03.23.3014: Rock A Bye Baby
Summary: Keanen's Birthday celebration! Reminiscing about when Keanen was a baby… and arguing as all of the Arboren siblings do when they get together.
Date: 12 December 2013
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Arboren Family Common Room
There is something homey about the common room shared by the family of House Arboren. Despite the fact that it must be able to accommodate several dozen people at any given time, there is a warm coziness created by its atheistic. Like most of the Elder Seat, the floors are done in polished wood, though here it looks as if they have taken planks from all over the Spine and puzzled them together in a rainbow of pale gold, rich maple, deep dark rose, and heavy mahogany. There are various nooks spread along the exterior walls which contain tall windows that each have the topmost panes done in stained glass. There is a large, broad hearth done in heavy stone that burns with a bright fire particularly in the winter.
Spread throughout the room are various seating arrangements and shelving units of electronic books. The one thing this room is missing that other House common rooms host are vidscreens. Those of House Arboren know that this room is for conversation and peaceful reflection.
March 23, 3014, Keanen's Birthday

Keanen is laying on one of the couches. He's wearing a pair of sweat pants and a loose fitting black Tshirt. There's a box on the table beside him, open, and next to it is a small, black metallic tree. Keanen looks wore out, and his eyes are closed.

Brie had already been gone on the Spring patrols and had remained true to her word, staying out and away. She's come back and she'd come back for one reason. Her brother's birthday… that is the only thing that could have brought her back so soon. Stepping into the Family Common room from the front door, she's still wearing a bandage on her left hand and her blade is sheathed at her side, her spurs making noise as she walks into the room. "Keanen?" The name is called and then she sees him and smiles, approaching. "Happy Birthday little brother!"

Stepping in from the outside as well, Tristan seems to have been off somewhere at the moment. There's a smile on his face, although he hasn't noticed his siblings present yet. Starting to head in the direction of his rooms, when he hears Brienne's words, and he comes to a stop.

Keanen opens his eyes, turning his head to look at Brienne. "Hrm? Oh. Hey." He winces and holds his side as he sits up. His right hand, his real hand, has a bandage across the palm. Furrowing his brow in a bit of pain as he pushes to his feet, he forces a smile to his lips. "Hey, sis. Thought you were gone out on the field?"

"I was, but I couldn't stay away on your birthday." Brienne closes the distance and wraps her arms around him, hugging him gently and briefly. "So it's true." She reaches for his hand and looks at the palm, a smile playing over her lips. "The kissing tree, Keanen? You know., I have met her. I like her a lot."

"Hey…" Tristan offers now, as he moves over towards the others. "Happy birthday, Keanen!" Looking between the others again, he listens for now, with a smile. "Hope it's been a good day for you so far," he adds, after a few moments.

Keanen actually grunts and winces when his sister hugs him, "Owww…" He sighs, holding his side again. "You met her," he repeats, with some disappointment. "Awesome." His tone says it's not. He looks at Tristan, "Hey. It's been okay."

"I did meet her. And I like her." Brienne is just finishing a hug she'd given to Keanen and Tristan just approached. Brie has only just returned from the patrols and her left hand is bandaged. "So, guess what, Keanen?" Standing up, she hugs Tristan tight. "Missed you."

There's a brief pause as Tristan is hugged, before he hugs back, just as tightly. "Missed you too…" he says, words kept very quiet now, before he takes a step back, listening for the moment now.

Declan enters the common room, his hands clutched behind his back. He is dressed in a semi-formal manner, donning his leather jerkin and riding boots, though his fabric garments of a pale green are pressed with decorative tree-and-leaf patterns. It appears that even his hair has been trimmed for this occasion.
Upon enter the hall, he immediately smiles as his eyes seek out his youngest brother.

Keanen tilts his head a bit, "You like her, huh?" He smiles a bit, and he finally acknowledges her question, looking at his bandaged hand, "Yeah. She actually wanted to carve." He grins, "How about that? As many times I've been there to make out, never had a girl wanna carve." He laughs, but they turn to coughs as he holds his side again, grimacing a bit in pain. That's when Declan enters, and Keanen immediately rolls his eyes, "Well, so much for the HAPPY birthday…"

Declan lifts his hands up limply as though in surrender, his smile not faltering, "I come in peace, little brother. Let this remain a happy birthday…" He glances over at his other siblings, "It still feels like it was yesterday that mother and father took all of us to gestation ward and pointed at you still in your little birthing pod. Mother said you were coming today…we all cheered. You guys remember that?"

Brienne cradles her own hand against herself even as she steps back from Tristan and the hug she had given. When Declan enters though, she looks over at him and offers a smile. The benefit of bring Brienne, she never heard rumors until someone told her about them, especially when she was out on patrol as she had been. "Declan," she says with warmth. "It is good to see you." She does not move to hug him though, having never had a relationship with that in her grown years as she has with her younger siblings. Back at Keanen though, she smiles. "I do like her and she adores you. She wants to be betrothed to you. I hope you realize. I saw her hand also, and it's pretty incredible."

"Declan," Tristan offers in greeting to their oldest brother, before he looks back to Keanen and Brienne now. "What happened to the hands?" he asks, sounding confused for a few moments, before he nods a little at Declan's words, unable to hold back a smile. "I remember," he offers, a bit quietly.

Keanen looks at his sister, his eyes lighting up a little, "She adores me?" And then he says something that no one will ever believe he said if told about it later. "If I gotta get betrothed, I hope it's her." He nods at Tristan, "We carved our initials into the kissing tree. You know the tradition. Carve your initials. Put your blood together and wipe it across the carvings to seal the roots forever." He then looks at Declan, smile fading. "Stop it. Just stop." He scowls a little, "If you want this to remain a happy birthday, go fuck yourself and send me pictures. Then I'll be happy."

Older than the Twins, Lara and especially Keanen, Brienne remembers all too well. "I remember when Keanen was born, all dark hair and dark eyes. I got to him him more than anyone else. We were all such crazy kids back then." The smile she wears is reminiscent. "Good times." The question from Keanen gets an eager nod. "She does and you know what? You should ask mother. Dalton would be a good alliance with the family. It's not too young and it would bring some good news amid all the bad. I am glad it's starting to die down, everything that I did and I am just going to continue to lay low. I've said my apologies to everyone." The way Keanen speaks to Declan she reaches for his shoulder and gently places her good hand there, a silent show of support. She was there for him. "What about you, Tristan? Have you written to mother for Lady Firia yet?"

As Declan approaches, he comes to Brienne and looks at her hand, "I heard about the injury, I hope your recovery is expedient." He takes her free hand and bows to it, lowering his head enough that his bangs tickle her briefly. He releases her then goes to Tristan whom he pats on the back in a fraternal manner. Then approaching Keanen he halts and narrows his eyes…then turns to look behind him…maybe the boy was not speaking to him. Nope, no one there.
Bearing an expression of concern, he merely curtly inclines his head to Keanen before saying, "I hope the talk of betrothal is in regards to the Lady Evey Dalton. I have been speaking to mother about her." He spins around to look at Brienne and quickly says, "Oh, Brie! Before I forgot, Lord Canis came a day ago to speak with me. I can honestly say he would a wonderful man for you. Some day perhaps. He merely wished to ask that you two might continue your friendship despite the circumstances. Quite a kind gesture."

Tristan smiles as he listens, before he hears Brienne's question. "I'm working on it. I spoke with her, and we both decided that it would be something that would make both of us happy." A brief flash of guilt in his eyes as he listens now, before he adds, "I just want the letter to be a good one, you know…"

Keanen smiles at Brienne, but then Declan speaks. Rather quickly, Keanen's frown drains to daggers in his eyes and he steps toward Declan, fists clenched. As he shouts, the smell of burnt carbon fills the air as his eyes glow a brilliant shade of blue and arcs of crackling electricity roll across his skin. "HOW DARE YOU, YOU SON OF A BITCH!" There's a moment where there's no doubt, he's about to attack his brother, but he doesn't. "NEVER FUCKING SPEAK OF ME OR EVEY TO ANYONE!!! EVER!!! Or so help me I will kill you!" He snarls, "YOU'RE DEAD TO ME!" And he turns, marching for the door to head outside.

As Declan makes his rounds to the siblings, Brienne does not pull away. Though she does look away at the mention of Canis. "I got a note from him out on the patrols. I had my datapad. with me." When he gets to Keanen, Brie stiffens, moving herself between Keanen and Declan, despite the fear of the awakenedness her brother had hid too well from her. "Keanen… there's.. cake and.." She doesn't finish, knowing his anger, understanding it if not condoning it, she did know where it came from. "It's a good idea, Tristan, to write it before someone else does."

Declan immediately steps back from Keanen as he approaches and silently says beneath all of the shouting…trying to encourage him to quiet so he can hear, "I am in support…support…" Declan apparently gives up trying to be heard…something is wrong with his little brother. Instead, he turns to Tristan and hurriedly shouts out panicedly over Brie's remark, "Tris! Call the medical ward at once!" He points a comm panel on the wall nearest Tristan, "Kean is having another fit! Get the medics up here right away. None of you go near him until they can sedate him." Declan side steps his sister and throws his arm out in front of her, nudging her backwards—-as though he feared Keanen was a bomb about to explode and he would be forced to shield Brienne from harm."

"I know, I'm working on the letter right…" Tristan begins, before he pauses as he hears the rest of what's being said between the others now. "What…?" Remaining standing right where he is right now, looking a bit unsure of what to do at the moment.

Keanen just waves his hand at the air toward Declan as he opens the door, "Fuck off, asshole!" And he's gone out the door.

Brienne pushes back at Declan, pushing through him if she has to. "You're crazy Declan. He's awakened. Magic? You never have to protect me from him. I love him and he loves me. He would never hurt me." She nods to Tristan and as the subject for the party departs, she sighs. "I'm going back out on patrol. Good luck Tristan. I may reconsider a betrothal if it will get me the fuck away from here even if I have to elope!" With that, she also storms back out the way she came, towards the woods, her spurs and sword making noise as she walks.

Declan sighs. He has failed again somehow. What the heck is going on with this family. He rolls his eyes and says, "I know he is Awakened! Its nothing to with that! But that is not the Keanen I know…"

Brienne stops at the door leading out. "Now you see why I fucked everything up while you were gone. I tried to hold everything together while being welcoming to the guests. I failed. Welcome to my world."

"Wait! Brienne! What was that…I mean, I know Keanen did not like me being around…I always thought he did not like the attention I got or…I dunno…something about my position as the heir perhaps and how that means I tended to get put in the spotlight." He says and goes over to the nearby comm panel. Then pointing out the door, "I have no idea who that once, something has happened to him."

"Wait…" Tristan says to Brienne, letting out a bit of a sigh. "You promised to help me, with the letter…" Spoken quietly, before he looks between the two of them again, looking a bit unsure of what to say now.

Brienne pauses with her hands on the knob of the door. "Maybe you should ask him sometime. I talk to him and he talks to me. You should maybe stop trying to be a father or a boss and learn to be a brother. Tristan gets it. I'm leaving now. I have patrols to run. Catch you later." Then Tristan's voice stops her.. and she turns around. "Right… I did."

Declan groans and says, "Damnit, I cannot even get close to him. He runs out the door whenever I appear. But this time his lack of control put the two of you in danger too. That is unacceptable. He knows it. Therefore, something is impeding his sense of rationality." Declan clicks the comm on and speaks into it, "This is Lord Declan, Sergeant Erskine. Go to Condition Seven Five, have a security team intercept my brother, Lord Keanen. Something is wrong with him and he nearly became violent and endangered my siblings. Escort him to see Dr. Hurse or Dr. Melgy in the medical ward. Do not harm him…you many need an Awakened with it you to help restore control over his powers. He might have lost control over them." A voice come in reply, "Yes, milord." Declan then flipped the switch on the panel.

Tristan looks between the two of them now, then focusing on Brienne. "Got some time to help me now, before you head back?" he asks, after a few moments of pause. Looking to Declan again. "He wouldn't…" he begins, trailing off now.

"Don't be a fool, Declan. You're being such a drama bomb. Keanen would never hurt me, nor would he hurt Tristan. You, on the other hand.. I could see it. I'm seriously considering it myself. If you have him taken away on his birthday, I will NEVER FORGIVE YOU!" The last come out at a yell. Brienne walks back and takes Tristan's arm. "We'll go to my apartment and work on it." She glares at Declan rather openly. "You're making yourself the outcast." Tugging Tristan with her, she goes to her own room and slams the door behind them.

Tristan follows as he's dragged along, looking a bit unsure of what to say now. Pausing at the knock on the door as well now.

Once inside with the door slammed, Brienne sighs at the knock on the door. "Tristan, get the paper and pen, you know where they are." She looks irate, but offers, "Come in."

Declan pushes the door open with one hand but remains in the doorway with one hand upon the doorframe hold him up and he leans for a bit, head slight slumped with wiry hair in his face a bit. He says, "Are you an outcast? Did you become one?"

"Paper and pen, yes…" Tristan nods as he moves to get that, looking towards the door for a few moments as he hears what's being said. Expression a bit thoughtful for now, as he takes a few moments to get out the paper and pen now.

Brie faces off with Declan, her expression rather stoic. "Actually, I did. And you know? I did it myself, but it wasn't my family I alienated. You have the public, the lords and ladies and the citizens.. but you've lost your family. Is the trade worth it? I have my family and that is all I need."

Declan nods and looks up at her slowly. "To be a leader is to be an outcast…to be alone. I love you, Brie…I love you, Tris…when I thought that Keanen was about to lose it…by sheer instinct I stood in front of you because I would rather die than see either you harmed. But…to be the one that must call the shots…as I am seeing with mother these days…and as I am preparing myself for. I see that you will always be an outcast. You will always make someone happy and someone mad and someone sad. Your friends one day will not necessarily be there the next." He exhales slowly and looks at his sister and brother, "I want you to have each other at the very least…but I doubt you will find me a good brother when the day comes that I must make the decisions. When you come to request approval for matches for your children from me and I am forced to tell you no because this person is disreputible…or that person comes from a weak family…I do not act from my own self-interest. I will be forced to make decisioned based on whether something is good for the Arboren and her vassals, for the Haven System, for the planet, for the rich man, for the poor man, for the widow, for the orphan, for the crippled…so on and so forth."
He gestures over his shoulder and says, "What I saw was that Keanen was threating all of us…if I let him go and indeed something is wrong with him…and he goes off on some innocent folks in the Heartwood, then that blood is on my hands. I am supposed to protect the people from harm…therefore, I have to insure that Keanen is no danger. Unfortunately, the cost of that may be high, alienation…if so, I'll say that it is not unexpected."

Tristan pauses for a few moments, after he's gotten hold of the pen and paper, before he moves back to the others, stopping in front of Declan to place a hand on his shoulder. "Take some time every now and then to be just Declan, not the heir or anything, just yourself. If you lose that, if you lose us, then what good will you be able to do for the rest of Haven?" Spoken a bit quietly, before he sighs. "I don't know what other advice I can give…" A brief pause, before he adds, "I'm completely sure that Keanen's all calm as soon as he got away from yo… from us, and got some time to think. It's not in him to hurt people like that."

"I don't need a leader right now, Declan. I need a brother. I have a mother already and she takes care of the running of things. Keanen despises you but he loves me and he loves Tristan. You can be a leader and a brother but you choose not to. Mother manages to lead us and still mother us. Keanen warned you to leave him alone and you didn't. What he did is your fault. He told you in advance." Brienne takes a step forward, putting her hand on the door. "No Keanen did not threaten all of us. He threatened you."

Declan smiles at his brother and slaps his hand on Tristan's shoulder as well, giving him a brother pat. "Good advice," he tells him then looks down briefly in though before lifting his head again to say, "You both are telling me he is fine…but was that…display…normal? Typical? I mean…of course I know he would not want to hurt you or others….but that is when he is rational. He was clearly irrational. I showed his geniune affection and concern…and I recieved hostility in return. I suppose…drugs…?" He pauses for a moment, looking between the two of them, "If there is something you are not telling me, tell me now. If its reasonable, I will have the Sergeant withdraw his boys."

There's another pause as he hears Declan's words now, turning to look over to Brienne for a few moments, as if asking her something, wordlessly. Letting her decide, though.

"You hurt him," Brienne says quietly, almost a whisper. "You almost destroyed him… before. He doesn't hate anyone else but you… and anyone who would give Lady Evey a bad name.. such as Lord Nitrim." She drops her hand from the door. "Was his display normal? Not to Tris and I.. but to you? Yes. He doesn't want you around him ever again."

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