Lord Sir Ronan Alik Iah
Daniel Sharman
Daniel Sharman as Ronan Alik Iah
Full Name: Ronan Alik Iah
Byname: The Peacock
Age: 18 years
Planet: Niveus
Paramount: Orelle
House: Iah
Title/Profession: Lord Sir
Position: Knight
Spouse: None Height: 5'7"
Father: Lord Severin Iah (Deceased) Weight: 140 lbs
Mother: Lady Ianthe Roste Iah (Deceased) Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Una Syrenne Iah, Elodie Bryn Iah, Some other Sister Eye Color: Green
Children: None


Born the youngest child to the great family of Iah. Okay, well maybe not so great. In fact, Iah might be one of the smallest of the vassal families, sovereign over one of the most unpleasant places in Haven. But what's not to love. There's snow and ice… or ice and snow. But one thing you can say about Niveus, it breeds strength and durability, at least generally.

Ronan was not only the baby of the family but the only boy born to Lord Severin Iah and Lady Ianthe Roste Iah. He didn't have brothers to tag along behind, so he was constantly in his sisters' shadows. He was a good little brother and never complained when they used him to play dress up.

As a small boy, Ronan was always smaller than the children his age. His disposition was always a bit more gentle, which often lead him to be the target of much teasing. Ronan's mother had already given up any hopes or fantasies about Ronan following her into training and into glorious combat. That is until one day, Ronan broke a broom handle over a young squire's head, who had been being excessively cruel to him. When the boy got up and tried to beat Ronan up, the young Iah proved himself to be very quick and agile and soundly thrashed the other boy. From that day on, Ronan's mother spoiled him endlessly. Just about nothing was denied to him.

Lady Ianthe was delighted that her son had proven to be more like her than she had thought. She was even more delighted to discovered that, while academics had not been his strong suit either, that the boy had a knack for organization. He would sit quietly by her side while she ran the family and its holdings.

In many ways, Ronan is like a flower. A flower needs the sun and warmth to thrive. His training sent him to many places, especially the tourney fields of Landing and Cindravale. There, in his younger teens, Ronan discovered countless decadences and vices. He just ate up the fashions that the warmer places allowed - granted every place is warmer than Niveus. He was involved in more than one potential scandal and gained a reputation for being a party boy.

Whenever Ronan could get off of Niveus, he would find some social function to be part of. Anywhere that he could relax, where he could shine, and drink up the attention. While he was still a squire, Ronan's excesses were held in check by his duties and training. Ronan and his mother often came to words over his flamboyant behavior, which seemed to worsen after the death of his father.

His eagerness and ambition was seen by his knight, who decided that he was ready for his knightly trials shortly after his eighteenth birthday. Though there were some doubts about him being ready by others, he passed every test that was put before him. In some ways, Ronan is almost your typical Cindravalen knight. He loves the pageantry, the tournaments, the attention. Only problem is that Ronan is not Cindravalen. Well that and his personal sense of honor might be a little less than the often stalwart Valen knights. Ronan is a peacock, pretty, likes to show off, most of the time dismissed, until it is too late and you find the spurs cutting in.

Now that Ronan is no longer a squire and his time is his own, he has been taking a greater hand in the administration of the family business. In some regards, he learned to apply the principles that he learned in warfare to the battlefield of business. Because of his youth and his mild manner demeanor, many people have underestimated Ronan, until it was too late.



Ronan is a young man. His exact age is difficult to judge as he very much has a baby face. He looks to be but a youth, with creamy skin, which seems to carry a natural blush upon his high arched cheekbones. His curly brown hair seems to be perfectly sculpted so that not a single hair is ever out of place. Dark eyebrows and long dark lashes draw attention to his green eyes, which seems to carry a wide array of emotions in them. Small, pouty lips gives the young man an almost feminine appearance.

Ronan is barely five and a half feet tall. Short and very slender, to the point of almost being called skinny, he looks very non-threatening. In fact, generally he appears to be about as non-threatening as one might get. Yet, when he moves it is with pure grace, like poetry in motion. Every step seems to be calculated.

Dressed in white, Ronan is wearing a pair of white leather pants, that lace up the sides. A space of a few inches can be seen between the laces. Under the white lacings is a silvery blue leather. His mid-calf boots are white with silver buckles up the side. The white silk shirt that wraps about his torso was made to perfection for his body alone. Around the cuffs and the slightly raised collar are snowflakes embroidered with metallic silver thread. A ring with the family crest is worn on his right ring finger. When necessary, Ronan wears a white fur cloak made from the hide of one of the massive white bears found on Niveus. The clasp of the cloak are two silver snowflakes joined by a white-blue titanium chain.


  • Clothes Horse — Ronan has an extensive wardrobe. He believes for every occasion there is a perfect outfit.
  • Party Boy — Ronan loves to party. He has been in several minor scandals over the last years.
  • Pretty Boy — Ronan is vain and prides himself on his appearance.
  • The Rose Has Thorns — Because of his youthful and "cute" appearance, many people don't expect Ronan to bite back, either with a sharp tongue or his surprising skill with a blade.

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Una Lady Una Syrenne Iah : Biggest Sister, She now must carry the weight of the house on her shoulders.
Jordis Lady Sir Jordis Eria Iah : Bigger Sister
Elodie Lady Elodie Bryn Iah : Big Sister
Tiriel Tiriel Ravel Iah : Una's wife
Gwain Sir Gwain Norman : A fellow Iah Knight

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