07.06.3013: Rouge Herrings
Summary: Nitrim and Elodie are joined by Jarek and Keanen at the hotel pool.
Date: 6 July, 2013
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Hotel Pool
A very nice, posh, pool at a very nice, posh, hotel.
6 July, 3013

The lift to the hotel pool room opens and the heavy boots and long coat of Nitrim Khournas step through. Sunglass clad eyes turn to the sky as he starts to walk. Keeping quiet, private counsel with himself, he slips a cigarette case from his coat's pocket and with a fog of white over his eyes he sparks it to life with the palm of his hand. He steps through the gardens towards the chairs that line the pool and lowers himself into one. Perhaps trying to get away, he tilts his head back to the dome overhead and smokes in silence.

The quiet splashing in the pool is steady, barely heard as Elodie use the pool for the one thing most people probably don't. Exercise. Wearing the modest mauve bikini of earlier, she also has some goggles so that she can see her way around as she swims laps around the edge of the pool. The splashing comes to a stop, and she pushes her goggles up, pulling her self onto her forearms at the edge. She takes a few moments composing her breathing and looking around, then completely removes the goggles, flopping them to the pool floor beside her. Laying her cheek on her forearm to rest, she notices a nearby chair is now occupied, with a drift of smoke around the occupant.

Perhaps a trick of the light, or perhaps the man was so distracted with his own thoughts that he didn't notice the slender, swimming form beneath the pool. Perhaps the man didn't care to look to begin with, but as the water splashes, the Khourni lordling cracks an eyebrow over the rim of his glasses and slowly lowers his eyes to the pool's edge. His attention stopping on the Lady of Iah, he nods his head slowly and holds his cigarette up to show her in a backhanded grip. Apparently it's a smoke break. "My Lady Elodie…" He says to her, letting his nod be the formality. "…I won't be long and then you'll have your peace again. Nice morning?"

Keanen makes his way to the pool. He's shirtless, his muscular upper body and wide shoulders exposed to reveal the cybernetic right arm that that has replaced Keanen's biological one from the shoulder down. He has a simple black sarong wrapped around his thin waist and he moves to a chair, looking around. He notices Nitrim, and gives him a nod. "Hey, man," he greets, and then his eyes move to Elodie. He slowly smiles. "And hello, to you, fair lady."

Elodie gives Nitrim a smile and nod in return, then pushes back a little to dip her head backwards so that her dark hair streams down her back as she lifts herself to sit on the edge. "Good morning, Lord Nitrim," she replies, a bit of breathlessness remaining from her exercise. "No worries, it would appear that I'm the one to disturb the peace you came seeking," she grins towards him, and then turns to watch Keenan's entrance, responding to his greeting merely with a quiet smile before rising to walk over to her chair for a towel.

There he is, there's that man people may have heard about but haven't seen in years. The not reclusive just so damn busy he hasn't known fun other than the holidays. Granted, work to him is fun in a morbidly curious way. He's here in Landing on business for his house, and certainly word has gotten around that the Heir of House Saimhann is once again in the public eye. Jarek is taking his guestrights to their fullest. He makes his way to the Solarium for a dip in the infamous pool, something of a luxury for the man at the moment. He's in his colorchanging swim trunks, currently set with twin drakes fighting over dominion of his ass. He spies three others here as he makes his way poolside. "Morning folks."

"Peace comes from within, m'lady. By all means, splash away and enjoy yourself. I'm just another ship on the sea." Nitrim flashes a grin back to Elodie and lifts his head to the approaching form of Keanen. Smiling fondly, he raises an arm to the man and motions to a nearby chair. "Keanen, it's good to see you around, man. I was wondering if I'd crash into you here sooner or later. How've you been?" He asks, and then nods to Jarek. "Good morning, Lord Jarek." He laughs softly to Elodie. "I've brought a crowd, apparently, as I am known for."

Keanen shrugs, and walks over towards Nitrim. "I've been awful, but then," he shrugs again, "who am I to complain." He flops onto a chair by Nitrim, and again he looks at Elodie. He gives her a casual greeting by jerking his chin up a bit in her direction. "I'm Keanen."

Elodie raises one eyebrow curiously at Nitrim, but she's already drying off so there's nor more splashing to be done from her today. Not used to informal conversation with people she doesn't know well, Jarek's entrance finds her retreating slightly, her face becoming more still. When Keanan offers his name, a bit of the smile returns, and she nods her head to him as she wraps her towel around her waist. "Good morning, Lord Keanan." A glance flickers to Nitrim. "I'm Lady Elodie, it's a pleasure to meet you."

Jarek nods to Nitrim, "Nitrim. Saw your name on a report recently I think. Also saw your name on the news and in tabloids too." he pats the man's back, "Should drag you out to the Drakes sometime, have you run patrols with us. Bring your sister along too and those cousins of yours." he then glances at the other two, "Name's Jarek, young lord of Saimhann. Good to meet you."

Nitrim looks over to Keanen and levels a sweaty brow on the man. Cigarette in hand, he takes a drag and nods a few times. With most men, that sort of fish hook is either a fishhook that wants to be talked about, or not, and the legions of men growing in Haven come fully unequipped in many cases to comfort each other. So…Nitrim comforts him the only way he can at a pool. "Yeah…I hear that." Nitrim replies, reaching for his case of cigarettes and offering him one. He turns back to Elodie and smiles quietly, realizing that they hadn't formally shared names. "It's a pleasure to meet you too, Lady Elodie. I'm Lord Nitrim Khournas, son of High Lord Jevon Khournas, and I'm dangerous around pool wat—" Nitrim gets out before something Jarek says forces a pained, toothy smile from his lips. He tilts his gaze over Elodie's hip to the man in the pool. He smiles…dryly. Salt on the wound. "Yes, well…the tabloids have seen enough, Lord Jarek. They'll see no more. I've made enough of a spectacle."

Keanen nods at Nitrim, "Yeah," he responds to the agreeance of things being awful. He returns his gaze to Elodie, and he smiles a wide, charming smile when she gives her name. "Elodie. Elodie." He laughs a short chuckle, "That's kind of a musical name. Elodie." He shrugs, and leans his elbows on his knees, leaning forward as he talks. "I don't think Nitrim here needs any more trouble." He looks at Nitrim, brow lifting, "A brothel? Really? Come on, man. We both know you don't need a brothel to have an evening with a lady. What was with that crap?"

"Hey, look everybody." Nitrim laughs, pointing to his face. "Nitrim is making the lets not talk about the brothel face." Sure, he's joking with them, but there's also a vein of honesty to it.

Elodie blinks once towards Nitrim, and then she chuckles. "You are quite right, Lord Nitrim, we haven't been formally introduced before." The talk of the brothel after he had said things were going to be different, now, had brought a momentary pained look before she forges on. "Although, I am quite aware how dangerous you are around the pool. Especially when someone is wearing Arborenin silk." Her head inclines to Jarek, and she graces him with a smile as well, "Young Lord Jarek, it is a pleasure." At Keanan's smile and his mulling over her name afterwards, she looks curiously, but falls silent once more, retrieving her wrap so she can use her towel on her hair.

Jarek regards Nitrim a moment, "Just make sure to take the mark off your soul, alright? I'd like to think of all the children of the High Lord being on the next walk in life. Not off burning away like a never ending funeral pyre." he shakes his head and makes a gensture with his hand that wards off the Devil and calls the Six. Then he turns his attention to the other two, Elodie first. "He's got a point, it's a lovely name." then to Keanen, "You look troubled, distracted, everything alright?"

Brushing a hand through his short, blonde hair, Nitrim leans down to rest his elbow on his knee and leans over to his friend, Keanen. As if it'll explain everything, he murmurs to the man. "Was helping out a friend. T'was two hours of coffee for me." He motions with his cigarette, emphasizing his words as he leans back to a more central lean. He looks up to Elodie, catching her slightly awkward look, and offers her an explanation, but first. "Lady Elodie, please meet Lord Keanen Arboren."
With a flick of the ashes from his cigarette, Nitrim scans their faces and rises from his chair. "Well, funny you should say, Lord Jarek. Trust me, before I give my Lady Sister gray hair and put my father into an early grave I'll be off for a bit. I'll be on and off the field but now's a time for me to be reborn, if you will." No longer smiles, he nods to his own thoughts and slips the cigarette back between his lips. "So lets not talk about week-old news. I'm not the man in the papers."

Keanen nods at Nitrim, "Hope it was GOOD coffee…" He smirks, and returns his attention to Jarek, "I'll live. Just having trouble with my brother is all." He looks at Elodie, and smiles again, laying a bit of charm and dimple with some flirt. "Nothing a nice dinner with a lovely young lady wouldn't cure. If only there were one around…" He smiles wider at her.

Elodie thanks Nitrim for his introduction to Keanen, and gives a nod of her head. She's prevented from saying much at the moment, since she bites her lip to swallow the laugh that 'good coffee' brings up. Her eyebrows do raise as Keanan searches for a lovely young lady, but it seems there's only one person who's compliments bring a pink tinge to her cheeks, because she gives him a perfectly calm grin. "Well, I do wish you luck in your search, My Lord Keanan. I fear, however, that my Guestright shall be coming to an end soon, and I've already promised Lord Kadmus that I would dine with him."

Jarek nods to Nitrim, "That's good to hear." then he smirks at Keanen and Elodie. "Seems like the bonfires haven't gone out just yet. I just saw Barton and his Maiden… now I see the beginning of the night with the Knight's chase." he smiles again. "So what all is going on around the rest of the worlds? I have only been up on war reports and out on patrols… all the normal stuff for a knight and heir." he shakes his head with a chuckle.

Nitrim, back to the reces of his own thoughts, lookins over the pool of the expensive hotel to Jarek and nods a quiet, solemn nod. "Yes well…the only way to be reborn is to be consumed. I'll see you on the field, sir." He nods his head and turns to Elodie and Keanen. "It was good seeing you again, Keanen, we'll have to get together sometime for a night out again. The last time was fun. Lady Elodie?" He politely nods his head and casts her a smile as he takes a step backward to depart. "Do enjoy your dinner with Lord Kadmus and send him my regards."

Keanen sighs, "Lard Kadmus? Weird. I heard he liked guys." He shrugs, "Well, your loss, Lady Elodie. I know a few GREAT restaurants." He laughs, and then pushes to his feet, nodding at Nitrim. "Take care, Nitro." He glances at Jarek, then to Elodie, "Guess I should go too. Have to find a dinner date." He tosses a wink at Elodie, points at Jarek, and then heads off as well.

Elodie's eyebrows shoot up to her hairline at the mention of Kadmus liking guys, but she grins and shakes her head, a motion that's cut short as her comm starts beeping energetically. She almost drops her towel as she turns back to pick it up. "It appears to be Lord Kadmus's loss as well, for tonight," she murmurs, her face falling into solemn lines. "It will have to take a rain check. Ice cave in," she mutters, whether she's actually talking to the gentlemen present or herself as she hurriedly collects things isn't quite clear. "My Lords, pleasure to meet you," she remembers her etiquette long enough to give each of the a nod, if a brief one, and then she's almost running past them and their courteous farewells towards her room to gather her things and take the closest waygate back to Niveus.

Jarek maintains a calm demeanor as the others start to leave, he nods his head to them inturn and then he looks at a small wrist computer for a moment. "Seems I'm running late for a meeting myself." he chuckles and shakes his head. Then he walks off, with all the regal nature of a man who knows he's got the Gods on his side.

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