07.01.3013: Romance Fades
Summary: Viannea goes to see Michael in the hospital, but this visit is far from a happy one. A kiss, and words, and who knows.
Date: 1 July 2013
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Michael Viannea 

Willowtree Hospital — Recovery ward
This is the general recovery ward of the hospital. Shared rooms with only beds and small counters and cupboards.
1 July 3013

Michael's surgery went well, and his recovery is going smoothly. Already he's been able to stand up and move about his room some with out pain, or much of it. The doctors have told him he'll live and heal without any deformities and he'll be fine to return to active duty once he's all closed up again. Right now, he's sitting on his bed with a small table in front of him and his journal before him.

Normally Viannea would have gotten in touch with someone to see if Michael is cleared for visitors but it hasn't even dawned on her that she should, too distracted and too tired to think about that. A quick knock is given to the doorframe but she doesn't enter yet, allowing for the patient to decide of he wants to see her or not.

At the knock, Michael looks up and then stands. He moves to the door and opens it only to blink and smile softly. "Viannea… it's nice to see you. Come in, come in." he'll invite her in and move towards his bed. The back of his hospital gown flashing bare back, but undertrousered bottoms. He offers her a seat and will wait to sit on the edge of his bed until she's decided if she'll take a seat next to him or not.

Viannea does indeed sit by him and a fluid slouch assumed immediately, it helping with the tension that hurts. "You alright," comes a quiet query once she's comfortable, her weariness showing in her tone. That paired with the dark circles under her eyes should clue Michael in to just how poorly she's slept. "I can come back later if now isn't a good time," she eventually adds but not before she yawns.

Michael doesn't worry about protocol or limits. They may not have sure footing on any romantic relationship, but she's his friend first and foremost and that means an arm around her shoulders. His right one even, and that should clue her in to just how much he's willing to do to comfort her. "I'm fine, my surgery went well. They repaired the muscles in my shoulder so my arm works as you can see. They also put my shoulder blade back together and it's healing nicely." he pauses, "You're not sleeping… what's wrong?" his voice taking on a worry to it.

"I have not slept well…" She pauses and rubs her nose so she can take a second to get her exhaustion-idled mind working properly. "I've had a lot on my mind," Vi starts again. "Look, Michael. We need to talk." Not exactly what most people want to hear, that. 'We need to talk' being one of those phrases many shy away from saying and run away from after hearing it said.

Michael gently rubs her shoulders, "Yes… I think we do." he pauses and looks down at the floor. "Granted, I have a feeling you're looking at this differently than I am. It's okay Viannea, it's me. You know you can talk to me, in fact I encourage you to talk to me." he smiles, hiding the fact that he is one of those that shies away from that very phrase, and would run right now if he didn't respect her and like her so much.

Viannea nods slowly and relaxes, leaning in against him as she does. "This isn't easy to say," she ventures carefully. It is like she has approached a pool of water she knows will be shockingly cold and is dipping a toe in first to make sure that it is as frigid as she imagines. "Michael. How do you feel about me. Honestly."

"I like you, really really like you. I'd like to be more than friends, once I've become a knight and can properly ask you." his smile softens and fades. "How do you feel about me? Honestly."

With his arm around her he'll feel her slouch more, Vi's spine curved slightly as if a weight has been put upon her back. "I like you as well…" Her head shakes and she looks at him, her head pivoted so she can watch his face. "Michael, even if you're knighted it won't necessarily mean you will be allowed to pursue me romantically. At the most, you might be allowed to be a companion but I respect you too much to have you reduced to nothing but the bedwarmer for a noble woman."

Michael sighs softly, and gently shakes his head. "When I'm knighted I'll become a minor noble, companionship won't be an option then." he turns his face to meet her gaze, "If I'm knighted, and there is enough of a political reason…" then he lowers his gaze for a moment, looking back up to her own again. "Viannea, we've known each other for just over a week. Sure, I've looked down the road to see what would need to be done to be allowed to ask for your hand, but even I'm not sure if that's where all this would lead." he pauses, and then stops.

A slow nod is given. "Michael, I'd rather us just remain friends and be sure of where we stand, please? That way we won't just… just wind up all broken hearted and bitter and not knowing where we stand or where things will wind up…" Her voice cracks and she hurries to quiet herself not wanting to risk crying.

Michael watches her for a moment, his left hand reaches up and cups her cheek. He leans in and gently kisses her. If she doesn't initially pull away, the moment will last for what will feel like a minute before breaking off. If she does pull away he'll apologize but look resolute before speaking.

The kiss is allowed but isn't deepened on Viannea's part. It isn't lacking for warmth but that's all there is. There's no desperate clutching to him, no lacing her fingers in his hair in a fit of passion. If one were to ask, it could very well be seen as one step beyond a kiss between friends. Once he pulls back she blushes and looks down, silent.

"That's our answer, sort of." if she looks at him, he's blushing rather noticeably. "I've kinda been wanting to do that since I met you…" he shakes his head gently, "Viannea, we both seem to like each other, and sure it wasn't a passionate kiss by romantic means, but it was a nice kiss." he stops and runs his left hand's fingers across her cheek lightly before letting that hand drop to her arm. "Sure footing, knowing where we stand doesn't always lead to a happy ending you know." his voice is gentle, "Let's not set an absolute here, but also not set any expectations either. We're friends, we'll become better friends as time goes on. When I get knighted, we revisit this romance see if there's something more there."

Viannea rises off of the bed and just stares at Michael as if he has suddenly become a drake, her brow creased and eyes narrowed. "We will see. But friends… yes." Clearing her throat, Vi straightens out her vest before dipping her head, that sudden chill thawing. "Thank you for wanting to be my friend," she says with emphasis on the word friend. "I should return home. Will see you soon, I am sure." He's given a quick smile before she turns and exits the room.

Michael is up off his bed and out the door after her. Catching her arm, "Viannea, wait. please." he starts, "Of course we'll see, we agreed on that from the very start. There's no need to make this out to more than it is, I'm not going to attempt to covertly woo you during all this." with that, he'll let go. He'll stand in the hall way watching her leave, internally his heart might need a medic.

Michael walks slowly back to his room once she's fully gone. A nurse walks in and checks his vitals and sees that he's properly in his bed and ready for the night. Once she leaves, Michael opens his journal again. He picks up the pen and sets it to paper only, he can't seem to write for his hand is shaking slightly. If there was anyone in the room, they'd note the tears that begin to slide down his cheeks in single file, dripping off his jaw to fall onto the cream colored resting place of his thoughts. After several moments of just making a scribble from the shaking of his hand, he sets the pen down and shoves the book away. Landing heavily into his pillow, causing some pain but nothing compared that of a dream shattering and a hope fading along with a romance. That night, he slept not for his promise but for his tears and his sorrow.

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