Sascha (Fisker) Bellard
Shailene Woodley
Shailene Woodley as Sascha (Fisker) Bellard
Full Name: Sascha (Fisker) Bellard
Byname: The Shark Whisperer
Age: 22
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Cindavale
House: Rovehn
Title/Profession: Citizen
Position: Carnie!
Spouse: NO Height: 5' 8"
Father: Lexille Bellard Weight: 160
Mother: Lexille Bellard Hair Color: Dark Brown
Siblings: Carnies Eye Color: Light Blue
Children: NO


Born Sascha Fisker, the now Bellard urged her parents to allow her to be emancipated from their custody when they become unable to maintain their lives as fisherfolk. Rather than being able to repair their humble vessels, the Fiskers planned to pursue life on the rigs. Sascha would have none of it. After successfully fighting the battle with her parents, she was able to pursue life at the Carnival of Lexille Bellard in the lands of Rovehn, finishing her education under tutors. It was a humble existence, but she completed in line with all standards.

After proving her mettle to Lexille, she was harbored and utilized as a worker in the ever-shifting carnival. Her acts changed a bit, but she took pride in her work and her capacity to learn new skills quickly. She'd regularly sneak in on others' acts to see their skills and work tirelessly to replicate them. Though none of this went missed by the all-seeing eyes of the proprietor, Lexille. After proving herself with some of the more tamer animals, Sascha was moved to a series of acts that now focus on aquatic themes. Swimming with dangerous creatures and the like. Though her own pride at these acts could very well be her undoing…




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Lexille Lexille Bellard : Mother. Father. Employer.
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