filled with real paper onto which he writes with an ink short quill.

One of the groups of team sports players pass a soccer ball around, one of them being a young woman with a brunette ponytail that laughs with the others as she completely misses a pass and has to go chasing it over near the benches. "It's a good thing your father bought you a squireship with a knight," one of them calls. "Because a professional soccer career is definitely out." Walking backwards a few steps so that she can make a playful rude gesture to the person speaking, which sets off more laughter that she joins in easily, Klaudea turns back around to find the ball again.

"Inside the blackened heart there lies, a beauty unfound… to which the waters of their eyes, seep down." Michael muses for a long moment, jots it down but sighs loudly. "I wish Lady Sophie were here. She'd at least smile and bring that creative energy back to me…" he shakes his head, muttering to himself.

The ball rolls over by Michael's feet, and Klaudea comes over, her foot resting on top, preparing to pull it back. "Hey," she grins at him. "You're Sir Johana's squire, aren't you? What are you writing?" she turns her head to look at the paper he has on his lap. "Why don't you use a tablet?" All of her questions are delivered in the rapid-fire of friendly curiosity of someone who doesn't find it odd to try and find out as much as she can at once, or to blurt out any question that comes to mind.

Michael blinks at the ball, then chuckles softly at the rapid questioning. "My name is Michael, I am Young Lady Sir Johana's squire yes, I'm working on a poem to try and get back into my creative side, I have a tablet, I prefer my journal. I'm six feet tall, have dark blonde hair, gray-blue eyes, I like the color charcoal-blue, favorite drink is orange juice with peach, and I'll eat just about anything." he answers her mocking her speedy interrogation.

Bianka comes walking through the falls area, she pretty much has the day to herself, somthing that rarely happpens anymore, and aside from taking a walk, she is at a loss, because she was 'ordered' to not go to the gym or hurt anymone in sparring practice. Spotting Michael, and then spotting Thalo's Squire, Bianka smirks and moves to hide behind a tree, and makes a very loud growling noise…

Klaudea blushes and grins. "I can see that you have dark blonde hair, and blueish eyes. My cousin would love to meet you, because no one will eat her cooking." With a wink, she pulls the ball back, and turns to pass it into play with her friends, giving them a wave to indicate she'll be over in a moment. The growling gets a glance, but it's probably a holoplayer of a movie that someone has turned up too loud, so she looks back to Michael. "Do you play soccer?"

Michael's eyes alight as she blushes and smiles, "You'll have to introduce me some time. He looks at the other players, "I've not played in a long time, but I could give it a go." he puts his journal and short quill away and stands up. The sudden growling has Michael place himself between Klaudea and the tree and he pulls out a switch activated short sword from his thigh pouch. The blade 'schicks' open and he takes up a defensive stance, "Stay behind me… if it's a wild animal trekked from the Veldt… it could be quite dangerous."

"Did you just pull a blade on me Lil man?" Bianka says as she comes from behind the tree. 'I'm shocked that you would do such a thing…" She adds, though her smile shows that she is just trying to get a rise out of him, a half hearted attempt, because he should be at the point where hazing doesn’t effect him. "Oh TWO squires! Aww, are you both hiding from your knights?"

Klaudea chuckles as Michael jumps to with his sword. "Michael… with all the people around us, if it was a wild animal that trekked in from the Veldt, don't you think people would be screaming and running away by now?" Unlike the man, she doesn't really take a defensive stance, standing relaxed with her arms at her side. "Then she chuckles as Bianka comes out from behind the tree, and shakes her head at the question. "No, Sir. Just taking advantage of having the afternoon off on such a nice day."

"I recently fought and killed two hostiles near this lake, I'm always armed now, Lady Sir Bianka." the blade 'schicks' closed and is replaced into the thigh pouch. "How are you doing?" he asks the sister of his knight before answering her question, "As for hiding? Not today, I could be accused of doing so the past few days. I've been volunteering for patrol duties on the Veldt and your sister has yet to order me do otherwise…" his voice drops, "With those horrible tabloid stories flying around, I've been trying to keep a low profile. I never meant for anything scandalous to occur, and I had leave time enough to participate."

Bianka crosses her hands over her chest. "I don’t take the tabloids half as seriously as most people, but the guilt on your face proves that you were being the round robin kisser that night." She says with a shake of her head. "But it's not my place to reprimand you, since my sister is your Knight AND House heir." She says as she shrugs and kicks a rock towards the lake, watching it bounce off the hard light shield.

Klaudea glances back and forth between the two. "Round Robin kissing?" she seems to be trying to process that idea at the moment. "Well, if it were Hostiles, people would definitely be running and screaming."

"The only thing I feel guilty of is that I played that brothel owner like I did. He didn't deserve to be lead on like that, but at the time it felt kind of fun." Michael shakes his head, and looks to Klaudea, "In my experience, people tend to freeze up when they see scary headed their way." before looking back to Bianka, "Again, I never meant for anything that could shame the house or my knight to happen. After… what happened in Arborenin, I've worked hard to regain her trust and pride. I've not taken these rumors easily… I wish she'd talk to me."

Bianka at first… her face is hard, but then her resolve starts to fade and she walks over and scoops up the squire into a hug. "Aww… you're just learning… how can she be mad at you.. she should try and understand.' She says giving the man a huge hug before setting him down. "I'm sure if it's all explained to her Ana would understand… she is the best person in the world… so she should understand."

Klaudea chuckles. "And usually the ones that freeze get trampled by the screaming masses that run for their lives." She gives a shrug and a friendly wave of her hand to dismiss the subject as Bianka earns more of her curious attention rather than the debate. She winces a little as Michael is scooped up into the hug, she can only imagine how painful that could be if the woman doesn't hold back enough to keep from cracking his ribs, although her gaze is now more curious than ever as words like 'brothel' are being thrown around.

The hug gets a slight wince, but Michael does his best to return it. "Thank you, Lady Sir Bianka… she's just rather busy of late, and I don't wish to bother her." he looks over to Klaudea with a grin, "I'm one of the few who tend to run at the big and scary." he takes a breath, and looks up at Bianka, and by up… he means UP. "How are you doing? I haven't seen you much recently."

Bianka sets the squire down and frowns. "I didnt squeeze that hard…" She says as she ruffles his hair. "I've been busy with patrol, and war stuff, and trainning." She says simply, before finding a rock or a stump to sit on. "Today is a free day, and I'm just bored, did have plans, but those got scrapped.."

Klaudea gives a friendly snort. "I should hope so. Wouldn't make a very good knight if you joined the panicked masses, screaming and running away." However, they aren't going to talk about the brothel anymore, so she subsides as they talk about Young Lady Sir Johana, chewing absently at her lower lip.
"Hey, Klaud, you coming back?" one of her friends calls. She pauses, turning to look between the two, then gives a nod. "Yeah, coming." She gives a bow to Bianka and Michael, "come on over, if you like," then turns and jogs off towards the soccer players.

Michael looks to Bianka, "What do you say? Should we join them? You could always pretend to suck at soccer… until the final few minutes, then make them cry." he grins at her, "And I was teasing you about the hug, you've never hurt me with one of those, and they are always appreciated." he offers a hand, though she doesn't really need it being so tall and strong, to help her up if she'd like to join them. "Unless you'd like to do something else, my lady." he offers.

Bianka looks at him. "Nah… I get overly agressive when soccer is involved… punched out someone during the Hammer's game last week…" She says, while tempted, knowing better then to try and get herself in trouble by punching someone out today.

"It's called being squired off," Klaudea can be heard correcting the friend who spoke earlier as she passes the ball with him. The guy waves his hand at hand back at her and they spread out again, the ball working quickly among them.

"Squired off?" Michael asks as he shows up alone on the field, "Also, can I still join in? I warn you all though, I suck balls at soccer." He laughs slightly before showing that he's ready to play if they'll join him into their game.

Klaudea chuckles as she looks up to Michael joining them. "Denin likes to make up new expressions every time to describe my chosen career," she explains, trapping the ball under her foot. "Guys, this is Michael, he's a squire, too. He would make our numbers even, we could play a small game…" as the others shrug or give other gestures of 'sure, why not' assent, she rattles off their names to her fellow squire.

"Nice to meet all of you." Michael says and then he moves to join the team picked for him. He laughs slightly, and clearly doesn't have much training… perhaps Academ physical education class level at best. Weekend dicking around at worst. "So, you didn't tell me your name… I think it's Klaudea, right?" Michael asks of her as he nears.

The various players spread out, a few of the guys lending the use of their shirts as goal markers, and then the game begins. Klaudea herself is only a weekend warrior player, having spent all her time learning to handle arms and such for the past six years. She glances towards Michael as they pass, and then she nods. "Sorry about that, yeah. Klaudea."

Michael nods to Klaudea as they start to play, and he manages to keep the ball for a bit before having it stolen from him. He pauses for a moment and removes his shirt, revealing a well scarred chest. Particular is a peculiar rough circle scar on his right pectoril with a twin on his left shoulder blade. "No worries, you didn't have long to stay at the party for Rivea, and a lot happened that night that I can hardly remember." he gets the ball again and passes it to a teammate.

Klaudea nodnods. "It must have been a really good party, then," she replies with a grin, turning suddenly to go after a passed ball, sticking out her foot to poke it to a teammate. "I had to go to my parents… they like to have me come home for dinner from time to time, make sure they're spending their money wisely. Especially after I had to find a new knight. They're pretty impressed, though." She starts to move, then stops when the ball doesn't make it. "Now I have to work extra hard, because if I get dropped by a Knight Lieutenant, they'll kill me."

"Yeah… my parents haven't really had to pay much for my squiring. Sir Johana offered to squire me, and I've payed my own way since then… aside from the combat armor I wear. That was a gift from my knight to me. My parents are proud of me though, for coming back to squiring and going for knighthood." Michael is able to steal the ball from one of the other players before passing to someone not on his team and sighing.

Klaudea grins as Michael's pass goes awry, though it's a comdraderly sort of grin, as it's happened to her plenty of times. "My parents have paid for my squiring. It's not like they can't afford it… it's no more expensive than most of the clothes and 'things' that other girls in my set ask their parents for, really." She shrugs, accepts a pass and dribbles a few yards to send it in the direction of the goal for one of her teammates.

"True, squiring isn't incredibly expensive depending on the knight. However, my parents feel if I want something bad enough, I'll work hard enough to make it happen. So I've paid my own way for this opportunity, which is why I'm rather upset over what's been going around in the tabloids about me." he shakes his head, and watches the other players to see where the ball goes.
Anabethe has arrived.

"Armor and weapons can be, though. Lucky your knight gave you some really nice armor. I have a feeling that I'll have to be buying more working with Sir Lieutenant Thalo, though," Klaudea replies, then she's off running down the field in a support pass position.
It is a beautiful afternoon by the Lake, with tourists sight seeing, lovers canoodling, and people reading, playing music or just out for some sun. Here and there a soccer ball can be seen being kicked around, and at the edge of the grass, a group of younger adults have set up two makeshift goals of shirts to play an impromtu game. Two squires can be seen in their ranks, Michael and Klaudea, who finally has her arm back in working condition.

"Yeah, I got really lucky… left me with enough for a good horse, and a couple weapons. Plus some other spending needs as I go. And… I've been able to work out making some cash by helping around the Shard now and then with odd jobs." Michael begins to run to assist in taking control of the ball for his team, his shirtless state mimicking those of his team.

Anabethe has her hands in her pockets as she walks along the shore, talking to Ellinor at her side. "I swear, I'm going to end up with permanently crossed eyes. And I'm going to start getting soft. I don't get some more combat exercise, and the next time I see a Hostile, I'm going to ask it how many bushels of grain are required to feed a unit of soldiers." A beat. "And it'll probably answer faster than I could, because it's probably got a calculator built into its head."

Running hard down the line, Klaudea cuts to the inside to try and steal the ball back as someone from the other team disrupts their attack. She tangles legs with the player, the ball squirting free, leaving them to hop up in a good natured debate about fouls, although they don't stop the play, the just shoulder each other a bit as they go after the ball again, laughing as neither gives ground, then they're off and running again.

"Would you like a calculator built into your head?" Ellinor asks with a good-natured smile on her lips as she walks alongside her oldest friend. She is popping up a soccer ball in her hands, sending it several feet above her head before catching it once more. "Don't you have people you can pawn that stuff off on? I thought that was the whole point of hiring experts." The Sauveur woman casts her a devious grin. "Jevon not letting you run around wild no more, huh?"

Michael gets hold of the ball, and starts to dribble it towards the goal. A teammate catches up with him and takes over as he drives down the grassy stretch. Michael keeps up with him, the two passing the ball back and forth as they make for the shirt posts.

"Oh, bite me," Anabethe rolls her eyes at Ellinor, though she does smirk. "You don't think all these Castellan appointments are just for shits and giggles, do you? That's a nice, big, flashing sign. Get your shit together, kiddo." Sighing heavily, she reaches up to push a hand through her hair with a shake of her head. "He's not come out and told me I can't go and fight until I finish my homework, but the implication is there."

"Nooooooooo!" Klaudea calls out as Michael and his team mate get closer. "Get them!" She's running pell mell after them, her horsing around having cost her some ground, as others try to break up the passing pattern.

Ellinor looks out toward the field as she continues to bounce the ball from one hand to the other. She does cast Anabethe a curious look, arching up her brows. "So… he's decided not to tell you outright what his expectations are, but expect you to pick up on the subtle," or not so subtle, "hints." She pauses. "Yeah, sounds like your dad." She smirks knowingly as she pops up the ball again. "You realize what the next step is, don't you?" She starts to hum a classic Haven wedding march, her green eyes dancing iwth unheard laughter.

As Klaudea calls attention to the duo barreling down the stretch of grass towards the shirt posts that mark the goal, Michael slowly begins to out run the other and takes possession of the ball. He narrowly avoids one of Klaudea's team members who tries to slide kick the ball from him, but Michael is able to pop the ball up and leap to avoid getting tripped, after landing on the other side he continues on towards the goal. Nearing the end quickly.

"What, marrying off all my friends until I realize I'm next?" Anabethe counters with a wry arch of her brow. "Oh wait. Damn. Do you think he's doing that?" Her chin tips up as she catches sight of the group already playing, checking for familiar faces and the state of the game.

Klaudea isn't going to catch Michael and company, so she slows a little, conserving energy. "Oh, come on guys! He's just a squire! You can't do better than that against him?" she calls out, grinning from ear to ear as she 'trash talks' when someone misses their slide tackle on him.

Ellinor watches Michael as he storms toward the goal even while she speaks to Anabethe. "Well, you did buy yourself some time… that Sprout of yours will keep Jevon entertained for a while longer but…" She glances toward her friend. "You know you're good alliance bait." She grins wryly. "Maybe you need to start seeing if Michram or Ellion need a good match before its your turn… you know, alternative fodder."

Michael cotinues to reach the goal, and finally arches his leg back for that final kick. The ball sails past the goaly and scores for Michael's team, receiving wild hoots and cheers. The squire getting several pats on the back and fistbumping from his new mates. He looks to Klaudea and shrugs, "What can I say? I got lucky… really." he smiles and shakes hands with some of the others as the goaly runs off to fetch the ball.

"Good alliance bait, sure. But for whom?" Anabethe arches a brow at Ellinor. "I mean, c'mon. You tell me who the most likely options are right now. Seems to me most of the spares are already getting married off." Her smile quirks, amused. "You know, if I wait this out for six more months, they might actually run out of people to marry me off to. I'm just saying, it could happen."

Among the good natured cheers, and waving of hands from the other team, Klaudea shrugs back to Michael. "One is just the beginning, bud! Keep going!" She jogs back as the ball is brought up towards the center spot again, her team reforming while the other one is still celebrating around Michael. Apparently it's a one-nil game at the moment.

"Doesn't Esiah have a kid lying around?" Ellinor offers idly. "Or maybe one of Eryn's brood?" She smirks a bit. "Could always see if one of the Crescent vassals need to marry off one of their own, though… we all saw how that worked out the first time around." Nic, of course. She then shouts out toward the field. "You are all about as bad as the Comets!" Which would be the Orelle Comets, the professional team still looking to make a great comeback.

"Yeah? I think I will." Michael calls back to her, and then his team sets up again before Ellinor interrupts them with her comment, Michael calls back challengingly. "That so? Perhaps you'd care to put foot to ball, and prove those words." he smirks at the lady knights. Then settles into to wait for the game to start up again.

"Right, because the Orelles are going to send a kid to marry me after we've nabbed one heir in the Lashes and made another solid connection with the Granthams," Anabethe drawls. "Arboren might be more of a threat. Except I don't think any of them has the balls or the spine not to wilt here." As Ellinor calls out to the others, her smile slips crooked. "Now, now, El," she drawls, loud enough to be heard by all of them. "No need to make fun of the squires. They're still learning, after all."

One of the players looks over. "Them's fightin' words, lady," he calls out. "We're not squires, we just let Klau still hang with us because our parents make us play with her." This earns him a cuff on the shoulder from Klaudea, but she nods her head respectfully to the lady knights. "We would be honored to have you join us, Sir Anabethe, and Sir Ellinor," her glance towards the boy as she relates their names making him blush as he realizes who he's been lipping off to.

Ellinor laughs. "You realize you're calling your potential, ambiguous husband a threat, right, Bethe?" She grins broadly toward the Khourni before she looks back out at the field. She pops up her ball once more. "I don't know… wouldn't want to put you all to shame." She sidelongs to Bethe, dropping into a hushed whisper. "You do remember how to play, right?"

Looking down at his comm device, Michael sighs at the sky and looks around. "Guys? Bad news… I have patrol in an hour and I'm not close to ready for it. I've got to hustle just to be late but still included." he looks to Klaudea, "This was fun, we'll need to hang out again some time soon. Perhaps even spar at some point." the he turns to Ellinor and Anabethe, "While I hate leaving before I get to show up Sir Anabethe on the field… I have to, or I might miss patrol. Squiring comes first." then he jogs over and takes up his shirt, pulls it on and waves before sprinting off towards the lifts to the city.

"Uh, do you not remember the last one?" Anabethe arches a brow at Ellinor. "Yeah, my potential, ambiguous husband is a threat. Not as much as turning my ankle getting my ass kicked by a bunch of kids," she adds in a lower tone, clearing her throat as she looks over the field. "Oh gee, how awkward. Uneven teams. Pity!"

"Want me to ask Mikhail down here? Didn't he kick our ass single-handedly last time?" Ellinor asides once more to Bethe with a slight arch of her brows. Then she clears her throat, calling out toward the Ibrahm squire. "I'll let Johana know you are a noble, well-behaved sort!" She winks to Michael before she glances toward the others. "Don't worry… Bethe and I are so old, together we make about one player." Says Ellinor, Miss Twenty-Two herself. Being a knight makes you age faster, proven fact.

Michael's leaving results in some expression of dismay from his teammates as they look to reform. Klaudea gives a nod. "Sounds good, I'll see you back at the barracks," she calls out, then turns to the other women. As Anabethe remarks on the uneven teams, one of the other kids on Klaudea's team calls out. "Don't worry, Sir Anabethe, I can sit out for a bit. I think I twisted my ankle earlier, I don't mind resting."

"Thanks, kid. Thanks," Anabethe barks a laugh, giving her shoulder a roll and looking over the field. "All right, I'll give it a go. Assuming Ellinor doesn't trip me along the way," she adds, elbowing her fellow knight. "She's right, though. The real soccer skills somehow ended up in Mikhail."

Ellinor steps out onto the field with Anabethe, muttering to her friend that, "This is going to hurt in the morning." Then she pops her ball out into the green, starting to kick it down field toward the others for a rousing game of soccer.

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