12.04.3013: Sailing and Betrothal Requests
Summary: There's talk of sailing and of Ryan's request being denied.
Date: 17/October/2013
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Arboren Embassy
Claiming the topmost floor of the Embassy Tower, the Arboren embassy looks as if someone had taken a small chunk of the Spine and relocated it to Landing. The atmosphere is entirely artificially sustained, simulating a year-long Summer where the flora can flourish. The ceiling is a transparent composite dome that allows a natural day and night cycle. There is a moderate-sized patio of moss-covered mortar that acts as the embassy's sitting room. Comfortable chairs and chaise lounges are arranged to best facilitate conversation. Surrounding the patio are patches of natural moss, grasses, and wildflowers, with moss-covered rocks and dwarf trees adding further elevation and character.
Wednesday, December 04, 3013

Just barely home from the hospital, Brienne is sitting in the little sitting room on one of the chaise loungers. She's not laying down though but her head is still bandaged. She's got one of those datapad things and is still trying to figure it out, without too much success. She tosses it aside and reaches for her juice. It's well into the evening, the sun is probably setting about now.

Canis has perhaps been pointed this way when he tried to visit or just deductive reasoning that he stopped by here. He enters into the looking about and finding the newly mostly healed noble. "Hm Brie you look quite board." he says giving a grin though it was just teasing "You look like you are feeling a bit better."

Having been at one of the other rooms for a while, Tristan's making his way out into the main room now. "Didn't know you had a visitor, sis," he remarks, before he offers a quiet nod to Canis now. "Hello."

When Canis arrives and speaks to her, Brienne looks up and smiles. "Ah, you found me. I have to say I am really glad. How have you been Canis?" Though Tristan walks in then too and she smiles. "He only just arrived, have you both met more than just in passing?"

The young man nods "Lucky pointing in direction. I've been well enough for my part, i'm glad you were released i'm sure you look forward to being in more familiar surroundings." Canis turns as another approaches and he shakes his head "Not properly no we met as well at the volunteer event though briefly. Lord Sir Canis Ligonier." he offers in greeting to the other in proper form.

"Don't think so," Tristan replies, shaking his head a little bit, before he studies Canis for a few moments. "Lord Sir Tristan Arboren." A brief pause, before he adds, "Nice to meet you." A grin is offered to Brienne now, "Feeling better?"

Walking out of the elevator looking rather deflated, no smile even hinted at and eyes dulled, Ryan moves to slump into a seat just randomly. He doesn't even seem to want to talk, complete shock oh gasp again. No sigh, no announcement of his presense either. Just him, and this small data comm in his hand that he keeps looking at now and then and it seems to make him more blue.

When they make their introductions themselves, Brienne smiles. "I'm just glad to be out of the hospital. Now maybe we can make that tour of your boat and the area there you have been telling me about." She gives her brother a nod and motions towards the chairs around her. "Please, guys have a seat." Seeing Ryan, her eyes widen. "Was it bad news?"

Canis nods "It's good to meet you as well." he says to the other as he's introduced. "I would enjoy that indeed. Hopefuly it wil help with recuperating. My family also has a bit of a non-formal training and rehab place." he responds before he moves to take a seat the newest arrival gets a look and nod in greeting but he'll let them talk as it seems they may have business.

Tristan nods a little bit as he hears that, raising an eyebrow. "Tour of a boat?" Sounding a little curious. Looking to Ryan as he enters, he shakes his head a little bit. "What's this? You being the quiet one?"

"Auntie… was, auntie." Is all Ryan says about it. "It's good to see you're feeling better BriTree. Hey Tristmist. Hello again Lord Sir Canis." He says, but with little enthusiasm to him. "Don't mind me, really… just waiting until Dru and I have our date. I suppose, we'll probably have to break up after this though." there's a sigh.

"I think so too, Canis," Brie offers him a smile. "And I look forward to it." Hearing of the rehab place, she lifts her brows. "Oh? It sounds interesting." Motioning to Ryan, she smiles. "Canis, this is my cousin, Ryan Arboren." A quick, grinning nod is given to Tristan. "Yes, he has a sailboat, he's going to take me out soon." Though as Ryan speaks, she looks sad for him. "She said you cannot marry her?"

Canis looks between the peoples as the speak landing back on Brei "Just an idea if your interested." he turns "Likewise." he says as he's greeted though he doesn't know what is going on though understanding the noble matching making well enough even if he's avoided being pressured thus far.

Tristan pauses as he hears Ryan's words. "You actually…?" he begins, going quiet again now. "Sorry to hear it, though…"

Ryan holds out the data comm towards Brienne so she can take it and read if she'd like. "I wrote her asking if she'd speak to Princess Evony for me… she said no, and then told me to basically stop seeing Dru." he shrugs slightly, "I can't make the house look bad I guess, even if nothing more than kissing happened."

"It sounds like a good idea, Canis. All that's left to heal is my head, and my brothers and cousin here will agree that it's the hardest part of me." Mischief lights her eyes and Brie finds herself agreeing. "I don't see why not. We could go tomorrow if you like." Hearing Tristan, Brienne is reminded.. and she gives him a meaningful, 'we have to talk' look. Reaching for the datacomm, she is grateful it's on the right page, nothing she can lose or mess up. She reads and her eyes widen as she whistles. "Looks like mother is still upset about something.. I'm sorry Ryan.."

"I'm a bit of an outsider here, but i'm sorry to hear it all the same." Canis says not sure what he can say exactly. He chuckles at Brie's words but nods "Of course. Though only if it wont disrupt your healing properly."

"Her head is quite solid, yes. Probably breaks whichever hand trying to break it." Tristan says this a bit quietly, before he pauses for a few moments as he sees that look from his sister, shrugging and putting on his most innocent expression for now. Offering a quiet nod to Ryan, but not saying anything more at the moment.

"It just sucks, cause I knew she wouldn't help me… she hardly thinks I'm Arboren as it is. Chandra and I are allowed to live in the city with the rest of you… but I know that if it weren't for my knighting from the Peakes I'd be living in New Atlantis with the Volen. Then I'd really not have a chance." Though, there was word about a ship somewhere along the way and a flicker of light gets into his eyes. "What about a ship? A sailing ship? I have one of those, my father's the Ardent Sharde."

"My healing was cinched by the hospital, now it's just a matter of time, Canis. So not to worry there." Tristans teasing makes her laugh. "Mm hmm.. just wait and see, Tris." Though after reading the datacom, Brienne offers it back to Ryan. "I understand you're upset, but she's still my mother… you would be upset if someone spoke ill of yours. If you have issue with her hospitality here, then perhaps you should take it up with her."

Canis chuckles at Tristan's words and nods to Brie's words, and wont complain of course but is just being cautious is all. He looks back nodding "Yes though it may not be as grand a ship I mostly just take it in and around the lagoon where my family home is." he explains after this though since it's not much his place he remains quiet not wishing to interrupt.

Tristan just looks entirely unsure about what to say, so he does the only safe thing to do at the moment, and keeps quiet. Looking between the others every now and then, though.

Ryan shakes his head, "No, I'm sorry… I'm just frustrated because I don't want things to end, and I really thought she might at least help." he shrugs, "I'm not writing anymore letters." then he looks to Canis, "Sailing can be fun, and grand or small a ship is a ship. They're very fun to command. We should go sailing sometime."

"I've never been on a ship at all, so anything will be grand to me." Brienne reassures Canis. "I'll be back to running patrols again soon enough and I've had second thoughts now about taking Keanen with me. I couldn't stand to see him hurt again." Brie once more reaches up and tugs impatiently at her bandage. "I can't wait to have this off." Her green eyes drift to Ryan. "She's my mother, Ryan.. I'm sure she's very busy. You really can't blame her for things ending with you and the Lady Druscilla can you? You were caught by her brother, leaving her room tucking your tunic into your kilt.. how incriminating is that whether anything happened or not?"

Canis nods and smiles towards the other "I'll do my best to give a proper tour and sailing lesson." The knight says before the next part he sobers up a little bit "Yes, perhaps my idea was perhaps misplaced." he will admit after his meeting and her being injured afterwards. He looks back to Ryan nodding "That would be excellent as well."

"Wait…" Tristan begins, before he shakes his head a little bit at Ryan. "You were…?" Trailing off again, before he grins at Brienne. "You mean you'll not wear it as a fashion statement, or anything?"

Ryan stares wide eyed at Brienne, "BriTree… I only told you that. The Sauveur children weren't going to say anything." He swallows and looks to Canis with a forced smile, "We'll set up a time at some point." before he looks to Brienne again, "Lord Sir Advent didn't say I couldn't see her, he didn't even say no hand holding or kissing. He just said to keep it to that, and write the letter. So that's what I've done." he shakes his head slightly, "It doesn't matter, Auntie said it's up to the Princess' whim to seek matches. So, there's still the chance that if Drucilla asks her, then something might happen."

"I don't even mind not getting a lesson, just going out on a boat with nothing at all to worry about.. that would be fun." Closing her eyes she imagines it for a moment and a smile plays across her lips. Opening them back, she looks at Tristan. "Maybe I'll make bandages the in thing, Tris, what do you think?" Lacing her fingers together, she tips her head to the side at the words from Ryan. "I'm sorry, I didn't know. I thought since the brother knew it was already out there like everything I do.. No one here will…" But a lingering servant approaches just then and bows. "Anything to drink for anyone?" Brie continues.. "say anything." And to be fair, Brienne had not heard anything about the rumors about herself until someone showed her on his datacom device.

"That works as well." Canis is glad she seems to like the idea. He is silent shaking his head at the offer of a drink "I should likely return home to get some things done, snuck out a bit to visit this time, hopefully see you soon." he looks to the others "It was good to meet and see you both." he gives a nod before moving back the way he'd come.

Tristan goes quiet again as he listens now. "Take care," he offers to Canis, before he looks between Brienne and Ryan, looking quite unsure of what to say now.

Ryan looks at the servant and shakes his head about drink. He looks to Brienne, "No, they weren't going to say anything. I told you only because… well, I trust you." He looks to Tristan, "Same with you, though I didn't tell you because I just haven't seen you since." then he looks at the servant with an arched brow that speaks silence. He looks to Canis, "Take care Lord Sir Canis. It was nice to meet you again."

Rising, Brienne offers Canis a smile. "Thank you for coming, Sir Canis. It was a pleasure seeing you again and I look forward to sailing." As Tristan falls silent yet again, Brie gives him a curious look. "I'll have tea," she tells the servant. "Tristan, why are you so quiet? You're just sitting there looking between us.. I suppose that means nothing to drink?" As Ryan also declines, she nods to the servant, sending him on his way to get her tea. "I'm sorry Ryan. I didn't know."

"Thanks," Tristan replies with a brief grin to Ryan, before he pauses for a few moments at Brienne's words. "I just… didn't know what to say," he replies, with a bit of a shrug. "You know me, sis. I can be like that at times…"

"There isn't anything to say, Tristmist. Dru is weird… I give her a light kiss like Brietree gave me in the hospital, then she goes nuts and starts really kissing me and trying to tear my tunic off. She doesn't go for more, just wants me shirtless most of the time." Ryan shrugs, "Women are strange."

Brows raise but Brienne can only laugh. "Right, Ryan. Women are all strange.. I've never kissed a man like.. that and tried to tear his tunic off. Nor have I specifically requested them to remove any clothing." Shaking her head, she tries to imagine the kind of woman Dru is and smirks. "Why not go to a brothel and find out how women are for sure? And take Tristan with you."

"I could have told you that they're strange, and confusing, Ryan. Without you losing your clothing in the process…" Tristan replies, before he blinks at Brienne's words. "What? No, that won't be neccessary…"

Ryan laughs and shakes his head, "Ew, gross. No. No brothels that's disgusting. She just likes to look at my chest for a long time… then she hands me my tunic and pushes me out of her rooms with a good night kiss." he shakes his head, "I really don't get it. But, she's a great kisser, better than you Britree. So I suppose letter her look at my chest and abs for a bit is fair exchange for kisses." he chuckles.

Brienne rolls her eyes. "You're my cousin, Ryan. I just kissed you like I would kiss my brother. I can kiss," she tells him defensively. "Besides, I don't just go kissing people all the time." Defensive Brie. She stands. "I'm going to my room." Well, somewhere.

Tristan just blinks as he hears where the conversation's going now. "I…" he begins, going quiet again as he looks around once more. "Let me know if you need help with anything…?" he offers to his sister now, a bit quietly.

Ryan grins brightly at Brienne, "I'm just ruffling your feathers BriTree. There's no chance I'd snog you, we're cousins." a soft laugh and his mood seems to have changed quite for the better. He looks to Tristan, "Help her find a match, Tristmist… I almost added that to my letter to auntie, but I felt if she was going to keep it secret about my getting caught by the Sauveur children, then I could keep Sir Thalo's name out of auntie's mind."

Brie turns back to Tristan and smiles. "I'm fine, Tristan, just can't wait to get out into battle again where everything makes sense." Ryan gets a grudging smile. "Of course.. and if.." The mention of Thalo has her shaking her head. "I hope you know with him being a citizen knight, that is about an impossible match? We're not in love, Ryan, we had a fun few dates. That's all."

"What makes you think that I could be of use in helping anyone with something like that, Ryan?" Tristan says, after a few moments, before he adds, "And wouldn't that make me a target for… something like that?" A brief pause, before he moves over to hug Brienne now. "Just… stay safe, even in combat. We all need you around…"

"And if what?" Ryan asks, smiling boyishly and eyes large and luminous blue-green orbs. "As for Sir Thalo…" pfffts, "He's not asking auntie, and he didn't make you swoon like a schoolgirl so he's not it. Perhaps you'll get matched to one of the Valen? Since auntie knows how much you like horses and stuff." he shrugs and looks to Tristan, "Well, you'd help weed out the chaff." a grin, he's gone into teasing mode now.

"I don't have any intention of dying, Tristan. Promise." Brie makes the cross your heard sign over her chest. "I think Declan getting married is enough. I'm definitely not interested in marrying. Anyone. There's not any Valen's left now, Ryan, they're all married. Or betrothed."

Tristan relaxes a bit at that promise, although he still hugs his sister for a few moments longer, before letting go. "Good…" Going quiet again as he looks around thoughtfully.

"Oh well, it'll happen at some point." Ryan stands then, "I should get to Dru's… time for that 'talk'." deep breath before he hugs both Tristan and then Brienne with a small peck to her cheek just to make a point. "I'll see you both later. Perhaps we can go on patrol together soon."

Brie hugs Tristan also and then stands again. "You be careful too Tristan." She looks at Ryan. "I wish you the best of luck there.. just.. plead your case and stand strong, be a man and if they try and kill you.. run!" Brienne grins when he kisses her cheek."Patrol sounds good. I've got to finish this healing thing, but I've got to go too. See you guys later."

Hugging his cousin back as he's being hugged, Tristan nods a little, "Good luck…" Nodding again to both of them. "See you later…" he offers.

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