Michelle Dockery
Michelle Dockery as Rozlyn Javreal Orelle
Full Name: Rozlyn Javreal Orelle
Byname: TBD
Age: 26
Planet: Oculus
Paramount: Orelle
House: Orelle
Title/Profession: Doctor
Position: Physicist
Spouse: None Height: 5'8"
Father: Esiah Orelle Weight: 140lb
Mother: Magnola Orelle nee Larent Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Benedict Orelle, Cedric Orelle, Talayla Orelle, Frederick Orelle, Marissa Orelle Eye Color: Brown
Children: None





This woman brings elegance in form to the physical realm. She is tall, without being too willowy. Her curves are well-balanced, forming a shape that couldn't quite be described as 'hourglass,' yet is still quite feminine. She shows of one who keeps up a steady fitness routine, with gently corded muscles and trim abdomen. Her hair is a deep brown with natural honey highlights, falling at a length just past her shoulders. It is often swept back out of her face, revealing high-arched brows and open, expressive eyes of a chocolate brown. Her facial structure is gentle femininity in small nose and bow lips, balanced by a strong jawline and symmetrical lines all around.



Somewhere deep within Rozlyn lies a warm, friendly woman. However, rare few have made it past the surface to encounter these depths. This is due partially to her own unwillingness to let others in and others' unwillingness to work past the walls she has constructed.

Rozlyn Orelle has a vast intelligence that has, since childhood, kept her preoccupied. She is not without other skills, mind. She is well-trained in hand-to-hand combat and with blasters, but she sees little need for them beyond necessity for her House and station.

She does continue study in the martial arts to keep her physical form in shape and to clear her mind as needed. Primarily, however, her pursuit outside of work is painting.

In her role as a physicist, she is exacting and precise. Those that work with her know her to be firm, but fair. She does not ask more than she believes someone to be capable of and receiving a difficult assignment is considered to be a great compliment (which she does not often pay verbally).

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