Sebryna 'Roxy Rebel' Striker
Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne as Sebryna Roxanne Striker
Full Name: Sebryna Roxanne Striker
Byname: Roxy Rebel or Styx
Age: 20 (Feb 17)
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Khournas
House: Khournas
Title/Profession: Citizen
Position: Drummer
Spouse: Demos Osteros Height: 5'4"
Father: Matt Warriner Weight: 101
Mother: Works in the Brothel now Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Who knows? Eye Color: Blue
Children: NONE



A street rat! Yeah, she's been called worse. Urchin? Much worse. Thieving little bastard! Ah yeah, that was more like it. Raised on the streets, she was always a scrapper, face it, the streets are not quite the place for a little girl who's mother was an addict and her father was a John who bought one day's worth her mother's company, which was promptly spent on the popular drug of the day.

She happened to be able to sneak into mama's money while her mother was sleeping with the flavor of the day. With the money she took from mama, she paid for some formal music lessons from an up and coming singer called Sketch. Too young for any real transportation and too broke for any public transport, she'd always skateboarded everywhere, all her life. During her more formative years, she was gone for days on end, eventually falling in with the wrong crowd, a gang called the Titanium Tigers, assigned as look out while the rest of the crew took care of the actual job of the robberies. Also she was into street fighting for fun, hence her unarmed combat being better than average.

Mama never missed her even when she was gone for days, weeks on end. She'd go scrounging around town, getting into trouble more often than not. She learned how to steal things, use her hands and a dagger to defend herself against almost anything, sneaking and fighting. In essence, she learned survival. Welcome to the life of Stix Striker aka Roxy Rebel. Her real name? No one ever asks. Her last name on her identification? Purely made up.

Learning the drums was the best thing that could have happened to her, she pulled herself out of the gutter and worked towards joining a band. After a short time, she'd found a position in the band -Twisted Metal- as a drummer and occasional singer/songwriter and crash course trained in electronics, thereby making her responsible for the electronic pyrotechnics. This is the band she was in for several years, getting her the experience that helped to get her trained and more serious about music. When the lead singer OD'd the band fell apart, so now she's in search of another band in need of a drummer.

Roxy tells it like it is. Most don't like that. But she has her friends. She has her priorities. Survival being foremost. Then fun. Then friends. Then everyone else. Then her family. Her mother. She has a tattoo of a barbed wire around her upper left arm, each link earned by winning a street fight. A tiger is on her back left shoulder, a white tiger with glow in the dark ink. On her right hand in between the knuckles, is a tiny tigers head, all reminiscent from her ganger days.

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