06.03.3013: Rosy Conversations
Summary: Some cheerful and not so cheerful conversations circulate in the Rose Inn, courtesy of Niko, Johana, Sammel, and Alexis.
Date: 03 June, 2013
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Common Room, Rose Inn, Imperius
Stepping through the artistically carved rosewood doors, there is no doubt that this inn is for the affluent. Roses are the predominant theme; they are carved into the wood and painted on the walls with their fresh counterparts kept in vases and bowls spread throughout. The floors are dark, polished woods. Directly before the small foyer is a graceful wooden staircase that leads up to the guest rooms. To its left is the main dining room where a full service menu is served, but only at breakfast and dinner. All the tables and chairs are crafted of solid wood with roses carved out of the chair backs, and table and chair legs; rose-colored velvet upholsters the seats, and they are amazingly comfortable.
03 June, 3013

Opposite of the dining room, on the other side of the stairs, is the barroom where lunch is served in the afternoons and drinks are served all day long. There is a pub-style bar that runs the entire length of the room with blush-tinted mirrors that reflects the entire room in a rosy hue. Seating includes the barstools, various sized tables, and a small cluster of chairs and sofas around the mastercrafted hearth. Attached to the barroom is a private salon that can be reserved for meetings or intimate meals.

The incident on the Ring has brought war preparations to a fever pitch, but even amidst the hurry, there are a few points to breathe. Nikomachos Cindravale has taken advantage of one such opportunity, coming down to Landing to meet with friends and allies in the city. Now he's retired to the Rose Inn for lunch, the remains of a bowl of noodles pushed away to one side. He leans forward in his chair a bit, fiddling with a chopstick while he looks at a hologram playing from the bracelet on his left wrist. A privacy screen blocks those around him from seeing whatever is playing, but he seems intent upon it.

Mostly finished with her appointments and errands for the day, Johana had plans to meet her brother at the Rose Inn for lunch. The meeting time had come and gone without his arrival, so she'd not bothered ordering anything other than tea for herself. From her vantage point towards the back, she looks towards the door once more and since he still had not made an appearance, she slides to the edge of her seat preparing to stand. Just then she notices the vaguely familiar face of Niko, the Cindravale she'd met at the beach. Rising, she carries a couple of bags by the handle in her left hand as she approaches. Only then does she notice the intent look on his face and the crest of his house. Not wanting to interrupt but definitely wanting to speak with him, she hovers a short distance from his table. '

Having gotten similar thoughts about getting some food, Sammel is by the bar now, getting himself some food and something to drink at the moment. Starting to move away from the bar, he looks around the room, spotting his older brother, and heading over in that direction. When he sees the crest and the intent look on Niko's face, he is unable to hold back a grin. "Footage of you jousting again, Niko?" he asks a bit lightly, before he looks to the Ibrahm Lady. "Young Lady Sir Johana. It's a pleasure to meet you again," he offers, before he invites himself to a seat at his brother's table. "Would you join us, my lady?" he asks, before he offers another grin at Niko now.

Nikomachos glances up at the sight of the hovering redhead, a smile spreading across his lips. He shuts down the hologram, rising to his feet and starting to gesture to the seat across from him when Sammel approaches. Laughing a little ruefully at the question, he responds, "Not quite, Sam." He pauses, a thoughtful look on his features before he laughs again, "Close, but not quite." He then finishes the gesture of greeting, "Please, Sir Johana, do join us." Sammel gets an arch look there for inviting someone else to sit at Niko's table, but it seems good-natured at least. Once she has seated herself, Nikomachos retakes his own seat, "A fruitful trip to Landing, I hope?"

Watching as Sammel joins his older brother, Johana looks between them, looking for a resemblance. Seeing a slight one, she finds herself smiling as she does indeed approach the table, but not taking the offered seat yet, despite the invitation. "Sir Sammel, Sir Nikomachos, a pleasure seeing you both again." Bowing her head to the both of them. When Niko only reinforces the gesture, she sits, but the amusement in her eyes is for the elder of the two. "Only if you are certain I am not intruding." Once she is seated and he follows suit, she places the bags beside her chair, out of the way of the walking area. "There's a man who fought one of the Hostiles yesterday in the Ring, he is a Cindravale also.. Sir Erik. Would either of you happen to know how he is faring today?"

Sammel just grins for a few moments, before he nods a little at what's being said. Pausing for a few moments. "Erik…" he begins, before he goes quiet again, looking to Nikomachos now. Food and drink kept a bit to the side now, as he focuses on the conversation at the moment.

Nikomachos shakes his head, "How can a lovely, courteous lady ever be intruding on the company of a true knight, Sir Johana?" The question draws a nod from the man, "Erik. Our younger brother. From what I've heard, he's recovering well, although he did get rather torn up. I've been meaning to take a trip up to visit him beyond the best wishes for a quick recovery that I already sent." Leaning back in his chair a bit, he chuckles softly, "Since he hasn't come back to the Fortress," of Phylon, of course, "I would hazard a guess that he's being tended by a particularly comely nurse."

"Then he is familiar to you?" Johana questions after Sammel speaks his name without the title. When Niko expounds on it, she directs her attention on him, the comment drawimg a brief frown. "Your brother, I was unaware, I am sorry he was hurt. I went to see him last evening and he seemed well enough. Of course he only called it a flesh wound." The look on her face is a duplicate to an eyeroll without performing the unbecoming gesture, as if to say.. 'Men'. "I am sure he is certainly enjoying that. Amusement once more tilts her mouth into a smile. "Please do give him my best wishes when you see him again."

Nodding a little bit as Nikomachos explains, Sammel's unable to hold back a bit of a grin at the part about the nurse. "Well, some guys have the luck, right?" he remarks, before he smiles to Johana, nodding a little bit. "We will make sure to do that, Sir Johana. I'm sure he will appreciate it. And as for getting hurt, I guess we all will be in for a lot of that in the near future, sadly." Finally taking a sip from his drink, some kind of ale, it would seem, now.

Nikomachos nods his agreement with Johana's unspoken statement, although he lifts his brows and shrugs a little helplessly as he does. "I'm sure he would enjoy a visit from you as well, Sir Johana." He chuckles at Sammel, "I don't know about you, little brother, but I intend to keep my skin whole as long as possible, thank you very much. There's a reason I'm sticking to the defense of the Vale rather than volunteering to go running around Hostile ships." Of course, that sounds vaguely cowardly, and he shrugs helplessly again, "I might think differently if I were better with a sword or worse with a lance, of course." Gesturing across the table, he inquires, "You knew that Erik had been wounded yesterday, were you there, Sir Johana?"

"I think there are a vast array for him to choose from." Johana laughs softly, eyes dancing, though she does quickly demure at the suggestion of her visiting the younger sibling once again. Only when the conversations takes the inevitable turn towards the Hostiles and pending situation does the smile fade only to be replaced by a serious look. "I agree, and I am in no hurry to be hurt either, though I am certainly going running around Hostile ships." As soon as the question is directed at her, she offers a nod. "I was there, yes. Five of us had trouble taking out a single Hostile scout. Three were injured, including your brother."

Alexis does not exactly arrive elegantly, favouring her right leg as she heads in from outside and supporting her weight with an intricately carved wooden cane, though through energetic sort of striding she does move at a fair pace. Looking annoyed or distracted by something she just heads straight for the bar upon arrival without really looking around to see who might be present first.

"Well, I would prefer keeping my skin whole as well, old man." This offered quite lightly to Niko, before Sammel smiles. "I was thinking about volunteering for that. Although I'm not sure how effective my chosen weapon will be on ships…" The polearms that he prefers using. Smiling as he hears Johana's words now, "Someone has to do it, right?" Another sip of his ale, and a bite of his food as he listens to the rest now.

The demure look from the Ibrahm heir draws a laugh from Nikomachos, the elder Cindravale knight leaning forward to put a hand on Johana's forearm, "My sincerest apologies, Sir Johana, I did not mean to make you uncomfortable." Leaning back in his seat again, he waves off Sammel's words, "They'll likely be filling the corridors with shieldwalls. I'm sure you'll be able to stab something from behind if you choose to sign on, little brother, although I'm sure Father would prefer you stay with the defense forces." Which may be reason enough to go and become a Marine. Shifting his attention back to Johana, he sobers, "What can you tell us about them? I've only spoken briefly to members of the first group to encounter them." Alexis' limping way to the bar draws Niko's eyes for a moment, and he offers a brief nod before his attention settles on the Ibrahm.

"No need for apologies, Sir Niko, truly." Offering him a brief smile at the gesture. "If you do go, Sir Sammel, then at least there will be more than Khourni there. I think about everyone I know is going, it would be good to have all we can get on our side out there." Once again when the question is directed at her, Johana takes her time before replying, eyes shifting to the new arrival and offering a friendly smile before looking back to the other two. "They are difficult to kill, I do know that. The neck seems to be the most vulnerable place to hit them, so if you concentrate there, you could possibly have better luck. Perhaps not too, but it seemed that way."

Alexis secures herself a glass of wine then takes a small sip from it as she grips the edge of the bar and steadies herself, weight shifting to her good leg. This done she then studies the trio for a moment and obviously listens to their words. "I have put some time into studying the Hostiles my lords, my lady, should you wish to discuss the subject in more detail." A frown. "I am still not sure why they did not cut off the limbs of the one they had on the Ring before studying it."

Sammel grins, "Well, someone would have to represent the Vale out there, right?" It's offered to his older brother, before he nods again at Johana's words. "Well, as I've spent some time with the Khourni, I would at least know how to get along with people." Nodding a bit as he listens to the rest, looking to Alexis as she speaks. "Well, maybe they'd do something like that the next time?"

Nikomachos shrugs slightly at Sammel's words, "There will be many Valen with the Navy, but I certainly won't say anything to Father if you mean to go. We all have to find our own way, after all." His brother's commentary on the Khourni draws a laugh, "I think you may be confusing Khourni with Ibrahm, little brother." Johana's information draws a nod, "Not an easy location to place a lance-tip at full gallop. I may have to put some more practice in." Alexis' interjection causes him to shrug again, "I'm not privy to all the details, but I believe that Elder Sabine's words swayed many people. Couldn't that be considered torture if the Hostile is a living creature?"

"I think you are right, Sir Sammel. Though I think your brother mentioned something about it as well, yesterday." Johana looks up back at the person addressing them, but since the Ibrahm had only just joined the table it was not her place to extend an offer. There is a curious look though as she regards her, definitely interested in hearing more. Once more a smile finds its way to her lips as Niko teases his brother about the Khourni and Ibrahm. "I agree, it would not be easy atop a horse, but more precise aim from foot is the desired way to target as such."

"I would be very suprised if the Hostiles can feel pain my lord." Answers Alexis to Nikomachos. "Or if they could not at least shut it off. They are extensively modified enough that it would be a very simply adjustment to make even assuming they start off as human instead of being assembled as some construct of mechanical and cloned components." Then she takes another slight sip of her wine before noting. "I am not sure a lance would need to be so precise given a solid strike would cripple or main regardless of where it hit. As I can well attest."

"Then I think I will do it, Niko. I mean, if it can help keeping them away, or at least thin their numbers quite a bit before they can even reach the Vale…" Sammel shrugs a little bit, before he adds, "And I don't think I can confuse the Khourni and the Ibrahm, brother. After all, we have a fine specimen of the Ibrahm here at the table, and she doesn't look big and smelly like the Khourni I got to know while I was a squire." Spoken a bit lightly, before he nods as he hears Alexis as well. "A lance might cripple and maim with a solid strike, but still, a well placed spear or a poleaxe. Need more space while mounted, after all."

As Alexis turns into the conversation more fully, Nikomachos rises to his feet, gesturing an invitation to the table. Once she's seated, he settles back into his own chair. Gesturing over to Sammel and Alexis, he offers up a smile, "That's my hope, that a lance strike will be sufficient to render them inopperable even if we cannot manage as precise a strike… although I can assure you that my lance usually goes rather close to where I want it to." A little laugh accompanies the words, as if a warning not to take the boasting too seriously. Looking back to Alexis, he inquires, "Can we be sure that they do not feel pain? I have absolutely no compunction about running a being which might be human down in a battle, but the possibility of torturing one turns my stomach."

"You have heard of the dream shared by various Awakened? They all perceived things from the perspective of a Hostile during the loss of the Gauntlet." Answers Alexis with another sip of her wine though she does give a shake of her head and refrain from occupying a chair. "I fear I am only here briefly Sir Nikomachos." Then she continues. "I have questioned several about it now and they all recall taking strikes from crossbow bolts and sort of failing to care. I cannot imagine a Hostile would be at all happy about the prospect of having its limbs cut off then being captured and studied but I would much rather a very distressed cyborg monstrosity that set out to murder us then the kind of bloodbath that happened on the Ring, with a half dozen entirely innocent people slaughtered and twice that injured." More wine is drained before she considers the glass a moment. "I am not really fit company right now though. I had discussed the very subject with some fellow knights, on the Ring, only hours before hearing about the slaughter in question."

"If they don't begin as human, then someone puts some blood in there from somewhere, because the one yesterday did bleed. I had wondered what fluid was there, but when it died, it most definitely looked like blood to me." Johana addresses Alexis first this time. "Have you had specimens to study or the lore?" Casting a quick look at Sammel, brows arched at the flippant compliment, she does not address it other than a softly spoken, "Thank you, I do my best not to be smelly." Going directly into a different topic. "I'll do my best to help keep you alive out there then, Sir Sammel." Giving him a sort of teasing grin. When Alexis goes on to describe how she knows, her questions are answered and she nods, continuing to listen.

"What my brother means is that his lance usually points forward," Sammel is unable to hold back a grin as he makes the comment, taking another sip from his ale. There's a brief grin as he sees Johana's reaction to his words, offering her another grin now at that last part. "And I'll do my best to keep you alive, Sir Johana. Good deal for both of us, would you not agree?" A smile and a nod to Alexis as well. "I'm sure we'll find the right way to deal with them," he offers.

Nikomachos nods thoughtfully to Alexis' points, "Personally, I think I would have ensured that it was… deactivated?" His brows rise slightly in question at his own word choice, "…before bringing it in for study. I think it never should have left the battlefield alive." Johana's teasing of his brother draws a smile back onto his lips, "I would take it as a personal favor, Sir Johana." He looks over to Sammel, his lips quirking into a smirk, "I have never had a problem with my lance not pointing forward."

"I would hope so, Sir Sammel, I would definitely hope so." Straightening in her seat once Alexis has left, Johana grins. "You're a Cindravale, right? Tourney knights, the lot of you." Only taking the opportunity to group him together with others, much like he had her for the Khourni. Unable to contain herself, the Ibrahm laughs, looking between them as they tease each other so effectively. "I am very certain you will ride your mount very well, Sir Niko, and aim your lance strong and true, ever pointing forward."

"Well, I just thought we'd be sure, brother. I mean, we wouldn't want your glorious tourney win to have gotten to your head, right?" The grin that Sammel offers to his brother is a most innocent bright one now. Another grin as he hears Johana's words, he offers her another smile now. "I must say I will be looking forward to fighting by your side out there, Sir Johana." It's offered a bit lightly, before he eats some more of his food now.

Nikomachos laughs aloud at Johana's teasing, shaking his head, "Oh no, I would never put it so… vulgarly." Despite his word choice, he is laughing easily, "Certainly not in mixed company." Sobering — except for a little erruption of laughter that he almost smothers — he leans over to put a hand on Sammel's shoulder, "I am just as humble and grounded as I have always been, little brother." And then the laughter bursts forth again, because well, he's never been particularly humble. Giving his brother a light bump of his knuckles into the younger man's arm, Niko settles back in his chair, "I'm sure that we will all be fighting alongside one another soon enough, whether in space or on the ground."

"That's right, I heard you had won the tourney. Congratulations. There was little surprise amongst my people, but much disappointment. How grand would it be to dismount a Cindravale in a joust? Perhaps one day I will have a go at it." The laughter is warming, something real and it brings an echoing smile to the Ibrahm. "How nice to hear laughter despite the threats. Keep that ability, Sir Niko, it's an admirable trait, to always find something to smile or laugh about." Reaching down, Johana collects her two bags. "The Hostile yesterday was unexpected and caught several of us off guard. It would be wise to wear your armor and keep your weapon on you at all times, for you never know where one will appear." With another look between the two, she moves to the edge of her seat. "I regret I must go for now. Thank you for the wonderful conversation, the laughter and the light hearted fun. I wish you the best, truly, with what we face in the future."

Sammel grins as he listens to the others now, nodding a bit. At the bump to his arm, he's unable to hold back a chuckle in the direction of his brother now. "I can see that. It would be all over the news if that ever changed." Bowing his head a bit as he hears Johana's words, he offers her a smile now. "It was a pleasure to meet you again, Sir Johana. I'm sure we will meet again soon."

Nikomachos spreads his hands helplessly at Johana's words about the tournament, "Just the joust, I'm afraid. And one of your own did quite well in the melee. If anyone from the Crescent can dismount a Valen, Sir Johana, I can assure you that it would be an Ibrahm." He bows his head to accept the compliment and advice about his humor, rising as the lady prepares to do so, "I think I might remain out of my armor for now except while on duty, Sir, but that is simply because I do not want to worry the populace." His right hand crosses his body to pat the sword at his hip, "I will definitely retain my blade at my side, however, no matter the situation." He nods to Sammel, adding his own words to the well-wishes, "A pleasure indeed. May the Six watch over you."

"Perhaps your brothers fame does precede him." Johana says in a mock aside to Sammel, wearing a look filled with impish intent. Rising now, her smile warms considerably. "It was certainly a pleasure getting to know the both of you better and I am sure we will meet again soon." Noting the blade at his side, she nods approvingly. "You both as well, may the Six watch over you." Another bow of her head to the brothers and then she is gone.

Sammel smiles a little as he hears the words spoken, before he moves to finish his own food. "So, what were you watching when we came here, then?" he asks, sounding a little curious.

Nikomachos looks back over to his brother, looking caught-off-guard there for a moment, "Hrm?" Shifting in his seat, he reaches for the chopsticks to fiddle with them, "Oh, nothing. Just some photos." And as he speaks, he tugs his left sleeve over the bracelet. "Are you in town to speak with Father too? I was just at the Citadel to update him on our defense plans back in the Vale."

"Ah, I see," Sammel replies, before he shakes his head a little bit. "Needed to clear my head a bit, I guess. And to see something else than just home for a few moments." A brief pause, as he drains the last of his ale. "And I needed to work on making my decision." A brief pause, before he adds, "How was he doing?"

Nikomachos relaxes a little as the discussion shifts over to their father, "In his element. Meeting with His Majesty, the rest of the Crown Council, people from across the four Paramounts and the Chantry. As much as this is what we've trained for all our lives…" he pauses, then admits, "Some more than me, perhaps, now that the time has come, this is also what he has trained for all of his life. We may be the muscle behind the shield-arm, but he will be the brain that directs it." Chuckling a little wryly, he adds, "And I can't help remembering him as the man who paddled me when I broke his comm when I was six."

Sammel nods as he hears that, before he's unable to hold back a bit of laughter as he hears the last part. "True. Those things stay with you forever." It's offered a bit lightly, before he sighs. "He's not going to like my decision, is he?" Spoken a bit more quietly now.

Nikomachos shakes his head, "I just remember thinking that he was the most unjust man in Haven. Of course, I was six at the time," He chuckles softly, although the question causes him to shrug, "I don't think he'll like it, no, Sammy." That's a quiet nickname, used only in private, and often when he sees his brother as a younger brother, "But I think he'll understand. We wouldn't be Cindravale if we followed easily in the footsteps of others. Erik's already fought scouts, I'll be riding Hostiles down when they make planetfall, and you'll be fighting them in space."

Sammel smiles a little as he hears that, "Well, the eyes of a little child, and all that." Expression going serious again as he hears that nickname, before he nods a bit. "I'll try to be back so I can ride down some of them with you, Niko. I promise that. It's just that I feel that if I can help thinning out their numbers out there first, I should do it, you know."

Nikomachos nods his head, "Oh, we need the Navy and the Navy needs Marines. I don't dispute that at all, little brother. And you'll be back, Sam, or I'll come up there and drag you back myself. I'll have everyone ready when you get back." He pauses, chuckles softly, then changes his tune a little, "Father will have everyone ready when you get back."

"Sounds like a good deal, brother. I will be back, even if I have to get them to crash a ship in the middle of the Hostile forces when they've landed." Sammel offers this with another grin, before he adds, "And I know you will, both you and Father."

Nikomachos sets down the chopsticks and runs his fingers back through his hair, spiking it up all the more. He sighs softly, then nods, "I should be getting back. Are you going up to The Ring right away, or are you coming back for dinner tonight?"

Sammel nods a little bit as he hears that, "Well, I need to go home and back a few things before I go up there at least, so I'll be home for dinner tonight." It's offered a bit quietly, before he smiles. "So you'll not get rid of me until then, at least." It's said a bit lightly, as he studies his brother for a few moments. Perhaps looking a bit relieved that the decision he came to was not met with a worse reaction.

Nikomachos rises up to his feet, moving around to clap his brother on the shoulder, "I'll see you there then. Don't try to sneak out without saying goodbye though, or I'll have to chase you up to The Ring and embarrass you in front of all your friends." There is a light teasing behind those words, but also a bit of consideration, as if maybe the elder brother is thinking about doing it anyhow — or perhaps just going up to The Ring for another reason.

"Of course. I wouldn't try to sneak away," Sammel replies, with a bit of a grin. "So you don't need to consider doing that…" It's offered a bit lightly now.

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