03.17.3014: Rockstar Escort
Summary: After the Open Mic night ended, Roxy and Nitrim continue their talks at the Taphouse and then to Landing.
Date: 08 December 2103
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Mott's Taphouse
The taphouse is burrowed out from the heart of one of the various elder trees that surround the Heartwood. It is dark, warm, and inviting no matter the time of day. There are not a lot of hard corners, and it feels as though the walls blend in with the ceilings that curve high above. The interior wood has been stained a honey gold, which is offset by the rosewood bar and tables. There are a couple of circular windows that have been carved from the tree trunk, though the glass is stained a soft green to continue to maintain a particular atmosphere no matter the time of day. Scattered throughout the room are tables of various size and chair arrangement, and the aforementioned bar runs along the left-hand wall.
The taphouse only provides ale. Order a whiskey, you get ale. Order a martini, you get ale. The menu is also very simple with a set series of meals — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — that change from day to day. It is common knowledge that special orders or requests are always ignored.
March 17, 3014

Continuing immediately where Mott's Open Mic Night ends

The young lord shakes his head "Your quite welcome, you could have asked sooner. I'd have gone to get it before hand." Benedict offers with a small shrug he takes a drink of his ale as well enjoying it. "I am glad I was able to come listen this evening." he says in response to her continued thanks. "Are you sure your okay? It seemed you were preparing to defend yourself?" the last bit is spoken a bit lower than previously.

"Bringing everyone down?" Nitrim chuckles, casting a glance back to George as he slides his mug down the bar for a refill. Nudging a place through the crowd to a small, cramped space with just enough room for he and Roxy, he motions for her to join him for more drinks. "Me? Roxy the tabloids see what they want, but they don't see nearly enough. I'm a living, walking center of a storm and people haven't begun to see me not give a fuck." He stretches his neck muscles; the scar on the side of his neck twisting with the effort. "What about you? Who're you here with tonight, because officially I'm here alone."

Removing a hair band from her wrist, Roxy pulls her blonde, pink and green hair back in a loose and sloppy ponytail, following Nitrim to the bar as she wraps the band around it. More drinks, she could handle for sure. Sitting close to him, because honestly, there's very little room left with the packed house, she leans her elbow on the bar to face the Khourni. "If you didn't give a fuck, Nitrim, you wouldn't have made the toast." Looking back to Matt, briefly she murmurs. "My father of all things. Matt Warriner has a kid, who knew?"

Lorelei shakes her head, "No…I'm sorry Lord Benedict. I needed to say thanks to someone, and it was easier to do so through my powers, than cross the crowded room." Loree's eyes return to hazel as she lets go of her power. She'll take another sip, finally relaxing enough to taste the brew.

"No shit, Wariner ended up being your father? How does that happen?" Nitrim replies to Roxy, nodding to the bartender as the drinks arrive. Taking up his mug, Nitrim offers the rock-drummer a cigarette and gets settled in comfortably. "And no, I do give a fuck. I'm getting very tired of the press and all of the bullshit that comes with their little vulture hunting. It's been a very long last few weeks and, as you can see, I'm going to be very ugly and tired when I'm old." This last comment gets a growled chuckle from his lips.

Matt moves over in the direction of the bar, intending to get himself some more ale now. His guitar carried with him, while it's not one of his best guitars, he'd still like to keep it, at least for a while longer, after all.

Benedict nods at the others words "I can see how that would be easier yes." The young man has calmed down since there doesn't seem to be anything wrong after all perhaps the look from the other as he passed makes a bit more sense to him now. He'll take another drink from his ale watching as the others gaze turns back to normal. "So when would you like to spar again?" he will ask setting his ale down a moment after his question.

"Apparently he knew my mother intimately." Roxy counters, wearing a confident smirk as she idly draws a pattern in the condensation on the bartop. "At least once." Reaching out, she accepts the cigarette, flipping it idly in her fingers. Matchbook, matchbook.. Twirling her finger in the air over her palm, she waggles her brows. "Can you do a girl a solid and show me that little fire thing in your hand?" Leaning forward she holds the cigarette between her fingers. She doesn't usually smoke, cause it fucks with vocal chords, but tonight was an exception. "You couldn't be ugly if you tried, Nitrim. As for the press, I've had my fair share once upon a time. They won't back down, they're out for blood."

Chiron appears to be late to the party. He'd heard that his sister was going to be reading off a poem, and possibly some members of Hell If I Know? He's wearing his green, hooded cloak over a brown tunic. The taphouse is much busier then normal. It takes him a few moments, but he spots his sister and start making his way over towards her.

Fire on demand. Nitrim smirks and his eyes wash over in white. The faint glow of the serpent that swims his body glows to life as his aura coalesces around his fingertips…presenting a flame for her to light her cigarette with. "You don't say? You know I heard somewhere that most people have similar parent experiences, with one woman being intimate with a man, or some kind of…something. Fascinating." Nitrim smirks as the cigarette is lit and allows the fire to dissipate. Without any pain to his fingers, he straightens his shirt and reaches for his mug. "Well, you flatter me, Roxy, and I totally missed out on hanging out with you and the band the last time we met up. Maybe the next time the press is around we'll take turn throwing knives at them. I'm sure that'll do me wonders."

Zani is even later to the party, as she's just arriving. But she has her keyboard, just in case. She's relaxed and looking happy as she arrives, a smile on her face. The crowd brings amusement to her eyes, as she enters, taking a look around to see who she recognizes and what's going on. After all, she heard there was a fun shindig going down.

Lorelei smiles, "You want to get hit with a hammer again?" She'll giggle and then take another long sip.She's standing next to and talking to Lord Benedict. Her color is finally starting to go normal and she'll give her brother a small wave when she sees him.

Chiron waves back to his sister, flashing her a big smile. "Hey, Sparrow." He says, grabbing an available seat if there is one. Nodding now to Benedict, Chiron says. "Young Lord Benedict, it's been some time sense we last met. You are doing well, I hope?"

Leaning forward, Roxy lifts the cigarette to her lips, the flames illuminating her features as she puffs getting it good and lit. "Thanks," she blows out the smoke as she leans back again. "Yeah I was thinking about that. Bet that's how you came around. Figured now that we know how to make it, we know how to prevent it." Offering a wink again, leaving the cigarette in her lips as she reaches for the newly delivered ale. Retrieving the cigarette, she studies him a brief moment, an easy smile curving her lips. "I don't flatter, I just tell it like it is. Flattery is a waste of time. So yeah, next time we should definitely hook up and dispose of the press accordingly."

"When you put it that way, yes it appears I do." The young lord says chuckling himself though he will add "Though i'll use a blunted or a practice blade myself this time, an idea given by a friend which seems only to make sense." Benedict's get his ale and take another drink, he'll turn to see who she is waving at he nods in greeting and smiles likewise. "I am doing quite well I survived a rather populated tap house this evening even. What of yourself?"

"Honestly, Roxy, I thought that after getting my point across a few days ago it would stop, because it's not as if I've done anything worth mentioning. They're just chasing threads." Nitrim shrugs, blowing his smoke away from her face. His voice lowering to try to keep their conversation private. Green eyes sharpening on Roxy's, he chuckles dryly and motions to her. "You know, maybe in my next life I'll be a drummer and I'll go on tour. As far as I understand it, there's less stabbing involved, but is it weird that I would actually miss getting spears and eight-hundred pound hovercards thrown at me?" He pulls the neck of his shirt aside to show his collarbone scar from the nastiest break he's had yet.

Zani heads to the bar, pausing as she spies Roxy, and giving her a small wave. She also catches sight of Lorelei and Chiron, nodding to them with a friendly smile. At the bar, she orders a drink, and waits for it to be delivered, turning to lean a bit against the bar, keyboard set down at her side, easily.

Lorelei steps over and gives Chi a hug, he would eb able to feel she's still a bit shaky, meaning she's probably already read. "Hi Chi." A soft kiss is pressed to his cheek. She'll turn to the noble, "Yes..I think practice weapons would be better." She'll wave to Zani , happy to see the keyboardist.

Catching sight of Zani, she lifts a hand in return before looking back at Nitrim. "I saw that interview.." Roxy confesses rather hesitantly, not wanting to bring back the bad memories, but here to be a sounding board for him. Leaning in when he does, foreheads almost touching, she smiles at the mention of him being a drummer. "I could see you being a drummer and I'd be glad to give you lessons. Maybe you could give me lessons on stabbing a bitch." Softly chuckling, she ashes her cigarette. "Eight hundred pounds? Seriously?" Eyes drop to his neck and she leans in further reaching out a finger to trace his scar. "That's bad, you're lucky to be alive."

Chiron gives Lorelei a hug, sensing her shakes. "You alright?" He asks, her kissing her cheek. "How'd it go? Sorry I missed it." He frowns, but when Zani waves to him he casts her a smile, motioning for her to come join them. He glances back over to his sister, his eyes full of surprise. After a few blinks and deep breath that's all over, and he casts Benedict a curious look. "Training weapons? Are you two going to fight each other or something?"

Benedict nods to the young woman "Practice weapons it is, i'll make sure we get you something which helps with the weight and everything for the hammer." He looks to catch her brothers look but he shakes his head "Not fight, but i've offered to help her train with the hammer she got, unfortunately in our haste to begin we used our own weapons which didnt go as well as we'd have hoped." he explains a bit wincing at this poor judgement

Nitrim has to turn his head to avoid putting his cigarette in Roxy's face as he turns to take a drag. The cherry at the end flares red and he breathes in, releasing the smoke over the top of the bar. "I'm sure stabbing someone is a lot easier than drumming. How you can work your feet and your hands at the same time, keeping two separate beats," Nitrim's eyes roll as he exhahles the cloud of smoke, turning back to Roxy. "It's beyond me. Did you see the news reports from Ignis? I was in that. I can throw up telekinetic armor but the armor-shell I was wearing saved my life really. It was like one of those cartoons where the train hits that wolf." Nitrim smirks, laughing about it, though really it's nothing to laugh about. "Two weeks immobilized in a hospital is zero fun."

Zani grins at Roxy, shaking her head. As her drink is served, she pays for it, and then heads over to Chiron and Lorelei, following that beckoning motion of Chiron's. She arrives just in time to hear the talk about practice weapons, a brow arching briefly, though she doesn't say anything on that topic. "Good evening. How are you doing? Is the party good so far?" she asks, curiously.

"Absolutely." Roxy leans back to take a draw from the cigarette, holding the smoke before tilting her head back and releasing it in a puff of smoke straight up into the air. Reaching up with her left hand, she idly toys with the black string holding the corset lacing of her neon green bustier style top. "I'm very well coordinated, moving my hands and feet independently." Flicking her thumb over the filter of her cigarette, she watches the ash fall into the ashtray in a perfect cylindrical display. "Ignis, huh? Damn I heard bad things about that one." Her lips form another smirk. "So why didn't you give me a call, I'd have come to see you in the hospital." Catching the grin from Zani, she winks and offers a salute.

Lorelei nods, "Yes…I already read." She'll point as Ben explains, "You've been so busy,Chi. Lord Benedict has offered to help me train." When Zani arrives, she'll hand her drink to CHi so she can properly give the musician a hug.

"I wasn't aware we were on a call from the hospital basis." Nitrim points out, nodding his head slowly in Roxy's direction. Shrugging his shirt back into place, he tucks his shoulders back to fight against the tension in his spine. His eyes tilt towards her cigarette, reminding him to ash as well. "That was before Soleil, really, Roxy I think at the time things were just…crazy. They're always crazy, but if you really want me to, the next time I'm in the hospital I'll send you the information. The last time was when I got…" Nitrim trails off, lips flattening in a frown as he points to his neck. "I'm totally going to get someone killed by being within my radius. Let's hope it's a reporter and not a drummer, okay?"

Chiron's eyes dart to Benedict, a flash of anger shoot from his eyes. "You swung a /real/ weapon at my sister?" He asks the noble, His eyes quickly moving to Lorelei, "Sparrow, you could have been seriously hurt. That's not something to be /playing/ around with." He sighs, muttering to himself. "That's something that Ephraim would do…"

Chiron's demeanor changes when Zani arrives. His shoulders pushed back slightly, posture straight. "Hey, Zani!" He exclaims. "It's uh… been a while. How've you been?" He asks her, scratching the back of his head.

The young man watches the other but at the look of anger on his face Benedict answers quickly to clear things up. "No, of course not. I was purely on defense she did stumble a bit which made me realize that there could be danger even in that situation. I would never swing my sword at her or hurt her, but to resolve any type of mishap i'll be replacing my weapon at least with a practice blade."

"Oh, is there a basis called that? I just thought it was a, 'Hey I'm bored, get the fuck over here, you're my friend' one then." Roxy reaches for her ale and takes another drink, polishing it off. She's pretty slight in build and she's feeling good at the moment so she orders another one. Her own cigarette is almost forgotten, the curlicues of smoke drifting up, adding to the smoky atmosphere in the building. "I have no intentions on getting killed. So, wanna get out of here?" Forgetting all about the ale she'd just asked for. "These woods just aren't my thing. How about the public house?" Casting a sly glance, because… reporters. "Or the bath house." Yes, she is joking.

Zani chuckles, as she sets her case down in order to return Lorelei's hug. "Hi there. It has been a long time," she says, with a nod to Chiron. "And I've been okay. You?" A brief pause and then, "Lorelei, it's nice to see you." She looks at the other fellow, Benedict, and says, "Hello there. I'm Zani." Just that, cause she surely has no last name. Or something like that. There is an impish smile on her face, as she takes a sip of her drink at long last. "So, did I miss the whole show?"

Tilting back the mug, Nitrim swallows the last of the ale, his third, and sets the empty mug aside. Glancing to the door that hides behind Roxy's shoulder, Nitrim turns his eyes to Roxy and gives her an amused, coy expression. Slowly, his head nods in a very animated yes. "Yeah, let's head back. I like the woods, don't get me wrong, but I've been walking a lot lately." He scoots off of his barstool, bumping his hip against Roxy's as he offers her a hand to help her up. "You know I offered to fund your band at Volkan. I'd have thrown you guys a party and given you access to the bathhouse. You've ever been there?"

Lorelei gives Chi a small glare,"Don't start." A smile for Zani, "Yes…I think so. I think it was a good show." She doesn't really remember, she was too scared. "Zani, this is Young Lord Benedict. Lord Benedict, this is Zani, from Hell if I Know."

Paying for the ale, Roxy thanks the bartender then squishes down her cigarette into the ashtray, putting it out. There's a flash of a grin as she takes his hand and stands with his assistance. "Did you?" Blue eyes flicker over him in surprise. "I've not been to the bathhouse, no. I've heard about the legendary parties there though. You going to give me the grand tour then?" She didn't bring anything with her, so she's good to go, turning from the bar now she notices the other group gathered. Waving at Zani, she can't help but to chuckle. "See you later Aunt Zani." Private joke? Possibly, but it's accompanied by a wink.

Chiron doesn't seem to be any more at ease to learn that his sister will be training /now/ with training weapons, but when he is requested to drop it by his sister, he does. "I'm doing alright, training mostly. How's the band?" He looks around, then to the stage. "I think the show is pretty much over. I admit… I'm a little surprised that an open mic at the Taphouse would attract so much talent."

Falling into line beside Roxy, Nitrim looks over to Zaniyah and the Quelltons, raising his hand to them in a salute as he prepares to leave with the punky drummer. "Honestly the bath house is more a spa-spot than a party, sometimes it's too crowded for its own good, but it's really awkward when you're entertaining guests that aren't used to it." Nitrim replies, reaching out to hold open the door for her. "You've been to the Warehouse club, though, right? Bethe and I have a spot above the dance floor we've sectioned off with some old couches. That's my other haunt, lately."

"It's good to meet you Zani." The young man says as she greets giving a nod of his head as well though the brother and sister get a look before he'll introduce himself though the other does it for him which makes it easier all the same. Benedict look look back at her brother "I will make sure she's not harmed I can do that much." he will leave it at that sighing slightly "I'm afraid I should be going here in a moment I wandered off a bit to come here." he chuckles.

Lorelei tilts her head and gives Nitrim a look that's clearly telling him to behave. She'll nod with her brother, "It was rather crowded. and Lord Benedict is a knight, he knows what he's doing. You don't have to worry. Chi." A soft smile is given to the noble, "Thank you for coming. And for getting my tablet."

Zani shrugs a bit about missing the show. "That's too bad, but oh well. It happens." A glance up at Roxy, and then Zani laughs. "Later, Roxy," is all she ways with a wave of one hand. "Have fun." Her gaze goes to Roxy's escort for a moment, curiously, but she merely nods her head in his direction. Then her eyes widen slightly, and she ducks her head. "Your pardon, Lord Benedict," she says politely. "A pleasure to meet you."

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The Heartwood, Arborenin
This is perhaps one of the largest promenades of the tree city. It spans between the large trunks of three elderwoods, branches used to support the heavy circular plaza. Residing in this promenade are dozens of stores and shops, as well as access to the lower levels of the city. Peddlers of goods move easily through the plaza, trapping visitors and natives with a hopeful sale of their unique and usually handmade goods. At the center of the promenade is a large, sprawling basin where rain water has been collected for generations creating a natural and yet manmade pool. This is a popular place to cross paths with other residents of Arborenin and maneuver through the tiered city.
March 17, 3014

"The Warehouse Club? Once. I loved it. Lately I've not been anywhere except for the the tour and studio time when we have it." Roxy takes his arm, just because it's something she's used to doing with an escort. "Spa party? Yeah I know how the Khourni are, I was born there, lived there until recently. I had to move to Landing just to be closer to work, but I miss it there." A beat. "How's Young Lady Anabethe?"

Tucking in close to stave off the cold of the nighttime air, Nitrim flicks his cigarette ten feet ahead. Choosing his steps wisely, he makes sure to crush the butt under his boot-heel as their walk catches up to it. "I think once a girl who fancied me joined me at the spa. I think she fancied me," Nitrim clarifies. "This actually happened. Then, like a plague, family flooded the room." He laughs, the first time tonight. "Bethe's strong. When bad things happen she becomes an iron in the fire. She really is my father's daughter."

Imagery that has to be expounded upon. "So, you're sitting there in the bathhouse with a girl you liked, all naked.." Painting the picture herself in her mind. "And in walks Sir Anabethe and the rest of your siblings and cousins.." Pretty familiar with names and faces since she was born there. "So what happened?" Lips twitch and Roxy makes her guess. "I'm thinking nothing. Nothing happened at all.." Walking at his side, she smiles at the way he talks about Anabethe, glad he had someone he looked up to. "So, what about you? How come you're still unattached?" She knew about Soleil, but still there were others.

"Nothing precisely. It was funny, it was practically a bunch of twelve year olds at the pool, sliding in with beers. They practically had beer coolers and floatation devices. Hey guys," Nitrim distorts his voice. "Mind more?" With a smirk, Nitrim huffs and rolls his eyes, turning down the main road that leads them in the dark towards the WayGate. "For me the place is simple and nothing is awkward, but for others its a trying experience I guess. Sort of like trying to arrange a marriage for me." Nitrim rolls his eyes, baring his teeth to her. "The…situation with Soleil made me probably the least desired noble in Haven. I wouldn't suspect to hear a banns about me for quite some time."

A sympathetic look dances in her eyes for the barest minimum of time before Roxy finds a silver lining there. "Who wants to be married anyway? It always ends bad from what I hear." Heading towards the Ways with him, she considers the very thought. "Well, actually, on second thought.. I don't guess marriage would be all that bad." Giving no explanation on what changed her mind. "So, we going to the bathhouse now?" As she walks she moves closer, a little cool out in the weather in her current attire, despite the approach of spring.

"I'm sure it depends on who, really. I think I'd like to get married someday, to someone right; someone hot that isn't some over-perfect maiden." Nitrim laughs, the muscles underneath his coat flexing against Roxy's arm as he slips his datapad out to request a relocation at the WayGate to Volkan. His brows quirk, looking over to Roxy with a knowing smirk. His eyes narrow, acting as if he's caught her. "Are you trying to get me alone Roxy Rebel? Is that what this is?"

"Then you should listen to whatever rumors there are floating around out there and find someone just like you," Roxy suggests, trying to remember anything she'd heard recently. "That way you have someone who's just as used to the rumors as you are and knows not everything said by the press is true." While he checks out the datapad, she looks around at the waning night, tipping her head back to look at the sky. The suggestion forces her to turn those blue eyes back at him. "You've read me so easily, Nitrim. I'm wounded." She holds out her left hand and shows him the ring there. It's not really a ring, but it's a tattoo made out in script of the name Demos. "I've slowed down a lot lately. Scary huh?"

Looking down to her hand, Nitrim slips the datapad away and trades it for her fingers, bringing them in close to get a better look in the dark lighting. Eyes squinting, his green orbs wash over in white and his aura returns in a flash of fire-like serpentry. A small ball of light appears above them. "I recently got tagged for that, you know. Someone I know saw a rumor and it cut a little too close. I've still yet to find out how my house is going to react to the recent news. So because of that, I'm going to have to suggest we don't go to the bath house. I've got tabloid reporters and family keeping tabs on me, even if it is just to relax. Soon though." Nitrim allows her fingers back to her, nodding towards her hand. "So is that an engagement ring or a wedding ring, and what is a Demos?"

Roxy remains still as he pulls her hand in close to look, smiling at the way he manages to do it, but it fades just as quickly. "What rumor, what did I miss? The one about the Dalton that I heard last?" Her lips twitch again just as quickly. "I don't mind staying away from the bathhouse. We could go to Landing and my apartment if you want. Demos may be there or he may be gone with Balius. Either way, I've got beer and food and an ear to listen if you want." A smirk is offered to her ring. "It's not either. We had matching rings and we live together, but it's just our own little thing. I like it, but sometimes I wonder what real commitment would be like. Too scared to find out though."

"Well, not so much a rumor as being caught red-handed getting in the face of a tabloid reporter. Two in a row, my father's already in a foul mood." Nitrim scoffs, turning to walk backwards towards the WayGate as he sets in a last-second change to have it switched to Landing. "So you got his name tattooed and don't have a real commitment? How does that work, like some kind of open thing or just something you don't talk about?" Nitrim smirks, walking in front of her. "Tell you what. I'll walk you back and we'll make plans. It's getting late and I've got a few stops before I get home. Truth is, there's someone I hope to get a banns to and…I'm trying to keep a schedule. These two leaks will hurt that, I fear."

"The Hollolas?" Roxy inputs immediately, watching him walk backwards. "Damned what happened to us? We used to be the ultimate in party people and now we're all worried about getting home in time so people don't worry about us. That's so not rock and roll," she tells him in a self depreciating manner. "Can you come inside just for a quick drink? I've got a flask inside and it's filled with the best." She looks back down at her finger and shrugs. "I grew up in the streets, in a gang. No parents. I did what the fuck I wanted, all the time. I've got several tattoos from the gang days, thought I'd live and die there, sooner rather than later. Life changed and I'll never go back to what I was, but that part of me is always there, just below the surface. The unwanted kid with a mother who got paid for her time without even the position being in a brothel to make her legitimate. Yeah, I've got one hell of a past. You can overcome it though, if you're really wanting to get married. Just remember one thing. Once you're married the chase is over and it's diapers and fucking arguments over the remote control."

"I can neither confirm nor deny, but if you see a banns announcement and I seem happy about it, you'll know." Nitrim replies to Roxy, turning to walk beside her once again with his hands in the pockets of his heavy, black coat. The transition between the waygates is seamless, and just like that they're in Landing, on their way towards her apartment. "I've got a past." Nitrim continues, scratching at the side of his eye socket. "I've got a present, too, and there's all kinds of trouble in and outside of it. It's a lot to weigh; a lot I wish that I could share. I've been in danger for months while the tabloids seem to think I'm running around chasing women." He laughs quietly, nudging her arm with his elbow. "I…really shouldn't, but I'll take you on a rain check, okay? We'll get some drinks next time."

"I saw the way she approached when she arrived. The Evey Dalton rumor got to her. Had to be a reason it bothered her." Roxy tells him with a smirk. When they arrive in Landing it's not far to the building her apartment is housed in. "It's the present and future you should worry about and if you get married, I'll come to your wedding if you'd invite me. I'm probably one of the only blondes you've not slept with." She can't help but laugh at that, a laugh full of mischief because it was based solely on the rumors. "Besides, you need lovely wedding music for the dancing right?" She smiles, lifting her hand to touch his cheek, blue eyes smiling even as her lips curve up. "Don't worry about the tabloids. Remember your toast. Love, and love big and hold her close and never let her go. Make it happen. Send the letter. Sitting around waiting won't make it happen, you have to do it."

"Ohhhh come on with that." Nitrim groans, laughing towards his feet as he pulls out a fresh cigarette and uses his Awakened powers to ignite the tip. Puffing on the first drag, there's a hiss of air as he plucks the cigarette free and exhales to the side. "Everyone seems to think I was exclusive to blondes. I'm not. It just sort of happened that way for a while, I guess." Nitrim gets a little weird about it, shoulders bunching up in a non-commital shrug. "But yeah, if it's the one I'm thinking of I'll invite you to the wedding if it's something that could ever get pulled off. The war as it is, I could die long before that happens and because I was a fool I might lose these opportunities." Nitrim stops near her door, offering his arms for a hug. "I got lucky. I hid far more than was ever known. I've got to be done with that life now. I know I can save lives now."

"Oh I know you weren't exclusive of blondes, otherwise I would have been offended." Roxy can't help but tease him, but it's in a good natured way, sort of making fun of the rumors, definitely not him. At the offer of his arms, she steps into the embrace without hesitation, resting her cheek against his chest for a moment as her arms go around him in return. "Just don't give up, Nitrim." She kisses his cheek again and steps back. "Call me if you ever need a friend to talk to, one who is on your side without wanting to pick you apart or seduce you."

Leaning into the kiss to his cheek, Nitrim presses one to hers in turn and takes a step back. "Hey if you heard blondes were the thing you had more than ample time and opportunity. I should be offended." Nitrim grins, squeezing her arm as he takes a step away from her door. "I'm gonna call you to get together and do shots, or I want to sit in on a recording session. I'm losing family. I'm losing friends. I need to know who's still there, you know?" Nitrim looks back to her as he starts to walk away. "Write me."

Roxy smiles when he takes a step back and waggles her brows again. "You should be offended, really. Except I don't really sleep around, so that's out." When he steps away, she watches him, leaning against her own door. "I'd love to get together with you, anytime you want. You're not going to lose me, I'll be around. And I'll definitely write, so expect it." Another curve of her lips as she watches him walk away. "Nice view!" she calls to him playfully, when in truth she wasn't really looking.

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