Lord Commodore Roger Hiram Hollolas
Kevin McNally
Kevin McNally as Roger Hiram Hollolas
Full Name: Roger Hiram Hollolas
Byname: Jolly Roger
Age: 57
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Arboren
House: Hollolas
Title/Profession: Lord Commodore
Position: Head of House
Spouse: Lady Agatha Hollolas nee Peake Height: 186 cm
Father: Lord Commodore Thane Hollolas Weight: 115 kg
Mother: Lady Jeanna Hollolas nee Arboren Hair Color: Brown/Grey
Siblings: Various Eye Color: Green
Children: Young Lady Fiona Hollolas, Lord Dylan Hollolas, Lady Irvette Hollolas, Lord Ephraim Hollolas, Lady Cyrielle Hollolas




This man is on the taller side - over six feet, though not by much - but more to the point, he's /broad/. His shoulders are wide, his middle has plenty of girth, and his upper arms in particular are bulky and muscular. By appearance he's older, probably approaching sixty, yet he moves with vigor befitting a man half his age. Thinning but still dark hair covers the top of his head, and a big, bushy white beard covers his chin. Sea-green eyes always gaze straight ahead, pointed forward with confidence.


Armwrestling Champion: It's a common sailor's pastime, and in his younger days, Roger was one of the most feared armwrestlers in all Imperius. He's lost a fair bit of muscle to age, but even today he's known to humble younger men on occasion.

Booming Voice: Roger evidently has three volume settings: Loud, louder, and friggin' LOUD. Even the terminally unobservant can likely hear him coming a mile away, and even his whispers tend to be audible from the opposite side of the room.

Jovial: On land, it's nearly impossible to find Roger in anything other than a very, very good mood, with all the booming laughter, hearty claps on the back and sailor's jokes that that entails. At sea, granted, he's often at least somewhat serious.

Politically Agnostic: It's difficult for a Head of House to be truly apolitical, but Roger tries his damndest. When it comes to inter-House relations, he generally follows the Arboren - not because he's naturally subservient or even especially loyal, but because it would be too much trouble to do otherwise.

Rambler: Though he can shorten up if he /must/, Roger's unapologetic preference is to say things using as many words as possible. His stories, in particular, can be spun out so far that the telling takes longer than the actual events they describe.

Unrepentant Glutton: The Lord Hollolas loves his food and drink, no matter the occasion, and he insists that everyone around him do the same. It's not unheard of for a fishing vessel to find its entire catch requisitioned to provide for one of his feasts.

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