06.22.2013: Royally S...ocial
Summary: Sophie has a get together. The guests have a couple issues with each other.
Date: 22 June 2013
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Sophie Taryn Jor 

Sitting Room — Royal Palace — Landing
It's Sophie's hangout.
Jun 22, 3013

For those that wish to enter Lady Sophie Sauveur's palace quarters, they would have to be chimed past the opulent door that marks her waiting room. Once within, two armed guards would almost certainly be playing a game of cards at a small table, questioning those that enter. Of course, a camera sits atop the door to the waiting room, allowing said guards to easily expect their entrance. Either way, when all is said and done, guests would be required to hand over their weapons, before being guided towards a much larger drawing room. The guards would then ask if they desire a drink or a snack, while waiting for their host to eventually arrive.

Okay, first Sophie shushes him in the park to keep quiet around Lady Sir Ellinor, after she was supposed to discuss things with her days upon days ago. And now, Taryn hears the rumors about Sophie nearly getting herself killed with a runaway carriage. He was trying to be the good and dutiful little citizen, but with the dream and everything else and now this, the blond Valen seeks out the screw ball Sauveur. He waits most impatiently for him to be "chimed" and announced in to see the young Lady. This is the second time that he has been to her quarters, and he looks just as uncomfortable as the first.

To say he felt awkward taking up Lady Sophie Sauveur's past invitation to join her one day for a little light entertainment was a bit of an understatement. The logistics, his record, the fact that he had hardly even thought on the subjects of his voice and his hobbies (in terms of actually /doing/ them rather than just thinking on them)… there were several factors that whirled around his mind for several days.

So, eventually, Jor Aeldan sent word over that he was willing to give it a shot, at the Lady Sophie's behest, all this mostly because he had spent considerable time at least trying to get himself partly in condition so that he didn't sound like a wet cat yowling.

He's all adorned in attire Sophie will no doubt find familiar, particularly since she paid for it (heh heh heh). It was as much a sign of respect and gratitude if anything else, so he's pish posh proper in that get up of black plus grey vest, carrying a case that any scanner will attest is a perfectly harmless, albeit old, violin.

And he'll have wine, if there is any. It helps with the nerves and it's been a long time since any passed his lips.

The guards easily allow Taryn into the waiting room, since he was there before. One of them grins and says, "Taryn, right? Second time you've been up here. What's your business with her?" When Jor comes on in, the other glances to him and casually waves a hand, "my Lady has been expecting you. Please, come with me to the drawing room." A honeyed wine is gifted to the ex-criminal, while the first guard rolls his eyes and waves his hand, "oh, alright, alright. You can come in too. She's been expecting the lot of you." The guards herd both guests towards a luxurious drawing room, with high ceiling and grand chandeliers. A fireplace nestles against the far wall, surrounded by fine couches and chairs. A majestic chair has been laid out between the the varied seats, directly facing the fireplace. Velvet Queen sunflower wallpaper has been all but drowned out by drawings of varying qualities. Sophie enters nearly the moment the others do, which elicits deep bows from the guards as they make their exits. Sophie is presently wearing a silken white dress with gold frills and a long trailing skirt, "hello, Mister Aeldan. I am excited to hear you play." Amber eyes flicker towards Taryn, "it is good to see you again, Mister Wystrel. If you would, enjoy the music Jor provides. I have been meaning to tell you. Do you remember our conversation with Aidan? Well, I have recently attained a reply from the librarians. Unfortunately, it will take nearly a full week more before we can read what the librarians have uncovered."

Taryn nods to the guard, "Yes, that's me… " His grey-green eyes taking in countless details, before he shrugs slightly, "I um… can't really.." He stops mid-sentence as the giant of a man enters. At the statement that Sophie is expecting him, he cocks his head slightly. The look of bewilderment nothing in comparison to when the guard suggest that she is expecting him as well. "She is?" He gets ushered along with Jor - tall, big, intimidating, must be a Khourni. He offers a bow to the young lady as she enters. "Your ladyship… " He glances at Jor once again, "I was hoping to talk to you about that conversation, actually.. but maybe it might be best if I were to come back another time." He blinks slightly, as he thinks to himself, wondering what manner of music the man provides. He nods. "Of course… that is most unfortunate."

There may be a twitch of the eyebrows over the fact that Taryn Wystrel is here, though Jor knows not the man personally. Rather than comment on the fact, instead he quirks a brow in Sophie's direction, studying her for a moment. In the end, however, he'll settle for a deep inclination of the head as the Lady Sauveur enters - that habit of etiquette hasn't really been replaced, in his mind.

"Quite the study, if it will take a week," he says to Sophie in his bass voice, absently setting down the case he brought with him. He'd spent nearly the entire morning making certain that every last string was tuned to the point even MAVIS called the sound 'harmonious'.

"I don't believe your other guest and I have met, though?" he'll add during all that, looking to Taryn with that brow still twitched upwards, before suddenly a hand is extended to him. "Jor Aeldan."

The first guard only momentarily whispers to Taryn, "yeah, she's been talkin' about how she has some plans or other. She's been expectin' you all week." He disappears from the room swiftly thereafter, leaving Sophie alone with her guests. Sophie waves a hand in the air to Taryn's suggestion of speaking later, "nonsense, Taryn. I think I have mentioned my plans to you as well, Mister Aeldan? In the mall the other day?" She nods her head, "it is terrible that we must wait an entire week before we can be certain if the Khournas Mountains is the proper location, but I would like to go there even if nothing can be found." She looks to Jor and shakes her head, "it is not they that would study it. Or at least, I do not think they would…" She presses a finger to her chin in thought, "no matter. I asked for the books and information to be retrieved from the library and sent to my quarters. Apparently, it will take a week to gather it all." When she forgets the introductions, she gasps, "ah, but of course. Mister Taryn Wystrel, meet Mister Jor Aeldan. Taryn may become my cousin Soleil's groom…speaking of which, what -did- happen with that? It has been quite some time since she meant to test your abilities…" She shakes her head, "no matter. I met Jor…in a rather curious manner. He rescued me from a rampaging carriage, in fact. And he is apparently a talent with the violin. I must say, you cut quite the figure in that outfit, Jor. I am glad you wore what I bought you."

Taryn looks at Sophie as if she were speaking another language or had grown a second head. He reaches up and pinches that point where the nose and the skull meet as he can feel a headache fastly approaching. He wonders exactly where keeping things quiet got translated into something else entirely. He looks to the man, and accepts the offered handshake. No, Taryn isn't the type to try to outman the imposing figure that could easily be made of two or three of him, but at the same time, it is a firm handshake, and that of a working man, who is used to using his hands. "Mister Aeldan…. " He cocks his head at Sophie, "Oh… you didn't hear… No, your cousin and I won't be working out…. I'm pretty sure that Ignis will freeze over first."

For himself, Jor will keep quiet. And drink. Right now, the ocnversation doesn't particularly involve him despite the mention of rampaging carriages. His eyes do glance at the violin case he brought along, but again there's little said or done to involve it at this time. He's content to just listen in, glancing between Taryn and Sophie.

Then the talk goes to his attire and he chuckles. "It seemed appropriate to have it on today. You have my thanks again for it," he concludes with another deep inclination of his head.

Sophie blinks in surprise at Taryn, "what? What happened? I thought it was going quite well…" She licks her lips, letting out a soft sigh, "in that case, I could certainly hire you as a groom for my own horses. I saw your skill when you confronted Nebulae, and I would be glad to have such a talented horse handler." She looks to Jor and shakes her head, "I am simply happy that you are not wearing those rags in my presence any longer." She glances between both men, "the both of you." She moves to take her seat on the majestic chair, resting back pleasantly upon the cushion, "please, I would wish to hear your skill with the violin, if I may, Mister Aeldan."

Taryn is wearing a dark blue tunic that he bought from the clearance rack of the first discount shop he came to. So if this is such an improvement, surely what he had on before was horrific… or at least just not up to the snobbish standards of Sophie and Soleil. At the unintentional slightly from Sophie, he frowns just slightly. Well at least she has seemingly forgotten about her and the other clothing harpies taking him to play dress up. He looks at Sophie, "Perhaps it is something that we can discuss later… I would hate to postpone your recital."

<FS3> Jor rolls Violin: Good Success.

Finishing off his drink in almost one go, compared to the previous, almost tentative sips, Jor sets the glass aside and crouches down, opening the case with a bit of a snap. His personal instrument has seen a number of years collecting dust, so to speak, but a bit of cleaning and hours in tuning took care of the majority of the issues.

"If you have access to a musical library, and I presume you do, then Echo of the Second War was what I had in mind. A bit of an old piece, but some musical historians in our time like the blend of what we view as contemporary and older styles, and I'm fond it a little also."

And once the music starts, with a series of electric guitar chords, he too will kick in, foot tapping before the bow is set and notes start to sing to the air in time. It will become obvious why he chose that particular piece: all there is to it, is the combination of classic rock chords plus the notes he himself generates.

Sophie smiles, "if you wish, Taryn…" She cants her head to the side, "still, there must be a reason you have come here, if not to ask for a job?" Either way, she is distracted by the sight of the violin rising from its case, amber eyes widening in wonder at the instrument. She furrows her brow in thought at Jor's words, replying uncertainly, "I…believe I have heard the song a few times. Though I admit to preferring songs that speak of nature and its wild untamed magnificence." She falls silent the moment the music begins, resting back in her chair and curling her hands together pleasantly upon her lap.

"Dreams, Lady Sophie… and my own questions concerning them." The young man stands there speechless as Jor plays. Taryn remains perfectly still throughout the performance. He is not particularly skilled at hiding anything, so there is little question to his enjoyment of the music, even it was not intended for him.

<FS3> Jor rolls Violin: Success.

He might have started off well, but to a trained ear it's obvious he's still got some fine tuning of his own. Plus, fifteen years not practicing dexterous activities such as violin playing takes its toll, even with attempts to get back into practice so long after. That practice has paid off, in that he doesn't flub up completely, but there is some small delays that suggest possibly losing the beat here and there, infinitesimal hesitations that add up to something not sounding like it should.

The score he chose was deliberate, also, in that it doesn't last very long: a couple of minutes at most. So when he finally finishes, Jor opens his eyes, and lowers it, looking directly at Sophie. "It'll be a while before I can go on to more complicated pieces, I think."

Sophie's brow arches Taryn's way at his response, quickly replying in turn, "I have my own concerns, I admit. Like how Volkan has a curious population of drake skulls…" When Jor begins playing however, she is held to rapt attention, listening happily to the music and the expertise of the violinist playing before her. Amber eyes lock upon Jor's hands, entranced by the sounds that resound throughout the drawing room. Her smile is wide at first, though the perceptive might notice how terribly her expression falters, upon hearing a lost beat here and a hesitation there. Nevertheless, she remains at least smiling throughout, clapping her hands joyfully when the music completes, "that was very well done, Jor. You should be proud. Perhaps I will hire you as my official violinist. The halls of the palace could certainly use some music these days."

Taryn listens to the music. Once it is over, he relaxes a bit, but still has that look of not exactly sure how one is to respond to such. He looks at Sophie, then to the giant in the room. "You say that he is aware of everything, Lady Sophie?" He frowns just slightly, "I was not aware of such a thing in Volkan, especially since I have never been there."

The finely dressed bloke is not a /giant/. He's just got a powerful build that shows he's got plenty of physical strength to offer on top of the apparent ability to handle a violin. Jor doesn't speak as to what he knows, but rather quirks a brow at Taryn, glancing again between Sophie and he. But he does not hold his silence: "I do feel I'm missing some details, here, Lady Sophie," he says, turning his attention to her fully now.

Sophie shakes her head, "I have not been to Volkan for any length of time in many years. A terrible sight. I do not know how the Khournas can even stomach it. But it is curious to the dream, at least…" She shakes her head to Taryn's question, "he does not know much, but I imagine it is high time I explain it." She glances to Taryn, "or you may, of course, Mister Wystrel. It was your dream, after all…"

Again there is that searing pain coursing through Taryn's head. He looks to Jor, "Please don't take offense, at this… but.." He looks over at Sophie, "How well can Mister Aeldan be trusted? How do you know him?" He cocks his head, "It might not be um.. prudent, your Ladyship."

That's straightforward enough, Taryn's reply. It comes while Jor is replacing the violin. Best to keep it secure than potentially dropped, stepped upon, Awakened, or one of any number of possibilities including a temperature adjustment or someone sneezing. Jor's eyes fix on Taryn immediately after that comment about trust, and he'll jump in with commentary hopefully before Sophie even opens his mouth.

But there'll be a touch of dramatic flair as well, in that he adjusts his posture, folding his arms and making it a /little/ bit clear that yes, he's a big guy. "I'm a criminal, to society's eyes," he tells Taryn in that bass voice. "Just released, stripped of my right to be called Sir, sentenced to fifteen years which I served as hard labor. Not something I particularly enjoy seeing every time I look in a mirror. So in short, it depends on who you are. If you doubt, then don't. It's as simple as that." And there, his head turns slightly, to make it clear he's addressing Sophie. "Nor should anyone try to change his mind on it, either. It's his decision."

Sophie has indeed failed to speak before Jor is given the opportunity, mouth opening and voice emitting from the giant's lips. After Jor explains himself, she sighs softly, "I-I…I admit he is an unlikely person to trust, but…w-well, he saved my life. I thought he deserved a little trust. And besides, while I only met him not much longer than a week past, I had met you only a short time earlier than that, Mister Wystrel. And you trusted me with all of it…" She glances to Jor, nodding her head slowly, "but…I suppose Mister Aeldan has it right. I will allow you to decide whether to trust him with the same information you gave to me." She frowns, "whatever Mister Wystrel decides however, I would welcome hearing why you were sentenced to fifteen years. You were quite tight-lipped that day with the carriage…"

The muscles in Taryn's jaws tighten slightly at first. He looks to Sophie, "M'lady, I told you everything because I was worried about your safety… " Reaching up, he combs his fingers through his hair. He looks at Jor, his arms are crossed in front of his chest. "I'm less bothered by you being a criminal, as I am the fact that you just seemed to show up at the right time." He sighs, "But I will admit that I'm feeling a bit more than a touch paranoid at the moment." He shakes his head, which only undoes the earlier combing. He looks to Jor, "Out of curiosity… where are you from and where did you spend your sentence?"

There's a hint of something that might be amusement, a blast of air travelling through Jor's nostrils when Taryn mentions the convenient timing of it all. He doesn't exactly /laugh/, but Jor's lips quirk upwards all the same.

"Other than those fifteen years, I've lived in Landing my entire life." He doesn't mind talking about that. "For my sentence, I don't wish to discuss that." And again his head turns slightly to Sophie. "And that, Lady Sauveur, still holds." And his tone makes it clear he's not inclined to budge on either point.

"I don't say that to be difficult, either. It's over, and I wish to keep it in the past where it belongs." Again with a glance to Sophie.

Sophie's expression softens and she nods her head, "of course. And I appreciate you worrying for my safety. But I believe we will need all the help we can get on this expedition." She raises a hand to wave away the possibility that Jor could ever have sent the carriage barreling her way, before uncertainly turning to face him and frowning with curiosity. While there is an obvious further downturning of her lips when Jor refuses to speak on his past, she lets out a sigh and replies, "I understand, Jor. Though know that you would have a compassionate listener in me if you ever wish to speak of it, and explaining what happened could only help me trust you more, I'm sure." She turns to Taryn, "Mister Wystrel, if you wish to supply questions about the dreams at another time, I respect your choice. Perhaps we might converse about them on the morrow, for I admit that I should soon prepare for sleep."

Taryn nods to Sophie, "Of course, m'lady… I have many questions, perhaps it would be best when we have a greater amount of time… " He pauses, then looks, "Though if I might be so bold as to say, you might wish to be a little less trusting, when there might be a potential threat… to you or one of your family members…" He nods slightly to Jor, "I suppose I can understand that… Everyone has things in their past… If you wish to keep it in the past… but the problem with things that stay behind you.. they have a tendency to follow you around."

If Jor Aeldan feels any slight when it concerns Taryn's not so subtle implications as to Jor's own trustworthiness, the most it gets in response is a steady look. There's even a faint nod, as if to say he agreed, but Jor doesn't vocalize his thoughts aloud. It's the last point Taryn makes that has him maintain his consideration, but still Jor holds his silence.

"Perhaps I should go," he finally declares, glancing at Sophie with a faint tone of inquiry to his words, even if by and large they sound nothing like permission so much as certainty towards his inevitable departure needing to happen.

Sophie nods her head to Taryn, "certainly. I should have more than enough time tomorrow, and I can listen to your questions at our leisure." She frowns lightly at the suggestion of discretion however, "you might be correct. But then, I feel as though I can trust Mister Aeldan. If he meant me harm, then there is little point to have rescued me to begin with, I should think." When Jor abruptly declares the idea of leaving, she slowly nods her head, "if you wish, Mister Aeldan. But know that I very much appreciated your expertise on the violin, and that I would happily welcome you again if you wished an audience with me at another time."

"Saving someone's life is a great way to instill a sense of trust… to get arouns suspicion… " Taryn suggest, "Just the same as someone you don't really know claiming to have had a prophetic dream suggesting that you are in danger and that he has your best interest at heart." He offers a smile, "Then I will return sometime in the morning, m'lady." He looks to Jor, "Mister Aeldan, do not leave because of me… I have been jumping at shadows for a week now… I meant to imply that Lady Sophie was being too careless more than you were undeserving of her trust."

He was on his way to depart, after offering Sophie a deep bow of the head, and Taryn something less so. Jor has the violin case in hand, already moving to go, but he pauses when Taryn addresses him by name, turning slightly to regard him.

"Caution is a trait that will likely serve you well, when it concerns knowing who to trust. I thought I did, and I paid fifteen years of my life for it. A good evening to you both, and perhaps that will happen, Lady Sophie. I get little time to myself." And from there, he'll turn back, with every intent to be gone.

Sophie blinks at Taryn, chuckling lightly, "I…had not thought of that. Perhaps you are right…" She looks to Jor when he suggests caution, "perhaps you are both right. I…" She licks her lips uncertainly, "I suppose I have lived away from most for the better part of a decade, and I am glad to be making so many seemingly fast friends." She tilts her head curiously at Jor when he hints at what may have brought him his criminal sentence, though nonetheless offers, "good evening, Mister Aeldan." When Jor begins departing, she looks to Taryn and smiles, "thank you for coming, Mister Wystrel. I am glad you worry for me, even if we have hardly known one another longer than a week."

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