08.23.3013: Sammel Surprise
Summary: Elodie is working at home when a newly healed Sammel makes an unexpected visit.
Date: many days
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Elodie's Quarters
Although it has the same white walls with dark brass beams and vaulted ceiling of the rest of Shelter, Elodie's love of life and living things has taken over the once geometrically laid out suite, giving the place something of an air of an old earth industrial site that's been left to nature. A geometric pattern cut into the metal floor and planted with low growing thyme has taken the place of the circular walls that used to enclose her foyer, in the middle of which a simple, circular fountain still stands. The herb gives an aromatic and fresh welcome to the visitor, trying to prepare them for the small vista that opens up before them.
The curved ceiling has been tiled almost seamlessly with computer monitors that have a feed from outside cameras, bringing Niveus's skies right to her suite. Every cloud, star, or ray of sun is fed straight into the room, meaning that she literally does sleep under the stars.
Normally, this would make a space seem huge, the openness of the sky seeming to go on forever. But, like most other rooms in Shelter, the strong beams of wood and metal truss work hold up the ceiling and delineate where walls once stood, breaking into the view. The only solid walls left standing are the ones around her privy. Planters of ivy and flowering vines have taken advantage of the 'natural' light, and wound their way around these beams, following wires that have been strung in between in some places, leaving areas of dappled shade. A few miniature potted trees have been arranged to surround her own personal little library and reading area. The long, stone fireplace partially hides the sleeping area, appearing to be a rock wall from the entryway, behind which a canopy bed of smooth curves, nestles near the fire, like a camper's tent at a campfire.
23 August, 3013

Elodie didn't have the chance to take her afternoon ride in the Vale today. After the overnight in Rovehn and the times she stayed late to heal Sammel and didn't even return for dinner, she felt it was time for an afternoon checking into things at home. The animal rehab center was visited, its inmates taken care of, and dinner with the family will be happening soon.

When Sammel presents himself at House Iah, he would be escorted to Elodie's quarters, where he will find her in her 'library' section when she calls out an enter command to the door. A holo 'patient' is projected in the air before her, and she's following the procedures as they are narrated to her. Unless Sammel said something when the entry request beeped, she is not expecting anyone other than Morrigan or one of the household staff.

Not saying anything when he enters, Sammel looks around for a few moments before he heads over in the direction of that 'library' section. Keeping quiet until he's arrived a bit closer, he smiles. "I hope the patient is doing well?" he offers, a bit lightly.

Elodie is a little startled by the sound of a now familiar voice, that doesn't belong to her staff or her personal guard. She looks up giving a verbal command for the program to hold, and then puts down the instruments she was using. Her eyes light up as she greets him with "Sammel!" Since she doesn't actually have a table in the middle of the room, she walks through the holographic patient to approach her surprise visitor. "I didn't expect a chance to see you today."

"Well, I realized you probably wanted to spend some time at home, so I figured it was my time to come for a visit," Sammel replies with a smile, before he adds, "I hope that was okay?" Spoken a bit lightly now as he looks to the holographic stuff. "Doing some training, hmm?"

Elodie finishes crossing the distance to Sammel to give him a hug and nods as she looks back up at him, not hurrying to let go. "Of course it's okay." She spares a glance for the poor, deserted patient and nods. "I've been having the new programs sent to my computer here at home so that I don't have to go to Landing to keep up."

Sammel smiles, hugging back as he's being hugged. "Good, I was afraid of being placed outside to wait, or something." It's offered with a wide grin, and a chuckle, so it's clear that he's just joking, right? Nodding a bit at the part about the programs. "That sounds quite smart. Besides, we all have things we need to keep up with, right?"

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"Oh, getting tired of work already?" Sammel remarks a bit lightly, before he adds, "But you're right. Brushing up on dodging skills might be a good idea." Another brief pause, before he looks to the holographic image as well. "What kind of a thing is this, then?"

"Well, when an opportunity to do something more pleasant, it is easy to get tired of work," Elodie points out. "I'm working on trying to remove one of those ribbon things that the Hostiles have used. We're trying to create programs to duplicate it. So far…" she grimaces as a red light flashes, then shakes her head, and dismisses the program. "Thankfully, they I haven't seen it used that often… hopefully it means that the substance is difficult or expensive for them to prepare, so they don't have a lot to use."

Sammel smiles as he hears that first part, before he nods a bit, "That's quite true," he remarks, before turning more of his attention to the images now. "Erik got hit by one of those," he says, after a few moments of pause. "On the Ring, a while before the ships went out to deal with the first wave of the Hostile attacks…"

Elodie nods, and with the program now shut down, it's just the two of them in the library. "Would you like some tea or ice wine before dinner?" she offers, then wrinkles her brow. "Are you staying for dinner? Or is this a flyby to say hi?"

"Staying for dinner sounds like a wonderful idea," Sammel replies, with a smile, before he adds, "And so does some of the ice wine." Another smile, before he adds, "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Elodie replies, going over to a small refrigerator in the corner of her library area, pulling out a bottle, then reaching into a cabinet for a couple of glasses. She pours them each a glass, and brings it back to him. "Thank you for staying to dinner. Una and Tiriel are interested in getting to know you better, since you'll be stealing me away from them." She smiles at the 'accusation' of Sammel's intentions.

Sammel smiles as he hears that, taking the offered glass, before he grins at the 'accusation'. "I must actually be a good thief, then. I mean, going straight for the real treasures?" It's said a bit lightly, before he adds, "But I want to know your family better as well, so aside from getting to spend more time with you, that's also one of the reasons I figured dropping by was a good thing."

Elodie's eyes widen, and she blushes with both disbelief and pleased surprise at his claim of going straight for the real treasure. She takes a sip of her own wine, and gives herself a moment to swallow both the wine and the heady compliment, however lightly said, that came from her future husband. "I'm glad you want to get to know them, it will do a lot to ease their minds about our union." Unlike last time when Sammel came to her rooms, she takes his hand and leads him to the couch in her sitting area, rather than separating them by sitting in two chairs.

"Our families' minds being eased is a good thing, after all," Sammel replies, with a smile, before he lets himself be lead to the couch now. "And besides, since they're related to you, they have to be good and nice people when one gets to know them, right?"

Elodie grins at the assumption. "That would make logical sense, if you consider me to be a good and nice person," she says, approaching the matter rather clinically, and not actually aware of the appearance of fishing for a compliment. "The same as I'd have to conclude that when I get to know you're family better I'll find them all to be ready with a witticism to alleviate worry in stressful situations, and are rarely in low spirits." She looks up to him as she leans sideways on the couch to face him, bending her knees to tuck her feet behind her.

Sammel chuckles as he hears that, "Well, you've met some of them already, right?" he offers with a grin, before he adds, "I'm not sure if everyone's quite like that, but at least some are."

Elodie smiles and lays her free hand along the back of the couch in Sammel's direction, but not around or touching him. "Well, I do really like one of them that is like that," she tells him with a bit of shyness, although she dares a bit of a wink. "A lot."

His own hand moving closer to that hand of hers, to gently take it in his, Sammel offers a smile now, "I'm glad to hear that," he replies.

Elodie smiles and gives a little squeeze to Sammel's hand. "Well, then," she takes a sip of her wine. "I'll make sure to tell Sir Niko the next time I see him." She bites at her lower lip, although she can't stop the teasing smile that breaks out when she finishes the sentence, and her eyes can't hide the mischievousness. Then she giggles a little, setting her glass down on the table, turning back to him to tell him she's only teasing.

Sammel laughs as he hears that, offering a wide grin, "Well, Niko would like that," he replies, taking another sip of his own glass of wine now, before he adds, "There's this big, strong, angry woman following him, though. You know, his wife." It's spoken just as lightly as he places his own glass on the table now.

Elodie laughs. "Well, I didn't say I wanted to kiss him or anything," she clarifies, snuggling a little closer as she gets more comfortable with Sammel's presence.

"Good point," Sammel replies with a smile now, also moving a little closer.

"I have them, once in awhile," Elodie allows with a grin. "Don't worry, though. I won't let it go to my head."

Sammel chuckles as he hears that, "But who knows, maybe it'll go to my head?" Spoken a bit lightly now, before he adds, "And I think we could say that the 'a while' you mentioned is in the category of a short while."

Elodie tips her head slightly as she looks at him, a puzzled furrow as she retraces the conversation, "what'll go to your head?" she asks, then one eybrow lifts. "Why, Sir Sammel, are you telling me that you like me for my brains, too?"

Taking another sip of his wine, Sammel nods a bit, "Your brains, my dear, works well with my lack of them, right?" It's spoken a bit lightly, before he adds, "And it's a part of the total thing that makes you the one you are, after all."

Elodie chuckles, leaning against the back of the couch, and then looking to their entwined hands, rubbing her thumb along his. "I wouldn't say you have a lack of brains," she muses slowly. "Perhaps just a thicker skull encasing them…" she smiles up to him and nods. "It does."

Sammel grins as he hears that. "Ah, a thicker skull? You mean, so I can hide the fact that the brains are there?" Another chuckle as he reaches for his wine with his free hand now. "Now that's an idea."

Elodie grins. "That, and so that it doesn't seem so odd when some ideas take so long to get through to the brain," she offers helpfully, her expression oh so… not innocent.

Sammel smiles, "Nice to see how you're looking… Waitaminute!" It's offered with a bit of a laugh, though. A brief pause, as he places his wine back on the table, after having taken a sip, then chuckles a bit. "Nicely put…"

Elodie's head dips down when Sammel's thought breaks off, leaning forward a little as she laughs. Her eyes are still sparkling brightly when she straightens, placing her free hand over their joined ones. She thinks about saying something, but then doesn't seem to have the words to fit her thoughts at the moment, so she just smiles, little giggles still bubbling up here and there.

Sammel chuckles as he hears the laughter, unable to hold back some laughter as well now. "Ah, so the woman that will be my wife thinks so little of my brains," he remarks a bit lightly now.

Elodie raises her eyebrows, opening her mouth for a moment, but again she doesn't have any words. Her eyes don't betray any hurt or upset, but she raises her free hand to wrap lightly around his head. "No, she just thinks they need lots of protection so that he keeps coming back to her, and is therefore thankful for the very thick skull that protects them."

Sammel grins a bit now. "It's okay, I forgive you," he offers with a chuckle, before he adds, "And thanks for wishing that."

Elodie nods, her face sobering a little as she looks into Sammel's eyes. "I always do," she tells him solemnly. "Sometimes it makes it hard to wait for our wedding night… because I worry that I'll miss being with you. So, I just keep the faith that you're going to come back every time you go out."

"I know…" Sammel replies, before he adds, "I promise I'll do everything I can to make sure I come back to you each and every time." Another brief pause now as he keeps looking right into her eyes. "Still think extra armor on my chest might be a good idea…"

Elodie lets the hand around his head fall, resting it against said chest with a nod. "Maybe two chest plates," she suggests. "And you better keep coming back even after we're married," she adds. "No just working hard until we get married and have our wedding night and child. All the time. I want to grow old with you, Sammel Cindravale." As soon as the words are out of her mouth, her eyes widen slightly in surprise, as if the thought was out of her mouth before she even realized she'd thought it.

Sammel smiles as he hears that, nodding a bit, "I'll do my best then as well, part of the 'each and every time'. And I want to grow old with you as well. And for our children and their children to know less of this war, and more of peace."

Elodie sighs at the mention of their grandchildren knowing more peace. "That would be nice. It is kind of tiresome to think of forty years of fighting. I feel tired already just thinking about it." She gives in to the need for comfort as they talk about such things, and lets go of his hand to shift and curl against him, looking for shelter in his arms. "I understand the people who don't want to have children, because they're just being born into a horrible time. But… children may be the one thing to really bring us joy, a reason to keep fighting, right?"

Moving his own arm to lay it around her now, Sammel nod a little. "It's felt like it's been far too long already," he offers, before he adds, "And while I understand those that don't want to have children for that reason, I think that not only would children bring joy and a reason to fight, but if everyone stopped having them, how could we survive this war?"

Elodie chuckles as she leans her head against his shoulder. "Now you're bringing logic into the argument," she tips her head to look up at him. "That's just not fair."

"Sorry. Character fault of mine, I guess," Sammel replies with a grin now, moving his head slightly to lean it gently against hers now.

Elodie chuckles. reaching a hand up to his cheek. "It's an adorable character fault," she assures him with mock gravity.

Sammel grins as he hears that. "Well, I'm glad you aprove," he offers, before he lets out a bit of a breath.

Elodie smiles gently, her eyes warm and she nods. "I approve. There isn't much that I don't approve of," she admits with a little sigh.

"Which can be both a blessing and a curse, I believe," Sammel replies, with a smile now.

"Well, then, I'll do my best to help you bear up," Elodie promises, letting her hand fall again, resting on his shoulder, keeping him close for the time being.

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