10.13.3013: Rock and Wall
Summary: The Wall's squire chases away a couple of bullies trying to mug a Rock Star
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13 October, 3013

Fixing a musical instrument is easy, when you have the tools for it. Zavier Masters is currently buying said tools to fix a problem with one of his band's amps, because paying some grease ball to do it might end up costing more then the amps worth. On his way out, guitar strapped to his back wit hthe new tool kit inside the case as well, Zavier is acosted by three thugs. "Gimmie the case, and your dollar chip." The head thugs says as zavier raises his hands and slowly backs away. ":C'mon guys… you really dont want to do this… why not just walk.." He says before a hand cross bow is pointed at his face. "Oh great…"

Being a squire to a knight who has a habit of regularly denting your armor… and the armor that he wears when he goes to battle, means you get to know people who make spare parts quite well. "Thanks, Bob, I owe ya one," Klaudea tells the man in the shop before she steps out onto the street next to the three thugs accosting the musician. "Hey, now," she says, her whistle dying off as she notes the scene, her eyes quickly darting around to size up the three, the hand cross bow, and the space around them, her eyes lighting on a long handled shovel leaning up against the wall. You probably don't want to know what the gunk is that is still stuck to the shovel, considering the things that get cleaned up in this area. She sidles towards the wall and that shovel.

Three things hapen at once, one of the thugs notices The squire heading for a shovel, and makes a dash for her, prompting the thug holding the crossbow to turn and have a look, the third thug moves in to Grab the musician, but Zavier is already moving, pushing the thug with the crossbow, having caught him off balance, the small lithe musician then rolls over a crate and takes cover behind said crate, the hand crossbow now in his hand. "Now how does this thing work…" He says, now that he is out of imediate harms way.

<FS3> Klaudea rolls Polearms: Success.

Once the thug starts to move in outright aggression, Klaudea drops any pretense of being harmless or friendly. She steps to the shovel and in one motion her hands close on it and sweep the spade part of the shovel to the side of the thug's knee, causing him to topple over, then she plants that gunky edge right underneath his chin with just enough pressure to make it hard to breathe. "Guys, back off the kid," she tells the other two thugs, obviously not having had a close enough look at the musician to see who he really is.

<FS3> Zavier rolls Finesse: Success.

Zavier looks at the crossbow more, until the thug left standing comes at him as the second one, the one Zavier knocked over, gets up as well. "Here." he says as he tosses the hand crossbow back to the thug, nailing him in the face and knocking him out. That leaves the one being held at shovel-point, and the knocked out thug looking between the two. "Book it guys…" He says as he moves to pick up his knocked out crossbow to the faced friend and make a run for it, while the one under Klaudea scoots away and runs away as well. Zavier comes from behind the crate, dusting himself off. "Thanks." he says as he looks up at Klaudea, now she would be able to see his face.

Easing off the pressure on the shovel when the ring leader says to book it, Klaudea lets her victim run, then turns to offer a hand to Zavier, who is already on his feet, so she retracts it. Her eyes round, "Oh, hey now," she repeats, but this time with a tone of wonder rather than apprehension.

Zavier blinks and looks up at Klaudea. "Hi." He says. "Thanks again for taking care of those guys, I usualy don;t get bothered down here, but I guess with war, people get desperate." He says as he rubs the back of his neck. "I owe you I guess." he says as he lets his hand drop, just glad he isnt looking at the business end of a crossbow bolt now.

"You're.. Zavier Masters, right?" Klaudea asks, then she shakes her head, smiling broadly. "Oh, don't worry about it. Bullies are like that… take one hit and they run like little rabbits. What are /you/ doing around these parts?" She stacks her forearms, one on top of the other, lower hand cupping the elbow above it.

Zavier blinks and nods. "Yeah, I am." he says, as if it's not that big of a deal, just a normal guy who is a musical genius, or that's how he pictures himself. "My Bassist blew out his ampo.. so i came down here to find some tools to try and fix it, was suposed to be in and out, but.. well, those guys." he says pointing in the direction they left.

Klaudea glances up at the sign behind Zavier, and at the store itself, before she looks back to the musician. "Is this the store you always come to?" she asks, her expression taking on a slightly dubious cast. Her arms slip down to stuff her hands in her pockets.

Zavier blinks. "No, because I havent had to buy the tools before…" he says, now shrinking under the scrutiny… reminding him of the vale and how EVERYTHING he did was questioned. "Sorry…" he says, not knowing why he needs to apologieze, but doing it anyway. So this is the man who can rile up one hundrend thousand peoiple into a literal frenzy…

Klaudea's expression clears and she smiles. "Good. Because even though Rogret's looks like a good deal? His stuff won't hold up in the long run. Now, if you really need some good quality tools or adaptors, you want to go to Santorum's. His outfit's about two blocks…" she gives a jerk of head to the right, "that way. And tell her that Klaudea sent you. She'll definitely make sure you get the best. And she'll give me a good deal next time for sending her a new client." Her hazel eyes light with teasing humor at the end.

Zavier blinks and tilts his head. "I just wanted tools.. to fix an amp…" He says in a soft voice.. well more of a mumble really. "Umm… okay." He finaly says as he looks around, so out of his element dealing with an attractive member of the opposite sex, if she was a guitar he would have no problems, but being a paerson, has him as a very much disadvantage.

Klaudea shrugs. "Yeah, I just meant.. you know, if you need more stuff when you're around this area." Her smile dims a little as she blinks. "Well, uh, hey listen. It was nice running into you, but I gotta get back and finish fixing the AI on Sir Thalos's armor before he comes looking for it." She pulls one hand out of her pocket to offer something like a wave, then backs off a couple of steps to turn down the road.

Zavier blinks for a second. "Wait… you serve the Wall?" he asks with a raised eyebrow, now it's his turn to kinda look star struck. "Like seriously… you actualy work with him, or for him, or whatever?"

Klaudea turns and nods. "Yeah, I do," she replies, as if it's not big deal. "I'm Sir Thalo's squire. He beats me up on a daily basis. And then, if I'm lucky enough to get a hit on him, not only do I get to fix my armor, I get to fix his as well."

Zavier nods. "That's cool.. I kinda wanted to become a knight once upan a time, but… I dont have the stumuc for fighting…" he says as he looks around. "Sorry if i got awkward… when there isnt a stage or camera around. well… it's just differant." he says as he gives her an apologetic look.

Klaudea chuckles. "It's all right. I kinda know what you mean." She lifts one shoulder in an easy shrug. "But I really do gotta get going. Maybe we can… get a coffee later or something." She leaves it at that as she heads away.

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