06.22.3013: Romance and Reality
Summary: Michael is met by Viannea and they go out for the day
Date: 22 June 2013
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Michael Viannea 

Stepping off the lift and into the Blue District is almost like stepping into another world. The senses are assaulted with a complexity of scents, sights, and sounds. Light that abscribes to the same hours as the rest of the Ring glows from insets in the dark metal ceilings. The Bazaar is one of the central hubs of the Blue District — also known as the Entertainment District. There are dozens of shops and emporiums that clutter around the outer edge of the bazaar with stands and kiosks making organized chaos of its center. There are some shops that have been there for generations, including the famous — if not a little infamous — Gregor's Strange Meats. This is the place to find the weird and the bizarre. It is known that the Blue District hosts the impoverish and underworldly inhabitants of the Ring, making it not only the most mystifying but also the most dangerous district on the space station. There are several corridor-like thoroughfares that branch off from the Bazaar, leading deeper into the District.
22 June 3013

The weather outside proves to be growing nicer, the morning moist starting to burn off with the warmth of the Crescent. Having just returned to the barracks, Michael had been allowed to eat something and then saw to helping one of the boys with his knight's armor. "You should polish in small circles, put on the wax wait from it to set, then buff it off." he demonstrates as he speaks. The boy looks to be nearly half Michael's age and seems overwhelmed. Michael reassures the boy he'll help him as it goes along, but the best way to learn is to do it himself. Three young soldiers are noticed eyeing Michael, but they are now more wary looking than glaring. Two of them sport large black eyes, and the third has a bandage across his cheek. The boy smiles at Michael, "Thank you Michael… Sir Drexton was pleased to see his horse so well cared for, I was given a full hour of rec-time." Michael smiles at the boy, "Of course William, being shown what to do once isn't always enough, however practice does make it easier. I'm glad to hear you got rec-time though, any thoughts on what you'll do with it?" The boy, William, smiles at Michael "Well… there's this girl at school…" Michael chuckles softly and nods, "Ah, indeed. I can't offer you much help there, however be yourself. That's common advice, but incredibly true. She's going to go with you, not Mister Nervous Actsfunny. Relax and have fun." The boy William smiles and nods to Michael. Michael then gets up from his seat next to the boy and moves back to one next to a small stand of defender armor. Michael goes over it with a thoughtful eye, before looking into a rucksack and getting out a small new looking journal.

Vi's own practice has already concluded earlier in the morning with lance work being the majority of what she focused on today. Funnily enough, she finds herself still hit by 'noodle arm' some despite all the years she trained and right now her upper body feels tired. A familiar voice draws her to this part of the building where she happens upon Michael and the others, the younger boys given a nod and a smile before she clears her throat. "Hello, Michael."

Michael looks up from his journal, a contemplative look in his eyes until they meet Viannea's. He smiles, as do his eyes, "Sir Viannea, it's wonderful to see you again." he pauses, "Were you here training?" a quick glance to the soldier boys and their darkly expression shift and as do their locations, walking boldly up to Viannea. The tallest one, nearly six foot seven, speaks first. "There's no need to waste your time with him sir. Why not come talk to the three of us instead, I'm sure we're far more fun than this… shitsack." Michael nearly chuckles at the boy's lack of colorful words, he speaks up to the boy "In words not yet spoken, your crass exudes. You're lucky your nose isn't broken, for speaking to a woman so crude. Walk quickly now for foot in mouth, your tail between your legs. Or orders shout, and this knight doth ruin the rest of your days." his short poem is enforced with a tone of caring warning, as if he's worried for them.

"It is a good thing that I am not like some people I know… my temper doesn't run as hot." Viannea's looking down so it is hard to tell to whom that statement's directed to. "But I will say that I do not appreciate being addressed so casually." Chin lifting, she levels a cool gaze towards the soldier, her expression stormy. "I do think you should do as Michael says and leave." A quick glance and an even faster grin is cocked towards Michael while she waits for the others to comply.

The poem elicits a menacing look from the boys, clearly Michael isn't winning over anyone. Then Viannea speaks, and the boys are left there for a moment with their dark expressions until the shortest one snorts slightly and stalks off. The other two following at his heels. Michael watches them walk away for a moment, until looking back to Viannea. "Sorry about that Sir Viannea, I'm not good at making friends around here. William is one of the few that look up to me for advice or just as a training partner. Those boys are the leads at not liking me for being arrogant as Sir Asher pointed out." he shrugs, "Anyways, I've finished my tasks and since I've been doing so well with my punishment, I was afforded the day as rec-time. Would you like to go do something?"

Viannea glares at the backs of the departing boys, the noble woman's temper simmering beneath the surface. "You should not let them speak to you in that manner, squire or not. Perhaps some manners should be beaten into them." Vi really isn't one to promote violence unless it's needed but she finds herself annoyed and still bristling and the first thing that comes to her mind kind of just leaps out of her mouth. Blushing as soon as she says it, Viannea glances at Michael again, wincing. "Sorry… oh, yes, I'd love to do something. I finished my training for today and I don't think I'm expected home for several hours."

Michael smiles at Viannea, "Did you not notice the black eyes, and the cut on the short one's cheek? They decided to give me a warm welcome, never quite sure why it is that boys assume numbers mean anything to trained squires. They clearly missed my spar with Sir Johana yesterday, I hope the kick to her head didn't bruise to badly." at her agreement to do something, he smiles brightly, "Wonderful! What sorts of things do you enjoy most?"

Viannea's own attire is mostly made of black leather and such although the vest she's wearing today has gold and brown threads sewn into it, adding little accents of color that represents House Peake. When Michael returns from getting dressed and ready she pivots slightly on a boot heel, preparing to fall into step with him. "As ready as I'll ever be," she quips with a laugh. "Let's get out of here," she adds, still a bit bristly from the earlier exchange with the soldiers and in need of finding another venue in which to visit.

Michael nods to Viannea, and offers his arm to her. If she takes it, he'll lead her to the lifts up to the Ways and on to the Ring from there. If not, he'll head there anyways and hope she follows as her movement suggests. Michael glances over his shoulder, and speaks, "Don't be too mad at them, their young, confident, and virile. Healthy young men who probably do their house proud in the field." he adds afterwards, "Their dislike of me most likely caused their lapse in manners with you." then he changes the subject entirely if and when they start to walk. "So, falconry. What peaked your interest in that?"

Viannea does indeed take Michael's arm, too used to doing so to when walking with a man to think twice about doing so. "I do not care," she points out while sighing. "They should remember that they are indeed a representative of their House and act as such at all times. Even if the person they're interacting with is only a citizen they will look at a knight or soldier and see how they behave." A shoulder lifts as she shrugs. "A knight or soldier acts poorly and it poorly reflects upon their House." Done with that, she lets Michael lead her off.

The morning is already bustling with people, and the bazaar of the Ring is packed. Stepping from the lift, Michael gently leads Viannea along. Chatting with her about some of the things he's been up to recently, "Well, for the most part my days are rather boring. Work outs and tasks for Sir Johana, then I get to go on patrols this evening." he pauses at a vendor of fry bread, a slight shadow flits over his eyes and turns away from it. Across the path is another vendor of fried and skewered meats. "Would you like a skewer?" he offers, hoping she'll accept. If not, he'll continue on allowing her a chance to window shop if she cares to. "Tell me a little about you? Our time at the cafe was wonderful, but sadly I've had the tar beaten out of me since then and I'm afraid I've forgotten." he looks sorry to say that.

The offer of food reminds her that she hasn't eaten yet thanks to her rush to get out onto the practice field this morning, a fact that Vi's stomach reminds her of when it growls. "That sounds like a good idea," she laughs. "Smells good." The squire is made to stop where the skewers can be bought, her eyes bright. "Me? Oh. Well, there's nothing much to tell about me, honest," she says to try and steer the conversation away from her. She stops herself and blushes a bit, deciding to answer Michael instead of attempting to change the subject. "Let's see. I… hmm. I am a Peake, as you already know. Fourth born which is kind of an interesting position to be in. I am a Knight, as has already been established and I am probably the most boring person you'll ever have the misfortune of ever meeting."

Michael purchases two skewers, and holds one out to Viannea. He smiles softly as she attempts to not answer, then his smile tugs into playful when blushes slightly. He listens, and chuckles softly after she's finished. "Then the two of us are a peas in a pod, save for house and station." he smiles again, "You are a knight, nothing is ever boring about that. You're also into hunting and falconry… there has to be more things you're interested in." he pauses, internally considering where he'd stand based on the mention of fourth in line. His features don't give away anything though, and he looks over at her with another smile. "I don't see it as a misfortune to know you, otherwise I'm sure I wouldn't have come up with a poem after we parted at the cafĂ©."

The meat-on-a-stick is taken and the first bite enjoyed before Michael's companion tries to answer. She doesn't want to be rude and speak before she can swallow her food, after all. "I really have yet to find things that I enjoy taking part in that isn't part of being a Knight," comes an confession paired with a sheepish smile. "But I'm open to learning new things." The mention of the poen gets her face to go red again and she lifts up her free hand to cough into. "It was a very lovely poem," she whispers sincerely.

Michael blushes slightly himself, "Thank you." is all he can muster, and it's a bit lame. He stops at a store that sells electronics, and he considers something for a moment. Then he turns to look at Viannea, "Do you know how to dance? My favorites are the waltzes of old Earth. Actually, I love anything about the romance of the Reversion and the courts of old." he smiles again, "Nothing wrong with Knightly pursuits, I take great interest in them as you might have guessed. Sir Johana feels I'll be knighted very soon, she just wants to make sure my six years off the field didn't dull anything and didn't cause me to forget anything." he leaves off for a moment, and takes a bite of meat, swallowing after a moment before he speaks, "One of these times, you'll need to show me Arborenin. I've only been once to the Ways there but never seen the rest of it save in pictures on the 'sphere."

OOC: Missing two poses from log, will attempt to recover them. At this point however, Viannea puts a finger to Michael's nose and says "Romance is nice, but should be balanced out with reality." paraphrased from memory. Michael agrees saying, "To me, romance is a nice escape for a bit, but shouldn't be something to hide in." also paraphrased from memory. A point for Michael's character - He is constantly romantic, but he doesn't always fall into the romance of things. Ex: Michael will say a romantic poem, but he doesn't sweep her off her feet into a deep kiss right after. He's romantic, but it isn't necessarily a romance.

At least Michael's practical enough to see the truth in what Viannea just told him, something that gets her to sigh inwardly in relief. Not a lot of romantic people would've agreed with what she just said. Clearing her throat, she finishes her snack and the stick tossed into the trash, her head nodding by the time he's finished speaking. "Alright. I'll let you teach me if you let me throw you a party." She tugs on Michael's arm to try and get him to follow her, her intended destination being a gown shop of all places. "I should consider getting a few more made for me at some point," she muses. "God, I hate dressing up…"

Michael lets himself be tugged along into the gown shop. Feeling a little uncomfortable about being present, but he doesn't show it as he smiles to Viannea. "Then it's a deal, with one condition added in. You have to dance with me at the party, no backing out." he smiles but he's being serious too. "As for having gowns made up, I'm not much help with fashions sadly. However, you look really nice in what you're wearing. I can only imagine how you'd look dressed up, that said, I prefer the look of armor myself."

It is probably safe to assume that House Peake has a dress maker or someone similar on retainer but with how long it's been since she last wore a gown Viannea has no clue what is in fashion, hence her coming in to look around. "I look very nice in gowns, or so my family says. But I feel very vulnerable in one. Can't exactly wear one and be armed at the same time." Or at least not without getting a lot of odd looks from people. A pale cream velvet gown is eyed as she says that but she shakes her head. Must not meet her approval. "I will dance with you, I promise."

Michael starts to consider a different gown. It's a swiss mocha white with dark chocolate trim. The dress is a silk and bamboo blend lending strength and grace to it's construction and flow. The gown's skirt only barely reaches the floor and has a very draped look to it. The sleeves are long, draping and flowy but no so much to be a burden to the wearer. It has a low cut neck line and is currently paired with a chocolate diamond inset within a clear one on a field of pearl. The gown is otherwise elegant in its simplicity having no real folds, layers, or major constructive stitching allowing the form of the body within to be caressed but not so much to be revealing. "What about something like this?" he asks her, not really knowing if he should even suggest anything to her in this sense. When she promises to dance with him, he smiles. "Perhaps then, you might be able to go on patrols with me?"

Viannea turns to regard the gown Michael has found, her expression thoughtful. "I do like the design," she murmurs while reaching out to feel the fabric, "and the materials used are nice. Not sure if the color is right for me, though." She taps a finger to her lower lip before shaking her head. When Michael makes his other suggestion she raises a brow, being asked to go on patrol with him not what she expected. "Sure. That sounds like it'd be fun."

Michael nods slightly, "Well, I'm sure if House Peake has someone on retainer the colors can be made to suit you best. Something in vibrant greens? Or perhaps darker or even dusky blues. You could perhaps do something in pastels with an ombre starting at the top and fading down to the floor?" he seems to be interested in the colors, perhaps an attempt to figure out her favorite without direct questioning? "I'll see to letting Sir Johana know about it, it would be nice to have someone to talk to when it becomes boring, I could even teach you to dance in the evenings."

She knows what he's trying to do despite her not actually having much experience with members of the opposite gender. It is sweet. Endearing, even. Reaching up, she pats him on the cheek but doesn't say anything about colors. Let it be a surprise for later. Or something. "Please do ask her," is what she does say. "It'll be fun. It has been a while since I've had to patrol, myself. Think I could use the practice."

Michael inwardly sighs, she's caught him. The pat on the cheek makes him blush faintly, but when she agrees she'd look forward to going on patrol, he smiles. "I will ask." he then tugs gently to indicate leaving and moving along the bazaar again. If she agrees, he's spied a boutique across the way that displays handsome male outfits. There's one he's looking at too, in his favorite charcoal grey-blue colors with silver workings. "Tell me a little about your family? I'm not really up to speed on most houses." he'll mention dinner a little later, Talayla's talked about this place she's been to, and Michael would like to see if Viannea will go with him, but patience is his ally and so he'll wait to ask.

—- the scene fades out here

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